This is Why Talon Top is Talon's New Best Lane in Season 9

10 мар 2019
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Talon mid is doomed. Climbing with Talon top cya in Challenger :).

  • How to play talon top against someone like jax who you cant kill?

    SpankplankSpankplankПре 8 месеци
  • I just played Talon top and I was against Illaoi, Let's say I fed her.

    Kawhmelah xoxoKawhmelah xoxoПре 11 месеци
  • Illaoi is trash champ 🤢

    Etaniel Bustamante MenaEtaniel Bustamante MenaПре годину
  • 13:15 rsrsrsr

    Jandersom ErbertJandersom ErbertПре годину
  • runes?

    Hotel TrivagoHotel TrivagoПре годину
  • I cant even understand half of what you say. You dont even explain what youre doing like wtf

    Mo AminMo AminПре годину
  • slow down the videos play back speed to 0.75 before watching and turn back to noraml when the game play starts P.S: your welcome.

    mo momo moПре годину

    The Pixelated FoxThe Pixelated FoxПре годину
  • Now I know how to tell my friends about the best advice of playing talon top when they ask me. Top Talon Huh? It's easy I've learned it from Yamikaze, Just say anything but add "Talon Top" in it. That's how you play Talon Top and get to Challenger XD

    Leon Sad LongLeon Sad LongПре годину
  • Just starting to get back into making Talon my main thanks for the videos I'm learning a lot.

    Robert GRobert GПре годину
  • fix the gate on your mic you keep cutting out

    Jonathon ChandnoitJonathon ChandnoitПре годину
  • If bot wins the game is over now anyway so this playstyle is even more viable

    Don't ReplyDon't ReplyПре годину
  • your talon's gameplay really sucks

    Bagas SantosoBagas SantosoПре годину
  • This is what bothers me about challenger videos. He makes stupid dives all game, and feels accomplished that he makes a couple of them work. Gives up first tower essentially, dies twice because he decides to go in too far, then gets carried for the game because all he can do is make picks instead of fight with his team. Then challengers pretend to be all high and mighty because they're the top elo, but the truth of the matter is they make just as many stupid mistakes as other players from all elos. The only difference is they play way more. Because I guarantee somebody will come to the defense of this and say "Oh but they can learn from their mistakes, low elo can't", and I promise you you'll see the same shit in other videos. That's not even on Yami alone, it's all challengers. Hell, Nightblue ended up feeding in his challenger promos last season, then blamed his bot lane and support because they made correct decisions. They had no priority, and couldn't make a safe rotation. But he still end's up shutting his stream off before his final promo game even finished, then cried about it later on twitter. I would really appreciate it if challenger players could stop pretending to be god tier when they make dumb decisions and get carried. Yami finished 5/10 in this game in terms of damage, and of course because he records, it's all we see. I'm much more impressed by the lack of mistakes the Swain made, but we don't get to see from his perspective. In fact if you check OP.GG, swain has a higher winrate over his entire champion pool compared to Yami, they have a total WR of 70% currently, but Yami is rank 515, and Competition9 is rank 45. Yeah, give me swains video's instead.

    MichaelMichaelПре годину
    • Cool Story what's your rank

      Lucas WinklerLucas WinklerПре годину
  • you talk so weird.... every word is like a half second long and then i can't understand anything i'm tripping balls XD

    Rin AkatsukiRin AkatsukiПре годину
  • was gonna watch but u talk so fast and so gay so f u

    erik karlssonerik karlssonПре годину
  • I can’t believe you said all the good players aren’t playing when rush was on the enemy team

    Damian FlettDamian FlettПре годину
  • Was Diamond with the old talon 66% Winrate 300 games now im stucked gold :P

    Yolobird SpurkensYolobird SpurkensПре годину
    • @eonnex The really old with silence yes but i mean the one without silence

      Yolobird SpurkensYolobird SpurkensПре годину
    • old talon was soooooooo much better lol

      eonnexeonnexПре годину
  • My first penta was with talon and I didn’t even own him 😂

    Austin HanlohAustin HanlohПре годину
  • What's the point of this video dude, No inspiration except for a strange clickbait. Talon top pick is just shit, (i main top with kled and illaoi and rekt talon top 4/5) and you justify this video by some vague reason "in high elo". Go to sleep, get a break, use ur brain before any intellectuals deeds, like find a title for my new video because i have done it without a clear thought about anything, including Talon.

    Cada BanbanCada BanbanПре годину
  • 12:06 how did u put all that items on screen ?

    Stefan K13Stefan K13Пре годину
    • Custom

      KitNip OGKitNip OGПре годину
  • talon top wins lane easily but im like having insane difficulty upkeeping farm numbers top lane

    AskinAskinПре годину
  • "This is Why Talon Top is Talon's New Best Lane" bruhhh you are straight up bad. Instead of being mid and holding the enemy midlaner undertower cz you are talon mid u go top miss farm and stay under tower. "Best Talon is on Top Lane" sure buddy. From now on all videos Talon Top ok?? Or let's admit it straight up clickbait. Pathetic. U should be ashamed of yourself.

    Alberto CosmaAlberto CosmaПре годину
    • @Salim Musstta People who clickbait.

      Alberto CosmaAlberto CosmaПре годину
    • Who hurt you?

      Salim MussttaSalim MussttaПре годину
  • I though you’d shit on whoever you got toplane, but then quas appeared...

    LukeLukeПре годину
  • 13:10 i smiled on your face when this time

    ᴇsᴘʀᴇssoᴇsᴘʀᴇssoПре годину
  • every video u have features quas lol

    Zach KleinZach KleinПре годину
  • Ur trolling

    RayquazyRayquazyПре годину
  • Hey Yami you can actually kill Illaio at least 1 time before L6 ,i played this matchup in D4-D3 elo and ended up killing him, i took secondary scorch and absolute focus and trying to maximize the burn effect of the corrupting potion i got him low enough and killed him at the end

    Always Made ItAlways Made ItПре годину
  • How to play talon vs yasuo matchup?

    RequiemRequiemПре годину
    • Bait wall, bait shield, all in

      Simone NoliSimone NoliПре 10 месеци
    • Played it yesterday. Ended UP with 6/0/5. I was lucky cause he decided to fight lvl 2😉. But otherwise try to farm as much as possible and snowball in other lanes. Thats my tactic in every hard matchup on all melee midlaners. Gl!

  • he played terrible in lane pahse romaed and dint back to lane after get the double. ilao got 4 plates and yami could do a shit agaisnt her when he came back idk maybe use it with tp...

    XELAXELAПре годину

    Mohammed sami ABD ElQADERMohammed sami ABD ElQADERПре годину
  • Stop these videos. You will get him nerfed.

    yzoceanyzoceanПре годину
  • Also what? No one stacked armor. My plat games consist of atleast 1 or more of the following: Aftershock armor rushing Lissandra Rammus Sejuani Galio Leona Or I get counter picked. Unlucky I guess...

    LoveandAbandonLoveandAbandonПре годину
  • This is the difference between high elo and low plat to low diamond. Jungler sees a solo laner get solo killed and he will never help that lane ever. No matter what. Even if crucial things are on cooldown. Rengar ganked illaoi even after solo killing talon amd being up 40 cs. Why? Because her ULT was on cooldown.

    LoveandAbandonLoveandAbandonПре годину
  • noooooo just stay in your lanes ahhhhhh

    Christian AnChristian AnПре годину
  • Finnaly quality content

    Anime WorldAnime WorldПре годину
  • This works cause you are in high elo and your team knows what to do. I am stuck in low elo cause people play stupid picks on top feed and then go afk

    SunOfNightSunOfNightПре годину
    • You can not really judge if u don't see me play mate

      SunOfNightSunOfNightПре годину
    • You are in low elo because you are awful, don't be delusional

      LeonlxLeonlxПре годину
  • hey yo yami, at 17:00 when you're chasing illaoi, follow the tentacles with 2 health bars, even in the fog. it reveals where she's at. it even works when she has tentacles spawned on her walk to lane. the tentacles will rise to 2 in the fog, then back to one when she passes them on her way to lane. its kinda stupid but a legit mechanic to find her in the fog.

    TheWashington20TheWashington20Пре годину
  • Remember when Yami was Challenger? PepeHands

    BrutalisBrutalisПре годину
  • 13:15 trash it supose that you are teaching?

    GulimanGulimanПре годину
    • Guli88 teh English prs

      Keurgui1Keurgui1Пре годину
  • 7:55 trash

    GulimanGulimanПре годину
  • isnt the only reason assassins are mid to give them more options for roams and its closer to botlane where the 1 role that any assassin can oneshot even if theyre 2/13 and the adc is 10/0

    Dang DiggityDang DiggityПре годину
    • well basially if adc is fed its because they have support, and there is a saying, sup wins lane, adc wins game. So probably you wont kill that fed adc easy if the support is behind those kills. Unless you are zed or really tracking adc and taking moment to find him solo/off guard, or you have superior item advantge. But in low elos or autofill/ not main adc's this is not the rule and you can kill them always for sure. Usually low adcs think they are tanks if they are fed..

      Adomas PaliulisAdomas PaliulisПре годину
  • wow that baron clean up

    Milan van RossemMilan van RossemПре годину
  • yamikaze is nice talon player i like it and i also talon main too😊👍

    SS KaylithSS KaylithПре годину
  • By the way I have no idea how this Swain is winning midlane, Ahri has a lot better waveclear. Everytime I play Swain they just shove me in and I can't do anything.

    AlekThunder47AlekThunder47Пре годину
  • I'm one game away from gold promos, but I don't think Im playing good, I don't have a main champion. Idk, may be low elo matchmaking is also broken.

    AlekThunder47AlekThunder47Пре годину
    • X D

      AgustinBreAgustinBreПре годину
  • are you serious when you made this video ? cuz as i see illoia was free farm top !

    Riles KebailiRiles KebailiПре годину
    • It doesn't matter; if his bot and mid are ahead while he is snowballing they will win. They could destroy all the top towers they want, but he'll be able to actually win. This strat wouldn't work tho if these players had map awareness and knew how to play and if adc/winning bot lane meta was weak rn tho.

      Don't ReplyDon't ReplyПре годину
  • simultaneously the best talon but the worst titles in the game right now.

    MarkMarkПре годину
    • lol u want me to clickbait like prof akali? :)

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • Lol yami thanks for the middle of the night upload but get some sleep 😂

    JonnythegiraffeJonnythegiraffeПре годину
  • Yamikaze uploads video, automatically hits like button

    Udont SaywhatUdont SaywhatПре годину
  • Great video as always.

    quynh quynhquynh quynhПре годину
  • wtf this is true content

    hakim benhakim benПре годину
  • I asked the talon frame how to do it

    Trịnh Kỳ SoáiTrịnh Kỳ SoáiПре годину
  • What does "tbh" stand for?

    NecromancerNecromancerПре годину
    • To be honest

      Bijan 22Bijan 22Пре годину
  • Yeah, no shit, because pretty much every mid laner outranges you, outbursts you past lv6, and has more mobility than you while now matching your waveclear thanks to Rake nerfs. Who knew moving Talon to a lane where you will have better waveclear than the opposition until they build Tiamat and have enough early burst to make good use of ganks against melee opponents with little mobility/range on a longer lane would turn out to be good for a midlane champion as weak as Talon currently is compared to the meta mid laners like Zed and Ahri and Zoe or even LeBlanc.

    NecrostrikeNecrostrikeПре годину
  • this is why swain carry a game and talon lose hard top.

    RayslerRayslerПре годину
  • Hi

    Talon AbuserTalon AbuserПре годину
  • Yami ur voice is so nice

    Peter YooPeter YooПре годину
  • love ur gameplays wish this channel updated more often

    sinking shipsinking shipПре годину
  • Should have excreted when ahri killed you

    91 Wildcat 70091 Wildcat 700Пре годину
  • u did nothing this game... but ok

    Rafael SannaRafael SannaПре годину
    • ??? snowballed his laners???

      Little FlowerLittle FlowerПре годину
  • That illaoi champ is fucking disgusting I alway ban that shit when i play top

    Đức PhạmĐức PhạmПре годину
  • Haahaha ialloi funny champ

    Yohan KeynYohan KeynПре годину
  • Hows it feel that Fwii is rank 1 Talon NA?

    TheMonkeyNetworkTheMonkeyNetworkПре годину
  • Illaoi broken champ wtf

    Jordi MaesJordi MaesПре годину
    • Absolutely

      Alexandre LimaAlexandre LimaПре годину
  • It's good to see that apparently talon top is good (if ur mid is ap so their mid doesn't build zhonyas) but I'm still waiting for riot to put Enduring Blade talon skin on sale so I can feel better playing him (riot seriously put irelia's skin on sale this week but not talon's, very nice.)

    Ronan ErudonRonan ErudonПре годину
    • use mod skin lol

      It's Amazing AA Fantastic UUIt's Amazing AA Fantastic UUПре годину
  • 13:15 is so funny 😂

    CuteobyCuteobyПре годину
  • Can't wait for riot to revert talon back :)

    Blue NoteBlue NoteПре годину
  • I play talon mid cause i need a tank for top during games its hard without tanks in low elo atleast and i only use him for a substitute to zed

    Pokibox1Pokibox1Пре годину
    • As talon for me its pretty hard to play against zed

      Tooth pasteTooth pasteПре годину
  • He was fine in top during season 8 for me -_-

    Pokibox1Pokibox1Пре годину
  • they trolled so hard with the baron call OMG xd

    Juani GarciaJuani GarciaПре годину
  • Oh dude, your videos are amazing........ You help me a lot, and now I'm turning talon into my own champion

    Warice ADWarice ADПре годину
  • u got carried by ur team thats why top is better ? cuz u trolled?u were the only bad teammate there

    Phase DivePhase DiveПре годину
    • ikr

      Yuhui ZhouYuhui ZhouПре годину
  • >Starts watching >Immediate 2v1 play >Liked Very well done

    Maho SakaiMaho SakaiПре годину
    • lmfao . Iron ?

      It's Amazing AA Fantastic UUIt's Amazing AA Fantastic UUПре годину
  • I really want some garlic bread right now.

    Daniel MunozDaniel MunozПре годину
  • Yami we need guide talon top

    Younes azzouzYounes azzouzПре годину
  • tbh you're playing bad this game...

    147852sam147852samПре годину
    • hynz sanchez says the one who doesn’t know the difference between you’re and your

      Austin HanlohAustin HanlohПре годину
    • Zteinar shut up you can't even properly spell idiot

      hynz sanchezhynz sanchezПре годину
    • @hynz sanchez Not talking about his mechanics, at least his macro fucked up so hard early to mid game, doing some meaningless roam just making him super behind. If this is Korea high-elo game, his top lane will be carrying the whole game given such a huge gold lead from free CS and free plate.

      147852sam147852samПре годину
    • @hynz sanchez I mean, yami is definitely a good player, but not performing well this game. I am a diamond-master tier TW server player, just feeling uncomfortable to his mechanics this game.

      147852sam147852samПре годину
    • @hynz sanchez burn 🔥 🔥 🔥

      Pea KneesPea KneesПре годину
  • 13:15 when I'm busting 🥜s creazy and my mum comes in.

    Yannixk.Yannixk.Пре годину
    • Hahahaha

      Forsaken OneForsaken OneПре годину
  • this is so fucking true

    JustA OtakuJustA OtakuПре годину
  • I haven't watched the video yet but believe me i played talon top 5 times and lost lane every single time 😂🤣

    Ahmad AneesAhmad AneesПре годину
    • @It's Amazing AA Fantastic UU yeah i did lol

      Ahmad AneesAhmad AneesПре годину
    • bcz you probably played it like a top laner :P

      It's Amazing AA Fantastic UUIt's Amazing AA Fantastic UUПре годину
  • Was about to go to sleep since its past 1am.... But here I am.... No regrets

    Samuel C.Samuel C.Пре годину
  • Heart this and I'll play 10 Talon ranked games :D

    TheyCallMeMisakiTheyCallMeMisakiПре годину
    • @TheyCallMeMisaki how the fuck can a person be so bad , jesus Christ

      Giuseppe AlettaGiuseppe AlettaПре годину
    • @Yamikaze :D

      TheyCallMeMisakiTheyCallMeMisakiПре годину
    • do it

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • lmao its 1:26 am right now in Vancouver but ur too good to miss out on!

    Kasra ShiraziKasra ShiraziПре годину
  • Daddy yami heart me again

    quantum chicken soup grass big chungusquantum chicken soup grass big chungusПре годину
  • Here b4 50 views

    random imperial guardsmanrandom imperial guardsmanПре годину
  • Wow ur channel is amazing! U helped me play better with talon and now I'm a talon main! Thx bro keep up the good work 👌

    mirtomirtoПре годину
  • Awawawawa

    random imperial guardsmanrandom imperial guardsmanПре годину
  • can't wait for the project Talon skin

    MatsuMatsuПре годину
    • Sad

      Blaze2710Blaze2710Пре годину
    • this comment hasn't aged well

      Petr CzechPetr CzechПре годину
    • Tqlon rito make this?!

      Bober 345Bober 345Пре годину
    • hynz sanchez i dont think talon will get legendary skin just epic project skin diana will prob get her legendary tho

      Zaw TrillaZaw TrillaПре годину
    • Tấn Phát mx

      Jake WhittleJake WhittleПре годину
  • Talon nice

    SoulHunter TalonSoulHunter TalonПре годину
  • Wow Nice video, u help me to level up my skill with talon.

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  • Yamigod

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  • First!! I dare you to like this!!!

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