xFSN Saber: "Playing against Talon is just depressing man...."

8 мар 2021
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  • At first i was so confused who was yami,i thought the enemy took talon and he used cait

    Pops CabridoPops CabridoПре 15 дана
  • is time to nerf irelia

    Prince MPrince MПре 17 дана
  • 3:44 lmfao what is that sentence

    MarcusMarcusПре 27 дана
  • Yami stomps one game with talon: my Champs broken Yami gets stomped with talon: doesn't pick him for the entire stream

    iDMiDMПре месец
  • I wish i could find Yami's Editor music playlist

    Santino RCSantino RCПре месец
  • Please stop using the discord notif, I always think someone messaged me

    MeizindMeizindПре месец
  • you so cringe

    ChristopherChristopherПре месец
  • i rly like ur intro

    NisamoioNisamoioПре месец
  • Syfer ur a god man, keep it up. I love ur work

    Marcel González GuillínMarcel González GuillínПре месец
  • 8:02 You made me check discord qnwp xD

    szykomonszykomonПре месец
  • I like how riot gave us usefully heal and shield reduction, I wonder how much luger we have until some support main balance team member realize and nerf this

    Ruan Weiers BritzkeRuan Weiers BritzkeПре месец
  • Is the editor down bad? He be lookin kinda SUS.🤔

    Deurgiene SaplaranDeurgiene SaplaranПре месец
  • Does someone knows the name of the thumbnail artist?

    La Ranita LocaLa Ranita LocaПре месец
  • i just started maining talon please make s11 guide

    Whiteshadow-playsWhiteshadow-playsПре месец
  • What’s the song that plays around the 4 minute mark?

    Samuel Salazar OcampoSamuel Salazar OcampoПре месец
  • I'm ashamed man, I'm asian too so when I saw Saber, I thought that was you and I'm like "Oh wow, Yami got a nice haircut" then it went to you and I'm like "SHIT, WHY DO WE LOOK ALIKE"

    Kraven51Kraven51Пре месец
  • Inb4 copyright hits this vid. Sadge

    James LeeJames LeeПре месец
  • 5:33 did he just?

    man tasman tasПре месец
  • trashcan

    Rastaman _VRastaman _VПре месец
  • The editing just keeps getting better.

    Aiden LeeAiden LeeПре месец
  • I like your cut G

    Easy AuditoriumEasy AuditoriumПре месец
  • Yami its like the ezio auditore from runaterra

    Bruno ParraguezBruno ParraguezПре месец
  • lol the editing is slowly but surely turning into old uber danger videos. before long there will be copious ammounts of dubstep and hentai everywhere. and i will be ready for it.

    WowItsFrosty GamesWowItsFrosty GamesПре месец
  • Omg he’s so ugly

    Lois LolLois LolПре месец
  • What's the name of the song in the beginning?

    Charles WuCharles WuПре месец
  • Just wanna say that if you didn't know the discord verifications is not working for me

    Choco1215Choco1215Пре месец
  • Release another video homie!!!!! It's hotter than fire on this channel 🔥🍆🌊

    Alexander GuilfoyleAlexander GuilfoyleПре месец
  • Nice haircut yami kekw

    Shadow BoyShadow BoyПре месец
  • yami... did a horse bite your head or something? what happen to your hair dude? XD just kidding you look great

    Fubuki IzumiFubuki IzumiПре месец
  • Man, I wish yami would upload more

    BirdManYotaBirdManYotaПре месец
  • Empanadas de papaya 😎

    tiago reynatiago reynaПре месец
  • Yo why my dude wearing lipstick

    CardiashianBCardiashianBПре месец
  • This yummi player is the cringiest guy you will see today

    Maciej CzerneckiMaciej CzerneckiПре месец
  • Empanada

    KuartzoKuartzoПре месец
  • if you destroy someone that badly it's only courtesy to link his yt man

    Feng YuanFeng YuanПре месец
  • 00:12 wtf with that meme

    Sr. MSr. MПре месец
  • I like ya cut g

    Brendan MooreBrendan MooreПре месец
  • His editor is like on crack l, but talent

    Jazz JoyJazz JoyПре месец
  • Yees xD

    Tony Hunter 27Tony Hunter 27Пре месец
  • syfer-sama, may i ask for the name of the track that plays at 1:40?

    Leechu-KunLeechu-KunПре месец
  • Editor be reaching Tobias editors level of greatness with this one

    Kevin J RobinsonKevin J RobinsonПре месец
  • WAVE LUFFY 1:42

    Trajče DonevTrajče DonevПре месец
  • they literally look the same

    voovooПре месец
  • My guy what happened to your long hair

    Julienne CoJulienne CoПре месец
  • Cool edits!

    yunogasai bfyunogasai bfПре месец
  • Why is it that on every league related video i click, there's always the "let's appreciate the editor shall we" comment lol

    AroAroПре месец
  • role diff

    Werox204Werox204Пре месец
  • Stop with the time-wasting and random memes wtf. We're not 12.

    Hasib RezaHasib RezaПре месец
  • You have to go at 0.25 speed to get the maximum content from these intros

    TaiChi 963TaiChi 963Пре месец
  • 7:05 what are the circles on the minions when talon W?

    egrolol 66egrolol 66Пре месец
  • What is that pokemon song in the background?

    VinderglimVinderglimПре месец
  • 10/10 vid

    xFSN SaberxFSN SaberПре месец
    • hello saber

      Shindig FreakShindig FreakПре месец
  • Not only saber, Yami is also playing against lohpally on lulu

    KimayaKimayaПре месец
  • _la la Lalala la_ ........ *FUCK*

    PpalladdinnPpalladdinnПре месец
  • You know you fucked up a champion when even someone who mains him calls him broken

    Crab SenpaiCrab SenpaiПре месец
  • Thanks for destroying cringe saber made my day

    luis ramirez garcialuis ramirez garciaПре месец

    Ethan NguyenEthan NguyenПре месец
  • didnt yami make a video saying he doesn't like this skin hmmmmmmmmmmm

    robyn nyborrobyn nyborПре месец
  • F you Syfer 0:17

    Vinci 261Vinci 261Пре месец
  • Syfer's taste in music is :ok_hand:

    KyleKyleПре месец
  • Why isn't anybody talking about that haircut, i mean it's not bat but... It makes you look funny

    papolisipapolisiПре месец

    WasDeadsWasDeadsПре месец
  • 4:20 that music change O P xDDDD

    ThatAsian WaiterThatAsian WaiterПре месец
  • I’m sorry to say this Yami, but I solely watch your videos for the editor

    Baby DeviljhoBaby DeviljhoПре месец
  • 5 seconds to find sus frame

    False PandaFalse PandaПре месец
  • 0:18 probably like 3 minutes xd

    xabea.xabea.Пре месец
  • Endcard = Yami's hunt for gamergirl

    - Neo -- Neo -Пре месец
  • EDITOR what are your opinions on Jujutsu kaisen

    Ivan MihaelIvan MihaelПре месец
    • Insane show

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре месец
  • Ngl Saber deadass look like Justice Smith but just white

    CaffeCaffeПре месец
  • Anyone recommend a standard build that will work for most games? I am new so one build that works is fine !

    Abdul ALMEREIAbdul ALMEREIПре месец
  • 1:01 LMAO i know that zac thats hilarious how he messed that up

    TheRandomDogeTheRandomDogeПре месец
  • Oh man. Yami's editor is an absolute legend! 🤣 I love it!👌🏼

    Greninja GamingGreninja GamingПре месец
  • every time someone calls him yami i just get black clover in my head

    VorneXVorneXПре месец
  • Content abuser dude

    Nahuel RubioNahuel RubioПре месец
  • 1:36 you are literally level 5 and he is level 4 how tf does your logic works xD

    lol zlol zПре месец
    • He misspoke. He meant my jungler is down LIKE 3 camps. Because Zac had 19 cs to kayns 28. He’s actually only down 2 camps and a bit, but that’s why he said “like” so it’s allowed to be slightly inaccurate

      Cece DogeCece DogeПре месец
  • Imagine playing yuumi and bming/flashing your mastery per kill. I play Yuumi a lot ngl, but I never once in my life did anything like that

    Random GamerRandom GamerПре месец
  • dude yami why do you look so clapped

    meguuuminmeguuuminПре месец
  • That ping at 8:00 spooked me so bad damn

    TatsugoyoTatsugoyoПре месец
  • yami's haircut is giving me confidence on my shit looking ass haircut

    ZerouZerouПре месец
  • What a dumb u gotta be to gank before lvl 4 on zac

    Miki ReaperMiki ReaperПре месец
  • i see two Yami one playing talon and one playing adc

    Ivan SainIvan SainПре месец
  • 00:18 not that much, you can press , and . to change frames

    GuaranolasGuaranolasПре месец
  • No "Wow" at end Sadge

    Kamil SenadeeraKamil SenadeeraПре месец
  • I had my sound off at the start and thought yami changed his hair

    Ian LeeIan LeeПре месец
  • "empanadas" si argentina, si

    DownitasDownitasПре месец
  • Fighting against a Talon Adc mains : PAIN PEKO

    Akhir ShikiAkhir ShikiПре месец
  • Today i play à game with talon top all thé team tell me that i Will looze my laine but i des troy the top lainer so thank you for what you teach us

    Tristan DickèsTristan DickèsПре месец
  • The editor is very good

    Peter FrostPeter FrostПре месец
  • Tristan DickèsTristan DickèsПре месец
  • 8:02 i literally checked if i got a discord notification

    Kushal JhunjhunwalaKushal JhunjhunwalaПре месец
  • :>>

    ᎡiteᎡiteПре месец

    Aleksandar BossAleksandar BossПре месец
  • Mah boi yami cut his hair

    Tinan HabibTinan HabibПре месец
  • This yuumi is delusional lmao...

    DarkFy -DarkFy -Пре месец
  • I fkin love these edits man xD

    SakutaSakutaПре месец
  • saber hasnt given up on adcs huh?

    david kolakdavid kolakПре месец
  • The timing is literally after Yami tweeting about ADC roles

    Jj LimJj LimПре месец
  • That yuumi 😂- “ Mind your own beeswax.” HAHAHAHAAHAHA

    Mike HatMike HatПре месец
  • Outro song?

    tobi uchihatobi uchihaПре месец
  • talon is normal, the player isn't

    DianetDianetПре месец