When Talon gets Tiamat at 3 minutes...

12 јун 2020
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  • follow @ www.twitch.tv/yamikazexz or get taric jg on ur team in promos :). GO CHECK OUTPLAYED USING MY LINK @ link.overwolf.com/edj !! THANK YOU OUTPLAYED FOR SPONSORING THIS VID :D

    YamikazeYamikazeПре 7 месеци
    • You fool I can’t get Taric JG if I can’t even get to my promos >:D

      Ryan GuoRyan GuoПре 2 месеца
    • Yamikaze vs con Report talon LAN ?? PLISHH

      nixon de jesusnixon de jesusПре 7 месеци
    • Ur too afraid of doing a face reveal lol.

      KyleTheTurtleKyleTheTurtleПре 7 месеци
    • egirl video part 2 release is now 16k faster

      Arcday nb3Arcday nb3Пре 7 месеци
    • Sorry Yami, I try to watch you on twitch but you talk to fast... I will keep following on RSworld and that way it's more fun with the edits ( ╹▽╹ )

      Shiory WalkerShiory WalkerПре 7 месеци
  • YAMI play my acc talon main hehehe

  • 10 분 동안 Syfer에게 전화를 걸었습니다. 그런 다음 "스트레치"가 좋은 내용임을 깨달았습니다. 신 편집.

    KoleqaKoleqaПре 10 дана
  • I wasn't subbed before but that ending sequence was so good man!

    Matthew GriffeyMatthew GriffeyПре 19 дана
  • Man I wish yami would upload more...

    KjeldKjeldПре 21 дан
  • is that app free?

    Tv MuffinTv MuffinПре месец
  • None original gameplay, another generic League youtuber like, Redmercy, Yassou etc.

    OJLTOJLTПре месец
  • When Tiamat S11: :(

    dual blasterdual blasterПре месец
  • 700

    1 buhay1 buhayПре 2 месеца
  • why do you uh talk gay

    SisselSisselПре 2 месеца
  • a good fiora and talon in a game is just not fair

    Carl EvangelistaCarl EvangelistaПре 2 месеца
  • This bard outplay was good tbh

    Leftanic GamingLeftanic GamingПре 2 месеца
  • 2:24 what song

    Δ_ [•A k u m u•] _ΔΔ_ [•A k u m u•] _ΔПре 2 месеца
  • love u

    honz1kkhonz1kkПре 2 месеца
  • rocket123

    Ryan TehRyan TehПре 2 месеца
  • What's that game yami playing at the end?

    Mehdi BoulkeraraMehdi BoulkeraraПре 3 месеца
  • this is all a ispiration for playin good XD

    polar _882 No mas canal principalpolar _882 No mas canal principalПре 3 месеца
  • Yami beats best tariffs jg NA

    Matt PMatt PПре 3 месеца
  • whats the name of the song at the beginning

    JoeJoe SenpaiJoeJoe SenpaiПре 3 месеца
  • 8:27 took me a while to get the joke LMAO

    SernSernПре 3 месеца
  • 1:25 shit freedom dive

    VzSkieZVzSkieZПре 4 месеца
  • Imagine conqueror being more usefull in assassins than fighters

    Plague DoctorPlague DoctorПре 4 месеца
  • I remember vsing adc yuumi she got 2 pentas and manamune at 4 mins

    MeathMeathПре 4 месеца
  • I’ve been doing yoga to clear my mind because League is hard on my mind at times running 30-40 minute games and struggling. Please try yoga everyone even once at the house. It might help a single person because people really go crazy sometimes. Much Love from a Silver 4 player 🤗

    giants discordgiants discordПре 4 месеца
  • 1:33

    Ridha AhmedRidha AhmedПре 4 месеца
  • The first good ad what i seen, this Outplayed app helped me a lot cuz LoL dont have nvidia highlights ❤️

    NevemlaciNevemlaciПре 5 месеци
  • Talon is actually so fucking broken holy shit

    Drunk- DuckDrunk- DuckПре 5 месеци
  • I dont get the "miner" Reference

    ExoticExoticПре 5 месеци
    • Miner sounds like minor

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре 4 месеца
  • Not bwadddd

    TIN Ten thinTIN Ten thinПре 5 месеци
  • I don’t know whose popping off more, yami or the trumpets in the back 3:50-4:50

    Fallen OrderFallen OrderПре 5 месеци
  • Oh, so yami did the face reveal not for taco but for gamergirl huh.......

    KC TiruKC TiruПре 5 месеци
  • Wait that like 1 min after lane phase starts nani the fuck

    ChrometryChrometryПре 5 месеци
  • Talon is no actual skill, I'm not raging because he killed me I used to be a talon main, plus you arent even using the R Q COMBO

    KinGGKinGGПре 5 месеци
  • 0:36 I thought you were Michael Reeves

    Mr. XDMr. XDПре 5 месеци
  • Yami is electrocute better on talon than conqueror ? @Yamikaze

    The Hooded PugThe Hooded PugПре 6 месеци
  • I carry team with talon and i was see the aim bot ezreal. But yeah, my team feed to much for enemy so i was lost

    Cường VũCường VũПре 6 месеци
  • whats the song that Syfer was playing in Beat Saber?

    ZNRabornZNRabornПре 6 месеци
  • So when is taht Yami face reveal?

    Night_krawler88Night_krawler88Пре 6 месеци
  • Comment #666

    Diego R.Diego R.Пре 6 месеци
    • u not lying tho

      Abyss WarriorAbyss WarriorПре 6 месеци
  • How come when I see your 13/2 game play u are unable to fully kill someone with ur combo meanwhile the enemy 2/5 talon one shots me?

    CollyaCollyaПре 6 месеци
  • What is the trumpet song? I wanna twerk to it.

    J BavJ BavПре 6 месеци
  • When should Talon take Conqueror and when Electrocute ?

    Enchanted to GoldEnchanted to GoldПре 6 месеци
  • What rune did he used this Game ?

    Alex MitroiAlex MitroiПре 6 месеци
  • Really hope i get an answer for this. So i play talon and feel a lot weaker on conq. So i usually go electrocute. Is there a diff play style and build for conq? And what r the full runes for conq talon?

    Patrick Tobias GierckePatrick Tobias GierckeПре 6 месеци
  • I subbed for more trumpet, better deliver mate...

    Mans A Fish Cuz.Mans A Fish Cuz.Пре 6 месеци
  • Ok but why the donkey kong theme songs in the background xD

    Martino BrunelliMartino BrunelliПре 6 месеци
  • if you play it at 0.75 speed he sounds like a normal human

    JammJammПре 6 месеци
  • Can someone tell me the anime from the subscription at 9:14?

    Guilherme SilvaGuilherme SilvaПре 6 месеци
    • Iroduku: The World in Colors or Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara

      Frog KnightFrog KnightПре 5 месеци
  • 6:45 why is no one talking about that GODLY bard play?!?!?!!

    Sidoxenizer RSSidoxenizer RSПре 6 месеци
  • 7:37 this is the music at the end of the level in the game Sonic adventure XD (XD it's not laugh)

    Ярослав БелименкоЯрослав БелименкоПре 6 месеци
  • Yaaay lightrocket

    Wilson GuoWilson GuoПре 6 месеци

    Oussema ChortaniOussema ChortaniПре 6 месеци
  • Background music around 3:00 ples :)

    JC112JC112Пре 6 месеци
  • 6:50 got eem

    Gabe GeigerGabe GeigerПре 6 месеци
  • Lightrocket2 on steroids (btw that is Taric JG, he reach challanger with taric in jg)

    MataafullMataafullПре 6 месеци
  • this egirl talking 2 yamato not 2 u xd

  • Cringe virgin

    WS SkipperWS SkipperПре 6 месеци
  • eres jesucristo tio me encat

    Andrés Castro.Andrés Castro.Пре 6 месеци
  • rip conqueror doh :(

    Lawrence LeLawrence LeПре 6 месеци
  • best memes of all time

    Tomas CzepielTomas CzepielПре 6 месеци
  • wish I was this good at talon, currently the best I've gone is 18/3/12 in a draft pick game which isn't exactly a super impressive feat

    IMG06 Since06IMG06 Since06Пре 6 месеци
  • What was that strategy game from the last clips ?

    Thestone18Thestone18Пре 6 месеци
    • Civ 6

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре 6 месеци
  • 2:47 music pls?

    Miłosz GdaniecMiłosz GdaniecПре 6 месеци
  • I’m ADC main in EUW and u r the reason I ban talon EVERY ranked game

    Santiago Atrio RodríguezSantiago Atrio RodríguezПре 6 месеци
  • So sad that Yami selled his soul to outplayed :'(

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻Пре 7 месеци
  • the moment yami jumped into bard's tunnel at their base lmao

    aurum ferumaurum ferumПре 7 месеци
  • The beginning of the sponsor is hilarious 😂

    BrandonBrandonПре 7 месеци
  • Why did I get Dbz vibes?

    JamesGSJamesGSПре 7 месеци
  • How is he getting To E over RED Walls?????????????

    Joshua AbalosJoshua AbalosПре 7 месеци
  • Yami is broken. Forget Talon.

    John Llemos IIJohn Llemos IIПре 7 месеци
  • After this I feel bad for his keyboard

    Lucas CusanelliLucas CusanelliПре 7 месеци
  • So this is the first time I've been recommended Yamikaze, and I for one never wanted to watch him because I hate talon players. xd However, having the name Tamikaze has brought me to the realization that your fanbase is much bigger than I expected. I get people in league all the time saying, "are you Yamikaze?" or something like, "Are you a Yamikaze fanboy?" So yeah :/

    TamikazeTamikazeПре 7 месеци
  • yarraaaaaa bere yaeraaaaa aşkınaa

    babaanne avcisi mahammadbabaanne avcisi mahammadПре 7 месеци
  • Plays talon. In any slight danger. Uses 8 flashes in 3 seconds.

    Death By 70 NinjasDeath By 70 NinjasПре 7 месеци
  • Oh heck.... I searched yami from black cliver but i saw this... And it was league of legends....and i saww talon main.. And then now i think i wanna go and play talon now XD but first... Im gonna watch 5 of your vids

    Lance AlpuertoLance AlpuertoПре 7 месеци
  • Editor, please don't ever change

    SivvySivvyПре 7 месеци
  • yep cocket123

    FearlessFearlessПре 7 месеци
  • Dude do you leaves actived the auto attack automatic? Because holy you hit your enemies so fast after use your Q

    ytdabrsada0ytdabrsada0Пре 7 месеци
  • rocket123

    ZavanZavanПре 7 месеци
  • I'm here some months after. Wheres the continuation of e-girl adventures??

    CastorBRCastorBRПре 7 месеци
    • Just released latest video rn

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре 7 месеци
  • its throwing me off that you sound EXACTLY like my friend Nicky hooh like dude i stg yall sound alike but i think he is new to the game and plays Fizz

    TheDannyDanDanTheDannyDanDanПре 7 месеци
  • 06:50 outplay?

    NayeonZedNayeonZedПре 7 месеци
  • Omg! I laughed out loud and scared by dog with that Bard portal into spawn!!!

    Cloud9_ z34Cloud9_ z34Пре 7 месеци
  • 1:18 *FREEDOM DIVE*

    Sairion AmrepyhSairion AmrepyhПре 7 месеци
  • I only liked this to see egirl pt2

    Raccoonta_KinteRaccoonta_KinteПре 7 месеци
  • hi yami can u give me song list plz!!! it so funny

    Fang KhoaFang KhoaПре 7 месеци
  • Yami pair with taco in your smurf accounts and let him go adc and u go talon support with smite and u just counter jungle and gank lanes...if your adc picks a champ that can cs well on its own then it is a good strategy...u start on an enemy buff and this gets them way way behind and talon can be anywhere at a blink of an eye...and i believe u can pull it off with talon...plz just give it a try! :)

    Harry_ChatzHarry_ChatzПре 7 месеци
  • HMM

    WyngaalWyngaalПре 7 месеци
  • Cringne af you don't got a sockable face but you do got a voice

    Chief CanoChief CanoПре 7 месеци
  • Bard bait @ 6:50

    dekahri jonesdekahri jonesПре 7 месеци
  • In e-girl video 2, we need a veigar impression Bc I swear to god yami voices veigar

    Todd LTodd LПре 7 месеци
  • 9:53 thanks me later

    Raniedel FajardoRaniedel FajardoПре 7 месеци
  • is conq talon better than electrocute?

    ThePrimeThePrimeПре 7 месеци
  • Gems

    Rens WierdaRens WierdaПре 7 месеци
  • talon is just ad leblanc lmao

    Adithya NishantAdithya NishantПре 7 месеци
  • Hey yami can you add me to the talon clan tag my user is Kïrïtö

    PROJECT: Master YiPROJECT: Master YiПре 7 месеци
  • Question for the editor : How do you manage to put nintendo soundtrack into the montage (which are super nice btw) without getting any copyright strikes? keep up the good work

    Walid BouzidWalid BouzidПре 7 месеци
    • @Walid Bouzid yes GilvaSunner was striked because he had the full tracks on his channel and that was it (very different than a video featuring a song vs the video is just the song. The Nintendo affiliate program was cancelled like I said because they learned that no one wanted to make videos on nintendo games which stunted the wii u's growth ultimately killing it.

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре 7 месеци
    • @SyferSpartan didnt nintendo striked all music archives less than like 3-4 months ago from youtube? Also does that mean yamikaze is part of a nintendo affiliate program? Or really anybody can freely use nintendo music on their videos? Just curious

      Walid BouzidWalid BouzidПре 7 месеци
    • Nintendo original youtube policy was removed when the new head of Nintendo took over. Specifically around the time of smash ultimate release because they learned from their mistake of the Wii U's life. Also Nintendo doesn't strike the videos would automatically get content ID claimed so they would get the ad rev

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре 7 месеци
  • 2:21 I just realized I wasn’t subscribed

    cristobal nardecchiacristobal nardecchiaПре 7 месеци
  • Rocket123

    Dylan van der veenDylan van der veenПре 7 месеци
  • What is this tobito style editing.

    AnonymousAnonymousПре 7 месеци