This Talon Strat Insta-Wins the Kat Matchup | Challenger Talon Mid Gameplay

28 мар 2019
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Rune setup: Standard except with Taste of Blood + Scorch. Watch for the strat xD

  • I messed up the render settings so the last 2 min or so of the vid is here: Also, for people saying vid is scripted / this kat sucks, Corrupt Hope is a masters Kat otp (see: Feel free to have your own opinions but understand the irony of players gold and below calling masters bad :P

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • But oh man such an honor having my comment pinned up in a video, im blushing.

      THAA KINGTHAA KINGПре годину
    • I am just memeing the video is amazing, I just found that part ironic. No justification needed here pal!

      THAA KINGTHAA KINGПре годину
    • Corrupt hope is my fav kat

      Waffle AWTWaffle AWTПре годину
    • He’s talking about you luis. >:))))

      Silas MontgomerySilas MontgomeryПре годину
    • man, that strat works defintely ! I tried it. It has never been so easy.

      Tuan TranTuan TranПре годину
  • Is anyone gonna talk about 17:42

    AkinPPHardAkinPPHardПре 3 месеца
  • D A R K N E S S

    Aksel VVAksel VVПре 5 месеци
  • 17:43 Vayne tried to hit drake so you get the kill 😂😂😂

    Nick Cbr650rNick Cbr650rПре 6 месеци
  • Why you go only tiamat - not hydra

    Wiktor EkWiktor EkПре 9 месеци
  • 2:10 when u hit akalis e too lol

    kuraiikuraiiПре 10 месеци
  • 4:50 I laughed so much at that part 😂 on the c c c rip jax

    Šimon TóthŠimon TóthПре 10 месеци
  • Why didnt you go nullifying orb so you dont need to buy hexdrinker?

    MLBB Dark ClaudeMLBB Dark ClaudeПре 10 месеци
  • Bro I'm silver 4 and the Kat's in my elo play way better than that loool

    Sly GuySly GuyПре годину
  • Thats silver...

    Alin Enrique NascutiuAlin Enrique NascutiuПре годину
  • u culdow mark bout kat and noc when u ulted and your w got of cd 1 q on cat shy dead then u culd e and run or if noc didnt have e 2 kils i know u are rank 1 talon but come one know your own dps man

    Am GaMe Z RirinAm GaMe Z RirinПре годину
  • yami I used your strategy and now im destroing every kat im playing against.Thank you so much

    FC Vitosha SofiaFC Vitosha SofiaПре годину
  • 13:30 .. LOL

    CraigBMMCraigBMMПре годину
  • Why are you playing against a bronze Katarina

    Sly GuySly GuyПре годину
  • Take a shot everytime yami clicks his tongue.

    Rin ShenRin ShenПре годину
    • not trying to die here buddy

      The Dark WolfThe Dark WolfПре годину
  • this proves kat needs buff

    morty weirdmorty weirdПре годину
  • It's OK...

    Renato MillerRenato MillerПре годину
  • Yamikaze: my family just died in a house fire. And I’m the only survivor. Also yamikaze: BUT IT’S OKAY

    MinkMinkПре годину
    • Challenger mentality, in platinum they start surrender

      João Vitor SchmidtJoão Vitor SchmidtПре годину
  • Pls pls talk slowly

    AXIOREAXIOREПре годину
  • how can he kill 5 minions with just one hit???

    Rosé's official husbandRosé's official husbandПре годину
  • Im wondering when u max q and when w

    nemacc 5nemacc 5Пре годину
  • so long sord is just so baaad in this macth up

    Youmer NasriYoumer NasriПре годину
  • the real Kat she wait ur mana down and she ******

    Youmer NasriYoumer NasriПре годину
  • she just suck

    Youmer NasriYoumer NasriПре годину
  • why the turret target you even tho there are minions by turret

    Cee ZeeCee ZeeПре годину
  • ok, let me explain this play (video ends) classic.

  • ure not tht good dude stop saying shitt bout kat players

    dipziidipziiПре годину
  • Yamikaze pls rate Talon's teamfighting 1/10 to 10/10 thanks.

    Inkognito PracholochosInkognito PracholochosПре годину
  • Ive been watching lots of your talon vids and im just a beginner, however i think im getting better from watching you. Thank you!

    rayrayПре годину
  • I'm kinda annoyed by the tongue clickinggg yer doingg

    ash enash enПре годину
  • As a non native english speaker, I have to say, I have no idea what are you talking about at some moments. Too damn fast xD

    *#*#Пре годину
  • Your voice sounds very gay

    Blake FausetBlake FausetПре годину
  • What other champions would this setup work well against? Anyone know?

    Sheehan ChowdhurySheehan ChowdhuryПре годину
    • akali

      The Dark WolfThe Dark WolfПре годину
  • how to instawin vs kat as talon Step 1: Pick talon Step 2: were you expecting anything else?

    OliveOliveПре годину
  • Talking so fast put at 75 percent alot better 🤣

    Marchello DominguezMarchello DominguezПре годину
  • people that promote champions like talon, akali, kata etc need to die in a hole.

    blardmannblardmannПре годину
  • Im a kat main and i never hop in to my dagger against a talon before my gunblade or if I dont have a massive lead pre 6. Talon early is way stronger than kat and I know that. So its not true that every kat main jumps in all daggers they can see. I am never giving a talon the opportunity to procc his passive in lane, ez to play around. After gunblade, talon gets pretty much outscaled in my opinion

    The ViewerThe ViewerПре годину
  • Face reveal

    Jerah SantosJerah SantosПре годину
  • u r such a blamepussy lol

    platoon mexxplatoon mexxПре годину
  • ITS okay

    żeluś 02żeluś 02Пре годину
  • So if the lane is equal and kat didnt int lvl 2 your strat is to int on her daggers ?

    Ein guter MannEin guter MannПре годину
  • 21:54 I thought I cu I cu

    EternalStudentEternalStudentПре годину
  • Well she is playing conqueror to Talon... She just sucks on Kat :v

    FlashShad0wFlashShad0wПре годину
  • %90 its okay %10 gameplay

    Hakan CelikHakan CelikПре годину

      KaPheeKaPheeПре годину
  • "tss... 'ts okee" STOP DOING THAT DUDE!!!!!

    Surf LixSurf LixПре годину
  • It's ok

    JakubJakubПре годину
  • When i play talon im useless past level 16

    Hunter SandersonHunter SandersonПре годину
    • A good talon doesn't let the enemy get to this point

      Louise EchoesLouise EchoesПре 10 месеци
    • Talon’s late game kinda sucks so that’s fine Just b useful to your team by one shotting their adc when you get the chance and also try to hit everybody with your abilities

      SevenSevenПре годину
  • And people ask why I ban Talon when playing Kat.

    Ivailo KolevIvailo KolevПре годину
  • The start of the video sounded really similar to burger king foot lettuce 🤨

    NeonNightFoxNeonNightFoxПре годину
  • Talk too fast and stop repeating shit smh

    Shane SandsShane SandsПре годину
  • What language is this kid speaking

    blankblankПре годину
  • Its ok

    Under FuckinggroundUnder FuckinggroundПре годину
  • This Kat just sucked, she fucked up going into you at level 2, I'd never do that against Talon with crazy damage

    My Hero Academia NerdMy Hero Academia NerdПре годину
  • Cringe... But... UhMmmMm iTs oKaY, uHmMmm itS okAy

    Rodrigo LimaRodrigo LimaПре годину
  • From my perspective, you sound like a bipolar woman-child jeez "iT's okAyyy UggHhGh" "i ThiNk uGhHH UhhMm" can u stop

    Seth PinedaSeth PinedaПре годину
  • You are saying every 10sec its ok thats so anoying

    Dobby SDobby SПре годину
    • Its ok

      CripstCripstПре годину
    • it’s ok

      zynkuizynkuiПре годину
    • its ok

      Matt YeMatt YeПре годину
    • Charly K its ok

      Emilia TakahashiEmilia TakahashiПре годину
    • Charly K its ok

      RaeRaeПре годину
  • You gay?

    Navid RahimNavid RahimПре годину
  • You keep getting mad over vayne autoimmune the dragon when she’s just trying to get Aggro cmon you’re challenger you should be smarter than that

    Paul PietrasPaul PietrasПре годину
  • I became platinum because of talon

    Thanzyrach BermasThanzyrach BermasПре годину
    • @My Hero Academia Nerd hmm okey. Plat is still a elo hell for me :>

      Thanzyrach BermasThanzyrach BermasПре годину
    • @Thanzyrach Bermas diamond, which sucks as well

      My Hero Academia NerdMy Hero Academia NerdПре годину
    • @My Hero Academia Nerd whats your rank?

      Thanzyrach BermasThanzyrach BermasПре годину
    • plat sucks bro

      My Hero Academia NerdMy Hero Academia NerdПре годину
  • But it's okay.

    EisteePunkEisteePunkПре годину
  • Every kat main should know not to even try trade with a talon at lvl 2...its asking for insta death

    Prishail DodhiaPrishail DodhiaПре годину
    • Also y is kat playing conqueror against talon????

      Prishail DodhiaPrishail DodhiaПре годину

    Merullyn KobayashiMerullyn KobayashiПре годину
  • Why do you talk SO FAST!??!?

    Andrew MitchellAndrew MitchellПре годину
    • He sound like fuck.

      Thanzyrach BermasThanzyrach BermasПре годину
  • Yamikaze should have named this video rank 1 talon visits bronze because of all the inters and fighting... classic bronze

    LM DarnellLM DarnellПре годину
  • I mean like katarina loses to talon anyways... like hard

    Awox BamAwox BamПре годину
  • Yamikaze vs Katevolved??

    ssj6000ssj6000Пре годину
  • lol vs corrupt hope :^)

    gogegogeПре годину
  • Bro u talk too fast

    Capelli McCapelli McПре годину
  • 4:23 why do you choose to recall when the cannon wave comes to lane? Don't you want the cannon's gold and experience without risking it dying?

    shutup ackshutup ackПре годину
    • Cannon minions always get targetted second by turret, and since their more tanky, its unlikely to miss more cs than a normal wave

      KataGaKillKataGaKillПре годину
  • U know what wins kata matchup? Playing a fucking broken champ

    Mikus StrangotsMikus StrangotsПре годину
  • Love your vids

    D3admanD3admanПре годину
  • She: I got raped Yamikaze: But its okey

    Loominaty ConfirmedLoominaty ConfirmedПре годину
  • Hopefully. You can also help us build a strategy against Mid Karma. It's so annoying. Btw. Love your vids 💓

    John Earl TitularJohn Earl TitularПре годину
  • Heey Yammiii. When do you recommend buying Yoummu's or Duskblade? Which is first?

    John Earl TitularJohn Earl TitularПре годину
    • I usually buy yommu for the speed boost, usually if you have a team with massive splash damage, you can chase them and Q them and end them after using yommu, it'll be easier to get dusk after gold kills.

      Sherez965Sherez965Пре годину
  • yamikaze 1v1 talon

    norfaiz saudnorfaiz saudПре годину
  • Yamikaze my dog

    Kaiver TeoKaiver TeoПре годину
  • video ends at 1:22

    KelberothKelberothПре годину
  • Wait anything is an insta win against Kat...

    KischKischПре годину
  • hi Yamikaze, i see all your videos , i really like talon , he is my favorite champ, and i allso learn a lot with your videos. There is a Katarina player called KatEvolved, that man is a crack with katarina, i was wondering if you could some day fight against him. Greetings from Colombia !!

    Le WasónLe WasónПре годину
  • It's ok

    Dovydas ŠpakauskasDovydas ŠpakauskasПре годину
  • I dont play talon but your channel is just too good

    Camille The Steel ShadowCamille The Steel ShadowПре годину
  • 9:20 pretty bad misplay given that you could've E over the wall :).

    Momchil AndonovMomchil AndonovПре годину
  • How to get views in season 9: I BEAT KATARINA IN LANE! WHAT IS THIS INSANE STRAT?!

    David KepkaDavid KepkaПре годину
  • Talon wins this match up anyway

    Abel FeherAbel FeherПре годину
  • How do I win talon games in low elo? I usually maintain about 7-8 vs per minute and try to help my team out as much as possible and always get a good kda but the game always ends so slowly that I fall off too hard to be of much use, so what should I do?

    Richard UngRichard UngПре годину
  • "Nocturn's Ult shouldn't be up" *Gets Ulted by Nocturn* °o°

    CarbonCuber314CarbonCuber314Пре годину
    • Presence of mind bitch xD

      Simone NoliSimone NoliПре годину
  • i swear silvers in my ranked game learn and evolve faster than the kat in this video xd

    radantaradantaПре годину
  • hey dude can you post some house MD videos? thanks man

    dan thandan thanПре годину
  • Idk why people just cannot respect Talon's Lvl 2 all in powerspike, I don't think there is a single champion except probably Sylas who wins Lvl 2 fights as hard. It's hilarious, midlaners always think they are strong, then they take two hits from my W, and I just flash Q and ignite and they have no time to flash and die. It happens pretty much every single time, they walk close to you for no reason allowing you an easy W and Meelee Q, it's just so stupid and easily avoidable

    Unseen ThreatUnseen ThreatПре годину
    • Probably Akali has a pretty good lvl 2 Powerspike

      daviddavidПре годину
  • As always the awkward gameplay

    norinoriПре годину
  • Curious how much ad did you have lvl 1-2?

    mostafa Al-Hasanymostafa Al-HasanyПре годину
  • that vayne play was sick, liked the video after you called said 'i missed that creep but atleast i got the other KATty'

    HavenHavenПре годину
  • its k guys chill its k

    D3N1S BL4CKD3N1S BL4CKПре годину
  • Not trying to be rude because I’m a HUUUUGEEE fan of yours but one request is if you could stop clicking your tongue. I always watch your videos in bed and that sound hurts my ears so bad haha. Great video never the less man :D

    Akimbo SpartanAkimbo SpartanПре годину
  • why would a challenger kat try to all in talon lvl 2 lmao.. on his minion wave too...

    Harry PotterHarry PotterПре годину
  • You better than me but i don't like the way you play

    ne0geekosne0geekosПре годину
  • would you recommend this setup in the fizz matchup?

    TheAustralianNinjaTheAustralianNinjaПре годину
  • Some say that yami is still explaining why he died to kat

    DexanDexanПре годину
  • That was certainly no KatEvolved or Spin for Penta.

    NecrostrikeNecrostrikeПре годину
  • Incomplete video Omega LuL

    samuel donososamuel donosoПре годину