this is why you don't let talon free roam...

2 јун 2019
195 135 Приказа

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  • Did he just backflip 2x? 7:06

    StrawberryStrawberryПре 7 месеци
  • subscribe to me ;)

    AureusAureusПре 7 месеци
  • No one: Yamikaze: weeeee

    SnoopySnoopyПре 8 месеци
  • For the longest time, I wondered why he had his map darkened and how he new where things were happening. Just realized the border he made at the bottom for his videos darkens it so no one can cheat when they watch his streams.

    ShadeScaleShadeScaleПре 10 месеци
  • Who liked the old Talon?? Like if you did

    Sha1koSha1koПре годину
  • So exactly 10 mins but no midroll ads? Impressive

    Please, call me SnekkerzPlease, call me SnekkerzПре годину
  • that 10 minute mark tho

    andryzandryzПре годину
  • because of you, i now main talon

    Juts CableJuts CableПре годину
  • Does this guy put a fake jungle over the minimap? Why?

    ᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟПре годину
  • I really like your videos, i keep watching them even if they are a few months old. You have such a calm and pleasing voice and you seem to be such a nice person, always positive. You remind me of nightblue3, I hope one day you will be as popular as he is right now. Wish you the best!

    Flaviu CristianFlaviu CristianПре годину
  • Music 2:25 please !!

    Dương KhangDương KhangПре годину
  • Your fuckin talk too much

    The TheThe TheПре годину
  • And where is good plays here?? U did zero plays this game, And zac look like silver... Ur team carry u btw

    Руслан ПоповРуслан ПоповПре годину
    • @Wallace Su and u think that he have some good plays in that video? I think he did nothing, in THAT video, And he getting carried by his team.

      Руслан ПоповРуслан ПоповПре годину
    • hes challenger youre iron

      Wallace SuWallace SuПре годину
  • i realize your map is covered. cant see the minimap

    D leepD leepПре годину
  • I do believe you are arrogant, for example when you say things like “I thought someone would tank”. Makes it seem like you feel your team should/does give a shit about your plays, but in reality they are playing for themselves as well. BUT! Arrogance shouldn’t be seen as a negative thing, especially in competitive games such as league of legends. If you’re good, you’re good. If you’re better than most people, then you’re better than most people. Simple! Call arrogance, confidence, egotistical... but it won’t change the fact that you are good at this game and flaunt it. People need to stop caring about your demeanor and focus more on your play style... I mean why else do they watch your videos if it’s just to bitch about how you sound/act? 💁🏽‍♂️

    Manuel CubileteManuel CubileteПре годину
  • Talon always was and is good. In my opinion he's the best rouming hero in this game with Quinn u would say but yeh tooked a long time till most people recognized that. A hero like him can't get bad since u can basically be everywhere when needed or push lanes the whole time on every lane u need to.

    CharyxardCharyxardПре годину
  • 3:23 music please :(

    TangoTangoПре годину
    • A Sound track fron Persona 5 I think

      HasMattHasMattПре годину
  • i love the kirby music you put in your videos

    Rodrigo AbuchaimRodrigo AbuchaimПре годину
  • Y do u cover the map

    Project9091Project9091Пре годину
    • Project9091 ghoster

      Shimikaze GlaskShimikaze GlaskПре годину
  • 6:18 jinx from Vietnamese =)) Đản

    Sơn TrầnSơn TrầnПре годину
  • "this is why you don't let talon free roam..." Because its a champ for bad ppl , so just in case you lose lane you can just roam and come back XD

    anxietyanxietyПре годину
  • me jumping off a bridge 5:29

    Wizardry DoggoWizardry DoggoПре годину
  • I have learned so many things just from watching you. My Talon Gameplay is way more clear than before. :D And I'm awesome (most of the time. Until Fizz arrives)

    TheStarkiller96TheStarkiller96Пре годину
  • Why are only The lanes showed in The minimap

    A NibbaA NibbaПре годину
  • Hmmm , what would happen if yami meets karma ?

    FranzoresFranzoresПре годину
  • Perfect 10 minutes and not littered with adds

    PalamiPalamiПре годину
  • Yami, i might need that thumbnail For research purposes

    Erta VeloceErta VeloceПре годину
  • respect that DOS 2 soundtrack

    Adam MAdam MПре годину
  • Who The Fuck's Mia !?

    Chillin' SurvivorChillin' SurvivorПре годину
    • missing in action

      LuhDooceLuhDooceПре годину
  • Fun fact: Talon is a mid lane champion

    HenkeHenkeПре годину
    • He can roam you hard stuck bronze

      malcheFFmalcheFFПре 10 месеци
    • Fun fact, Talon can roam AND do jungle shit

      3521이병욱3521이병욱Пре 11 месеци
    • No

      Papyrus The SkeletonPapyrus The SkeletonПре годину
  • whats the music at 3:30?

    CorruptedWandererCorruptedWandererПре годину
  • I like that vid but i'm german and i'm havin problems to understand your fast english xd

    • Just keep watching youtube videos, you'll slowly begin to understand more and more. Helps you a ton with english in school too

      ZuignapZuignapПре годину
  • Xd the Sound on 2:44 kill me xd

    El torlitoEl torlitoПре годину
  • “Got exhausted then everyone flashed out” literally only one flash was blown lmao.

    Iota CetiIota CetiПре годину
  • I smacked roaming talon with zed

    SkrtManBabbelsSkrtManBabbelsПре годину
    • @Trash Can challenger

      SkrtManBabbelsSkrtManBabbelsПре годину
    • SkrtManBabbels and still silver right? Scrub

      Trash CanTrash CanПре годину
  • wtf I tough he was speaking korean at the beginning LOL

    EuBeauApaEuBeauApaПре годину
  • egoListic XD

    showsomemoxieshowsomemoxieПре годину
  • Any idea on how to not let talon free roam as Xerath ? I can't force him to stay mid and even though I win lane pretty easily, he ends up farming champions for the whole game (except me 'cause I play safe and smack their whole team except him hehe... being stuck in gold is fuuuuun)

    Louis RobitailleLouis RobitailleПре годину
  • Song at 2:33

    Talon AbuserTalon AbuserПре годину
  • Is There any way to get in the clan?

    Blaine AMVBlaine AMVПре годину
  • why do u block the mini map

    sleep all day until deathsleep all day until deathПре годину
    • To prevent ghosting while streaming

      deathnote939393deathnote939393Пре годину
  • Earned my sub my resp for the megaman song please can you do a rune set like when fighting heavy cc teams heavy tank teams ap ect love your work bro.

    Talon AbuserTalon AbuserПре годину
  • i m always watching ur vids and they are all helpful!!! thx allot master yami :D

    - Hatz -- Hatz -Пре годину
  • hi yami can you show us your settings configurations? cuz I want to copy your fast combos with talon plss??

    - Hatz -- Hatz -Пре годину
    • my one and only request from my master :D

      - Hatz -- Hatz -Пре годину
  • The music hit me with the Nostalgia lol. Is that Donkey Kong Country 2?

    Austin CampbellAustin CampbellПре годину
  • anyone know the first song of the video, I've heard it from cs bhop maps before and not being able to find it is killing me

    hollowhollowПре годину
  • 8:35 song?

    ibrahim _22ibrahim _22Пре годину
    • Its from Divinity original sin 2 i think is the battle for divinity theme Edit: its the shadow prince theme

      matias pimientamatias pimientaПре 11 месеци
  • cmon bro are you seriously becoming sirchez with the titles?

    Soviet-19Soviet-19Пре годину
  • Subtitulos español pleaseee!!!!

    Exequiel DiazExequiel DiazПре годину
  • Its funny how he muted enemies when they say something but when someone ban talon he on /all "at least banned my talon" like...

    kaue douglaskaue douglasПре годину
  • WTF you use a DKC2 music, it's my favorite game eveeeer!!!!!!!

    RémyCubeRémyCubeПре годину
  • 08:05 my ears...

    Burak BaykalBurak BaykalПре годину
  • 7:25 That had me laughing hard.Thanks Yamikaze

    H.47H.47Пре годину
  • Yami trolll

    Wolf Gaming FAF.Wolf Gaming FAF.Пре годину
  • 8:05 rip headphones users

    Othoniel CarrilloOthoniel CarrilloПре годину
  • exactly 10 minutes long.. hmmm.

    Eggø WafflesEggø WafflesПре годину
  • Holy shit divinity 2 soundtrack

    Lu KuaLu KuaПре годину
  • Wait why does Zac have his old SCOOP ult in this video?

    Darko IvankovićDarko IvankovićПре годину
    • Such a content older gameplay Tobias Fate as example has sometimes 1 month old gameplays and they got uploaded on his RSworld channel 13 hours ago

      Raidboss KenshiroRaidboss KenshiroПре годину
  • love ur edit lmaoo

    Thùy DungThùy DungПре годину
  • Why can’t we see minimap when enemy team should be on it

    Ednuel CatallaEdnuel CatallaПре годину
    • so when he live streams, the enemy team can't watch his game too see where the other team members on yamikaze team are :)

      WezzlowWezzlowПре годину
  • Yamikaze, I'm Brazilian and I accompany your channel, sometimes it's difficult and understand English and I wanted to ask you to put subtitles in Portuguese, right away, thank you XD

    TigrerpTigrerpПре годину
  • Massive big dick egotistical mansplaining energy here folks. ;)

    DraycossDraycossПре годину
  • 👉 👌 ❓

    girthy joegirthy joeПре годину
  • I really like the edites they are really nice and not over edited

    Smileyking2000Smileyking2000Пре годину
    • Interesting. I think they're actually abysmal.

      AeonAeonПре годину
  • wait megaman music? ahhh i wanna play MegaMan now xD

    Splatt SinsSplatt SinsПре годину
  • I know he says it's not funny but typing while running into turret is pretty funny

    DeejayFDeejayFПре годину
  • "Ammmm..." "Technical difficulties. Please stand by." AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    Andrea RapisardaAndrea RapisardaПре годину
  • Yamikaze is my master, he taught me how to play Talon and more then, love Yamikaze

    Vinh Best TalonVinh Best TalonПре годину
  • Can you please upload fullmatch videos as it used to be? At least once a while.

    Ahmet ŞergiAhmet ŞergiПре годину
    • Exactly

      Ahmet ŞergiAhmet ŞergiПре годину
    • Yea right now it's a cringe highlight video from the same guy that does the cringe Prof Akali vids.

      AeonAeonПре годину
  • But you ARE egotistical

    Iiro__Iiro__Пре годину
  • Play ssw břø

    DimitrisGramerDimitrisGramerПре годину
  • Exactly 10:00 as thing should be

    Shiro TakagamiShiro TakagamiПре годину
  • I ranked to plat iv after going 11/0/5 and 10/4/8 with Talon! After I got motivated to play him again after watching your G1 smurfing video. I didn’t play my promos with a Talon because it gets a bit boring after a while to play the same champ, but I won them anyway! Now I’m finally done with my goal in solo duo!

    NoamiasNoamiasПре годину
  • 3:22 music?

    KurokamiKurokamiПре годину
    • If you find it let me know pleasw xD

      Talon AbuserTalon AbuserПре годину
  • Nice editing, I like the fact that it’s simple. The mii music was pretty nice too

    Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
  • this guy has SUCH A BIG EGO hehe

    dajdajПре годину
    • He can have a good ego he is good xf

      trimagostrimagosПре годину
    • @Hakim Smailliw outplayed

      Mad DocMad DocПре годину
  • Nice edit but in my opinion, a little too much music at the beginning

    Chris AllisonChris AllisonПре годину
  • Nice editing

    Everardo RayoEverardo RayoПре годину
  • How many outros do you have?

    AlbiのAlbiのПре годину
    • new outro every vid

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • Love u yami but ur toxic and u should embrace it lmao

    BaperBaperПре годину
    • Hachi Reloaded It was under the “this build is unbeatable when ahead video” that he posted after the ‘d3 zed one’

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
    • @Linda Nguyen what did the tweet say

      Hachi ReloadedHachi ReloadedПре годину
    • Did you read his twitlonger? No insinuations just asking

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
  • Ad jg supp and top are on main role wtf

    A&D ChongA&D ChongПре годину
  • 2 offroles?

    A&D ChongA&D ChongПре годину
  • when do i max q and when do i max w? because in one video you maxed q first and in an other Video you max w first

    AlpeerAlpeerПре годину
    • Max q vs melee like Zed or Kat

      The ProgenitorThe ProgenitorПре годину
  • wowowow SICK edit fuhlays

    KespoKespoПре годину
  • First time here. Holy fuck you speak too fast... I like it

    BoliBerrysBoliBerrysПре годину
  • Yamikaze is so toxic that he ruined his KDA on purpose to the turret just to BM the enemy.

    Mr NoNameMr NoNameПре годину
    • @Yamikaze heheheh

      SnoopySnoopyПре 8 месеци
    • truee

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • 2:21 zac just actually got jebaited

    SurrealSurrealПре годину
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker music? Hell yeah, brother.

    The Immortal God-Emperor of MankindThe Immortal God-Emperor of MankindПре годину
  • 1:45 morg soft inting?

  • This is why i love Talon, easy roam, high mobility, good escaping abbilities, and massive damage! I've been maining him since the very first time i played this game [Mid season of S7]

    DeterxfoxDeterxfoxПре годину
    • @Deterxfox yeah I know exactly what u mean with that ;'D

      CharyxardCharyxardПре годину
    • @Charyxard Yeah, its easy to win with him, But its still depend on how hard your team feed the enemy xD If one enemy is fed, its not really a big deal, u still can carry, but two or more, it will be hard xD

      DeterxfoxDeterxfoxПре годину
    • Just play him more he's such a good hero some people don't know that he can win u games since u can easily get control over the map.

      CharyxardCharyxardПре годину
  • Lol that thumbnail if I only was that handsome hmm 😢👊😂

    hynz sanchezhynz sanchezПре годину
    • wow so gay

      JenqoJenqoПре годину
  • you have a clan name talon main, that's crazy and with 50 people!!

    Frank _1369Frank _1369Пре годину
    • A clan that can never party queue coz everyone plays the same champ

      TheJanindTheJanindПре годину
  • at last ... you do not play the skin gey of Talon

    Baltazar-Kun FicsBaltazar-Kun FicsПре годину
  • hola bro, soy de latinoamerica, y soy tu fan ya que tambien soy main Talon, de hecho tengo hasta muñecos y poster de este gran campeon, espero y veas mi comentario, eres el mejor Talon que conozco

    El Tío TalonEl Tío TalonПре годину
    • Ahaha buena wn yo no maineo talon pero igual veo a yami xD

      Hayek fan 1Hayek fan 1Пре годину
  • Do u have bloodmoon talon

    Edna ModeEdna ModeПре годину
  • Omg you so toxic Wanted to comment this on the first upload but i was late Luv ya you egoistic most toxic arrogant bastard ❤️😂

    mostafa Al-Hasanymostafa Al-HasanyПре годину
  • Bruh you talk to fast, and unclearr

    Dustin StricklandDustin StricklandПре годину
  • Wait who made the thumbnail I need to support this person

    YunDroid 'YunDroid 'Пре годину
    • YunDroid ' the art you mean?

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
  • Holy shit, who made the thumbnail

    YunDroid 'YunDroid 'Пре годину
  • Why do u cover the map? Talon main hardstack g2 any advice

    erti lekoerti lekoПре годину
    • @konstanZX2 I think you're kinda wrong about talon's role in a team. let us agree on something. i did the calculations for this a while ago, and talon with full combo(W, ranged q, mid air ult and auto), does more damage than zed if he lands triple shuriken, e, and one auto. So talon's instant burst is much higher than zed. Yes, it's true that zed is able to 1v1 most champions in the game due to the fact that he actually is better in longer, less bursty fight thanks to death mark, but, he can't just say "fuck you" to a squishy as well as talon can. Also, the thing with talon is that you're supposed to just roam everywhere, getting your team ahead along with you, and the whole enemy team behind. and he's by far the best, along with maybe aurelion sol, at doing that. Your team is bad? it doesn't matter if their lane becomes a 2v1 or a 3v2. Zed can't do that with the same effectiveness, and if he tries to, enemy mid gets fed from tower plates, whereas talon, thanks to really good wave clear and how fast he runs to bot/top, can still prevent them from getting tower plates. And, most importantly. Talon's level 2 cheese is so strong. in lower elos everyone will just get near you during your level 2 and they'll just die. Zed, however, isn't really a champion before level 6. he just doesn't deal damage. so he can only start to snowball at level 6, which really sucks if against a champion like ahri, kassadin, etc who just become the safest thing in existence at 6, and also sucks if against strong lane bullies who will make his life hell. And, even if they can't do any of the former, getting zhonyas/stop watch is such a huge "FUCK YOU" to zed, especially if they have good waveclear to prevent him from roaming. I also said that zed is much harder to play correctly than talon, and is at most only ok unless played by a really good player. and for talon, the only thing that you actually need to practice is the fast oneshot combo. basically, my point is, you need to hard win your lane to be relevant with zed, which is really hard to do because fokin zhonya's, whereas you can just roam with talon and impact the entirety of the map.

      amine saidiamine saidiПре годину
    • @amine saidi not really, zed just outclasses him pretty hard, but its true that hes banned almost every game, thats why I include other picks instead. Ill tell you my personal experience, I destroy with him like 5 minutes in I could be like 3-0 or something like that, I roam a lot, get kills top, bot, on the jungler, then they die getting solo killed, they dont do any objectives out of my roams, and youre kinda bad at doing objectives all by yourself, then comes midgame, yes it always comes this is not high elo where they surrender at 15-20 right away. Im left with a useless team no dmg, then I dont have the dmg to kill the threat, lets say the threat is a master Yi 2-4 score, wins against you, any bruiser wins against you no matter the score, I even had a game where there was a gragas jungle 0-4 and I was 10-3 and couldnt kill him, it was like hitting a rock and the only armor item he had was Ibg, while zed can just erase that target with a simple combo no ult required if he had a score like that. Then you might say:"oh but why dont you go for the adc or the midlaner?" Well they always after my combo escape with 1 hp so its like failing as an assasin. While your adc dies to their bruiser lets say jax, darius whoever. Also their midlaner a lets say ahri can 1v1 you and output more dmg than you with a simple E+Q+W, than your whole combo with R and ignite.. its really frustrating to be 10-3 and loose the game because you cant split against a bruiser because the bruiser kills you no matter what. In teamfights even akali has more time while being in stealth. Like why would you pick an assasin like talon if your team doesnt get anything out of the roams and you cant kill the enemy after a certain time period. Thats why people pick zed as the ad assasin, his dmg is way higher against any target, like it doesnt matter. I really prefer an actual good teamfighter that tops the dmg charts.

      konstanZX2konstanZX2Пре годину
    • @konstanZX2 why tho. talon is pretty nuts in low elo if you want to solo carry a game. and zed is just completely thrash in low elo since he's so hard to play and gets banned every game

      amine saidiamine saidiПре годину
    • dont play talon in low elo xd, pick a scaling champ instead, pick a champion which takes no skill that does ridiculous amonts of dmg and fires from range... like velkoz, lux.. for assasins zed/ahri.

      konstanZX2konstanZX2Пре годину
    • erti leko stream snipers

      itsnotghostfaceitsnotghostfaceПре годину