this new talon build is literally unbeatable when ahead....

16 мај 2019
68 942 Приказа

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  • outro song?

    Giannis SapiadisGiannis SapiadisПре 7 месеци
  • Every talon is unbeatable. Go 0/4 and oneshot thats why the champ is so "weak" -,-

    Matt The PotatoMatt The PotatoПре годину
  • Wait... Go back to 5:04 I swear Yami said mm, hes breeding me...

    ZedeffZedeffПре годину
  • Thats bot lane vietnames :D lmao

  • "this shen is so fucked, level 10 13 minutes in" >is level 10 😂

    MrBakedBananaMrBakedBananaПре годину
  • I'm hearing that Katana Zero soundtrack :)

    Matthew HeatherlyMatthew HeatherlyПре годину
  • Was that seashanty 2 at start LOL

    Dr CherryDr CherryПре годину
  • Nice vid man. 1st song name?

    Dualok FonsecaDualok FonsecaПре годину
  • I see you with the yugioh capsule monster music

    zakk stringerzakk stringerПре годину
  • Runescape songssss!!!

    Justin MayerJustin MayerПре годину
  • Woah, hearing that Yu-Gi-Oh Capsule Monsters track just brought me lots of memories

    Val CipVal CipПре годину
  • loving that katana zero music bro

    Patrick DuffyPatrick DuffyПре годину
  • Go blood moon

    Erald IslamiErald IslamiПре годину

    Neeky NookyNeeky NookyПре годину
  • Does anyone know the name of the song in the intro ?

    MMPRO3MMPRO3Пре годину
  • Kinda miss the less edited vids. I dont even get why someone needs an editor for stream highlights to begin with

    FloppFloppПре годину
  • There are rumors that Yamikaze Has a talon passive.

    Juke GodJuke GodПре годину
  • Yami, how do I deal with Irelia mid, she bodied me 2 games in a row! T_T

    Metodi MincheffMetodi MincheffПре годину
    • She is just too tanky! She has % damage reduction! But I'll try to mess with her Q farming and poke with W....

      Metodi MincheffMetodi MincheffПре годину
    • become better

      LuffyLuffyПре годину
  • Yami, what is the condition for the ultimate blades to follow your target? I know that u must Q or Auto them for the blades from the ultimate to follow your target, but I saw you in this video - you W,Q ad ulti, but your ulti followed your target anyway?

    Metodi MincheffMetodi MincheffПре годину
  • Any tips and tricks for people trying to main talon like me?

    crippling depressioncrippling depressionПре годину
  • So I was lookimg for Talon montages and then there's your vids.I subbed Edit: I'm Talon main

    Selin FenetteSelin FenetteПре годину
  • how do u have 9 ping O.o

  • I Think that talon is unbeatable when ahead xD

    Les théoriciens de l’extrêmeLes théoriciens de l’extrêmeПре годину
  • so on talon, is it better for me to mobi's for the movement, or lucidity for the cdr? or does it matter on your matchup? (I recently started using talon, so I could use some tips/pointers)

    SurrealSurrealПре годину
  • lmfao dude i swear the way champs earn xp rn is kinda bugged because ill be 5/0/0 at 6 mins my laner is 0/5 with 14 cs to my 50 and yet he will some how be a level or 2 higher than me when ive back once and been in lane over double to amount of time my opponent has been and ive also gotten a plating already because they have been gone so much bbut they are still a level or 2 ahead. it makes absolutely no sense at all lmfao

    godssons 69godssons 69Пре годину
  • I'm spit balling here but doesnt talons q crit? So How about running crit top scaling for late game against melee champs. Of course your w and r do significantly less damage but it does way more on your q and aa's. Tell me if I'm wrong or if Yami has already done a vid on it.

    French BaguetteFrench BaguetteПре годину
  • Yami how do you deal with having low mana. Im a talon 1 trick in bronze 1 and one of the most annoying things i find when pkaying is that im comstamtly out of mana until i reach level 14+

    LunATriX999LunATriX999Пре годину
  • This guy deleted his last video against a diamond 3 zed , that proves how cocky and toxic yami .. He earned a lot of bad comments because of that vid...

    Senpai _XXSenpai _XXПре годину
  • admitting your champ is busted nice one

    Azzy furyAzzy furyПре годину
  • Rs music on start :D

    Franco RochaFranco RochaПре годину
  • *sees yami doing the build I'm doing for like a full season now* OH shit, here we go again

    TheNexoTheNexoПре годину
  • (Reads the twitlonger) yeah I can respect that.

    WowItsFrosty GamesWowItsFrosty GamesПре годину
  • Talon is gay and you cant say he isnt lol

    your momyour momПре годину
  • katana zero ost if you want to know the first song

  • Seeing that yu-gi-oh capsule monsters coliseum music at the beggining of the video makes me happy to watch you

    Ronan ErudonRonan ErudonПре годину
    • SAME

      Kanna ChiKanna ChiПре годину
  • Whew so it wasn't the Nightblue3 influence! :D

    DeejayFDeejayFПре годину
  • Katana Zero

    SchiruSchiruПре годину
  • 3:43

    VlaDanVlaDanПре годину
  • how'd u get that HUD?

    hotdogmanhotdogmanПре годину
  • Pleaseee! Subtitulos español!!!

    Exequiel DiazExequiel DiazПре годину
    • I see all your videos!! But i dont understand whitout subtitules jaja! Please!!

      Exequiel DiazExequiel DiazПре годину
  • same buiId nice clickbait now u get dislike

    Iriye AkihikoIriye AkihikoПре годину
  • for the first time ever, i've seen him say bi*ch XD well that was entartaining.

    RivendareRivendareПре годину
  • why was the ult following azir instead of u

    KibbleruKibbleruПре годину
  • i didnt watch the zed video ;-; id love to see it, even though the resonance was bad.. feelsbadman

    CheyheyCheyheyПре годину
  • do you play akali? also i thought you were gunna pullout some AP talon:(

    JJ you AssholeJJ you AssholeПре годину
  • "The issue with the last video was the editing" "I don't blame the editor" The whole tone of the attempt at an apology shows a severe need for a humbling. Being an asshole ironically is still being an asshole. You've got some growing up to do.

    Ben DotsonBen DotsonПре годину
  • You have the same voice as nb3

    Vital QTVital QTПре годину
  • I like your new style of video.

    Wasin DoubleWasin DoubleПре годину
  • Katana zero :D

    Thành BùiThành BùiПре годину
  • Where's assasins creed songs

  • Nah bro, don’t fucking equivocate. Embrace being toxic. You’re at the top. You can say whatever the fuck you want. The main problem with NA is people aren’t toxic enough. I play in Korea and people are insanely toxic but that’s because they TRY

    SakebombSakebombПре годину
  • Hey Yami I just started watching you, and noticed that you always talk about how bad your opponents are and how they are doing everything wrong. Wouldn't it be better if you just beat them without low key flaming and then be a good sport and move on.

    Kevin ZhouKevin ZhouПре годину
    • ya ur right. I've been focusing on cutting it out but it's mostly just saying what I think on stream. If I think someone is bad, I'll play differently in lane so it's important for me to look at that stuff while I play. Shouldn't say it though and I know you guys dont like to hear it. Thanks for the comment :)

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • what are those "medals" on talon's skins??

    Vítor NunesVítor NunesПре годину
  • King ur one great of an editior

    Black InkBlack InkПре годину
  • Have you ever played against Suntail???? Can you upload one video for this match-up????

    Thanh Hà PhạmThanh Hà PhạmПре годину
  • Love u yami :))

    Khiêm Nguyễn ThọKhiêm Nguyễn ThọПре годину
  • can we get uhhhhh better music

    Mediocre ChannelMediocre ChannelПре годину
  • hi im akali main watching a talon guide for akali? huh

    Little GirlLittle GirlПре годину
  • 3:15 "this guy's literally 300 IQ" Lol

    Note To SelfNote To SelfПре годину
  • redmercy intro nice. both play talon lol

    Tolga HanTolga HanПре годину
  • I was silver 4, started playing talon because of you. Now im gold :) BR server, btw.

    FelipeFelipeПре годину
  • Im so happy you’re getting sponsorships you deserve them!

  • night blue isn't toxic shit, yami is atm :(

    Swag LordSwag LordПре годину
  • wish I had more time to play ranked, I legit play one ranked game per month at best. **Sad Talon main noises**

    Reaper On DrugsReaper On DrugsПре годину
  • The confusion when you watch the stream then watch the the video and suddenly you have the ability to see into the future

    BleeBleeПре годину
  • Sea shanty 2 too loud at the start:(

    gfaktor 1gfaktor 1Пре годину
  • I dont remember yamikaze swearing so much before o.o feels weird lol so many f bombs did i just notice before? xD

    HeroshynHeroshynПре годину
  • wow this youtuber really cares about his audience and it shows nice video yami! :D

    yougellyyougellyПре годину
  • Should you take ultimate Hunter every game now?

    Nathan DiGilioNathan DiGilioПре годину
  • Where can i find a HUD like yours ??

    m7mzm7mzПре годину
  • Almost at 50k! gudluk

    AlbiのAlbiのПре годину
  • He deleted his video against the diamond zed because it got such negative feedback from his negative toxic attitude

    brandonbrandonПре годину
    • brandon you're right man! He's toxic and cocky.. Still feels bad for that d3 zed

      Senpai _XXSenpai _XXПре годину
  • Just let the shen be u dont gotta be so annoyed about it like wtf dude relax lmfao

    JackJackПре годину
  • Ohhhh this is pre-rework top Talon's stuff i love thiiis when you can OS without any completed item with huge mobility

    Romain StagnoliRomain StagnoliПре годину
  • Hey since I can’t type “Fwii” in your twitch chat so I thought I’d post here. FWII is better Talon.

    TheMonkeyNetworkTheMonkeyNetworkПре годину
    • hey its cool that you think that. I had to ban his name because people were making a lot of accounts to promote his channel on my stream xD

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • Yamikaze answer any comment in chat ?) - Hi from Latvia ;)

    Edvards ŠeptunovsEdvards ŠeptunovsПре годину
  •'s the standard build

    ROCKST4RROCKST4RПре годину
  • The edits in your last few videos have been awesome keep it up :D

    luke stevensluke stevensПре годину
  • 2:03 Why tf is more than 20% of the video the intro? Please, if you want to stretch to 10 minutes, cut more of the intro and less of the gameplay. Please...

    No. 343No. 343Пре годину
    • @Yamikaze 2:03, really though? I thought I was being pretty chill about it seeing as I was literally saying I wanted to see more of your gameplay but OK

      No. 343No. 343Пре годину
    • hmmmmm 40 seconds of 10 minutes is 20%... yeah u sure got me with that one buddy

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • LOL Talon spasms at 3:45 in sync with Yami's rant. Perfect timing

    TheWashington20TheWashington20Пре годину
    • LOL

      piedoompiedoomПре годину
  • Clickbaited 4tw

    Beste der BestenBeste der BestenПре годину
  • hi

    VashVashПре годину
  • You are doing duo with nb3? OMG my 2 favorites streamers doing teamwork

    wilson morfawilson morfaПре годину
  • Yami why when you q r the passif dont go off anynoor with your first aa after the q is this a bug because it was working befor

    amine benchajiamine benchajiПре годину
    • amine benchaji it still works it is probably because he uses w or tiamat before the auto or q

      mostafa Al-Hasanymostafa Al-HasanyПре годину
  • Read the twitlonger and it's really understandable and explanatory. Keep up the great work yami!

    Ami Miami82Ami Miami82Пре годину
    • ty :)

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • Gg bro, saludos de Argentina

    Agustín CoronelAgustín CoronelПре годину
  • Before watching the video: I read the twitlonger, because I wasn't quite sure what would be so important that you HAD to make one. You see, I watched last video, and now that I've read it all, I understand what you meant, and I understand where you're coming from. I myself felt that it was kinda weird, that you didn't seem the kind to be seriously toxic, apart from a comedic/parodic context, and as such I didn't quite understand why that video portrayed you as such. Fortunately, I did my investigations and I saw that your rivalry with Laceration was actually healthy, and that you two are somewhat friends, or at least I felt it like that, so I thought that maybe that's how you acted normally with one another, you know, because you trust each other. I certainly am like that with my best friends, and only with them, so I didn't press further into the matter. But now I see you apologize, and it's understandable given the circumstances, but I also think that you shouldn't worry too much about it. Making it a big fuzz because of a loud minority will only undermine your own confidence, when you know that it wasn't that big of a deal. It was a one-time mistake, and it doesn't define your whole content, you're much more than that "toxic persona." So cheer up, buddy, you make my days brighter with your videos and you deserve to look at it from a brighter perspective too

    Amaiar SilverfangAmaiar SilverfangПре годину
    • Nah I was referring to a video that I privated. It got some pretty negative comments. I usually just ignore that stuff but I felt like it wouldn't hurt to explain. Probably shouldn't have mentioned it in the vid in hindsight. Thanks for the comment though, I appreciate it :)

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • I'm not afraid of a man who played 1000 champions I'm afraid of a man who played one champion a 1000 times

    Richard BrightRichard BrightПре годину
  • I do not like the direction this channel has taken at all

    NoamiasNoamiasПре годину
  • Yamikaze is becoming soooo aggressive :D

    riccardo zucchettariccardo zucchettaПре годину
  • vs Full ad. DB -> frozen heart -> BC -> iceborn gauntlet -> ldr/gb Vs 3ad 2 AP DB -> maw -> frozen heart -> BC -> iceborn Boots are tabis if auto attackers or mercs if cc Take electrocute Trancedencse shards are Cdr adaptive and armor/mr

    DexanDexanПре годину
    • Try it you know you want to

      DexanDexanПре годину
  • There is a mistake in the Title: delete "this" "new" "build"

    FroodohFroodohПре годину
    • @Yamikaze ye, fits better doesn´t it ?

      FroodohFroodohПре годину
    • talon is literally unbeatable when ahead

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • This title is so fucking troll .u.

    de Omnibus Dubitandum estde Omnibus Dubitandum estПре годину
  • what's the music during all the video pls ???

    ZakeruZakeruПре годину
    • Bill Kiley - Sneaky Driver

      AAПре годину
    • I agree that's what it sounded like to me I loved Yu-Gi-Oh capsule monsters coliseum the music is pretty good to

      FuryBlade21FuryBlade21Пре годину
    • It sounds like the soundtrack to a Yugioh game on ps2 Capsule monsters. Either way it’s definitely Japanese.

      Toxic AssassinToxic AssassinПре годину
  • what do you mean new talon build xd I have like 10k points on talon and that is the build I go everytime lol

    heine 2heine 2Пре годину
    • LOOOOOL mAn

      LokiLokiПре годину
  • buddy are you ok? sounds like you’re cracked out or something or is it the huge ego. not sure but I miss the old you

    Jaustin TanJaustin TanПре годину
    • Read the twitlonger

      Kevin FanKevin FanПре годину
  • also the stats are accurate

    Mare MareMare MareПре годину
  • Am I watching Yamikaze or NCS

    Bünyamin AkdumanBünyamin AkdumanПре годину
  • #WeNeedYamiToPlayYuumiAndTitleTheVideo #YuumiKaze I don't get paid for content ideas. But u can definitely send me a bitcoin on 1FvcKnL0v3ePL4y1nGT410n3337xJasfg1

    CraftedGadgetMCCraftedGadgetMCПре годину
    • sellout

      Si lasSi lasПре годину
  • Deadass saw no new build

    HereticHereticПре годину