This Talon Build is the New Best Build for Season 9

11 мар 2019
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Was talking about a new ad assassin build with Laceration (Challenger Zed player) so I tried it out in a ranked game :).

  • The build is: Tiamat --> CDR boots --> Ghostblade --> Edge of Night --> Duskblade --> LW item / BC etc. Runes you can run either triumph + coup de grace or transcendence + gathering storm (for 40% cdr without black cleaver). Try it out :)

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • TYSMMMMMMMMMMMMMM i sooooo needed this.. i won so many times btw!! :)

      WateredWaterWateredWaterПре 8 месеци
    • Runes for this game bro I need inspiration I hit a slump and I have over 400k pts on talon my games are getting stale with not being able to carry my team I usually go like 24 kills a game but by 30 40 mins I'm useless

      Talon AbuserTalon AbuserПре годину
    • Yamikaze um 😐 the farm

      CobyCobyПре годину
    • how come you have a talon tag but I also have one and you're not in my club?

    • Absolute focus is bad overall now with only 1.8 AD at level 1 there rlly isnt any point it is useful, personally i think mobis is good if you rush duskblade but if you get rush youmuus yes cdr boots is good in mid or top, nimbus cloak isnt as reliable because it procs after your ultimate cast, gathering storm provides scaling which talon lacks

      DJDJПре годину
  • where is season 10? lol pre season 10 talon build?

    Ken KanikeKen KanikeПре годину
  • with 9 ms anyone can play good

    TheSeventDoorTheSeventDoorПре годину
  • Why tiamat on Talon is so viable that you build this every time?

    Olek ŚmietanaOlek ŚmietanaПре годину
    • For extra wave clear

      187lover 1187lover 1Пре годину
  • If u wanna be behind maybe rofl don’t listen to this shit build free boots plus dematerializer lets u skip Tiamat

    Lupane RomaineLupane RomaineПре годину
  • 9999 IQ level 2 plays. Just kidding, you're still better at this game than most of us

    warvesterwarvesterПре годину
  • 18:29 Hook > insta flay speeds up the hook cast and animation to throw it faster, at least that's a belief

    BaronBaronПре годину
  • 1:35 me every time .

    Calvin YipCalvin YipПре годину
  • Just a quick question. How do u change the "recommendation" tab to a premade build?

    neozneozПре годину
    • Cheers!

      neozneozПре годину
    • Collection -> Items -> then u can take ur champ and lane and create this kinda build, so u'll have it ingame

      MasiMasiПре годину
  • You guys think "Ranegade Talon" is a good skin? :D

    AstroidHDAstroidHDПре годину
  • Hey Yami, I have a question, i main talon and i have been finding it very hard to carry with him in low elo despite stomping most of my lanes and having very high KDA. I roam alot and i win them their lanes but most games in Gold it comes to a point past 25 minutes where everyone scales past you. so i end up losing games even though my 1 on 1 and roaming is pretty good so do you get this feeling sometimes ? that carrying with talon is harder than it should since his abilities are mostly single targeted

    Moe YMoe YПре годину
  • 18:30 thresh q e's because the hook is faster if u do it like this but u know if u do it like this u dont have any followup

    Neraths GrandpaNeraths GrandpaПре годину
  • A+ :)

    Tage JonassonTage JonassonПре годину
  • Give my channel a peak for some shitty plays.

    Michael LatonMichael LatonПре годину
  • That's what u get for playing vayne top, fkin pu**ies

    Jotaro is DariusJotaro is DariusПре годину
  • Why don't play mid ?

    Emre BedoEmre BedoПре годину
  • Ever tried building ninja tabis on a talon vs zed matchup? rushing those boots first lets me take on a full zed combo without dying lmao it makes his passive and Q/Es like a joke to you

    Sir TrollfaceSir TrollfaceПре годину
  • Hecarim starting from red wtf xD

    0nism Riven0nism RivenПре годину
  • What about your farmig and exp

    Kaddour Ahmed MohamedKaddour Ahmed MohamedПре годину
  • was looking at LL Stylish and Lacerations OP.GGs and noticed their CDR builds. I used the same thing as your build, but instead of Ionian boots I run the 10% scaling CDR and still take Mobis

    NikjojoNikjojoПре годину
    • Why no more videos ?

      ImNiiLImNiiLПре годину
  • What about fb and instagram link?

    hong nhung hoanghong nhung hoangПре годину
  • Talon needs definitely a skin that fits the assassin theme.

    FBI GuyFBI GuyПре годину
  • Yami thx for teaching me how to use tiamat

  • 1:36 it seems that a little part of you still deserves bronze

    tony jtony jПре годину
  • So is top is talons new best lane? If so why is that?

    AltariAltariПре годину
    • @Simone Noli that's true

      AltariAltariПре годину
    • it is not and i tell you why: jayce and renekton.

      Simone NoliSimone NoliПре годину
  • "im gonna kill him right now" lul

    FengokuFengokuПре годину
  • Why wouldnt you buy black cleaver? Because you need more dps to get it to actually be good? I mean the passive

    Juani GarciaJuani GarciaПре годину
  • Best Talon NA Up likes guys

    C4Terrorista GamesC4Terrorista GamesПре годину
  • love your videos

    sinking shipsinking shipПре годину
  • Would it be possible for you to do an unranked to diamond series after rank reset ?

    ChaosChaosПре годину
  • Lmao u get heated bc you make a shit play and it gets called out. Don’t ever tell your chat to shut up. Watch your mouth you nerdy ass annoying ass voice that flashes like an iron player. Learn to play the game before you post more videos holy shit I can’t even believe you even have a yt channel with a following. Soon to be gone.

  • Dragon blade Talon with Chroma is my favorite Talon skin

    NoamiasNoamiasПре годину
  • Omg for the first time you are playing with normal skin

    Jovan DragojevicJovan DragojevicПре годину
    • @It's Amazing AA Fantastic UU he was only playing with stupid enduring blade t. , this is first time i saw him with "(normal)" skin

      Jovan DragojevicJovan DragojevicПре годину
    • @It's Amazing AA Fantastic UU eureka! you know name of skin

      Jovan DragojevicJovan DragojevicПре годину
  • Is there any specific matchup to take precise instead of sorcery?

    Mateus VolpatoMateus VolpatoПре годину
  • Yami you have been uploading so much lately. Love it

    quynh quynhquynh quynhПре годину
  • 2 minutes in, already a yamikazeint

    GaryNotEthanGaryNotEthanПре годину
  • I Love your Gameplay. Keep it up ❤

    oh yeah nahùioh yeah nahùiПре годину
  • Yami I started playing talon in bronze, can do pretty well with him, and end up 1 shot deleting any enemy, main problem is closing out games in my elo, would you have any tips? thanks!

    WezzlowWezzlowПре годину
    • @Kosoku • Sound advice mate, thanks, ill try this :)

      WezzlowWezzlowПре годину
    • Go for objectives and roam. Dont go for kills. Try to end your game as fast as possible cause talon starts falling off at 25. *cs and die less*

      Kosoku •Kosoku •Пре годину
  • Was the gragas you just played against. Was a fun game but most of all keep up the great content. :)

    TakaAmv1270TakaAmv1270Пре годину
  • i love you

    kenji mineikenji mineiПре годину
  • Had me in the first half with that flash, not gonna lie

    Samuel C.Samuel C.Пре годину
  • Yami you are the inspiration for me to main talon :)

    Nithanth SivakumarNithanth SivakumarПре годину
  • Heart me....

    ZexisZexisПре годину
  • 360p gang

    Amir BayatAmir BayatПре годину
  • We miss u! Please keep it up daily uploads.

    Yunus KozanYunus KozanПре годину
  • Keep it up yami we want daily uploads

    Amir BayatAmir BayatПре годину
  • Hello Yamikaze !

    AlexAlexПре годину
  • That lvl 2 made me laugh tho xD

    JonnythegiraffeJonnythegiraffeПре годину
  • First

    fire beast craftfire beast craftПре годину
    • Lol nope your second XD

      KersatoKersatoПре годину
  • Yami with so many uploads pog

    JonnythegiraffeJonnythegiraffeПре годину