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1 апр 2021
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challenger NA gameplay.
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Interstellar Retribution (Phase 1) | Disbelief | Papyrus Genocide Route Theme

  • this video has professor akali vibes LULW

    Carmelo LongoCarmelo LongoПре 13 дана
  • Spoiler: he was a real player

    Kleo SanchezKleo SanchezПре 16 дана
  • I died so often XD. Plz i need more of thisXd

    BattleBoostedSionBattleBoostedSionПре 18 дана
  • lol why am I watching this....

    Inochi FumetsuInochi FumetsuПре 18 дана
  • this enemy bot team kinda look like my teams in ranked

    Maxim DMaxim DПре 19 дана
  • 10:30 the best kill in the game

    Šimon UrbanŠimon UrbanПре 20 дана
  • I think Malza MVP

    Mat MaxMat MaxПре 20 дана
  • Yamis mental is being held by the thinnest thread

    TahmkenchforhireTahmkenchforhireПре 21 дан
  • But where's the timestamps for the kills this game? >:(

    The_Death_Ghost 12The_Death_Ghost 12Пре 22 дана
  • The all chat title looks like every SRO title

    MagickMagickПре 22 дана
  • boom what up soloyamikazeonly back at it again with another league of legends video

    Uncle BenUncle BenПре 23 дана
  • my favorite play of the game is at 11:21

    Juan Miguel PadasayJuan Miguel PadasayПре 23 дана
  • Where my timestamps YAMI!!!!??

    Deviant315 lDeviant315 lПре 25 дана
  • What's the song at the end it's so familiar but I can't put my finger on it

    Papa MilkshakesPapa MilkshakesПре 26 дана
  • i actually watched a bot match... almost entirely ... wtf am i doing?... o.o

    Rick BossotRick BossotПре 26 дана
  • did i really just watch a bots game

    ArtooEZArtooEZПре 26 дана
  • I love yamakazi

    Mike LoipouMike LoipouПре 27 дана
  • Started qiyana yesterday she isss so opppp

    ABaNx BoyABaNx BoyПре 28 дана
  • no one: profesor akali:

    eγ γeγ γПре 29 дана
  • finally a worthy game for an NA player

    Stelios GiamourisStelios GiamourisПре 29 дана
  • What is the name of the song at 3:27?

    FyiceFyiceПре месец
    • cats on mars

      valdesvaldesПре 28 дана
  • Srsly yami? Im disappointed, yall needa leave niles alone

    Gabriel ParkGabriel ParkПре месец
    • Srsly dude? Im disappointed, you need to leave yami alone

      YamiiYamiiПре 23 дана
  • some mortal combat reference i like this edit : hey syfer is back!

    Gaby_lolGaby_lolПре месец
  • interesting how my ad was about buying lvl30 acc's and then the videos starts with a bot team

    Flávio RosaFlávio RosaПре месец
  • Professor Akali is that you?

    César ChairezCésar ChairezПре месец
  • My fav player ofc nasus bot what else he so on point with his execution

    Vo 1ceVo 1ceПре месец
  • That runes on qiyana hurted my eyes y little LOL

    Nemanja DulovicNemanja DulovicПре месец
  • MF MONTAGE!!! Free hits!!

    X YukiX YukiПре месец
  • medium bots can use summoners.

    Yannis MpaYannis MpaПре месец
  • Why did I watch a full bot video

    AreteAreteПре месец
  • song at 1:00?

    Harbringer Of DeathHarbringer Of DeathПре месец
  • Not gona lie your qiyana is so fucking clean actually

    Vili NagyVili NagyПре месец
  • I love the way how syfer edits yami's vids

    ClarkClarkПре месец
  • my faovrit play was when he uesd the koran chalengr turned na secrat hidfen meta tech on qybanda to gayforce the bad guais

    SwiftAssassinSwiftAssassinПре месец
  • Malzahar casually recalling in the fountain 3:08

    David ZhuDavid ZhuПре месец
  • Yami : professor akali mode enabled

    Salah GamerSalah GamerПре месец
  • 11:21 best part

    Jak 081Jak 081Пре месец
  • The thumbnails kinda accurate

    Clare FungClare FungПре месец
  • we never knew there was a solo gamemode in league

    Kushal JhunjhunwalaKushal JhunjhunwalaПре месец
  • 7:39-8:05

    w570w570Пре месец
  • you know the contents bad when you resort to uploading bot games ━━╮ ╰┃ ┣▇━▇  ┃ ┃  ╰━▅╮  ╰┳╯ ╰━━┳╯ FREE GAME   ╰╮ ┳━━╯  ▕▔▋ ╰╮╭━╮ ╱▔╲▋╰━┻┻╮╲╱▔▔▔╲ ▏  ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔  O O┃ ╲╱▔╲▂▂▂▂╱▔╲▂▂▂╱  ▏╳▕▇▇▕ ▏╳▕▇▇▕\  ╲▂╱╲▂╱ ╲▂╱

    King EnzoKing EnzoПре месец
  • This was pain, but I loved it

    Naxo '-'Naxo '-'Пре месец
  • Yami rank 1 comin up bois hang tight its happening

    Logan SmithLogan SmithПре месец
  • Where are the time stamps?

    AndrejAndrejПре месец
  • My favorite play was the human test.

    ChaBoi GamesChaBoi GamesПре месец
  • this is the ultimate league content

    gh15gh15Пре месец

    youssef_bouzouyoussef_bouzouПре месец
  • It took me 10 minutes of watching the video before I realised it's an April Fools joke 🤡 I'll see myself out.

    mipin5mipin5Пре месец
  • so when they say yami popping off with qiyana, this is what they meant XDDD

    Yurian ChanYurian ChanПре месец
  • no one: Fortnite kids: 2:51

    ODogODogПре месец
  • This is a normal thing....

    Gage BassGage BassПре месец
  • I mean if riot just straight up banned every account that qued up more then 3 games of intro bots i feel like it would still be a 99% accurate system for banning bots

    SpikeTheBearSpikeTheBearПре месец
  • w8 i was watching this vid while u playing bots wow ggez

    Abdalla IbrahimAbdalla IbrahimПре месец
  • ur legit not faker in anything pipe down and stay at ur level

    KluaeKluaeПре месец
  • i think yami is losing it

    QuailQuailПре месец
  • remember the time Yami died to a Bot

    nhan nguyennhan nguyenПре месец
  • yami is 9 year old me playing bots thinking im good.

    FronterulFronterulПре месец
  • u went beginner definetly all are bots bro

    Rishab kRishab kПре месец
  • this hurts my eyes

    sutaro remsutaro remПре месец
  • 10:29 na challenger dies to intro bots

    Moi MoiMoi MoiПре месец
  • "THEYRE ALL BOTS" welcome to intro, we suffer in silence

    Sigma-SkullSigma-SkullПре месец
  • just looks like a normal NA game

    wildragewildrageПре месец
  • This was filmed 3 months ago. ok...

    D0MUK4SD0MUK4SПре месец
  • Balanced xD PD: Facilito el tutorial xD

    Tony Hunter 27Tony Hunter 27Пре месец
  • 3:19 every math teacher

    02 Pricholo Amodia02 Pricholo AmodiaПре месец
  • Hold up that's the same thing as pekin did

    TheRealKitsune _TheRealKitsune _Пре месец
  • is this supposed to be on April fools?

    re:Sarkazre:SarkazПре месец
  • Yami: I want you to edit me a full match against bots Editor: Your still gonna pay me right?

    Tomás BeriTomás BeriПре месец
  • As someone who used to play intro for trying new champs, the mf bot always pops off But it could've been a human i guess

    Apple JuiceApple JuiceПре месец
  • 10:30 best kill.. 100 IQ

    Alex ZhengAlex ZhengПре месец
  • My favorite play was the first 1vs2, nasus and galio didn't realize how broken it's qiyana with conqueror

    MxHunterMxHunterПре месец
  • First

    Mark HeinMark HeinПре месец
  • that thumbnail baited me

    illuminilluminПре месец
  • I actually felt my brain cells leak out of my ears during this video

    strikermodelstrikermodelПре месец
  • He misspelled the name while looking at the name. He's the best. 4:48

    Fluffy PuffFluffy PuffПре месец
  • This is cringe but i love it XD

    Zenny BoiZenny BoiПре месец
  • Yea, but remember that time Yami got killed by intro bots? :/

    Manuel OrtegaManuel OrtegaПре месец
  • Can I give u a challenge? Can u 1 Vs 5 bots(Alistar, Malphite, Garen, Morgana, Zyra) Better u Afk 5 or 10 minutes. I just wanna see How many time u die against bot

    Tanpa NamaTanpa NamaПре месец
  • You know that his thumbnail is really accurate. For Madara the whole Ninja Alliance is just a bot

    Akhir ShikiAkhir ShikiПре месец
  • Finaly, a talon video

  • 0:00 i thought it was an ad and pressed f5

    HexedHexedПре месец
  • Love the edits

    undead 64undead 64Пре месец
  • 10:14 my fav player les go

    Mad SvenMad SvenПре месец
  • Now this is what you called Solo q

    Patrick / EFSPatrick / EFSПре месец

    JaminJaminПре месец
  • 10:30

    Inferno65OInferno65OПре месец
  • same thing happened to me like 30 times in the middle difficulty, i won those games with 40+ kills and my team had died over 30 times...

    H. A.H. A.Пре месец
  • that basically me when i play all alone

    genji himuragenji himuraПре месец
  • Huh, this looks like my usual ranked games.

    Issac OhIssac OhПре месец
  • Damn bro insane gameplay ur talon is scary D:

    In2StroIn2StroПре месец
  • lol i thought it was a naruto recommendation 😂😂

    RayanッRayanッПре месец
  • My favorite play was when he used that one ability to do that one thing.

    Corben KishCorben KishПре месец
  • Yami's actually cracked at Qiyana 😂

    Carlos RamirezCarlos RamirezПре месец
  • Yami is the best youtuber because he just made me sit down and watch an 11 minute intro bot game like his qiyana galeforce combo like woooowowowooOOOwwwww

    YanagiYanagiПре месец
  • Wait, why did I watch this?

    Sinirdar VadisiSinirdar VadisiПре месец
  • These combo are INSANE!!!!!!!! Chinese 1800lp Qiyana WHO???!!

    Mang LianMang LianПре месец
  • this entire vid was about a bot game wow , shoulda play doom bots kappa

    usagiusagiПре месец
  • Why the fuck did i watch this ?

    Romain BütikoferRomain BütikoferПре месец
  • I feel bad for yami

  • where are my timestamps, Yami

    Sarthak MattagajasinghSarthak MattagajasinghПре месец