Yamikaze & Scrubnoob vs. Metaphor | Rank 1 Talon & Rengar NA | Better Jungle Actually Wins

5 апр 2019
110 776 Приказа

Played vs Metaphor with Scrubnoob (on Dekar with accent) on jungle.
Stream: www.twitch.tv/yamikazexz
Discord: discord.gg/Yamikaze
Twitter: twitter.com/Yamikazexz

  • Bro u gotta put Tobias on the title, dont do him like that

    Henry ShiHenry ShiПре месец
  • Expected less dying from rank 1 tbh lol.

    S3xistPandaS3xistPandaПре 7 месеци
  • Its Dekar, not Scrubnoob wtf u saying?

    Manu MendelbergManu MendelbergПре 8 месеци
  • Why are you assuming it is a he, not she?

    Martin TMartin TПре 8 месеци
  • Tibers after annie dies acting like Five night at freddys lmao

    WarFighterWarFighterПре 8 месеци
  • lmao why scrubnoob is with nickname on dekar

    Владимир ИвановВладимир ИвановПре 8 месеци
  • U forgot Tobias fate :"(

    Cesar VasquezCesar VasquezПре 9 месеци
  • Why did scrub on dékar account wtf

    Hoàng TháiHoàng TháiПре 10 месеци
  • why you gotta disrespect tobito and not include him in the title

    HagaspabaHagaspabaПре 11 месеци
  • Scrubnoob is too fuckin good

    IAMtheKingIAMtheKingПре 11 месеци
  • dude what? it's not scrubnoob, it's dekar xd or is it some kind of a inside joke?

    Xe XiuXe XiuПре 11 месеци
  • @10:00 tower focuses nasus when he walks back in because corrupting pot damage over time.

    nighthawk475nighthawk475Пре 11 месеци
    • nice catch

      EnomikasEnomikasПре 6 месеци
  • Actually this rengar is dekar not scrubnoob

    Abdur Rafay FarooqAbdur Rafay FarooqПре 11 месеци
  • But the rengars name is dekar? Or is that scrub playing under that name cause that's hilarious lmao even with the skin dekar plays

    Daniel LugoDaniel LugoПре 11 месеци
  • I learn so much from watching you play talon!

    Leng YajLeng YajПре 11 месеци
  • why im gp adc XDXDXD

    Mr EDMr EDПре годину
  • 13:23 tibbers chasing u in ur ult

    Ahmet IsikAhmet IsikПре годину
    • Annie can command tibbers to move, and even while stealthed if you take damage it shows your position with that red outline, which is how Annie tracks him with Tibbers there.

      nighthawk475nighthawk475Пре 11 месеци
  • Is it a bug or what? Tibbers following u wherever u go wtf. Like even through your ultimate he just chases you. Wtfffffff

    Ahmet IsikAhmet IsikПре годину
  • 6:00 that play is actually so smart

    Minh HuynhMinh HuynhПре годину
  • You are so ducking big brain

    John PaulJohn PaulПре годину
  • one of the best talon main i've ever see. The map control is just amazing.. great job man, new sub here.

    Micheal AguasaMicheal AguasaПре годину
  • Wait. Annie’s Tibbets follows you in invisibility, that’s op af wtf??? Is that a bug?

    Nico DeLucaNico DeLucaПре годину
  • Lmao Scrubnoob's name is Dekar

    IchaelIchaelПре годину
  • Nasus forgot he had corrupting potion ticking on jayce🤦‍♂️

    Daniel ClarkeDaniel ClarkeПре годину
  • 9 ping -___-

    2NiNja22NiNja2Пре годину
  • Tobías ft yamikaze

    Alan TapiaAlan TapiaПре годину
  • That not scrubnoob lol it’s dekar

    Simon SunSimon SunПре годину
  • where you got this border ?

    marco albermarco alberПре годину
  • man where you got this enduring sword talon broder

    marco albermarco alberПре годину
  • How can you not put Tobias in the title

    VoidVoidПре годину
  • its ok tho

    Kamen PetrovKamen PetrovПре годину
  • Is scrub the hecrim because rengo is dekar

    Kawaii KiwiKawaii KiwiПре годину
  • damn you tipe fast

    JeromeJeromeПре годину
  • Imagine being an adc against these two

    Martin pékMartin pékПре годину
  • Wait it's dekar not scrubnoob LOL

    Kev CordKev CordПре годину
  • Damn didn’t notice Tobias until he typed in chat XD

    A lowly MangoA lowly MangoПре годину
  • why isnt my boi tobito mentioned in the title? whats this scam!!!!!1!111111

    MarcelMarcelПре годину
  • I don't even play lol anymore.... But I like to watch your videos for 2 reasons 1) u are the best Talon, and is entertaining to watch you winning fights over and over again. 2) I really love your voice haha

    EzequielEzequielПре годину
    • Weird 😮

      Yahya ZouineYahya ZouineПре годину
  • Nasus tanked Tower from corrupting pot burn dmg

    AdilAdilПре годину
  • Love ur guides on mobafire. Great sensei and great player

    Taha ShukurTaha ShukurПре годину
  • Wut.. scrub or dekar? Are they the same person?? Im sure they played against each other once but why did scrub name himself dekar.. im so confused someone explain plz..

    OrangeDudeOrangeDudeПре годину
    • Bm

      AgustinBreAgustinBreПре годину

    kernikerniПре годину
    • It's his stream overlay, he doesn't actually see it in game.

      NeaNeaПре годину
  • Good vid bro. What build will you go in toplane? Im serious thinking to main Talon in toplane.

    Rafael D. Paulino H.Rafael D. Paulino H.Пре годину
  • i played talon support twice today, and in my second game my adc started flaming me in the beginning for “trolling”. it was norms. he shut up pretty quick after i got first blood lmao

    how lovelyhow lovelyПре годину
    • then you went 1/10 tell the truth

      Glenn QuinnGlenn QuinnПре годину
  • Scrubnoob? Who cares. Plankgang tho, thats where its at.

    Kike WickensKike WickensПре годину
  • Tobias: am i joke to you?

    ShridenShridenПре годину
  • Facecam stream plsss

    Bùi Quân ThạchBùi Quân ThạchПре годину
  • Imagine thinking SN is the best Rengar NA LOL Good gameplay though, as always from you Yami

    radiradiПре годину
  • I've been running Minion Deme into basiclly every matchup for a while and skipping tiamat. What's your take on those runes right now?

    Adam Kowalski-PotokAdam Kowalski-PotokПре годину
  • hey yami, im looking for a champ similar to talon to expand my pool even if its by a little-- i know you probably wont see this but if you do could you shoot me a reccomendation (that isnt ekko)

    buttfuc kbuttfuc kПре годину
    • buttfuc k Zed, Akali, Diana kinda. Zed for the mobility and assassination potential + escapes. Akali for the mid-fight invisibility and assassination potential/escapes (again). Diana for the multi-assassination potential. She doesn't have escapes or mobility, but her damage/tankiness compensates. Yami plays both Zed and Akali too :)

      Louis RobitailleLouis RobitailleПре 4 месеца
  • This hud Is so beautiful:')

    GamermineroGamermineroПре годину
  • 6:08 > cleanest outplay lul

    Fabrice EhrhartFabrice EhrhartПре годину
  • Lol tobias yami scrub and metaphor leeeeeeeell the only 1 i dont know is metaphor lol

    Moisr AppleMoisr AppleПре годину
  • Almost 40K!!!!!

    pogpogПре годину
  • You aren’t rank one talon xd

    Julian ReddingJulian ReddingПре годину
  • Doesn’t even put tobias in the title 😤

    TroberTroberПре годину
    • Trober cus hes irrelevant

      Łukasz ErberŁukasz ErberПре 8 месеци

      KyusupKyusupПре 11 месеци
  • Does yami have a face we can put to his name? I’m curious who he is haha

    Yang LeeYang LeeПре годину
  • Gp is Tobias fate?

    Sung EdwardSung EdwardПре годину
  • yamitard

    relentless hunterrelentless hunterПре годину
  • Scrubnoob is using Dekar's ign?

    Kyal VidigiKyal VidigiПре годину
  • Looks like Metaphor took his horse down the old town road and is gonna ride till he can't no more

    BleeBleeПре годину
  • My 3 favorite streamers in one match up, I was so surprised!

    Woeful ハートWoeful ハートПре годину
  • Lol... the last fight was 3 VS 5 and the whole enemy team've been terminated all.

    Cl0ud YuNCl0ud YuNПре годину
  • 10:15 turret focused the nasus cause of his corrupting potion? surely.

    H SaiidH SaiidПре годину
  • Uhh, pretty sure dekar isn’t scrubnoob...?

    mike smithmike smithПре годину
    • scrubnoobs alt is called dekar

      Andrew PulleAndrew PulleПре годину
  • Better adc wins

    Domovoy plsDomovoy plsПре годину
  • Yami i just started a channel and my second upload was a talon gameplay would appreciate if you checked my talon gameplay rsworld.info/face/video/ko-ceqygyoaObZk.html

    Archaon The EverchosenArchaon The EverchosenПре годину
  • Yami i just started a channel and my second upload was a talon gameplay would appreciate if you checked my talon gameplay

    Archaon The EverchosenArchaon The EverchosenПре годину
  • This dekar fking trash toxic af

    MOISE _MOISE _Пре годину
  • HA

    ForgottenProjectForgottenProjectПре годину
  • And tobias fate u noobs

    NemleanNemleanПре годину
    • ?

      AgustinBreAgustinBreПре годину
  • Queue of Gods

    LeroyLeroyПре годину
  • tobias fate gp adc yikes!

    andres rivasandres rivasПре годину
  • You have Dekar jg, he's the nuts lol

    Peter MontalbanoPeter MontalbanoПре годину
    • @Peter Montalbano dekar is 40% winrate masters this guy is 60% winrate high challenger

      LeviLeviПре годину
    • @Levi IDK who fake Dekar is but real Dekar is pretty good

      Peter MontalbanoPeter MontalbanoПре годину
    • @Peter Montalbano better than the real one, he named himself dekar as a joke

      LeviLeviПре годину
    • @Levi Oh, an imposter

      Peter MontalbanoPeter MontalbanoПре годину
    • Not dekar

      LeviLeviПре годину
  • I like this chroma skin

    Jonas CloudJonas CloudПре годину
  • I think Nasus took tower aggro due to corrupting pot burn.

    Benni HBenni HПре годину
    • Ahhh I was just about to comment that ^^

      SoaringE4GLESoaringE4GLEПре годину
  • Again, im enjoying your videos and streams! "Flennen"

    Mathias RasmussenMathias RasmussenПре годину
  • Upload Twitch Rivals

    I Love RiceI Love RiceПре годину
    • plz

      I Love RiceI Love RiceПре годину
  • yami, tobias and scrub all on mains POG

    big quackbig quackПре годину
    • big quack I think your icon perfectly represents people’s emotions about this video

      ihnlihnlПре годину
  • hi yami wanna do a face reveal soon =))

    Nam NguyenNam NguyenПре годину
    • Linda Nguyen oof okie

      Nam NguyenNam NguyenПре годину
    • Nam Nguyen he’s going to lcs finals soon, probably taking pictures

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
  • Finally a video bro❤️

    Amr MatterAmr MatterПре годину
  • Open YT. See a Talon, press like.

    Jiisas H17Jiisas H17Пре годину
  • Are you going to be uploading any of the Twitch Rivals games?

    BlackJackBlackJackПре годину
    • He lost basically every game I doubt it

      ihnlihnlПре годину
    • Yes Yami plz

      Borna MarinovBorna MarinovПре годину
  • Isn't plankgank Tobias fate?

    LL TalonLL TalonПре годину
    • @Talon God Tobito it's playing for fun not for elo he got challenger last season and dropped back to platin playing Bard jng , tobias ain't hard stuck he just don't care anymore lol

      LL TalonLL TalonПре годину
    • Tobias still stuck in plat lol

      Talon GodTalon GodПре годину
  • Eyyyy, Yami and Tobias in the same video :D

    MythicalMinuteMythicalMinuteПре годину
  • 13:26 xD

    Nguyen Hai PhongNguyen Hai PhongПре годину
  • Yooooowwww

    • BlueBerry •• BlueBerry •Пре годину
  • What do you think about the new ghost poro on talon???

  • rank 1 talon Philippines here 🙂it is nice to see a fellow talon main

    Vital QTVital QTПре годину
    • Woa

      LanceLanceПре годину
  • ysss

    Vital QTVital QTПре годину
  • First for once!! Gotta say, I'm a huge fan of yours yami!! Managed to feel good at talon agaunst thanks to the demat build!!

    Joshua ManlapazJoshua ManlapazПре годину