Yamikaze | Rank 1 Talon VS Rank 1 Zed | Ft. Nightblue3 Duo

2 мај 2019
222 662 Приказа

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  • Hey guys my name is KiNG I have hijacked Yamikaze's RSworld channel. I will be doing videos here from now on. You may know me from TFBlade or Redmercy videos. Hope you enjoy the video and lmk how you like it!

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • Dude I was going to say this video quality skyrocketed! Than saw that KiNG is doing them! lol XD

      NelithanoseNelithanoseПре годину
    • Hard carry by editor

      Lazar lol1Lazar lol1Пре годину
    • Finally a better editor

      Miku ChiiiMiku ChiiiПре годину
    • @Yamikaze face reveal

      Data DrainData DrainПре годину
    • I miss your content King :c

      DeejayFDeejayFПре годину
  • laceration is a better league of legends player but a worse zed player than stylish

    Lelouch LamperougeLelouch LamperougeПре месец
  • Is stylish no laceration

    Alger GamerAlger GamerПре 2 месеца
  • Zed God is the man who PRRRRRRR

    Dani Theo VillaflorDani Theo VillaflorПре 5 месеци
  • 5:29 that vlad heal...

    Ugandalı Dılgeş HanUgandalı Dılgeş HanПре 5 месеци
  • Destroyed the guy in the lane? and down 2 waves on cs and one plate on turret... I've watched a couple of videos. I liked the stuff you do at the start and then you started to annoy me with this cocky attitude. Just that knowing everything attitude! C'mon man!

    Bahadır F. AkgülBahadır F. AkgülПре 6 месеци
  • next time ban vlad i guess

    Adrian Garcia JANYAdrian Garcia JANYПре 6 месеци
  • 3:30 zed combo - ult + aa + e + w + w + q Talon combo - e + w + q And that shows just how brain dead talon as a champ actually is.

    AntropAntropПре 7 месеци
    • and yami said: I outplayed zed there, zed can't kill me. Fucking arrogant dude

      Bahadır F. AkgülBahadır F. AkgülПре 6 месеци
  • Talon destroying zed aint a hard thing to do , yami i really like u but keep it humble. You of all should know that zed is the weakest early mid laner

    Anima aAnima aПре 8 месеци
  • Y he complaining about zed w range when his talons e is like 3 second cool down, jump around everything

    Graham ChunGraham ChunПре 8 месеци
  • Me gusta el Talon

    MrRagnarok45MrRagnarok45Пре 8 месеци
  • Outro song is: Eternal Youth by RUDE

    Landon ManningLandon ManningПре 8 месеци
  • Yami was swearing alot in this video.

    Hajime HinataHajime HinataПре 9 месеци
  • ew nightblue

    KonorsgaKonorsgaПре 9 месеци
  • 5:30 vladimir Heal , ITS INSANE DUDEE

    Malnasi AlexandruMalnasi AlexandruПре 10 месеци
  • I swear to god idc about his winrate in zed, LL Stylish is Better btw nice video

    GaDGaDПре 10 месеци
  • Duo nightblue but no coms. Lol

    DpuaduelGamingDpuaduelGamingПре 11 месеци
  • I like Alistair's name

    Kilian StarzengruberKilian StarzengruberПре 11 месеци
  • Short answer for the thumbnail, the Zed wins

    PhoenixPhoenixПре 11 месеци
  • He hit his auto men give him a credit

    Just_MeJust_MeПре 11 месеци
  • clip art: “who will win” me:i hope yamikaze lose

    John Paul LimJohn Paul LimПре годину
  • Anyone confused when there talking to each other??🤣🤣

    Shadow FairyShadow FairyПре годину
  • 6:05 Hecarim took tower aggro in the jungle Never seen that happen before

    Hollow OutHollow OutПре годину
    • how long you been playing the game? lmao

      Mr.Triple3DMr.Triple3DПре 10 месеци
  • LL stylish is the best zed

    George XatzGeorge XatzПре годину
  • Love the way u play talon legit started playing him to he's so op

    Dani YaqoobDani YaqoobПре годину
  • Outro song?

    Seif KamalSeif KamalПре годину
  • 3 min : I out played zed. You didnt even out play him, he hit his whole combo, you Just won cause talon is busted and you were more fed

    Dirty DonutDirty DonutПре годину
  • I mean ll stylish still the best zed so kinda disrespectful

    Kevin AntezanaKevin AntezanaПре годину
  • the duo lol

    jordy Vargas Cortesjordy Vargas CortesПре годину
  • Laceration thought he hit triple q at 3:40 but his q from his r clone was out of range :3

    Bovine InterventionBovine InterventionПре годину
  • Wow the outro song is so chilling

    HazHazПре годину
  • Dudeeeee you are so underrated

    Water ChickenWater ChickenПре годину
  • OMFG man, the music is soooo good

    Agustín LorenzoAgustín LorenzoПре годину
  • boosting nb3 xD

    mło dymło dyПре годину
  • That vlad wants validation so bad

    F YinF YinПре годину
  • Brain dead champion stop playing talon u washed up chally

    Rhino AppleRhino AppleПре годину
  • Who is who? (Voice)

    Christoffer HenriksenChristoffer HenriksenПре годину
  • Stylish best

  • lul who the fuck is laceration? Hahaha

    Carlos mateo Lorenzo reyesCarlos mateo Lorenzo reyesПре годину
  • get carriend noob xd

    Fede BaezFede BaezПре годину
  • yo, you will be big soon

    Hajfi PłóciniczakHajfi PłóciniczakПре годину
  • Nb3 trash lmao

    CoxCoxПре годину
  • how did you set up that hud?

    Daniel ThunderDaniel ThunderПре годину
  • Your videos give me chills please never stop making them! :)

    Finn LubeFinn LubeПре годину
  • after see ur talon and i want to buy a vladimir now

    CFNA FancyCFNA FancyПре годину
  • Interesting how the “Rank 1” zed copies the build from the actual Rank 1 zed Prrrrrrrrrr

    Marios K.Marios K.Пре годину
    • @Azash 1974 such a dumb shit comment can only come from a silver scumbag like u. First of all Laceration has 260 games on zed right now, his 2nd most played champ in ranked is Sylas with 11 games. For stylish its Zed - 120, Vel - 70, Lee - 35,... So its pretty much the other way around. Lac only plays zed while Stylish picks various champs. Second a winrate is the best representation of the skill level of a player. It doesnt come from just a few games, it comes from hundreds to thousands of games. Right now Lac is in Chall with pretty much Zed only while Stylish is on the bottom of GM while having a various champ pool, meaning that Lac is higher elo while also playing more countermatchups with Zed, and this goes for multiple seasons now. So yes, in terms of Zed Lac is way better than Stylish. Now shut your dumb ass up you cringy Stylish fanboy lmfao

      MrPaperVaderMrPaperVaderПре 11 месеци
    • MrPaperVader Elo means nothing of ur comparing ones skill on a champ with someone else who mains the sme thing, both r really gd, u need to take into consideration that teams will always change, it’s like someone who’s on zed that goes against Diana, a counter match up and someone who goes against a veigar u can’t simply say the one who won against veigar is better since the other guy lost to Diana, above that, stylish was the one who taught laceration how to play zed, he’s also beaten him in a 1v1 easily, they r both gd, one has better rank, but stylish only plays zed n velcoz whilst laceration plays more champs

      Azash 1974Azash 1974Пре 11 месеци
    • delusional, laceration is the best zed na, he is higher elo than stylish too.

      MrPaperVaderMrPaperVaderПре 11 месеци
    • Eyyyyy

      Can ThoughtCan ThoughtПре годину
  • Vladimir smurfing

    Celal ŞentürkCelal ŞentürkПре годину
  • uu Spam (fucking) in eevery single sentence u say baaad bboyy

    zakaria maazouzizakaria maazouziПре годину
  • 3:40 "i outplayed zed there" he rd u and tripled q u after predicting ur dodge and u were killed by heca, not him, dont know why u complained

    TutumcordaTutumcordaПре годину
    • R vs no R.... and isn’t that a normal zed combo ? (R,E then if them fl, or dash, or do sth, then follow by w and finish). And if there wasn’t hecarim, he could survive, the R don’t have enough damage to kill him lmao.

      Nguyễn Nhật KhánhNguyễn Nhật KhánhПре годину
    • one of the qs actually didnt hit cuz u were too far but still...

      TutumcordaTutumcordaПре годину
  • 20/1/11 its still not a good win

    Maik M.Maik M.Пре годину
  • 6:05 can we pls talk about this tower shot right there?

    Maik M.Maik M.Пре годину
  • Chills when I heard the bgm. Chills.

    Zain HaiderZain HaiderПре годину
  • Sigh thought you were fighting LL stylish please rename and put rank 2 or 3 Zed . It mislead me to watch . Thanks.

    Sterben Z.Sterben Z.Пре годину
  • Isn't that the editor who fucked up his job with tf blade? Lmao.

    NoahNoahПре годину
  • 8:30 look how bad he is

    Wex?Wex?Пре годину
  • The content must be "CARRY BY VLAD AND DRAVEN" STUPID ASS

    Wex?Wex?Пре годину
  • Nobody: Zedxsmurf: am I joke to you?

    Bilal BaharBilal BaharПре годину
    • Laceration is clearly better..

      TyraelTyraelПре 10 месеци
    • @YoruHa Oh sorry

      Bilal BaharBilal BaharПре годину
    • @Bilal Bahar i'm just making a joke :v cuz stylish always says PRRRRR

      YoruHaYoruHaПре годину
    • I wont say zedxsmurf is better than stylish cause they two good at playing zed

      Bilal BaharBilal BaharПре годину
    • Nobody: LlStylish:PRRRRRRR!!!!

      YoruHaYoruHaПре годину
  • it pisses me off the fact that u cover minimap

    Panda BladePanda BladeПре годину
  • 6:05 I didn't know the tower could hit you from there

    Hunter MercierHunter MercierПре годину
  • Dkediting as your editor...

    50,000 Subscribers without videos50,000 Subscribers without videosПре годину
  • Video should be called Vlad carry’s me against rank 1 zed

    SkryezSkryezПре годину
  • vladimir late game so disgusting

    ultra instinct ZEDultra instinct ZEDПре годину
  • i outpIayed zed u should said u rush tabis...

    Iriye AkihikoIriye AkihikoПре годину
  • vladimir is so balanced its insane

  • Whats the song in the outro?

    Badieh - WoT Blitz & More!Badieh - WoT Blitz & More!Пре годину
  • when you get in the vid cuz you think, it's LLStylish, and wanna see prrrr in the chat, but in reality it's a clickbait for LLSylish fans

    Mohamed CyanideMohamed CyanideПре годину
  • zed played better than u and vladimir is the carry

    Gabo DayshinkanGabo DayshinkanПре годину
  • This video is a vlad gameplay 😂

    Ira Bradley CastroIra Bradley CastroПре годину

    Raphael BautistaRaphael BautistaПре годину
  • What's the intro song?? I'm pretty new to his channel

    ArticsArticsПре годину
    • At least the part that cuts to king's logo

      ArticsArticsПре годину
  • With This New Editior (KiNG) I Watched Every Video You Edit

    PeterPeterПре годину
  • Dissapointment when i dont see ll stylish...

    Tolga HanTolga HanПре годину
  • Outro song name, please?

    Maxi GonzálezMaxi GonzálezПре годину
  • Yamikaze- Rank 1 Zed vs. Rank 1 Talon LL Stylish- What am I chopped liver?

    LM DarnellLM DarnellПре годину
  • 6:07 , excuse me, what the fuck turret?

    Igor SnopkowskiIgor SnopkowskiПре годину
  • Yessss

    Leon AlvaroLeon AlvaroПре годину
  • LL Stylish is better now he is in eu I bet that if he touches you in game the line wins you, lacerration is ego and kda player

    Alex OrtizAlex OrtizПре годину
  • I'm giving thumbs down for title. You are not a number 1 talon. From the statistic sites you're a rank 113 in a world and rank 11 in na. So you re even not close enough to write you re number 1 talon. So good day for you sir, good day :)

    nanecznikownanecznikowПре годину
  • u all make me cringe

    rotrotПре годину
  • This is more vlad than talon

    Adagio RenKriegAdagio RenKriegПре годину
  • Whats that riot thing next to his blue essence?

    Krul JedynyKrul JedynyПре годину
  • Assassins creed music 🔥🔥🔥

    Disdain for PlebsDisdain for PlebsПре годину
  • I love how you put battlefield 2 soundtracks , brought me back some memories

    KoradoxKoradoxПре годину
  • These dude hooked me up to main talon

    Night SkyNight SkyПре годину
  • If Vlad is this broken and abused by high elo players, why didn't it receive any nerfs yet?

    Lord LampardLord LampardПре годину
  • 6:05 I didn't know the tower could agrro you from that area lol

    Lord LampardLord LampardПре годину
  • I think Zedxsmurf is the best zed ever

    Batuhan KoçBatuhan KoçПре годину
  • Laceration best zed NA because LL stylish in Euw

    VolkstrippesVolkstrippesПре годину
    • @MrPaperVader lul Stylish has better laning and macro than Lace just fuckin watch their God damn 1v1

      Dani Theo VillaflorDani Theo VillaflorПре 5 месеци
    • delusional, laceration is the best zed na, better mechanis, better laning phase, better macro and higher elo too than stylish

      MrPaperVaderMrPaperVaderПре 11 месеци
    • Volkstrippes and u are dumbest person on yt

      Aleksa GrbušićAleksa GrbušićПре годину
  • Legend has it King edited this comment too. Yes it was me. -King

    3rKo3rKoПре годину
  • 6:07 that tower shot wtfff

    Fr4XoNFr4XoNПре годину
    • Go to practice match and you will see turret has range there!

      MarKZMarKZПре 9 месеци
    • yeah wtf? the only explanation I can think of is that the game considered that yami had already jumped the wall and heca attacked when yami was in turret range?

      m0oseroomsm0oseroomsПре годину
  • put your outro song somewhere if youre gonna use someone elses music

    jimmy roccojimmy roccoПре годину
  • Drift king azir?

    Ahmet ŞergiAhmet ŞergiПре годину
  • Outro?

    OveRLorDOveRLorDПре годину
  • Finally you edit your video

    Khaika XxKhaika XxПре годину
  • Why the fuck are u fucking using fuck like a hundred fucking times?

    Beulin RithsyBeulin RithsyПре годину
  • Video %3 talon %97 says fucking

    emre çetinayemre çetinayПре годину
  • yamikaze=闇風

    i am tiggeri am tiggerПре годину
  • I CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE YOU BOTH HAVE FOKING SAME VOICE!!! reason I hate nightblue his voice is similar to you yami hahaha

    markjoseph lagmaymarkjoseph lagmayПре годину
  • Ay the best talon got the best Azir to edit his vids

    Shanti GhoshShanti GhoshПре годину
  • this music makes me feel like im playing gow series xD

    Awesome1001ableAwesome1001ableПре годину