This is Why Kassadin is Talon's Easiest Matchup

12 феб 2019
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This is Why Kassadin is Talon's Easiest Matchup

  • Hey guys, sorry I haven't been uploading recently. Just finished 4 midterms in a week so I didn't have time to stream or do youtube stuff at all. Btw I did some more edits in this vid than usual, lmk if you prefer this kind of vid vs non-edited vids. Have a good day and thx for watching as always :)

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • How old are u?

      joe durujoe duruПре годину
    • I prefer unedited footage

      P VP VПре годину
    • Miss you yami ❤

      Nor MiesNor MiesПре годину
    • Yeah tell us your grades😉

      DbbabDbbabПре годину
    • Yamikaze How’d your midterms go?

      Towhid AzizTowhid AzizПре годину
  • This kass went dark seal refill + fleet............ no grasp dorans shield loss to shopkeep

    retrosuspectretrosuspectПре 2 месеца
  • Alternate Title for a video over 1 year ago: This is why Talon is Kassadin's WORST NIGHTMARE

    - Star Form -- Star Form -Пре 2 месеца
  • this dude talks too much

    Mark Paolo ManaloMark Paolo ManaloПре 2 месеца
  • Anybody see the RTO with the 3 regen beads start? Lol dk if he's griefing: 1:57

    BlueDaBoltBlueDaBoltПре 3 месеца
    • ?? 3 revbeads are better than a dshield since they give more gold when sold

      Mihajlo JankovićMihajlo JankovićПре 3 месеца
  • Kass goes nearly 0/7 . . . . Ends game 17/13 . . . Wtf XD

    Diesel MarcusDiesel MarcusПре 3 месеца
    • just kassadin things

      Resumed DexterityResumed DexterityПре 2 месеца
  • You Sound Like Dream A Little

    Al vonAl vonПре 3 месеца
  • hani kassaddin matchup'ı o kadar da kolay değildi

    Alperen TekayakAlperen TekayakПре 3 месеца
  • what is ghost poro

    minominoПре 4 месеца
  • Woah your hud looks so cool

    LLПре 4 месеца
  • how are they worth 1000g on shutdown? i thought max was 700g..?

    Tr1ksh0tTr1ksh0tПре 4 месеца
  • braum actually did really good at keeping his teamates alive is he kind of a counter pick to talon cus his shield blocks ur ulty?

    Juan SanchezJuan SanchezПре 5 месеци
  • What is ghost pyro

    Khai HoangKhai HoangПре 6 месеци
  • Speak less please

    Why notWhy notПре 7 месеци
  • Love when youtubers put their highlights first so i dont have to watch the whole video. Thanks

    LolZzzLolZzzПре 11 месеци
  • That Kass "1tr1ck" is actually worse than any first-time Kass player I think I've ever seen. Yes, Kass loses to Talon in general, but NOT THAT SEVERELY.

    cincameroncincameronПре годину
  • At least I agree with you : Kassadin's worse match up is Talonk, and by far. As a Kassadin main, I feel like Talon has a huge power spike in early, just when Kassadin's the weakest. Plus he is an AD champ, and ADs are Kassadin's counter.

    Sora OkinawaSora OkinawaПре годину
  • Its hilarious 'cause in a tournament i played Kassadin against Talon and i win him the lane at min 6.

    HaickerHaickerПре годину
  • Braum saved his team

    KaraKaraПре годину
  • A good kassadin would not start w? Lol. One, he has q to poke back line of minions, 2 he is smart enough to know you are talon and will lose all trades if he starts w first, meaning he has to walk up to creeps and auto them instead of poking them with q. That made no sense why you would say that. Maybe he shoulda started e, he would of been pro then huh.

    A HHhA HHhПре годину
  • A bit? 7 0 - 8 5 thats alot

    Philipp WPhilipp WПре годину
  • neat, 5/0 talon 1 shots 0/5 kass...

    101wormwood101wormwoodПре годину
  • Ok... i play mainly only zed or fizz if i mid but you’re truly inspiring. Also you have such a friendly sounding voice wtf HAHAHAHA i just have this bogan queenslander australian accent

    Chopper 98Chopper 98Пре годину
  • Why I ban talon every game

    asgerØKasgerØKПре годину
  • Ty for uploading a loss vid!

    BrentTheManCanBrentTheManCanПре годину
  • Talon sucks

    Josh CarverJosh CarverПре годину
  • im not gay, but this guy sounds cute xD

    First LastFirst LastПре годину
  • "Don't get picked" gets INSTA picked 2s later.

    Patricio Flores DifilipoPatricio Flores DifilipoПре годину
  • I feel bad for that kassadin

    MidnightMidnightПре годину
  • my first game talon the enemy mid picked kassadin into me, my team said i win so i proceeded to go 21/4/5 and get a S lol

    EliteEvynEliteEvynПре годину
  • didnt expect them to win lol, this is why u should never surrender

    hilmi saifulhilmi saifulПре годину
  • smh, playing an assassin and actually taking towers?!? thats not how youre supposed to play assassins. youre supposed to get a triple kill then dont do a single objective then wonder why you lost, duh.

    Dang DiggityDang DiggityПре годину
  • How do I make my ult go to the enemy?

    Rjhay PlayzRjhay PlayzПре годину
    • Auto attack or q on the enemy

      Grant GrantGrant GrantПре годину
  • you could have win with the first baron buff, and ur team just decided not to group in mid, talon falls off after lv 16, whenever i picked assasins i would defenitely finish the game early

    CFNA FancyCFNA FancyПре годину

    HipsHipsПре годину
  • Im new at the game like around 3 or 4 months im bronze 3 I played during preseason my first talon game was in ranked and i got 8/0 early game and 15/4 around 35 mins i never knew people were so bad at this game -_- tho i have been stuck in bronze 3 for like a month now its so hard to climb higher to higher levels or what you guys call elo or tier

    Pokibox1Pokibox1Пре годину
  • F

    depthdepthПре годину
  • Can u play the blood moon skin pls :p

    AkramAkramПре годину
  • *How to throw a game as Talon

    Réagissez Bon SangRéagissez Bon SangПре годину
  • I like both it would be nice to get sometimes this sometimes that

    Petr CzechPetr CzechПре годину
  • Yo it's RTO!

    ghost 115566ghost 115566Пре годину
  • You played awful out of lane rofl. That loss was pretty much all on you being cocky from 6-0.

    mixhybridmixhybridПре годину
  • actually for me easiest is vel koz

    NikoraasuNikoraasuПре годину
  • this talon ate oatmeal for breakfast. this is what happened.

    sleepsleepПре годину
  • thing is even though you stomped kassadin he was still relevant in the mid-late game just because of the nature of his kit most other mids would've been totally useless after getting stomped that hard

    Lucas13100Lucas13100Пре годину
  • Strong mid strong top ! RTO an you are a team to be afraid of

    Dennis LoenDennis LoenПре годину
  • This kass is so bad

    Leonardo CarvalhoLeonardo CarvalhoПре годину
  • Can you stream more? You are so chill, never freak out and your voice is super zen I like watching ur vods before I sleep lol

    Levan GogavaLevan GogavaПре годину
  • thought you died coach

    Mickle PickleMickle PickleПре годину
  • You remind me of Gus from LOVE

    Anthony ZarfatiAnthony ZarfatiПре годину
  • Was really bad at talon, cancelling my autos, went back to playing ahri etc, came back and I don't suck that bad anymore :o

    3rKo3rKoПре годину
  • Lvl8 against lvl11, fucking noob its 100% normal when u feed fking b1tch noob u are

    SheikooGx GAMEPLAYSheikooGx GAMEPLAYПре годину
  • Prefer Both , Dont wanna miss out on some tips in the video if you say any :o even if you post a 24 hour video i will still watch it of course not one shot haha

    Cosmic VengeanceCosmic VengeanceПре годину
  • Hey yamikaze , big fan and i learnt talon through watching u . But where did u get that skill overlay? can i use it in game as well ? it looks so cool ... I hope its not just an overlay for twitch but instead its a custom HUD thanks :)

    Cosmic VengeanceCosmic VengeanceПре годину
  • Non-edited/full gameplay pls ?

    Nor MiesNor MiesПре годину
  • hey man i was really starved of your talon content this past while. good luck on your midterms

    NikjojoNikjojoПре годину
  • One of the best days ever. School closed from snow day and Yami uploads

    Ryan TamRyan TamПре годину
  • take a shot everytime he says its ok

    Kid ColeKid ColeПре годину
    • Positivity is key

      AatroxAatroxПре годину
  • i had problem with Velkoz yesterday, played talon, i won the game but he abused me on lane, any tips?

    yungxjesusyungxjesusПре годину
    • @Zteinar kk thanks, problem is i cant get into his range cuz he spams his abilites and my rake barely hits him, ty

      yungxjesusyungxjesusПре годину
    • kaws. what i do in rough lanes is just rush tiamat then mobis asap, then push and roam

      ZteinarZteinarПре годину
  • Its funny. Kassadin was a talon counter. But some armor nerf. He became easier than every other melee midlaner lul.

    Iago LacerdaIago LacerdaПре годину
    • @Mr. Peak on what server are you playing? I have acc on EUNE and EUW. maybe you can teach me something in game if you would like.

      KidFlairKidFlairПре 2 месеца
    • @KidFlair actually you should try feet into champ like Cassiopeia but ruined don't make much difference in below platinum anyway so once you hit high gold or platinum try to research about feet foot work

      Mr. PeakMr. PeakПре 2 месеца
    • @Mr. Peak Thank you very much bro! I will try my best to apply all of your tips! Btw.. I am only a silver 1 Kass, trying to climb to gold at least. As for Runes, I am using lately only electrocute+precision (for mana and tenacity) even vs AP champs. The burst is really great, and after lvl 6 I am abusing electro so much. I am only strugling vs talon/akali/zed and sometimes Qianna (depends on the enemy if good or bad)

      KidFlairKidFlairПре 2 месеца
    • @KidFlair and other tip for ad champ that are buiser is dodge like this is it you can't do anything but farm and you don't even had any pressure to make him stay when you goes into buiser it's just coinflip except for you're diamond kass vs silver buiser and BTW I don't play him much already because he bad in high elo

      Mr. PeakMr. PeakПре 2 месеца
    • @KidFlair 2 tip for talon at the beginning try to look at his skill set if he go for w you take q if he go q you take w,try to stay awake in this match up because he can take you out at lv 2 and this laning phase are similar to zed but slightly harder. And btw don't you ever push into them because if you get fuck by getting gank or misplay you're out of this game

      Mr. PeakMr. PeakПре 2 месеца
  • I always tilt at him because he’s a freakin good player early game, but then at mid and late yami does a lot of questionable decisions that costs him the game lol still love your content, learnt a shit ton from it

    FakesideFakesideПре годину
    • it's not him but talon need to commit So, that's why he fucked up sometimes :p Late game talon garbage especially this patch pd ga zhonya kaisa gl to kill her :) Same ezreal lucian too tanky btw I think the only good ad assasin rn is khazix and zed if played correctly Yeah he is good

      norine breezynorine breezyПре годину
  • Nice game =)

    C4Terrorista GamesC4Terrorista GamesПре годину
  • I thought you said kass counters talon :)

    Mohammad ALshammariMohammad ALshammariПре годину
  • This is why I never blind pick Kass. Especially with that armor nerf oof.

    Daniel MunozDaniel MunozПре годину
  • Nice video yami ^^ i really enjoy watching your content and you are the reason i started playing talon 😝

    Noah DiesNoah DiesПре годину
  • lmao, playing Talon in a patch where ADCs can build GA+Tabi+PD. It's almost like you hate yourself or something.

    I Need YouI Need YouПре годину
  • So are you still gonna do the max q strat against melee matchups?

    Talon MainTalon MainПре годину
  • I want to see what happened top early Renekton was doing good i think

    DbbabDbbabПре годину
  • luv u :’)

    CelandineCelandineПре годину
  • Hey yami, I don’t understand why talon is good in ranked. He is very lane dominant, but if your team doesn’t know how to play, they don’t make any use of the kills you feed them. He has little team fight presence, and falls off hard late game.

    Alex GuhaAlex GuhaПре годину
  • full ad team...

    Raysler84Raysler84Пре годину
  • the new shojin spear is good with talon or black cleaver is better?

    Fenix ClaymoreFenix ClaymoreПре годину
    • its soo expensive too, built it oce for the luls when i was 20/1 but i didnt feel like it did too much

      ZteinarZteinarПре годину
    • shojin spear is trash on talon, its just old essence reaver effect

      ArnoldArnoldПре годину
  • "Win Lane, Lose Game"

    Reverse FlashReverse FlashПре годину
    • Won the fight but lost the war.

      Alex ZarrasAlex ZarrasПре 3 месеца
  • Yami 💗

    Mateo SankaMateo SankaПре годину
  • hey yami. Is there any reason you prefer Relentless Hunter over Ultimate? i feel like with mobis + ghostblade (even if you like dusk first like I do) you have more than enough ms for relentless to make much of a difference. I'd rather have my full burst combo up more often instead of like 30-40 more MS. ty

    AdilAdilПре годину
    • @Berndern Lottet Well if he had ultimate he probably would have his ultimate and got away without geting picked when they were about to end

      TaZTaZПре годину
    • Probably because he wants to roam as much as possible, and to waste the least amount of time

      Nemanja MarjanovicNemanja MarjanovicПре годину
    • I'm not a Talon main but I'll assume that being able to roam faster is better than having like, 6 seconds of extra cdr on your ult if that.

      Berndern LottetBerndern LottetПре годину
    • marlon Carama when

      Misty DiabloMisty DiabloПре годину
    • smd

      marlon Caramamarlon CaramaПре годину
  • Ey ur back

    rikimau kurokagerikimau kurokageПре годину
  • Wow nice channel and videos! Just subscribed ❤️

    MirtiloMirtiloПре годину
  • Yami with the 7 am uploads, now that’s dedication

    JonnythegiraffeJonnythegiraffeПре годину
  • wish i had 10 ms

    big quackbig quackПре годину
  • nc game bro

    KIVANmusicKIVANmusicПре годину
  • Love your videos! They help my match up's with Talon so much!

    Denis AncutaDenis AncutaПре годину
  • you are the reason why i play talon ^^

    Don HawuDon HawuПре годину
    • @Ayy Heyy now old voli one i think if i'm not wrong

      Fitmo GMCFitmo GMCПре 2 месеца
    • Now a rengar one

      Ayy HeyyAyy HeyyПре годину
    • has a leblanc pfp

      BaperBaperПре годину
  • Hope u are doing well and looking forward for good content yami. My fav talon main 🙋‍♂️

    Phantom GamerPhantom GamerПре годину
  • I get s s+ into kassadin mid as talon its like the most free lane for him i have rarely lost lane on talon iv lost games tho my macrogame has improved ever since i started playing talon and watched yami

    Archaon The EverchosenArchaon The EverchosenПре годину
  • Holy moly

    ionathanionathanПре годину
  • I wish I could play a match with you

    VeeWeb CodeVeeWeb CodeПре годину
  • Here before 200 Heart me daddy yami

    Azriel OchalaniAzriel OchalaniПре годину
  • I prefer edited videos. Cuz i don't want to watch you recalling nor getting back to lane

    MarnhiarMarnhiarПре годину
  • lol in ur matchup tip video u said kassa counters talon

    Pix PlaysPix PlaysПре годину
    • uranfaggit no shit

      JimJamJimJamПре годину
    • He still does in late game.

      uranfaggituranfaggitПре годину
    • @Pix Plays E max to be parkour boi

      Smug cat girl GiornoSmug cat girl GiornoПре годину
    • @Yamikaze do you go q max in every melee matchup?

      Pix PlaysPix PlaysПре годину
    • Yup,q max vs melee is de wae

      AquasticAquasticПре годину
  • I thought you said kassadin is a counter pick to talon😂....guess I misheard Lol

    Gabriel NobleGabriel NobleПре годину
  • Yayyy yamikaze upload

    Carl Andrei CuizonCarl Andrei CuizonПре годину
  • Hey yamikaze can you give tips on how to play against burst mages using talon ty bro New subscriber by the way

    Mellissa Setsuna NagasuneMellissa Setsuna NagasuneПре годину
    • Against low mobility champs like Syndra, if you ult her first, you will win the fight for sure, since she can only respond with flash. Against someone like Neeko or Katarina, you want to go for soft trades (your W for their Q), and when they are about 50% HP , you can go all in with the passive proc and ignite

      Nemanja MarjanovicNemanja MarjanovicПре годину
  • When do you pick scorch?

    MarnhiarMarnhiarПре годину
    • When you want to win trades harder in early lane, usually if you're a stronger laner

      retrosuspectretrosuspectПре 2 месеца
  • finally

    GHX5TGHX5TПре годину
  • First XD

    MarnhiarMarnhiarПре годину