Yamikaze | BULLYING Season 9 Abusing Jungler w/ Nightblue3 Duo

4 мај 2019
63 546 Приказа

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  • 1:13 which song plz let me know !

    Aasim ParwezAasim ParwezПре 10 месеци
  • 3:32 Why did yami's ult did literally 0 dmg on kaisa

    St. KemosabeSt. KemosabeПре 11 месеци
  • Why would he leave the game at the end

    MexiGhoulMexiGhoulПре годину
  • Can I please get the outro song?

    Nathan YimsterNathan YimsterПре годину
  • I dont really like nb3 he is toxic af :( he should be permabanned

    Etaniel Bustamante MenaEtaniel Bustamante MenaПре годину
  • Yamikaze, did you see how toxic NB3 was with Taco? Well, I guess you can be friends with both without being in the middle of things.

    TPZITPZIПре годину
  • Are u member of TL?

    Elias MandinecElias MandinecПре годину
  • Outro song ffs...

    i like kittensi like kittensПре годину
  • I just don't get it how youtubers/editors can do everything but uploading the goddamn outro song...

    reltih liahreltih liahПре годину
  • When face reveal?

    Nouaman BerkaouiNouaman BerkaouiПре годину
  • can you do a video teaching how to keep up in cs and get perfect cs on talon?

    pjbaker03pjbaker03Пре годину
  • I'm Brazilian and I love your videos, I learn a lot with them, I'm also a mono-talon

    MatheuszzMatheuszzПре годину
  • Assassin's Creed origins music XD

    Cá se vai andando!Cá se vai andando!Пре годину
  • You failed a few ganks and invades. Didn't secure the kills. So now your strat all along was to play "to not carry".

    Axelios StonewallAxelios StonewallПре годину
  • This music was so suspenseful

    Living by MoonlightLiving by MoonlightПре годину
  • Kamikaze how do you put this edge on the skills explain me

    SembawaSembawaПре годину
  • nb3 is skilled but his videos arent interesting as hes just stomping his enemies

    ElvisElvisПре годину
  • outro song pls

    joris liekisjoris liekisПре годину
  • who was astroboy99 ? dardoch ?

    AmelusAmelusПре годину
  • I like the AC Origins theme

    Olli neuer accountOlli neuer accountПре годину
  • How are you going to have an absolute banging outro song and not include its name?!?!?!

    billy jesusworthbilly jesusworthПре годину
  • God af

    xSlooklay_ EzxSlooklay_ EzПре годину
  • Rek sai is female other than that great vid

    GLSQ KennojyGLSQ KennojyПре годину
  • Really like the editing but I hope your still planning on doing full games without tons of editing like you used to do. They were much more informative and it helped to hear you explain your decisions

    Interittus4Interittus4Пре годину
  • outro song please ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yellow RaxYellow RaxПре годину
  • wait DKA is your editor? POG

    ShadaTF2ShadaTF2Пре годину
  • The editing looks really nice but the music feels off

    Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
  • Fwii > Yamikaze

    Min WunMin WunПре годину
  • Hey Yami I began playing Talon nonstop because of your videos, but recently, I switched to playing azir mainly because after a period of time I began losing my games It would be a great help if you could show us more educational videos against harder or less often match ups Love your vids pls continue to upload videos :)))

    John Hughie PeraltaJohn Hughie PeraltaПре годину
    • search up builds and combos online. against ranged squishies poke with w until its safe to go in, and try to farm safely. play agressive and show dominance until level 2 and try and go in with a q/w/aa/ignite combo and hope for firs blood. roam bot as often as you can and make sure not to use your ultimate too soon. when you use ulti try to walk until melee q range and auto attack cancel flr the most damage.

      buttfuc kbuttfuc kПре годину
  • 1:35 ost of Dishonored 2 ?

    AkramAkramПре годину
  • What's up with your minimap? It's like you have a blank minimap overlapping the real one

    Divine StarDivine StarПре годину
    • prevents stream snipers from seeing where he is

      buttfuc kbuttfuc kПре годину
  • Is it just to me or yami is getting better at this game? 😎😎

    Lazar lol1Lazar lol1Пре годину
  • Outro Song? Thanks :(

    bliss.ovotrixbliss.ovotrixПре годину
    • ive been searching forever and i only found the beat that it was sampled from. Its a song called How Love Hurts by the Sylvers. If you find the song let me know please!

      AlzyAlzyПре 10 месеци
    • Did you found out

      joris liekisjoris liekisПре годину
    • up

      Rami SayedRami SayedПре годину
  • the scorch and relentless hunter change is pretty nice

    big quackbig quackПре годину
  • Hey Yami, you should go celerity i think in this patch. Its so op now with the roams

    hess12mhess12mПре годину
  • Wp bro i love you lots

    hüseyin hayırlıhüseyin hayırlıПре годину
  • Jealous because of the skin and plays...

    Nightsuki-desuNightsuki-desuПре годину
  • Lmao u have 44.444 subs right now

    sharkoon42sharkoon42Пре годину
  • That music is not fitting the video at all ;)

    TonyOGTonyOGПре годину
  • How do you edit your thumbnails

    KarmaKillsJTKarmaKillsJTПре годину
  • Damn. My fav editor editing for my fav streamer/youtuber... :o

    Mobile game ads dont deserve to existMobile game ads dont deserve to existПре годину
  • Pog GREAT VIDEO GREAT DUO average coaching skills

    yougellyyougellyПре годину
  • Dude these videos are so good! Been waiting for talon main to make these types of videos for a looong time

    ledozledozПре годину
  • fucking loveyou having an editorfor your vids!!!! keep it up man !

    Mike VázquezMike VázquezПре годину
  • Omg runescape

    Roberto BurdilesRoberto BurdilesПре годину
  • i love the edited videos way more than the full gameplays, but its mostly your personality and info that make the videos great, keep up the good work man

    SuperSparDanteSuperSparDanteПре годину
  • The editing makes the video more enjoyable Same editor with tf blade~ wooo king

    Tragedy And ChaosTragedy And ChaosПре годину
  • What does yamikaze play if he gets top instead of mid?

    Bogdan MarincicBogdan MarincicПре годину
    • Bogdan Marincic he plays talon

      ThatOneHighPingGuyThatOneHighPingGuyПре годину
  • Do you hate all rek'sai?

    Raony GeronimoRaony GeronimoПре годину
  • Do voice chat with NB3 and you'll hear 2 yamis. 1 normal yami and 1 Pepega Kappachino yami

    FrostyAlterFrostyAlterПре годину
    • Nb3 is troll Yami

      NeverThoughtof MyNameLolNeverThoughtof MyNameLolПре 6 месеци

    NoirlineasorusNoirlineasorusПре годину
  • does he always use this Assasins Creed music cus it gives the video an ominous but cool vibe

    Henry SuarezHenry SuarezПре годину
  • how do you know nb3?

    Jamie WilkinsonJamie WilkinsonПре годину
  • I never thought that someone could make talon sound like such a complicated champion. Now I wanna play it xD

    HydroCubeHydroCubeПре годину
  • Anyone know the name of the ending song?

    SojuGrizzlySojuGrizzlyПре годину
    • no

      bliss.ovotrixbliss.ovotrixПре годину
    • Did you find it yet

      joris liekisjoris liekisПре годину
  • very nice, as always.

    Salvador OlivaresSalvador OlivaresПре годину
  • U damn fast mate.

    negronegronegronegronegronegroПре годину
  • Outro song name?

    Rosten CarmonaRosten CarmonaПре годину
  • Talon need a buff to his e

    ionathanionathanПре годину
    • I think he need buffs to his passive in late game and the range of his ult

      hess12mhess12mПре годину
  • King you indeed did a great job editing the vid, i'd like to watch Yami for the educational purpose, and you rocks it with your editing. Good Job Man

    Licorice IDLicorice IDПре годину
    • Numpang

      Dimas Kenang Surya ArdaniDimas Kenang Surya ArdaniПре годину
    • Sweet Root King makes any streamer entertaining to watch

      LightlessLightlessПре годину
  • Talon became #1 in midlane without anybuffs plus he got his runes nerfed somehow he is #1

    Miku ChiiiMiku ChiiiПре годину
    • @Toxic Assassin yeah i know he got nerfed but still he is #1 somehow

      Miku ChiiiMiku ChiiiПре годину
    • Miku Chiii inb4 nerfed again

      Toxic AssassinToxic AssassinПре годину
  • Boy why are you posting so late, I need my sleepies

    Riles JohnsonRiles JohnsonПре годину
  • Wowow new editor, love it

    Sadge BusinessSadge BusinessПре годину
  • talon does need a buff, he feels so squishy and weak compare from last seasons

    Frank _1369Frank _1369Пре годину
    • shahrik amin yea meant to say Phantom dancer my bad I’m on too little of sleep and my brain is a bit broken right now

      InsanityInsanityПре годину
    • @Insanity what about GA and Phantom dancer? i feel like thats a bigger problem for assassins than essence reaver that adcs often build. wait how is essence reaver even a problem for assassins?

      shahrik aminshahrik aminПре годину
    • shahrik amin I play him a little bit, but don’t find him that fun so not too frequently. I feel as if he’s in an alright state, not at the top of priorities for changes for riot but probably will have some adjustments eventually. Overall I feel as if assassins are in a bit of a bad spot currently as quite a few adc are building essence reaver now.

      InsanityInsanityПре годину
    • @Insanity whats your opinion on him btw? do you play him?

      shahrik aminshahrik aminПре годину
    • shahrik amin yea it’s strange. No matter your opinions on the state of the champion, historically riot will see numbers like that and not do anything to him.

      InsanityInsanityПре годину

    TorikazeTorikazeПре годину
  • uwu

    MüllerMüllerПре годину
  • Nice talon

    calcifer XDcalcifer XDПре годину
  • Is that... the redmercy intro or am i going mad...

    MeforPlaysMeforPlaysПре годину
    • That's drift king's intro, he's edits for both

      InFectaInFectaПре годину
  • Có ai việt nam không nhỉ ???

    Phát LêPhát LêПре годину
  • 2 of my most favourite youtubers in one video. Is this real life?

    Talon MainTalon MainПре годину
    • I know right. I used to be a Talon OTP who now mains jungle, so this vid a dream.

      PonzPonzПре годину
  • Notice me Senpaiii

    Ze ArcanineZe ArcanineПре годину
  • Plz play w/nb3 more

    dino808 YTdino808 YTПре годину
  • Ingame :ply_phieu ...[onne champ talon :)]

    tÔi ĐâU TêNtÔi ĐâU TêNПре годину
  • Absuing jungle. Nice title @Yamikaze

    Edison ZhuEdison ZhuПре годину
  • runescape background music ahahhaha

    Luiz Gustavo AbdallaLuiz Gustavo AbdallaПре годину
  • 360p baby!

    Question Mark?Question Mark?Пре годину
  • Sea Shanty 2. TURN THAT SHIT UP!!!!

    DreddlyDreddlyПре годину
  • Hell ye

    BrekillBrekillПре годину
  • notice me yami

    Nicolás Vera ParraguezNicolás Vera ParraguezПре годину
  • MeitanMeitanПре годину
  • ...

    Arlene RianoArlene RianoПре годину
  • Frist

    dino808 YTdino808 YTПре годину
  • 0

    dat Hoangdat HoangПре годину