This Umbral Glaive rush Talon strat gives perma vision control.

8 дец 2019
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Song: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - Come On!

  • Lethality123 go brrrrr

    NeoNeoПре месец
  • Your playlist is just a giant nostalgia trip.

    RegunesRegunesПре 5 месеци
  • When one shooting ACC’s with talon wasn’t enough

    JustAPersonJustAPersonПре 5 месеци
  • lethality123

    Ясмина ШаранскаЯсмина ШаранскаПре 5 месеци
  • lethality123

    James McGuireJames McGuireПре 5 месеци
  • lethality123

    Alexander WeinzierlAlexander WeinzierlПре 5 месеци
  • Jesus Christ that poor Olaf

    SirScribbleSirScribbleПре 6 месеци
  • 3:06 this guy, he's gone too why did i ignite him? i don't know. omg yami you're lacking sanity, you're answering your own questions.

    Cancerous MushroomCancerous MushroomПре 6 месеци
  • Anyone know how he got the custom hud/gui?

    Jason LeeJason LeeПре 6 месеци
  • Lethality123

    Jere SalonenJere SalonenПре 7 месеци
  • lethality123 and i loved your umbral glaive idea coupled with ghost poro and sweeper its next level! when i saw it i was like 'thats so sick how didnt i ever think of that?'

    luxannna crownguardluxannna crownguardПре 7 месеци
  • 9:45 Good bye world 😂😂😂

    Daniel SilecchiaDaniel SilecchiaПре 8 месеци
  • Lethality123

    Luuk HoekstraLuuk HoekstraПре 8 месеци
  • lethality123 :)

    Champ EasterChamp EasterПре 8 месеци
  • "no one expects the 3 man toplane in diamond soloQ" Hashinshin always expects it when he has a dogshit jg

    Zmithy ImafailZmithy ImafailПре 8 месеци
  • How to counter this ? Dont ward 😂

    Ognjen PopovicOgnjen PopovicПре 8 месеци
  • Lethality123

    Yaduvir SeeruttunYaduvir SeeruttunПре 8 месеци
  • Hi my first time i played talon i had your score but in backwards):

    bongocat:0bongocat:0Пре 8 месеци
  • I was stuck in silver for 4 years I decided to play Talon and ended up in D2 in 3 weeks LOL WTF

    MapleJokerRoflMapleJokerRoflПре 8 месеци
  • HotBeaver69 Hot Beaver 69

    SurturSurturПре 8 месеци
  • lethality123

    Rei ElricRei ElricПре 8 месеци
  • lethality123 lol

    TrendçalarTrendçalarПре 8 месеци
  • Lmao the aD in the end

    ItsMohdiiiItsMohdiiiПре 8 месеци
  • 0:54 that background music makes me want to play kirby again

    GogetaGogetaПре 9 месеци
  • Lethality 123

    Yashar KhatambakhshYashar KhatambakhshПре 9 месеци
  • Well, just so you know. I'm looking at your guide on some web... And trying to train with that

    Ryouma KoushiroRyouma KoushiroПре 9 месеци
  • i think a rlly good combo too is w ult q

    TerrorKingTerrorKingПре 9 месеци
  • ооо да, как знакомо время ожидания в 30м и вроде того... только вот помимо euw (где я по 15-20м иногда игры искал в d2+) я еще и на ru в gm-chall играл, вот там вообще жопа с подбором... чтоб вы понимали: в p1+ на момент 2го дня нового сезона всего 130-140 человек. Каждая игра по 5+м ожидания. Класс..)

    Mad JongMad JongПре 9 месеци
  • Lethality123

    Edward TruongEdward TruongПре 9 месеци
  • Talon conqueror op

    Sergio FernándezSergio FernándezПре 9 месеци
  • lethality123

    The Mighty Cute-FishronThe Mighty Cute-FishronПре 9 месеци
  • How TF he has 128 farm at 12:45 5 kills and roaming so much?

    Dawid PytlikDawid PytlikПре 9 месеци
  • Can't find song at 4:41. Driving me nuts.. Anybody??? :)

    Δημήτρης ΝέλλαςΔημήτρης ΝέλλαςПре 9 месеци
    • @SyferSpartanThanks!

      Δημήτρης ΝέλλαςΔημήτρης ΝέλλαςПре 9 месеци
    • File Select - Shante and the Pirate's Curse OST

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре 9 месеци
  • Umbral Glaive: *Literally Duskblade with different icon* Yamikaze: " *OMG IT'S SO bROKEN* "

    Майлз ПрауерМайлз ПрауерПре 9 месеци
    • @luxannna crownguard if you mean the clip at 3:01 thats because umbral glaive dosnt instakill wards it makes it so that you deal 3 damage to them so control wards are 2 hit, all other wards get instakilled no metter through what reveal

      lolidolilolidoliПре 7 месеци
    • he cant instakill the wards with sweeping, only with umbral passive, look carefully

      luxannna crownguardluxannna crownguardПре 7 месеци
    • @Майлз Прауер yea its a minor difference but the whole reason yami called it op is because he was able to oneshot the wards that he revealed with lens and then get zombie wards which wasnt possible with duskblade

      lolidolilolidoliПре 7 месеци
    • @lolidoli Fair. but it's a very minor difference

      Майлз ПрауерМайлз ПрауерПре 7 месеци
    • @Майлз Прауер im maybe a little late but duskblade actually didnt have the perma passive like umbral...duskblades effect was "Melee basic attacks instantly kill traps/wards that are disabled by Blackout" so it only insta killed wards/traps that duskblade itself disabled (which was on an cooldown ofc), you werent able to insta kill wards that got disable through stuff like the lense while umbral glaive can insta kill all revealed wards no metter through what methods they got revealed

      lolidolilolidoliПре 7 месеци
  • Y do you sound like piantaa lol new to your chanel

    Jaered BacolodJaered BacolodПре 9 месеци
  • lethality123

    FamorexFamorexПре 9 месеци
  • What are the best runes for talon??

    Johan .vd WekkenJohan .vd WekkenПре 9 месеци
  • Please watch my videos with Talon and don’t forget to subscribe ❤️❤️

    Nerf TalonNerf TalonПре 10 месеци
  • how do u choose your runes? great vid btw

    Jonathan_FranksJonathan_FranksПре 10 месеци
  • Armor123

    KinfeeKinfeeПре 10 месеци
  • which runes you use for the talon, you can post them

    Robert MarquetiRobert MarquetiПре 10 месеци
  • Lethality 123 (;

    NorgaNorgaПре 10 месеци
  • talon is very weak late game . u cant oneshot supp

    Peaceful WorldPeaceful WorldПре 10 месеци
  • what is the song of the beginning?


    flanwithaqflanwithaqПре 10 месеци
  • straightfarwardly coping keep it taco montage style and thumbnail...

    FrankFrankПре 10 месеци
  • lethality123

    nfefxnfefxПре 10 месеци

    Balrog DeMordorBalrog DeMordorПре 10 месеци
    • I loved kirby squeak squad so much

      not even mad bronot even mad broПре 8 месеци
    • Yes i did

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре 10 месеци
  • Man those Pokemon Diamond songs theybsimplyturnmeup

    Balrog DeMordorBalrog DeMordorПре 10 месеци
  • I love the editing on ur vids!

    WintWintПре 10 месеци
  • Ohh kirby theme sounds nostalgIa

    Under ScoreUnder ScoreПре 10 месеци
    • I love it

      Under ScoreUnder ScoreПре 10 месеци
  • ABC, lethality 123

    BleuBleuПре 10 месеци
  • This kirby music is litty af lol

    ImNiceWithRiceImNiceWithRiceПре 10 месеци
  • This strat will not work in low elo because no one wards there

    Lord LampardLord LampardПре 10 месеци
  • What is the name of the track that starts playing at 9:55?

    Shabab KabirShabab KabirПре 10 месеци
    • the song is Nook's Cranny

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре 10 месеци
  • Lethality123

    Julia BlondoJulia BlondoПре 10 месеци
  • If only electrocutes cooldown was on enemy champions and not just your champion itself then at least it's useful in aoe burst scenarios

    AvariceAvariceПре 10 месеци
  • Lethality123

    Benjamim de Pinho SabinoBenjamim de Pinho SabinoПре 10 месеци
  • Lethality123

    Riku of DarknessRiku of DarknessПре 10 месеци
  • The spongebob clip added in was really the cherry on top for this video l! You are definitely my favorite league youtuber

    ☆Team Dream Shooters☆☆Team Dream Shooters☆Пре 10 месеци
  • Halo mcc is on steam!

    Salorz1211Salorz1211Пре 10 месеци
  • Mfw i'd like to use that but i'm in gold and nobody wards anyway

    giuseppe pepegiuseppe pepeПре 10 месеци
  • Lethality123

    寒露 ImHaruna寒露 ImHarunaПре 10 месеци
  • HEY ITS THE KIRBY BGM! That's why its so nostalgic to hear.

    Jan Maurice MatoJan Maurice MatoПре 10 месеци
  • S10 Talon guide please

    나야フラミンゴ나야フラミンゴПре 10 месеци
  • lethality123 Lol

    Matt TvMatt TvПре 10 месеци
  • watching a great talon makes me realize how disgusting this champ really is

    KoidenKoidenПре 10 месеци
  • Was lethality123 all you could think of?🤔

    Kainon GaspardKainon GaspardПре 10 месеци
  • This guy is cringe

    Tayler WadeTayler WadeПре 10 месеци
  • Lethality 123

    SAO RoxasSAO RoxasПре 10 месеци
  • 6:52 ok riot

    ZolynZolynПре 10 месеци
  • This is the 69th video boyyys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    LukasLukasПре 10 месеци
  • How did you get that costume hub

    Young HentaiiYoung HentaiiПре 10 месеци
  • The enemy team got like, "Let´s kill Talon. He can Ace" XD

    Johanna SvenssonJohanna SvenssonПре 10 месеци
  • Yo @Yamikaze, any advice for a hardstuck d4 eu talon main, anything would be appreciated

    Disco NunuDisco NunuПре 10 месеци
  • R.I.P olaf

    xmn 88xmn 88Пре 10 месеци
  • I didn't sub for the LoL content, I subbed for the epic music. Vs Johnny and Whiskers!? Superstarsaga battle music? Count me in!

    Olaoluwa AremuOlaoluwa AremuПре 10 месеци
  • You clearly ran out of clickbait titles

    WonbackWonbackПре 10 месеци
  • Me: *wants more talon* Yamikaze: ONCE A WEEK Me: *watches the same video for 7 days*

    DarkGBladeDarkGBladeПре 10 месеци
  • lethality123

    Manuel Meza MartinezManuel Meza MartinezПре 10 месеци
  • wtf how does he have a 9 ping

    AceAceПре 10 месеци
  • Also the item has 8sec window with the passive, so use trinket 8sec after the activation or before activation to maximize the value

    Yul WuYul WuПре 10 месеци
  • i been rushing this item all the time but never used the zombie ward rune or sweepers. I think ill start using the rune more but keep using ward trinket for more spilt push safety and vision. The 45 sec cd on this item is insane, hope they dont nerf it too soon

    Yul WuYul WuПре 10 месеци
  • So can i turn off rain witch starts then u take drake? Coz my fps is like 5-6 then rain starts

    Gio GambashidzeGio GambashidzeПре 10 месеци
  • also yami saying new items are trash

    Phillipe VeilleuxPhillipe VeilleuxПре 10 месеци
  • am i the only one that thought yami sounds a lot like imaqtpie at 1:28

    ColeColeПре 10 месеци
  • 3:16 LMFAO. I SEE U

    HouserinoHouserinoПре 10 месеци
  • Lethality123

    Urdes Constantin-DanielUrdes Constantin-DanielПре 10 месеци
  • 7:53 vietnam xD

    Son VuSon VuПре 10 месеци
  • lethality123

    Diego jesusDiego jesusПре 10 месеци
  • That Umbral rush strat is so bullshit, so op. I have no wards for it... (Lethality123)

    tyberriusstyberriussПре 10 месеци
  • More balanced than Talon lmao

    Matt The PotatoMatt The PotatoПре 10 месеци
  • where is lethality123?

    Long TrầnLong TrầnПре 10 месеци
  • Thanks for the new item guide dude! Im ranking up so damn so fast HAHAHAHAHA talon main here since i watched you

    Aivan LaquiAivan LaquiПре 10 месеци
  • lethality123 lol

    BearBearПре 10 месеци
  • Is diamond ur highest rank ever achieved?

    Cold waveCold waveПре 10 месеци
  • W Max again?

    TheBladeShadow11TheBladeShadow11Пре 10 месеци
  • This video made Yami seemed like a pokemon trainer in summoner's rift. Gotta farm em all~

    Lotus14106Lotus14106Пре 10 месеци
  • lethality123 boisss

    Vanji KunVanji KunПре 10 месеци
  • Lethality123 :)

    Filip BartkowiakFilip BartkowiakПре 10 месеци