Yamikaze vs. Katevolved | Rank 1 Talon vs. Rank 1 Kat NA

29 јул 2019
221 753 Приказа

Btw I'm giving away an Emerald Arcade Kaisa code (Champ + Skin + Green Chroma) in the comments. Comment 1 for a chance to win and 2 for a chance to not win :D.
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  • Hi sry I haven't been uploading recently... been a bit addicted to tft (just hit GM last night xd). Don't forget to enter the kaisa code giveaway by typing 1 in the comments and not entering by typing 2!! Also, while I'm going through my tft addiction, would highly recommend checking out this other (better) talon streamer in my place... here's his stream... www.twitch.tv/yamikazexz ...

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • 1

      Nick TNick TПре годину
    • 1

      FoxtrotFoxtrotПре годину
    • @TimothyKaosuツ it's so people don't ghost him while he's streaming so people playing against him don't look at his minimap

    • 1!!!!

      milan wielmilan wielПре годину
    • TimothyKaosuツ to stop ghosting

      Matthew XiongMatthew XiongПре годину
  • I main both champ ;-;

    TinyfireTinyfireПре 2 месеца
  • 9:25 Look at the League chat, who the hell is "Squill"?

    郑准郑准Пре 5 месеци
  • Did anyone notice 9:26 in chat that Sejuani champion name is Squill?

    Тхы Ву АньТхы Ву АньПре 5 месеци
  • Dude the crash bandicoot music in the background

    No UNo UПре 5 месеци
  • love that crash soundtrack ♥

    luis calderonluis calderonПре 6 месеци
  • 7:30 whats the song name?

    Murderer KunMurderer KunПре 8 месеци
  • Left a like for the Crash Bandicoot song

    Diogo DuarteDiogo DuarteПре 9 месеци
  • Ncovid-19 starts at 0:05

    Louie 018Louie 018Пре 10 месеци
  • I onetrick katarina and katevolved on. Early game kinda suck xd

    Pan FisharPan FisharПре 11 месеци
  • Wats a basic talon combo that’s garanteed to 1 shot

    Masoud ShairzadehMasoud ShairzadehПре 11 месеци
  • true da true

    cavalo imundocavalo imundoПре 11 месеци

    Michael SilvaMichael SilvaПре годину
  • 9:27 Why does it say that nikaV's champ is Squill,who is squill?

    DeLiCoDeLiCoПре годину
    • Lulu .

      DɪʟaNDɪʟaNПре 7 месеци
  • bruh hubblet can first blood korean rank 1 talon onetricks

    Andy KwakAndy KwakПре годину
    • kat evloved is the best KNOWN good katarina

      Andy KwakAndy KwakПре годину
  • Subtitle This game pleeeease (br)

    FarmeerFarmeerПре годину
  • 6:52 song?

    DannYrZDannYrZПре годину
  • That crash bandicoot music though.....

    Somedudedisguised AsanotherdudeSomedudedisguised AsanotherdudeПре годину
  • 1

    danpauldanpaulПре годину
  • 1

    Sir.VivalSir.VivalПре годину
  • bro youre amazing

    Ammon LentzAmmon LentzПре годину
  • Katevolved is bad, 1v1 Yamikaze fcked her up she just take easy kills on bot

    Wek19Wek19Пре годину
    • Yeah lets ignore the fact that Katarina cant 1v1 Talon and say Katevolved is bad

      Ангел ЙордановАнгел ЙордановПре годину
  • 5

    Semih KadirSemih KadirПре годину
  • 2. dont play kai sa so i dont wanna take away other peoples chances. also, good job dude, keep up the great work, you are straight up the best source for learning talon

    Alexandre LimaAlexandre LimaПре годину
  • 1 again because i am a kaisa main with 930k mastery points on kaisa and i need that skin so badly

    David SamehDavid SamehПре годину
  • 1

    David SamehDavid SamehПре годину
  • Take velkoz and spam then talon is uselles just save your e for his jump (q)

    LehexLehexПре годину
  • 1

    Daniel FisDaniel FisПре годину
  • yamikaze iq: 98 katevolved iq: 99

    lukaslukasПре годину
  • holy. first time watching you and i subbed immediately... _also your voice is nice

    MeiツMeiツПре годину
    • Meiツ kawaii egirl

      Koro daKoro daПре годину
  • Tôi từ vietnames qua đây rất hâm mộ bạn yamikaze 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Phong TrụPhong TrụПре годину
  • 2 Is it fare :) P/s: You fucking suck XD

    MonstarK OfficialMonstarK OfficialПре годину
  • Props to that sejuani, nice jungler =)

    JP AlvesJP AlvesПре годину
  • Na is sh*t

    Sebi GDSebi GDПре годину
  • Ngl the laugh is annoying

    Finlay CrichtonFinlay CrichtonПре годину
  • 1.

    Santiago OspinaSantiago OspinaПре годину
  • 1

    decembersnodecembersnoПре годину
  • 1

    Micole AaronMicole AaronПре годину
  • 1

    lapagarbossalapagarbossaПре годину
  • Yo pls 1 v 1 me

    naffa 12naffa 12Пре годину
  • Please mute your mic. Nobody watches you for your personality.

    SemisweetSnailSemisweetSnailПре годину
  • 1

    David WuDavid WuПре годину
  • 1 Keep it up Yami

    Mihai MaximMihai MaximПре годину
  • Dude sup with ur cs? Katevolved too...

    jfajfaПре годину
  • 1

    PlodingZ .mp4PlodingZ .mp4Пре годину

    Infinity KingInfinity KingПре годину
    • League streamers* watches streamers on yt and doesn't even know they are streamers

      hehe xdhehe xdПре годину
    • cuz of streamsnipers dude...uou need brain a lot of brain to think why dude...

      jfajfaПре годину
    • Because he is streaming

      Sir CookieSir CookieПре годину
  • 2

    Alisson FelipeAlisson FelipeПре годину
  • 1

    Alisson FelipeAlisson FelipeПре годину
  • You Tooo Noob to Be a Talon main SS FOR lulu? Ss For 1 Person low health LOl

    Monzter CarlMonzter CarlПре годину
    • @Harith Zahid Dont Join Fcking Asshole Shuttapp Because no one talking with you

      Monzter CarlMonzter CarlПре годину
    • If u are not a challanger like him...then stop trash talking kid :)

      Harith ZahidHarith ZahidПре годину
  • 1

    Kayn The shadow reaperKayn The shadow reaperПре годину
  • I wish kat went electrocute, I don’t like the lack of burst early game with conq

    YourAvgConsumer M8YourAvgConsumer M8Пре годину
    • Smog how long does it give her true smog and healing?

      YourAvgConsumer M8YourAvgConsumer M8Пре годину
    • Conq kat is a skirmish thing,way better in teamfights than electro

      jfajfaПре годину
  • The hud an overlay question mark?

    MasakiSan3MasakiSan3Пре годину
  • 1

    Kelvin VuongKelvin VuongПре годину
  • 1 i found u through taco's channel and i dont regret it at all ,ty for all the sexy content u provide yami

    BilloCyborgBilloCyborgПре годину
  • What is wrong with his jg part of minimap did anyone else noticed?

    ExiwusExiwusПре годину
    • To avoid snipe steamers or some shit

      PepperDayJack pacPepperDayJack pacПре годину
  • That laugh HA - HA - HA

    kim loyolakim loyolaПре годину
  • Feels good to see you stomp KatEvolved

    DumplingDumplingПре годину
  • 1

    Gilad LauferGilad LauferПре годину
  • Dude you are bad actually..Your team literally carried you. No offense. Oh and stop playing talon that champ is a cheat.

    Mankind's MassacraMankind's MassacraПре годину
  • Normal player when facing katevoled: GGWP Yamikaze: This would be a good clickbait

    Y. U Reading ThisY. U Reading ThisПре годину
  • Sound Like NB3

  • I liked bec of banjo kazooie soundtrack

    Lima BeandLima BeandПре годину
  • 1 If I don’t get this skin... uh... I hope you walk in water with socks

    NicoleNicoleПре годину
  • 1

    Blue ToodBlue ToodПре годину
  • 6:25 True main Talon😂😂😂😂😂

    Sfabu AlexandruSfabu AlexandruПре годину
  • 1

    Nikola BudimNikola BudimПре годину
  • hmm i think that is fake kat

    Tr` Manh. Đu'cTr` Manh. Đu'cПре годину
  • Wo kurdeczke

    Piotr PieniążekPiotr PieniążekПре годину
  • I just want the skin

    George KrmsGeorge KrmsПре годину
  • Heyyy man... make a talon's red build :)))) how that amazing ?!

    Ducanh VuDucanh VuПре годину
  • Why does it's say Squill instead of Sejuani at 9:26?

    Esbern of SI:1Esbern of SI:1Пре годину
    • Lulu w

      234 a234 aПре годину
  • why the fuck kata have resolve and Talon is the one who have far more higher dmg

    ptasznik5ptasznik5Пре годину
  • NA to syf tyle w temacie dowidzenia

    MorterMorterПре годину
  • 1

  • u re gay?

    oica!*oica!*Пре годину
  • 1 God bless mgs soundtrack

    FoxtrotFoxtrotПре годину
  • /

    Doctor PhilDoctor PhilПре годину
  • This Guy is such a cry baby hahaha

    lucas souzalucas souzaПре годину
  • Tomo um pal pra kat o jogo todo, só posto o bang pq ganho do Evolved KAJDSKHDKSJD

    Pedro MiguelPedro MiguelПре годину
    • Como ele tava 0/2 se a kat tava 2/1 ?

      Pedro MiguelPedro MiguelПре годину
    • Haha acho q vc n prestou atenção ou só n entende ingles msm

      KayKayПре годину
    • Pedro Miguel lol ele praticamente fez 2v1 early game todo, deixou ela 0/2 msm com o olaf ajudando ela, e ela pegou duas kills botlane ficando 2/2 e ele 2/1(solo!)

      KayKayПре годину
  • NA Kat

    Pedro MiguelPedro MiguelПре годину
  • 1

    Allkoten GamingAllkoten GamingПре годину
  • 1

    Kevin FuKevin FuПре годину
  • 9:27 look at the chat, its squill instead of sejuani wtf

    FeliipeszFeliipeszПре годину
    • lulu polymorph

      kaylakaylaПре годину
    • Feliipesz lol what I see that

      Patrick SteelePatrick SteeleПре годину
  • 1

    e npce npcПре годину
  • Nice played but LL stylish is the best assasin player

    Carlos mateo Lorenzo reyesCarlos mateo Lorenzo reyesПре годину
  • 1. hope i ll get the skin

    Rayane FartatRayane FartatПре годину
  • Omg cringe motherfuckers

    panathas filologospanathas filologosПре годину
  • 1:15 instant kill activated

  • one champ kata? fk off

    Nguyễn DũngNguyễn DũngПре годину
  • 2 ez.

    Zikorah NwankworZikorah NwankworПре годину
  • Why does talon max q and not w?

    James YangJames YangПре годину
  • nice

    PWIDIPWIDIПре годину
  • Rank 1 kata doesnt even have level 7 kata lol

    Iliyan Dzh.Iliyan Dzh.Пре годину
    • It hurts how cringe you are...

      RexonaRexonaПре годину
  • 1

    Dylan NguyenDylan NguyenПре годину
  • Any proof that u are number one at Kata or Talon?

    Ernest BanyErnest BanyПре годину
    • pretty sure it's just because he's the most well known talon player.

      mattiamattiaПре годину
    • pretty sure he'll hit challenger at the end of the season like last season too

      piedoompiedoomПре годину
    • He's not even challanger btw, but every thumbnail shows us the challanger icon

      Ádám SzabóÁdám SzabóПре годину
  • 1

    ProbSomethingElseProbSomethingElseПре годину
  • I love both of u cuz both of reminde me of each other

    Abderrahman MesrarAbderrahman MesrarПре годину
  • Please pop off your ult oh my god

    It's me YUEIt's me YUEПре годину
  • If you were against my kat it would be over 😏

    PrestigeGalaxyPrestigeGalaxyПре годину
    • Nightcor EDM trueeee

      PrestigeGalaxyPrestigeGalaxyПре годину
    • but only if league wasnt based off getting rng teamates

      Nightcor EDMNightcor EDMПре годину
  • Only Cait carrying the game..

    Jake MckinleyJake MckinleyПре годину