This New Talon Strat Gets First Blood On First Wave (Level 2 in 1 Wave) | Yamikaze

24 апр 2019
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Zombie Ward + Start Sweeper, sweep the level 1 pixel ward that almost everyone does now. Solo experience on first ward gives level 2 on first wave so you can surprise kill mid laners :).

  • Hi YT! Sry I haven't uploaded in a while, been busy traveling and stuff. I'm gonna be working with a new editor from now on so let us know what you think of the editing and any feedback you have (good or bad). Hope u guys are having a good day :)

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • Full games with edits please.

      ニールニールПре годину
    • Face reveal yami please!!! 😁

    • I heard from hiezman that you are one scary talon player, yep hes right.

      Mick SilvaMick SilvaПре годину
    • Editing make the video not as boring as before but it's not gonna be as educational as before xd U should make a full game play with no edit channel for those who want to get experience from u. I guess..

      Hiển TuyếtHiển TuyếtПре годину
    • The editing isn’t all that bad, but personally I watch you for the information and commentary

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
  • Remember when akali was a champion? Yeah me neither

    I bim dummI bim dummПре 6 месеци
  • What is the song at 3:25? That epic moment needs to be on my spotifylist as well

    Henri RantanenHenri RantanenПре 7 месеци
  • Hey yami, I tried talon with hail of blades and it works can u do a video trying that rune?

    KhadaGjKhadaGjПре годину
  • What runes would you usually use with talon can you make a video about that plz?

    _Nightblueski __Nightblueski _Пре годину
  • who watch this 2042?

    2NiNja22NiNja2Пре годину
  • Talon is bad champ?

    MarkoMarkoПре годину
  • The last part was super insane

    Jacob CassJacob CassПре годину
  • Worst talon player ever i dare you to come 1 v 1 and i will teach your trash ass how to play talon you dumb

    Omar TahaOmar TahaПре годину
  • Music at 3:35?

    Bhupinder SohalBhupinder SohalПре годину
  • Tnx for the advise i win every game now ez main talon tot 3 acc lvl7 now

    ramon van keulenramon van keulenПре годину
  • What’s the song at 3:26? I’m trying to remember what it’s from but I can’t put my tongue on it :/

    Alden ManingasAlden ManingasПре годину
  • Not only is this not a new strat, this is something people have been doing with talon day 1, you didn't even pull it off right and were too lazy to just go next game to try the video.

    Peter ChasePeter ChaseПре годину
  • THE FUCKING END poggers

    Jadon SeitzJadon SeitzПре годину
  • For every “They don’t ward at low elo” just invade enemy birds take 1 small and come to lane

    FBIFBIПре годину
    • 'For every "They don't ward at low elo" just tank one tower shot and go back to lane.'

      SynaqticSynaqticПре годину
  • noob champ talon u r bad

    SLAPSLAPПре годину
  • Whats the music at 3:26?

    Lennart JaenischLennart JaenischПре годину
  • Thats 3:49 its 👌

    RivendareRivendareПре годину
  • The easyest champ in this game is talon he just need to w q auto and ignite and its 100% a free kill

    Dragan LukovicDragan LukovicПре годину
  • I love your voice lol

    HASNI HassibHASNI HassibПре годину
  • You never were and never will be rank 1 talon you'rw just random from diamond/low masters

    St4r LegendSt4r LegendПре годину
    • neither will u LMAO

      Harabel NamikHarabel NamikПре годину
  • “Get first blood on first wave” Clickbait

    axxlaxxlПре годину
    • Did you know, Talon is repsonsible 25% for first bloods?

      PapesPapesПре годину
  • This is why they changed scuttle spawn time

    ItsHmanItsHmanПре годину
    • Lol. Some still ward to prevent invading/cheese strats.

      PapesPapesПре годину
  • You aren't worthy of Talon

    Ömer Faruk GençtürkÖmer Faruk GençtürkПре годину
  • You are loser

    Ömer Faruk GençtürkÖmer Faruk GençtürkПре годину
    • wtf are you

      PapesPapesПре годину
  • Glad we're in a meta where sej bursts you for 3/4 and the support secures you

    Young MasterYoung MasterПре годину
  • Well now the entire strat is dead. Thanks 9.9

    Jonathan LuiJonathan LuiПре годину
  • Do you have custom HUD?? Does it work in season 9?

    Kelapostolou PanagiotisKelapostolou PanagiotisПре годину
    • i think its a custom overlay, not part of league cuz like u can even see it in loading screen

      DiegoDiegoПре годину
  • You talk like a South Park´s chacarter lol

    Papasito Lizard ToomuchascoPapasito Lizard ToomuchascoПре годину
  • What kind of face roll champ is talon? Wow

    Hulberk RenaldaHulberk RenaldaПре годину
  • Annoyong mannerisms

    angry pepe cancerangry pepe cancerПре годину
  • Yamikaze my dog

    Kaiver TeoKaiver TeoПре годину
  • You did not get first blood on first wave.

    Baha DemircioğluBaha DemircioğluПре годину
  • Azir deserved to win. Youre not smurfing if your own enemy laner was by far alot more ahead than his team.

    Cryogenic BurstCryogenic BurstПре годину
  • Your voice is Charming 😍 And your nice to your Team Mates ❤️ Just Subscribe😁

    롱조롱조Пре годину
  • Umm is it mine idea or is this akali a bit...bad?

    SilverFang AkaliSilverFang AkaliПре годину
  • talon ist such busted and broken champ atm.

    GoforLawGoforLawПре годину
  • how is he best talon i swear half the players over hype themselves

    Deryn VirtueDeryn VirtueПре годину
    • his rank? lol

      Darian StokesDarian StokesПре годину
  • One wave strat= 一波流???

    Liu GeLiu GeПре годину
  • Just take xp runes

    Jung BoiJung BoiПре годину
  • That moment when an unused ward clear on lvl 1 gets calles a "strat" lol

    M ZM ZПре годину
  • Yes. Yes you did have mana for w 2:16 So triggered I replayed it like 20 times lmao

    Zach KonshakZach KonshakПре годину
    • Zach Konshak Yami could have flashed because pyke could have gotten his e back up

      Sleepy BubbleSleepy BubbleПре годину
    • He probably just saw the ability was blue, (not enough mana) I doubt he counted how much he was missing. You're right in what you're saying, but no one is perfect and it's not as if that was the worst thing in the world

      Cpt JizzpaCpt JizzpaПре годину
    • @Sleepy Bubble like I said, there's no way pyke is gonna magically create a huge distance in the span of half a second

      Zach KonshakZach KonshakПре годину
    • ZacIf hr used w when he got it, pyke might’ve ran away in time

      Sleepy BubbleSleepy BubbleПре годину
    • @雪底下 No, you're wrong. Slow down the clip lol. And even if it would've taken another half second to regen 2 more mana he still didn't have to flash because of how far pyke was from the safety of his tower.

      Zach KonshakZach KonshakПре годину
  • finally. a non full game play video. i love you yamikaze and i know full game plays are easier to make because they requires minimal editing, but boi your voice when nothing is happening is so soothing and i begin to fall asleep

    Samuel LoadingSamuel LoadingПре годину
  • WOOO EDITS New stuff i like it ,-,

    next Hitlernext HitlerПре годину
  • 10:01 do you really have to flash here? you got q and if she flashed you got a open tower to jump on and q her and you chould've q a minon to be closer and w her you dont have to flash lmao

    水Romano水水Romano水Пре годину
    • and either she isnt feeded she cant chase you and kill you

      水Romano水水Romano水Пре годину
  • I play better talon than u

    Edva159Edva159Пре годину
  • Talon is op too

  • 2000iq

    snapsnapПре годину
  • I thought you would get some raptors and it works every game... yikes

    Al AxAl AxПре годину
  • Every "it's ok" you say sounds like 10 years of therapy

    Carlos RobertoCarlos RobertoПре годину
  • You can jump through Azir’s ult? I didn’t know that was a thing

    FumeisuFumeisuПре годину
    • It is a wall of sorts. Same goes for Anivia W and Taliyah ult, I believe

      RelextorRelextorПре годину
  • Sry bruh but that lip smacking is driving me crazy tbh

    NephiNephiПре годину
    • sexy huh ?!

      Bovine InterventionBovine InterventionПре годину
    • Nephi holy shit ikr

      DolourDolourПре годину
    • IKR omg lol

      RomaithyRomaithyПре годину
  • love the new edits

    Petr CzechPetr CzechПре годину
  • You're insane

    Nolman ZNolman ZПре годину
  • Nice clickbait loser

    Norberts NikitenkoNorberts NikitenkoПре годину
  • 11:57 omfg

    VlaDanVlaDanПре годину
  • imagine being capable of milking 12m out of a title as simple as that

    RhanRhanПре годину
  • Clickbaiting idiot.

    Tony SopranoTony SopranoПре годину
  • Is it a strat only for talon? I can only play asol and i think that this is op for him. Thank youuUuuuuu

    Jeongyeon UniverseJeongyeon UniverseПре годину
  • 1:49 w Flash q (?

    EnRaLEnRaLПре годину
  • lmao what u didnt even get first blood or use the strat a 2nd time

    donald jacksondonald jacksonПре годину
    • @tenmo welll at least your name gives away why you are so toxic lmao, its not like he shittalked him or something

      Csaszarcsaba1Csaszarcsaba1Пре годину
    • It would of worked if he autoed the first time but it still shows he got level 2 first wave

      Da ArkusDa ArkusПре годину
    • donald jackson Are you brain damaged? You get the idea dumbfuck

      tenmotenmoПре годину
  • dude this malp all the game open ?

    Bombel BiszkoptowyBombel BiszkoptowyПре годину
  • yami's voice is pretty relaxing to listen to

    Deio CruzDeio CruzПре годину
  • Never occurred to me that Talon could jump over Azir wall, that was dirty

    MackabreMackabreПре годину
    • They nerfed my poor azir's wall so that it acted like a normal wall (dashes could go through) like anivia's so i'm not that surprised

      Marc GuevaraMarc GuevaraПре годину
  • That last jump was eliteeeee

    Kyrie AlomKyrie AlomПре годину
  • Man go 1vs1? i Talon main 500k

    Game MusicGame MusicПре годину
    • u might have 500 kbut he is challenger xd

      Love SosaLove SosaПре годину
  • if this is challenger na. then idk what to say

    Kevin IsakssonKevin IsakssonПре годину
    • @Ad well in my diamond 3 euw games people dont do that kind of mistakes

      Kevin IsakssonKevin IsakssonПре годину
    • These guys are all basically pros so I don't see what you mean

      AdAdПре годину
    • The akali is blaberfish you know, he's probably better than any single player you might see in your region in soloQ. Also he even shows the pre-game and we see half of them are d1 lol..

    • like seriously...

      My Hero Academia NerdMy Hero Academia NerdПре годину
  • How does he get the custom HUD, I thought wooxy doesn’t work anymore

    Justin J1 LeeJustin J1 LeeПре годину
    • Over lay for his recording software I believe

      Yuu DayzYuu DayzПре годину
  • Or just kill a small raptor and achieve the same effect. Nothing new tho.

    Fasel FaselFasel FaselПре годину
    • you use mana and take a lot of damage way worse bronzie

      Aoun HaiderAoun HaiderПре годину
  • this is changing in a single patch so

    ZarrakonZarrakonПре годину
  • i dont know wtf but i just had a dejavu on that second game

    Angel FelipeAngel FelipeПре годину
  • That Akali is so naughty

    MAUR ICEMAUR ICEПре годину
  • 70% effectivd don't @ me

    MAUR ICEMAUR ICEПре годину
  • Genius

    Aboulkacem Ben arabAboulkacem Ben arabПре годину
  • You are building critical damage ?

    JurgiJurgiПре годину
    • no ?

      Nen WahNen WahПре годину
  • Anyone know how to get a custom gui/hud by any chance?

    MinoMinoПре годину
    • @Aaron Tran ohh ok ty

      MinoMinoПре годину
    • that's a overlay from his stream or he records with a overlay on using obs

      Aaron TranAaron TranПре годину
  • 2:37 sounds awfully much like "damn, didn't think he had sex there"

    Alphacore24Alphacore24Пре годину
  • AME TU INTRO, i love your intro yami!!!

    JanPool77JanPool77Пре годину
  • When u max q n' when w? thought q in melee matchups?

    Max RichardsonMax RichardsonПре годину
    • Max Richardson W max because of wave clear

      Jayce KingJayce KingПре годину
  • i like that editing stuff

    AshbornAshbornПре годину
  • Nc editing

    Soc GaneSoc GaneПре годину
  • Yami hacks confirmed

    guych kawasakiguych kawasakiПре годину
  • Why does he max q and Not w ?

    Firat YapiciFirat YapiciПре годину
    • becuz akali is melee... against melee champs its better to max q becuz u know they will get closer to u and u can crit for more dmg

      KyakiKyakiПре годину
  • Amummu is broken

    Alexander MaoAlexander MaoПре годину
  • 2:40 captions "I didn't realise he had sex there"

    ShunpoShunpoПре годину
  • Daaamnnn this is so good.

    ニールニールПре годину
  • rip stanky banned me from talon mains discord cuz i was making fun of him being low elo lol

    CrüciaCrüciaПре годину
    • Stanky is well known for being a nazi mod idk. Glad he isn't in irelia mains tho

      Octavian BlagaOctavian BlagaПре годину
  • You using another skin of Talon?? That's impressive

    LeroyLeroyПре годину
  • Now every mid laner will start with oracle lens =)

    InfluxQInfluxQПре годину
  • Dude Yami I watch your videos for fun and I like it but please stop pressing that freaking R before the Q, I really dont know if you know or not but W R Q is a reaaally bad combo at it takes half of your potential damage, Q first, then R, you can also press R while you are dashing with your Q, and then the ult will just split and enter instantly in the enemy, just make sure you are close enough for your ult to hit the enemy when it goes out, just try it once and see the difference, no hate or offense but I dont know how you get rank 1 with the clasic and bad Talon combo, and why the fck you lose 1v1 mid game against an Akali? I reeeally think and experienced that Akali is the weakest champ against Talon, pull yourself togheter man and still love your videos, pretty funny

    it's KarmAit's KarmAПре годину
  • Hey yami im your filipino fan i tried your style i am 1 trick talon too. Face reveal yami😊

    • New Main Talon din ako. Pero minamaster ko pa talaga

      Rey GarciaRey GarciaПре годину
  • 2:34 Double damage?

    李祐德李祐德Пре годину
  • I really like the edit:D

    mostafa Al-Hasanymostafa Al-HasanyПре годину
  • New editor is great :)

    BaluBaluПре годину
  • 11:35 The crab got traumatised

    Neil LopeZNeil LopeZПре годину
  • Tsk..

    Ro uRo uПре годину
  • 11:30 sound of destruction hahaha

    JeenxJeenxПре годину
  • The new editor makes ur video look amazing. Keep the editor

    Daniyal HussainDaniyal HussainПре годину
  • Wow is that even possible!!!? And btw i love the new video not like before. Thank you for being the best teacher for talon❤️

    Navia PoirotNavia PoirotПре годину
  • you are trying way too hard on editing, still editing’s nice though

    AlbiのAlbiのПре годину
    • btw you could end the video with a fade to black

      AlbiのAlbiのПре годину