This is Why You End Early on Talon

29 нов 2018
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This is Why You End Early on Talon

  • why you end early with xin zhao on your team

    NotGoombaNotGoombaПре 7 месеци
  • Talon late game useless :')

    Titus KunTitus KunПре годину
  • Why cant i see the jungle in mini map ???

    VAn hellsingVAn hellsingПре годину
  • And this is why i switched from Talon to Kat cuz Kat late game is better

    Two Point OneTwo Point OneПре годину
  • can one carry himself with talon to high elo ?

    Mow BlowMow BlowПре 2 године
  • it almost felt like that irelia was ghosting, i dont even know if you streamed this though lol.

    net myersnet myersПре 2 године
  • "im op talon"-fed by inting singed xD

    Bartkon8Bartkon8Пре 2 године
  • Why are you doing this to your minimap??

    Emin MekicEmin MekicПре 2 године
    • @Nick Dobson Ah okay, thanks.

      Uupa_LuppaUupa_LuppaПре 2 године
    • @Luccalele if someone is stream sniping they can't see if a gank is about to happen or whether it's safe to counter jungle, objective control, etc

      Nick DobsonNick DobsonПре 2 године
    • @Apfelkomplott But why shouldn't the viewers see it?

      Uupa_LuppaUupa_LuppaПре 2 године
    • ghost protection while streaming. he sees it all, just not the viewers.

      ApfelkomplottApfelkomplottПре 2 године
  • Singed is such a stupid champ (no offense singed players)

    Soos BoonsSoos BoonsПре 2 године
  • Please stop smashing your keyboard please

    Joaquin MinardiJoaquin MinardiПре 2 године

    Chinba A.Chinba A.Пре 2 године
  • that's why riot should balance Irelia... ridiculously strong only if someone can play it... or else it can be trash

    Wheein Jupiter & MarsWheein Jupiter & MarsПре 2 године
    • Pretty much works for all champions, tbh. Even mechanically easy champs can be trash if you lack knowledge in lane control or map awareness, others are even entirely reliant on specific situations to start being useful... Irelia just has the same issue everyone has with zed, yasuo, lb, riven, kata... The champ himself is so hard to master that the gap between bad and good players is insanely deep, even when you only look at the mechanics without everything else.

      GreyPunkWolfGreyPunkWolfПре 2 године
  • th eggsalad POG

    Thicc FishThicc FishПре 2 године
  • That's why you must always ban irelia. PS Nerf that shit please

    NewStartNewStartПре 2 године
  • The irelia was botting fam

    Sejha ChisholmSejha ChisholmПре 2 године
  • How does ekko lose to irelia

    pratikpratikПре 2 године
  • why would anyone proxy talon wtf?

    WymiataczxpWymiataczxpПре 2 године
  • audio not synced? 6:20

    ArmondoArmondoПре 2 године
  • 3:20 Megalovania intifenses

    FBIFBIПре 2 године
  • You ping and you don't come?! Ah whatever. *flashes in to get kill and deny xin*

    masterwaylonmasterwaylonПре 2 године
  • 3:39 my eyes

    Bichari CherifBichari CherifПре 2 године
  • 10:43 5 deaths, 1 second later 8 deaths

    KebsCSKebsCSПре 2 године
  • I had a game with talon where i had 33 kills which was more than entire enemy team combined kills but we lost because the game went too far and i was useless late game

    EhsignEhsignПре 2 године
  • your voice audio is always like 3 seconds ahead

    yannickyannickПре 2 године
  • question: Is it better to go black cleaver compared to lord dominik's this game?

    Clownerella YTClownerella YTПре 2 године
  • Giving Irelia 700 gold was the problem, x(.

    EfarjeonEfarjeonПре 2 године
  • Same whenever I play talon other team tank Carry the game ...talon is not good against tanks

    mohammed zenmohammed zenПре 2 године
  • Why is your minimap blocked?

    Kenny DKenny DПре 2 године
    • for streaming

      KailmaKailmaПре 2 године
  • better midlane champ win. smh irelia is like 2 champs at once, a bruiser and an assassin

    Erik HaftborErik HaftborПре 2 године
  • I do not understand why the absolute focus can feel good with talon, I admit that from so much attack damage, but as soon as you take away a life point you lose your advantage (in fact, seeing you did not have it often) and unless you have so much does sustane not recover easily and then really 3 of attack damage make the difference in early? I could be wrong, in fact I would like to know your opinion, however you are a talented and clean main talon, keep it up p.s I'm not very good with English, but I really wanted to tell you this, I'm Italian and I'm also main talon

    Nicolò PulizziNicolò PulizziПре 2 године
  • Hey Yamikaze mind if I feature you on my channel?

    conincamoconincamoПре 2 године
  • Bro you’re an inspiration I love talon and your videos are so much help

    Oneeyed KingOneeyed KingПре 2 године
  • U never explain why to end early.

    MonstermushmushMonstermushmushПре 2 године
    • Cause come late game you're an useless piece of shit.

      Simone NoliSimone NoliПре 2 године
    • watch the video

      NoahNoahПре 2 године
  • This has happened so many times when i play talon :/

    Nithanth SivakumarNithanth SivakumarПре 2 године
  • Since when u Main Talon?

    An No NymAn No NymПре 2 године
  • Ur voice sounds like a virgin girl

    DuțuDuțuПре 2 године
  • I love ur voice so muchhhhhh

  • How do I face Zed in mid lane his kinda hard to face HOW DO I BEAT ZED?????

    Mark FernandezMark FernandezПре 2 године
    • Wait till 6 then just all in him, when he ults you you simply ult and dodge his combo with ms buff, than back at him

      Manta fking 1Manta fking 1Пре 2 године
    • As a zed main just make him choose to hit u or the wave and if u were an Ap mage rush zonyhas always dodge left cus ur expected to dodge right and dont dodge too quickly cus good zed mains take their time

      AatroxAatroxПре 2 године
    • @KitNip OG Easier said than done :)

      AatroxAatroxПре 2 године
    • CoOlGaMiNg GuY force him to use his shadow but dont get hit by his shurikens

      KitNip OGKitNip OGПре 2 године
  • Faker and Yamikaze are the reason why I am playing as Talon.

    In SikIn SikПре 2 године
  • You are a very brave man playing Talon in this pre-season meta. I tried, my booty never took more abuse!

    NelithanoseNelithanoseПре 2 године
  • I run gathering storm just to deal With the langer games in the preseason meta

    Sjeng SnackersSjeng SnackersПре 2 године
  • Where is our ultimate guideeee? Nice to see some clips after few days

    ChogueChogueПре 2 године
  • nice video. keep uploading more videos i love ur stream and youtube videos.

    Robert ღRobert ღПре 2 године
  • 3:09 a thing that every Vel’Koz loves to see.

    Abhorrent MessengerAbhorrent MessengerПре 2 године
  • I have a question why do you use absolute focus as secondary rune? this rune only works when you have 70% or more hp

    Fenix ClaymoreFenix ClaymoreПре 2 године
  • Why did that singed just straight up int 3 kills? lol

    VoCiechVoCiechПре 2 године
  • Electeocute or Dark Harvest? Why?

    BidașcuBidașcuПре 2 године
    • Electrocute because as talon ur only useful in early to mid game.. thats where dark harvest is not that good so yeah..

      Luka CoccattoLuka CoccattoПре 2 године
  • If you play Talon jgl, do you also go with Electrocute or with Phase Rush? Saw some people doing both of it.

    ŁyGhT.ŁyGhT.Пре 2 године
    • @Chogue Thanks for the awnser, it did help indeed! I'm looking to get a new Champ which i can spam in jungle, since it can get quite boring spamming Kha Zix for 4 Seasons and Talon is just so much fun for me! :D

      ŁyGhT.ŁyGhT.Пре 2 године
    • Honestly its personal preference, especially now when you can actually pick stats. Phase rush gives u utility, electro gives u dmg, also depends on team you are playing vs. I still love more old stormrazor surge so im going electrocute most of a time. Hope i helped cheers

      ChogueChogueПре 2 године
  • What keybinds/hotkeys do you use as talon?

    SharkSharkПре 2 године
  • xin is actually a streamer as well

    Nickola JarjousNickola JarjousПре 2 године
  • Dark harvest talon lose early game

    Fakhrul llFakhrul llПре 2 године
  • Hey just to say it is too stupid when you say my ekko and so on it is not yours it is just on your team sounds stupid my ekko i mean change that rest is nice

    Dark MagicianDark MagicianПре 2 године
    • 1) It's your opinion, not the absolute and everlasting truth for everyone. 2) If you actually want to criticize something, explain yourself even if you lack vocab. I could just reply to your message saying "you can't even talk english, that's stupid", it would have the exact same meaning. 3) Why does this even bother you? There are streamers insulting everyone and everytime on all games, how is that disturbing? It's not even wrong, just lacks precision. PS: I know english isn't your mother tongue, me neither. It's not an excuse to disrespect people.

      GreyPunkWolfGreyPunkWolfПре 2 године
    • que?!

      El Tío TalonEl Tío TalonПре 2 године
    • Luka M. What

      IjneBenjIIjneBenjIПре 2 године
  • Maybe your item comp could've improved with a Mortal Reminder + sheen or trinity and storm razor or even a full hydra.

    C. F.C. F.Пре 2 године
    • I like to take triforce when im ahead and need to carry, titanic hydra for some extra survive, and i took once essence reaver as last item which actually saved me game and it was interesting also :)

      ChogueChogueПре 2 године
  • Nice vid xD

    cool sheepcool sheepПре 2 године
  • why dont u play DH on Talon ?

    Karol MorawskiKarol MorawskiПре 2 године
    • @nass You just didn't got a thing. Nevermind x)

      ChogueChogueПре 2 године
    • @Chogue thanks bro !!!!! what make me think of that is a game i played this day that last 51 min.. in late game i was incredebly useless !!! I couldn't do anything i played this game against lux/moragan/amumu/azir/teemo heavly ap team with infinite cc my full combo wasn't able to kill any of them ( they had all zonya and so many shilds from morgana and lux ) i was really the definition of uselss somehow i managed to get lux low in the last team fight and survive after that (only me and dreaven survived ) dreaven done the work after that killing 4 low people and dying by half hp moranga that i killed after and destroy the nexus that was very close Wich make me think that it would have been easyer game if i was with dh and gathring storm ! Sorry i know my comment is very long but i wanted to explain :)

      nassnassПре 2 године
    • @nass you dont play for late with champion aggressive like talon. Gathering storm will add up little dmg on top. Dh scale as game goes but i already said up there about it (also they nerfed it even more). No one says you cant play with talon late, you can, but at this point enemy adc for e.g. gets defensive item like guardian, gets dmg items, and you will either kill them even harder and probably die, or end up dying straight. Especially when there someone who peels adc. Mages will get items resulting in overwhelming power in late, tanks will get more armor and hp etc... In short term everyone will get items and powerspikes and they will catch up with you and surpass you. Also you have E, which basicly does nothing at this point in terms of not giving you any additional stats. You can try yourself ofc and you'll se results :) Hope you got the point Cheers!

      ChogueChogueПре 2 године
    • @Chogue cant we make talon a late game champ with a gathrin storm and DH? 2 scaling dmg source

      nassnassПре 2 године
    • It scales, and Talon is early to mid game champ, electrocute overscales dh in base dmg in early-mid game if u don't stack const, so its more kinda of safe pick to go with electrocute. Also you can't stack so easy vs champs like lissandra, vladimir, veigar etc. So also its risky cuz you need to snowball hard to make use of dark harvest. And later in game a lot of champions will overscale you so as talon you will seek to close game before late. Hope i helped

      ChogueChogueПре 2 године
  • Yo Yamikaze, When I'm playing talon I'm losing my focus on the game and I'm feeling dizzy when I playing with it. Need help to improve my Mental strength.

    Karl GalangKarl GalangПре 2 године
    • @KitNip OG bruh I'm against mobile legends company that's why I name this moneyton (moonton).

      Karl GalangKarl GalangПре 2 године
    • stop playing Mobile Legends maybe you'll improve your mental strength.

      KitNip OGKitNip OGПре 2 године
    • See a doctor buddy. Never know.

      Marco V-HEXMarco V-HEXПре 2 године
  • 4:16 thats exactly why u dont just waste ur E for nothing

    Ateeq AlmansooriAteeq AlmansooriПре 2 године
    • he would have died anyway

      El Tío TalonEl Tío TalonПре 2 године
  • Face reveal soon?

    yungxjesusyungxjesusПре 2 године
  • I like playing against Singed. It's like i'm playing against an active feeder

    Hung TranHung TranПре 2 године
    • hung tran lol 😂

      YASERYASERПре 2 године
  • Do you think dark harvest talon would work?

    Haku_Haku_Пре 2 године
    • Can work but it has worse dmg until late but if you play Talon u shouldn't think to reach late

      Dark DistruzioneDark DistruzioneПре 2 године
  • Bro we yo fans are waiting for your opinion on Talon Dark Harvest plz respond to us P.S. we love you

    I Love RiceI Love RiceПре 2 године
    • it would not work

      El Tío TalonEl Tío TalonПре 2 године
  • I think most of ur viewers are talon mains... *Like me*

    SonSonПре 2 године
    • I think yanikaze is still pretty derpy for a challenger main

      KitNip OGKitNip OGПре 2 године
    • @Lord Lampard Yeah maybe... :)

      SonSonПре 2 године
    • I think most of his viewers play League of Legends

      Lord LampardLord LampardПре 2 године
  • Irelia is busted

    benjo dufbenjo dufПре 2 године
  • Your voice is off sync with your gameplay: 6:25 7:35 Good video anyway, as always

    Hong Jye LiewHong Jye LiewПре 2 године
    • also, look the map

      Bruno FernandesBruno FernandesПре 2 године
    • yup noticed that too

      Alon MalkaAlon MalkaПре 2 године
    • Maybe he’s just psychic

      veranicusveranicusПре 2 године
  • Why the steraks gage? When its good to buy it?

    Alexis CorralAlexis CorralПре 2 године
    • More survivability

      ChogueChogueПре 2 године
  • Ayy we early boisss

    mars merchantmars merchantПре 2 године
  • Yo Yami, can you shared your thoughts on smite mid?

    Christopher LumibaoChristopher LumibaoПре 2 године
    • Almost viable on a few midlaners if you know what you're doing. Not on talon tho. Never has and never will be viable. You need flash ignite to start snowballing, and you need to snowball to be useful. Champs viables with smite mid are hard pushers, and even then it's so cheesy to contest anything against the popular junglers that it's almost not even worth to take it anyway. Unless you duo with your jungler and you cooperate on denying ennemy camps and securing objectives, but even then you don't need smite yourself, one should be enough.

      GreyPunkWolfGreyPunkWolfПре 2 године
  • Do you think new dark harvest is good on talon?

    CCNakaCCNakaПре 2 године
    • he's said this a lot of times that it's not. Talon is an early game champ and he needs the electrocute proc damage early with his passive to be the annoying champ he is. Even Stylish stopped using DH on Zed bc of the combo damage difference.

      Zaim HassanZaim HassanПре 2 године
  • You solo play ekko :y

    Baltazar-Kun FicsBaltazar-Kun FicsПре 2 године
  • Yea, I don't think you had to flash at 0:37. Xin was on the way and would've finished him.

    Ethan ZhaoEthan ZhaoПре 2 године
    • @Zaim Hassanexact

      El Tío TalonEl Tío TalonПре 2 године
    • 90 percen chance of xin taking the kill. Signed also had ghost up and talon needs the first blood to pop off.

      Zaim HassanZaim HassanПре 2 године
  • I feel this pain god damn it. Tank meta is garbage :^[

    Magikarp SlapperMagikarp SlapperПре 2 године
    • @panayiotis lol i just take Conqueror for strong autos just in case im stuck in an auto fight.

      KitNip OGKitNip OGПре 2 године
    • Just go dark harvest talon. Trust me. I was a talon one trick in the past and i stopped playing bc talon was getting nerfed cause electrocute and duskblades etcc but dark harvest now made the game so broken for him trust me just try it.

      panayiotispanayiotisПре 2 године
    • Mohamad Zakaria cause she’s fast, hits like a truck, and takes no fuckin damage.

      KitNip OGKitNip OGПре 2 године
    • Actually I agree. Although I think it's a tanky Bruiser meta, with a bunch of CC being tossed around for good measure.

      Magikarp SlapperMagikarp SlapperПре 2 године
    • @Mohamad ZakariaFortunately they nerf it down to 40% in the next patch

      JorikJorikПре 2 године
  • My inspiration on Talon. Thanks for these videos

    Xeira lolXeira lolПре 2 године
  • I just now finish my game play talon and thanks for upload

    nur huda safwah 1019nur huda safwah 1019Пре 2 године
  • CAN U LANE MID? i died with that

    ViirusOnerViirusOnerПре 2 године
  • Dude i love ir vids but could u do a video where u show all your runes (for talon) And can u do a shout out for "eoba" he is a streamer who deserves an audience

    SweetmilkSweetmilkПре 2 године
  • 2nd

    andrew haamandrew haamПре 2 године
  • Yami I love your voice :)

    LeinLeinПре 2 године