This New Talon Build Makes Him S Tier Mid | Challenger Talon Mid Gameplay

27 мар 2019
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New Minion Dematerializer changes allow Talon to run demat. (dematerializer) + magical footwear and skip tiamat and tier 2 boots and get super early lethality powerspikes. Try it out!

  • He reveals he is Chinese is vid already lol

    TalonSakiTalonSakiПре 4 месеца
  • welp it's the same rune i use for ekko mid

    Eisuke as AstrahaEisuke as AstrahaПре 6 месеци

    E EE EПре 7 месеци
  • ima noob and this probably wouldnt work against good players, but i just go longsword refillable into sylas and rush an executioners. its actually pretty easy to kill him after that.

    Fayd-YTFayd-YTПре 10 месеци
  • N. M

    ZNobody xxZNobody xxПре 11 месеци
  • Just curious how are you saving gold when you are behind gold by losing minions? So I think you come out even if anything, and then you gave up lane prio for it. I'd rather keep tiamat for more damage and better wave clear. Push wave and roam is what talon does.

    Anthony NguyenAnthony NguyenПре годину
  • Isn't 10 mins plus a bit too long to wait for boots on a champion like Talon? Isn't he all about the early game roams?

    Fizz Used SplashFizz Used SplashПре годину
    • not only early first 10 min can be laneing i think (i am a bad player if a said wrong stuff pls dont blame me )

      Ádám KlinszkiÁdám KlinszkiПре 7 месеци
  • At 42 min I didn’t even see the steraks activate, just go on cool down

    Carter JonssonCarter JonssonПре годину
  • I don't usually watch plays and if I do so, I turn off every sound because their talking or music be hella annoying. You on the other hand are chill af 👍

    Fuk YoselfFuk YoselfПре годину
  • so is this build better then your mobafire build since its more up to date?

    Arthur FowlerArthur FowlerПре годину

    leonardo viniciusleonardo viniciusПре годину
  • 43:32 "Lop Top"

    CraftedGadgetMCCraftedGadgetMCПре годину
  • *Sees ACE.* 40:50 "Team push this so I can stop this GUY."

    CraftedGadgetMCCraftedGadgetMCПре годину
    • kekw i was just about to comment on it

      xKyriakoZxKyriakoZПре 6 месеци
  • take a shot eveytime he will say "fucking"

    fuglytrashfuglytrashПре годину
  • Why is the minion dematerializer so good? I couldn't understand!

    KatForFunKatForFunПре годину
    • Normally you'd have to build tiamat to be able to waveclear, the demat, when you use all three on casters, allows you to oneshot the casters with one w, allowing you to skip tiamat

      kokoПре годину
  • Good content, but I’d enjoy it more if you didn’t complain so much about matchup

    fiAntenfiAntenПре годину
    • You dont play talon do you? Shithead

      NerdzerkNerdzerkПре годину
    • Dude he's a human, this matchup is annoying

      kokoПре годину
  • It' actually insain how meny times you say ACTUALLY INSAIN

    FeedOrNotToFeedFeedOrNotToFeedПре годину
    • I'm a year late and that's INSANE, IT'S amazing how MANY typos some people can make, actually INSANE

      CryoDragonCryoDragonПре 5 месеци
    • Yeah it’s INSANE bro

      Joseph RominesJoseph RominesПре годину
  • Your content is good it's helping me learn matchups. One minor critique though is trying to say "it's okay" or "it's alright" less, it's a bit irritating the frequency in which you say it, I'd imagine this has been something people have said in the past on stream donations or chat etc. But it makes it very hard to watch a video through.

    AzraAzraПре годину
  • What a terrible video

    BrennenBrennenПре годину
  • its actually inasane

    ChrisBTrappiNChrisBTrappiNПре годину
  • Bro ur a smart player pls use other champs so we can improve

    Morrocan otakùMorrocan otakùПре годину
  • Ah, electrocute + lethality. New build ey? 🤔

    SamsterSamsterПре годину
    • Real question here, are you stupid?

      Edgar MilletEdgar MilletПре годину
  • Anyone else think this j4 skin in end screen looks a lot like taric ?

    hallo hihallo hiПре годину
  • How do you play talon vs graves? Low elo sucks with champs going in their main roles.

  • How are you so chill? Give me some of your chill man!

    Senny CakesSenny CakesПре годину
  • You go in cocky on a sylas lol

    Joppa DenoresJoppa DenoresПре годину
  • wat a suck rank 1 :)

    Jison YapJison YapПре годину
  • Wait he said lethality is not useful early??? Wat?? Sooo it's more useful later in the game when people have armor....?

    ctac408 gamingctac408 gamingПре годину
  • Keep in mind you’re complaining about late game scalers when you’re playing the strongest early game champ with the biggest fall off late

    Lupane RomaineLupane RomaineПре годину
  • a build pro crime

    Murilo TudelaMurilo TudelaПре годину
  • This isn't a "new" build at all, at least to me I literally don't see a single thing about it thats even remotely different than any standard build at all. Not trying to diss the video, Im just calling you out for a click bait title. In short, just cause you didn't build a Hyrda doesn't qualify for "NEW TALON BUILD OP" in my opinion.

    Chris FChris FПре годину
    • The idea behind it is to use dematerializer to stack up 9% extra damage to minions. That way he doesn't need to buy tiamat for better wave clear, which frees up gold to scale up faster. The free boots obviously being the same train of thought. Quicker he gets his power spike the less of a chance of them making it to late game and him falling off.

      RawrgnarokRawrgnarokПре годину
  • That was a rough game for a bit, you made a lot of mistakes. I respect you for uploading it. WP still, but yeah, definitely respect not waiting for a perfect game to upload.

    Matthew FreemanMatthew FreemanПре годину
  • oh you are frustrated about late game champs? personally I am mid gold player atm, but when i was still silver and enemy played the broken version of talayah jungle it was mind screaming to have teammates get oneshot by her simply because they didnt respect her E, 15/0 talayahs in my games were so freaking common and you can do nothing in advance to stop that

    skritch Sskritch SПре годину
  • U sound like a babyback bitch trying to justify everything u do

    Pombo3000Pombo3000Пре годину
  • thanks to this strat now i can counter zhonya user and I'm using minion dematerializer on zed too but the difference is i use it on cannon minion so I can get lethality items fast before enemy get armor first really good on zed too

    markjoseph lagmaymarkjoseph lagmayПре годину
  • Voyboy plays sylas anyway

    Don't ReplyDon't ReplyПре годину
  • What do you think about crit talon and in what situations would you build it? Or maybe just for fun?

    BasureroBasureroПре годину
  • That Evelyn is synotic lol

    hynz sanchezhynz sanchezПре годину
  • You know your passive does grevious wounds.. Talon counters sylas healing in early

    William DesjardinsWilliam DesjardinsПре годину
    • @Zuis Gaming passive proc gives bleeding effect no

      rushil misrarushil misraПре годину
    • Talon's passive inflicts Grevious Wound?

      Zuis GamingZuis GamingПре годину
    • Even with Grievous Wounds he still has Aftershock so he still takes no damage from trades lol

      Vaiturani PutoaVaiturani PutoaПре годину
  • one report stupid title poor content

    Med AMINE JerrarMed AMINE JerrarПре годину
  • Im taking absolute focus and gathering storm. I never skip tiamat because i take melee minions with tiamat and casters with W alone which is kinda cool when you are 6/0 with that extreme push power, secured most teamfights and objectives so far.

    AashasAashasПре годину
  • Is everything ok at home?

    Té ChaiTé ChaiПре годину
  • Announcer at 40:55 Aced! 40:47 i dont know where this guy went. ...

    Timothy KolsteinTimothy KolsteinПре годину
    • Kinda troll announcer, announcing ace before teemo kill, even though teemo killed pyke before yami double :D

      ArthesiikArthesiikПре годину
  • triple infinity edge+essense reaver feels incredibly strong on some "on-hit-crit" champs(like gp, kayle) or champs with aa reset. adc like xayah, tristana with attack speed skills and rune for attack speed will win almost any duel just bcs of stupid amount of dmg.

    Нед ДраконНед ДраконПре годину
  • holy fuck that talon skin is cool. i need to start playing him again.

    Polar BearPolar BearПре годину
  • Drink a shot everytime he says " it's ok"

    Kevin NKevin NПре годину
  • Lmao u cant cs

    VaxerVaxerПре годину
    • If he always walks up for cs, he will be feeding his ass off to sylas

      Nicholas ChenNicholas ChenПре годину
  • Nice Yamin =)

    C4Terrorista GamesC4Terrorista GamesПре годину
  • I don't like this build, I prefer the tiamat build, I feel more in control of the wave and my hip heals faster

    irregular manairregular manaПре годину
  • I get sincerely relieved when i see a Teemo in a game yo, nice game ... i love Talon as a champ so much, i don't play mid lane ever tho yet your commentaries are always useful hopefully one day i'll start playing Talon way more would you consider him viable in the toplane?

    RyodanRyodanПре годину
    • he actually considers him better top than mid atm. said that in a recent video

      ArnoldArnoldПре годину
  • In this video you've said "he's bad early and pops off late game" fast forward to late game "he sucks late game" (talon). I'm confused??

    ZaTiXZaTiXПре годину
    • It's all situational, he said early laning is bad (vs sylas, aftershock), later on probably to mid-game, and Assassins fall of due to shields/heals and CC, their team didn't have shit like Lissandra R or Lulu, so late game fights would give him a lot more of free room

      Eigy ViouEigy ViouПре годину
  • Doctor: You have cancer Yamikaze: It's OK

    Easy StonksEasy StonksПре годину
  • Play with ma runsh and bild plz

    DimitrisGramerDimitrisGramerПре годину
  • Holy so many mistakes in this game lol kinda frustrating to watch

    xxwafflezxxwafflezПре годину
  • whats salas?

    The225thACThe225thACПре годину
  • Sylas is strong in lane against ANY assassin AND battle mage with the same range of his chain stun. He has the all in of an assassin but with CC and survivability built in, it's stupid. Also love how Evelyn bursts harder than Talon without even a full rotation and has stealth, a disengage+execute and CC all built into her kit.

    NecrostrikeNecrostrikeПре годину
    • And talon has E

      Barela FBarela FПре годину
  • is the potion start just for the matchup or does it go with the build ?

    Leonardo MullerLeonardo MullerПре годину
    • Matchup

      Barela FBarela FПре годину
  • 42:04 Fastest combo in NA

    Ah.RamadanAh.RamadanПре годину
  • Loved the video Yami and really nice job today with your games!! Thanks for explaining this new strat. Why didn't you end up running it for twitch rivals? I saw you went absolute focus + scorch but I'm not really sure why since I didn't think scorch was worth it to run.

    Interittus4Interittus4Пре годину
  • why dont you use the minion rune thing on cannon minions?

    47kz47kzПре годину
  • Finally Yami posted a new video you are my favorite youtuber and twitch smtreamer,nice gameplay keep up the good work!

    KlediKlediПре годину
  • Hey dude, do you think Talon need a buff?

    Lukas MLukas MПре годину
  • @yamikazi, do you start corruption pot everygame? or only vs the sylas in this game?

    Llewellyn PretoriusLlewellyn PretoriusПре годину
  • Bruh the sound ur car makes when it turns on lmao 10:30

    Abishek NaathanAbishek NaathanПре годину

      Michael La PlantMichael La PlantПре годину
  • Don’t like the build at all...

    Lois LolLois LolПре годину
  • “Fuck that champion” kinda summarizes the entire lol experience

    Gilles UiterwijkGilles UiterwijkПре годину
  • why are you cursing so many times in a very short period of time?

    AtlaszAtlaszПре годину
  • Yo if tiamats such a burden to purchase that even when down 40 cs at 15 it feels even, why not just not build tiamat at all and take the L with the casters LOL edit: and not go inspiration secondary either and actually have a secondary page that isnt useless

    Keemin LeeKeemin LeeПре годину
    • @Jerry Lin the minions you shoved would kill the casters way before the next wave gets there

      Keemin LeeKeemin LeeПре годину
    • @Keemin Lee Well the next wave brings more melees.

      Jerry LinJerry LinПре годину
    • @Jerry Lin wouldnt u clear the melees..? you know, before the next wave arrives?

      Keemin LeeKeemin LeeПре годину
    • @Keemin Lee No, you let the minions finish the warriors if anything. The casters will stay alive in the back and counterpush the wave.

      Jerry LinJerry LinПре годину
    • @Jerry Lin im saying just let the minions finish off the 1 hp casters and lose 3 cs per wave

      Keemin LeeKeemin LeeПре годину
  • I hate talon vs sylas matchup too. fking 2 dashes, shield, and heal is cancer

    Nithanth SivakumarNithanth SivakumarПре годину
  • Hey yami could yo try this build?. Draktarr.yoummus.nights edge.infinity edge.voracious hydra and esence reaver.. Runes:Dark harvest and sorcery

    EnzoEnzoПре годину
  • in witch situations would you go for this build, like matchups and comps?

    Noe InauenNoe InauenПре годину
    • Never, just always build a tiamat. Notice how Yami never used this strat anymore? Because it's fucking ineffective.

      Paul SumabongPaul SumabongПре 9 месеци
  • the vid fun fun enough to watch even after seeing it on strem

    big quackbig quackПре годину
  • Best example imo for late game monster is azir can't do anything for 20 minutes and after 3 items he pops off. That's why I love him so much c:

    DeejayFDeejayFПре годину
    • @DeejayF u just need to play by your range and make sure to never miss an opportunity to auto your opponent, if your opponent is dumb enough to let you aa aa Q aa, that's an easy lane

      TheNexoTheNexoПре годину
    • @TheNexo well he ain't bad when you finished your first item but before that good luck tickling the enemy without your jungler lol xd

      DeejayFDeejayFПре годину
    • @DeejayF yes I really love playing Azir, but after some games, as u get better at him, at least I'm getting better and better at taking the early game control

      TheNexoTheNexoПре годину
    • @TheNexo kinda true but still he is a beast in the late game again and I love it

      DeejayFDeejayFПре годину
    • And don't have a early that weak

      TheNexoTheNexoПре годину
  • I always thought with Talon you have to win lane/get ahead early or else it is doomed ...

    Reshi JonesReshi JonesПре годину
    • @shut up i am awesome Yeah, thats how my games went aswell. I felt so pressured in the first 10 minutes to "make a move" or else I will lose the game, that I mostly just do dumb shit.

      Reshi JonesReshi JonesПре годину
    • T hats What I thought on every early game champ but u have a much bigger window than u realize.i used to just force plays when I was behind instead of looking for the right opportunity.

      shut up i am awesomeshut up i am awesomeПре годину
  • Ước gì có vietsub :((

    Nghĩa ArtNghĩa ArtПре годину
  • he has tp fuck me lmaooo

    Jannane ChadiJannane ChadiПре годину
  • So fuckup game

    Crazy VikoCrazy VikoПре годину
  • Eoba and fwii better

    Jie TajanlangitJie TajanlangitПре годину
  • I laughed so hard when you cried at 6:07

    RivendareRivendareПре годину
  • remove the W heal lol

    Ozan KurtOzan KurtПре годину
    • lol no

      SotyrSotyrПре годину
  • just nerf the shit out of this braindead champion, just like they did to akali

    Ozan KurtOzan KurtПре годину
  • yoo yami ♥ when r u playin in twitch rivals!? can't wait to see u pop off and not shockin like last time :) we belive in u dawg

    Wissem HammadaWissem HammadaПре годину
  • Yami god damnit stop revealing OP Talon strats to rito, otherwise they won’t buff him

    BleeBleeПре годину
    • @VyOk His e is easily countered by good coms lmao AHHAH

      Suke vSuke vПре 11 месеци
    • If they buff him they will shortly nerf him back so NAAAH, IM GOOD!

      Metodi MincheffMetodi MincheffПре годину
    • @Squegillies Doesn't matter, it's not like you're fighting in the same regions of the map non-stop, there's laning phase, objectives, etc. His E is already broken as it is and that's coming from a Talon player, no need to buff him.

      VyOkVyOkПре годину
    • @VyOk Yeah and he can't jump out of that wall again for like 2 minutes.

      SquegilliesSquegilliesПре годину
    • @Squegillies The fact that he has a gap closer over the entire map with a one second cool-down is one reason why they should never buff talon lol.

      VyOkVyOkПре годину
  • what do you do with Tiamat if its late game? Do you sell it?

    ThongTran-VPThongTran-VPПре годину
    • Most of the time. Sometimes i do upgrade it into Ravenous for split-pushing, but tbh i don't recommend it.

      Hải Sơn NguyễnHải Sơn NguyễnПре годину
    • You can upgrade it (ravenous hydra) or sell it if you need other stats. It just depends on the situation

      Wind SamuraiWind SamuraiПре годину
  • when is twitch rivals? and where can i see the teams

    Pix PlaysPix PlaysПре годину
  • 18:26 Lucian tilted af XD

    Juani GarciaJuani GarciaПре годину
  • Laning with some hard champions such as Sylas, Jayce....I usually build tiamat first with Minion Dematerializer. I will clear cs wave as fast as possible and roam. Cause i think that's very hard to solokill those champions when you're behind :)))

    kjdal0n3kjdal0n3Пре годину
  • Did he read my comment?

    DbbabDbbabПре годину
  • Why is relentless hunter used instead of " ultimate hunter". Having ur ut every 30 sec really helps. I really wanna know

    AdishAdishПре годину
    • @Adish Seriously? hahaha you musn't play much talon. I never build cdr boots tbh and still have 45% cdr

      Sam RomalisSam RomalisПре годину
    • @Nattrium u're a god of logistics

      Mauricio FloresMauricio FloresПре годину
    • @Adish , Yommu, Duskblade, Black Cleaver (sometimes), Ancient Coin (for brave guys), Trinity Force (for heroes), Death's Dance (for dancers). Frozen Heart (for cold ones).

      NattriumNattriumПре годину
    • @Adish ????? 😂😂

      Care4DashCare4DashПре годину
    • What cdr items does talon mainly get other than ioian boots of lucidity

      AdishAdishПре годину
  • You should duo with Dekar!!

    mrpanda39mrpanda39Пре годину
  • Thanks for putting a video where you play from behind/don't win lane, genuinely appreciate it, keep up the good work

    Paolo H.Paolo H.Пре годину
  • I love u

    kaian rei do sexokaian rei do sexoПре годину
  • Hey, would it help if i rush early executioner's calling to cut off Sylas healing...plz reply

    malay kumar Singhmalay kumar SinghПре годину
    • @Bijan 22 open mid then

      malay kumar Singhmalay kumar SinghПре годину
    • @malay kumar Singh dont fight him?if he doesnt make mistakes

      Bijan 22Bijan 22Пре годину
    • @Dodgy Jammers given enemy Sylas is bad but if he is as good as this Sylas in the video, then will my method work..?

      malay kumar Singhmalay kumar SinghПре годину
    • malay kumar Tbh sylas is a pretty easy matchup for talon as long as you proc your passive after he uses w

      Dodgy JammersDodgy JammersПре годину
  • This is the new meta, been using it for a while now

    Basic MythBasic MythПре годину
  • no offense but your laning is horrendous this game,you need to be more aggressive on lane to snowball midgame,talon beats sylas when his e/aftershock is down yet u dont take advantage of it.....idk,you overestimate sylas heal way too much or youre naturally so passive idk

    DelightfulDelightfulПре годину
    • @Delightful im master tier in euw. sylas beats talon every matchup no questions asked. his kit is suited to crushing talons. i dont need yamis opinion to know this you dumbass. and btw a 55% winrate in challenger is good considering talons place in the current meta. you on the otherhand, if youre not lying, are stuck in low masters / high diamond like a scrub and talking as if you understand the matchup more than a dude who played hundreds of more talon games than you have ever played. shut your mouth and respect others you fucking child.

      iataseveriataseverПре годину
    • @iatasever best talon with barely 55% w/r and mediocre kda at best,please buddy dont make a fool of yourself even more,yami is just a good talon player he isnt even remotely close to talon players like Fed Zéd,JP,slibaby and much more.Sylas is indeed broken but what I AM TRYING TO SAY,this game yami played lane poorly.You obviously are a low elo player so just quit being so stubborn or at the very least ARGUE,you literally have been saying yami said this so this is right,like a 5 yrold thinking his mom and dad know everything

      DelightfulDelightfulПре годину
    • @Delightful mcdonalds? plat promos? LMFAO u havent played against a single good sylas and it shows kid. the best talon himself says sylas is broken vs talon and youre saying hes not? and youre trying to teach him how to play? he has a shield and absurd heal and easy mobility and stun and ranged poke and u think talon can win? LMFAO

      iataseveriataseverПре годину
    • @iatasever the fact that you think im silver is hilarious besides the other fact that you can't argue since your only argument was, sylas wins talon because yami said so.Get over it kid,yami is not flawless and while he is great inspiration he does make mistakes.If you ever in your life get close to masters or should i say my elo, you would realize half the players are literal dogs.I guess with your mindset gl at your plat promos. Not gonna reply again,gl at mcdonalds

      DelightfulDelightfulПре годину
    • @Delightful ive never played sylas before but i bet you any money i could beat you as sylas vs your talon. you think your opinion is is higher than a challenger players opinion? lmfao dont make me laugh. enjoy being stuck in silver

      iataseveriataseverПре годину
  • How to recognise a one-trick: The champion often completes their sentances for them 4:03 Yami: "Lets...." Talon: "Lets finish this quickly..."

    Johnny RumJohnny RumПре годину
    • Nice one lol . Like My teammate keep saying itsnt his fault . Kled : CAN U STOP BITCHING FOR ONE MINUTE

      ay oubay oubПре годину
    • i just played this because i saw fakers zed build , but i think that tiamat is too powerful so that this build just works in a few matchup

      MatsuMatsuПре годину
    • is that why all the egirls play eve and buy void staff?

      Swag LordSwag LordПре годину
    • I am a rek'sai main. I just growl on my computer all day long.

      Jonah MordhaimJonah MordhaimПре годину
    • I remember this happened to me once. Well not me but my friend. One day he was playing as sion and he shouted cowards cos the enemy was running from him. Funny enough before he could complete his sentence, sion was already going "COWAAAAAAAAARDS"

      Hydra DominatusHydra DominatusПре годину
  • sylas is broken

    armouredcat23armouredcat23Пре годину
  • Based on what i see on streams and vids, people use dematerializer on cannon minions when using assasin champs that i guess is to help them push barely even with mage champs that have high wave clear why are u using demat on caster minions?

    Twilight PhantomTwilight PhantomПре годину
    • @iatasever no need to be a fucking dick he can ask whatever he wants dipshit

      Moe YMoe YПре годину
    • lol he literally said it in the video like 10 times are u deaf lmao

      iataseveriataseverПре годину
    • So you can oneshot the back wave with lvl 9 w

      Declan AndrewsDeclan AndrewsПре годину
  • 5 am in Argentina and im here, Great video Yami!

    Ezequiel VillarroelEzequiel VillarroelПре годину
    • DOOOU pense que era el unico argentino

      Jose PazJose PazПре годину
    • Nada mejor que el talon de Yami

      LancerFateLancerFateПре годину
    • Ezequiel Villarroel vamoos

      Juani GarciaJuani GarciaПре годину
  • Wait... You can skip Tiamat AND Tiamat??

    JaxonJaxonПре годину
    • you can skip tiamat with demat

      DaBadMan1DaBadMan1Пре годину