This New Talon Build Made Their Smurf Riven Ragequit...

1 јун 2019
169 056 Приказа

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  • like if editor is carrying my channel XD

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • yeah, great work!

      Back FromBack FromПре годину
    • Pls keep this editor. So fckin entertaining :)

      Paul BrackmannPaul BrackmannПре годину
    • @TheyCallMeMisaki You can now use GIFs as prof pic? damn I'm such an amateur

      PapesPapesПре годину
    • Heart my comment and I'll play adc Talon

      TheyCallMeMisakiTheyCallMeMisakiПре годину
    • @Le Van Phan King's is now in a drama right now with Tfblade. I don't know if you know it but you should.

      PapesPapesПре годину
  • 4000 eme like ;)

    iZeR0Xx_iZeR0Xx_Пре 8 дана
  • I tried the combo wqr and it worked that one diamond katarina I was always queueing up with is now not a threat thanks yami nami

    xXJOSEXxxXJOSEXxПре 7 месеци
  • Why they are banning aatrox?

    Brian LyersBrian LyersПре 8 месеци
  • does anyone know why when this guy combo he always waits a second to use Q after he hit 2 W ? makes thing more cringe?

    Minh NguyễnMinh NguyễnПре 10 месеци
  • Hey man you where raging whilst smurfing with your main. How fking low have you got to be.

    Badia J.Badia J.Пре годину
  • dog learned how to sit

    VeryshyVeryshyПре годину
  • 1:44 I acually know that bug, riot just doesnt care about fixing their game, and yes its riot and not vlad’s faulth

    Mustafa Muhamed VIIIMustafa Muhamed VIIIПре годину
  • 1:26 BDSM spotted

    Critical PerformanceCritical PerformanceПре годину
  • What did he do to riven u til she rq?

    AwedAwedПре годину
  • Bursting 400 hp at lvl 2 seems pretty fair to me

    anxietyanxietyПре годину
    • totally not like a darius can fucking auto talon to death if he survives or avoids the burst

      Whimsical ChroniclesWhimsical ChroniclesПре годину
  • Every song you have in the background is giving me feels wow

    Nassin AbinacerNassin AbinacerПре годину
  • did you think i was joking?

    cara que comenta frases do sidoka aleatoriamentecara que comenta frases do sidoka aleatoriamenteПре годину
  • Nem entendo o que ele fala, mas assisto pq ele é muito bom de talon meoo ALGUÉM LEGENDA PLS KKKK

    Yiazashi desuYiazashi desuПре годину
  • Change title: Smurf Talon beats Smurf Riven and males her RQ

    Mathias NissenMathias NissenПре годину
  • thats not cool bro making people rage quit

    The Real Gaming ExportThe Real Gaming ExportПре годину
  • 男刀

    ScrimperScrimperПре годину
  • yami be like "Editor don't put me selling righteous glory in the video!"

    Petr CzechPetr CzechПре годину
  • I am Korean so I did not fully understand what you are saying, but the video is interesting.

    민김민김Пре годину
  • 7:38 kakyoin playing league

    epsilonepsilonПре годину
  • No one noticed he swapped builds XD

    Tim HensonTim HensonПре годину
  • I just subscribed! Turned me into a fan with two videos. Lol

    Ednuel CatallaEdnuel CatallaПре годину
  • Wtf is special about a challenger stomping gold elo... exactly NOTHING

    xMcSKxMcSKПре годину
  • Nice outplayed editor :))))

    Keima KatsuragiKeima KatsuragiПре годину
  • How do you fight against zed as talon?

    Macela TagamolilaMacela TagamolilaПре годину
    • U dominate him pre 6 and post 6 u out-roam him if u think u cant 1v1 him!

      Мето МинчевМето МинчевПре годину
  • ur so underrated lmao , ur gameplay , editor and ur stream is awesome

    galacthiccgalacthiccПре годину
  • LOL XD?!

    Alexander MooreAlexander MooreПре годину
  • People who say XD in wrong instances are insecure

    Alexander MooreAlexander MooreПре годину
  • is he with nightblue?

    fuglytrashfuglytrashПре годину
  • Nice edit..gj

    Just a normal guy with green hairJust a normal guy with green hairПре годину
  • I hit a champ twice with my w my mind said Yo gonna win this Bruh

    Juke GodJuke GodПре годину
  • singed and graves items :X

    Verb1ezVerb1ezПре годину
    • Verb1ez and graves takes electrocute too my eyes hurt

      Raidboss KenshiroRaidboss KenshiroПре годину
  • nan dao = Man Knife

    AutomatismAutomatismПре годину
  • I web conqueror bruiser talon and healed 3k with conq and did 60k damage

    NoamiasNoamiasПре годину
  • like for crash bandicoot music LOL

    ManyManyПре годину
  • New editor is lit 🔥 lovin’ the vids

    KynWKynWПре годину
  • Much better editor..finally

    Miku ChiiiMiku ChiiiПре годину

    ForgottenProjectForgottenProjectПре годину
    • HAHAHA

      moshymoshyПре годину
  • 10:10 best play EVER

    TheyCallMeMisakiTheyCallMeMisakiПре годину
  • ok now king is fucked

    Mental ErrorMental ErrorПре годину
  • Kinda miss your off role talon vids lol

    Adli ArindraAdli ArindraПре годину
  • Hey man...can you do a tutorial on how you stream,your settings and the background of your UI...will really help

    AruAruПре годину
  • Yamike you is the best 😊😊

    Lực KiềuLực KiềuПре годину
  • Every single channel of league gameplay now has this boring retro music in the background. The editors are literally doing the same thing.

    Iago LacerdaIago LacerdaПре годину
  • your video is getting better and better each time!! love it!!

    Wenli LiaoWenli LiaoПре годину
  • The Crash bandicoot osts, ooooof

    Jnr EJnr EПре годину
  • It’s not the build it’s u XD Rank 1 Talon smurfing on kids in gold - flat I sure you play talon full tank and still win lul

    SunLongSunLongПре годину
  • I love this video, its too good

    KespoKespoПре годину
  • Better edits :)

    Axiemeon ManaoisAxiemeon ManaoisПре годину
  • Please don't make more edit 😒

    Muhammet LacinMuhammet LacinПре годину
  • 5:49 look at chat lmao

    FranCokeFranCokeПре годину
  • ive been seeing so many more talons in games now, do u know what that is? also the quality of ur videos has definitely increased

    CalebCalebПре годину
    • Probably tierlists putting him into S tier. He isn't as good in low elo though since games tend to last longer

      Quigman 2Quigman 2Пре годину
  • Lmfao hold up why did the editor put in his own logo before Yami got his own? EDITOR at least put something like "this video was edited by" in your intro clip POG

    N MN MПре годину
  • Song at 5:49?

    AmbidextresAmbidextresПре годину
  • wtf, nan dao

    Frank shiFrank shiПре годину
  • Liking the new editors work

    Ethan McBrideEthan McBrideПре годину
  • editor is carrying channel for sure xD

    Sam KierSam KierПре годину
  • “Dog learned how to sit” LMAO XD

    StreanStreanПре годину
    • Woof.

      TheyCallMeMisakiTheyCallMeMisakiПре годину
  • How did you do that combo at 7:09 :OOO

    Oh SimOh SimПре годину
    • Flash + W + Q + R + AA + Tiamet I think.

      Nafiur RahmanNafiur RahmanПре годину
  • i became a talon one trick because of you . . . THANK YOU

    Phitex XPhitex XПре годину
    • @H.47 truth be told some.chps Will Carry you faster but in escense you are right

      hernan weberhernan weberПре годину
    • @Captain Mike im still pretty low elo, gold 3 but got a 80% winrate

      Phitex XPhitex XПре годину
    • @Captain Mike you can reach challenger with any champ.No need to follow meta

      H.47H.47Пре годину
    • kinda curious, how far were you able to climb with talon? I'm kinda thinking of maining him

      Captain MikeCaptain MikeПре годину
  • Out of all the editors, I think this guy is my favorite.

    RedRedПре годину
    • nah pinoy

      ProxerProxerПре 9 месеци
  • graves graves graves graves with the tombstones at the end will be the funniest thing you see this month

    Alexander MalanAlexander MalanПре годину
    • true

      TCrowTCrowПре годину
  • high gold low plat? no way... the silver players are better than them

    Bryan KimBryan KimПре годину
    • low plat = bronze though low platinum players think they are better than they actually are which leads to them trying stupid shit and falling flat on their face

      Whimsical ChroniclesWhimsical ChroniclesПре годину
    • I was thining the same XD ( I'm silver btw so I'm it's from xp (not talking about my self))

      Oliver BoškovićOliver BoškovićПре годину
  • Great edit , hope you are "working" it out with this editor , one of the best imo haha lets go

    MonsoonMonsoonПре годину
    • ❤️

      AlvimacAlvimacПре годину
  • Awesome editing, keep it up!

    Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
    • Thank you! ❤️

      AlvimacAlvimacПре годину
  • What’s the outro music

    GreenMassGreenMassПре годину
  • This was a solid edit good shit on the new editor

    Thomas HiromThomas HiromПре годину
    • I'm glad you like it! ❤️

      AlvimacAlvimacПре годину
  • you should do a like bronze to diamond or something, or a game in mid gold from start to finish that isnt a stomp game

    Cool XCool XПре годину
  • Yami u ruined my talon shop screen now xDDDDD gj editor hard smurfs on youtube

    Lazar lol1Lazar lol1Пре годину
  • wait why are u using chinese name?

    revenver srevenver sПре годину
  • new editor is Lit!! 🔥🔥

    CodexCodexПре годину
  • Love this new editing style.

    Vincent ChewVincent ChewПре годину
    • Appreciate it! ❤️

      AlvimacAlvimacПре годину
  • "4v4 in PLATINUM ELO?!?!?" *finishes game* "Promoted to Silver I" 😂😂😂😂

    • high mmr

      JoenerbudeJoenerbudeПре годину

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
    • ...

      Tolee The KoalaTolee The KoalaПре годину
  • My build duskblade bc steraks age of night ga or ldr

    Tl CorejjTl CorejjПре годину
  • White shield is talon counter

    YO_ PrnzYO_ PrnzПре годину
  • When is it better to run sorcery vs precision as secondary runes on talon?

    starwhatxstarwhatxПре годину
    • Precision when smurfing

      Любомир ГайдарскиЛюбомир ГайдарскиПре годину
  • Builded sterakk at 25min... I wonder why clickbait is showing it as second item but it was almost six when you count two unfinished and boots O_o

    Jesi AshJesi AshПре годину
  • My gf told me if my comment gets 50likes we'll have sex(You better pin this comment yamikaze)

    piccolopiccoloПре годину
  • zhiqiang build this too

    洪明鹏洪明鹏Пре годину
  • Gotta love the dirty laugh :P

    TheMsClownfaceTheMsClownfaceПре годину
  • brooo adc talon why not xddd shoot some shurikens

    Dark MatterDark MatterПре годину
  • Hello

    jonas kobberbøljonas kobberbølПре годину
  • Is this eune? Lul

    Osama Mahmoud Abd El-HakOsama Mahmoud Abd El-HakПре годину
  • is what Yami needed to do at 3:58

    Alex ZhangAlex ZhangПре годину
  • Can you play Talon as a Support? Xd HAHAHA😂, BTW I love your Videos and You 😍

    Rey GarciaRey GarciaПре годину
    • @Brim , Bodyguard of PURE WUJU pre rework talon way back before I used him as support. MM always dead.

      Roel BonzaRoel BonzaПре годину
    • Yank actually had a video on talon support. But it was a one off thing. You mostly just roam and leave your adc to fend for themselves

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
    • Well, I mean, if you can play Pyke as support, I'm sure you can play Talon. Like, if you think about it, they're actually kinda similar. Their Qs are used to either do quick damage or to close a gap in a chase, both Es can be used for chasing or running away, W are unique, and their ults are meant to get inside of a fight, or do large aoe damage and possibly kill the enemy team. And then you realise your team would flame you forever, so that dream goes and dies in a fire....

      Brim , Bodyguard of PURE WUJUBrim , Bodyguard of PURE WUJUПре годину
  • hire pinoy hes carrying yassuo's channel afterall

    ShadaTF2ShadaTF2Пре годину
  • we want more videos u bitch !

    Kuzey IvoKuzey IvoПре годину
  • Now this is epic

    Assassin mikeAssassin mikeПре годину
  • Im early man

    Alpha HunterAlpha HunterПре годину
  • I love ur videos so much

    IlaysfIlaysfПре годину
    • love u too

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • first

    Max VéghMax VéghПре годину