this is what peak talon performance looks like

13 јун 2019
130 744 Приказа

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Portugese Subtitles: Cawabanga
Thumbnail art:

  • hey guys! i found this really good talon player that u guys should check out... stream is:

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • ty this talon actually knows how to play the game compared to you thank the lord u showed me a decent talon

      Yeeter 1v9Yeeter 1v9Пре годину
    • Isn't that your stream, sensei? Btw I am proud to inform you that after the combo guides and every other talon video of yours, the other day, I, Talon with 13k mastery points carried against 227k lvl 7 mastery Ahri! I reckt them with the power of mobility and global pressence!

      Metodi MincheffMetodi MincheffПре годину
    • Pls do tutoring on a discord or something i need your help :)

      Solaiman SiddiqiSolaiman SiddiqiПре годину
    • wonder who that'll be.

      Simone NoliSimone NoliПре годину
    • 134 kill game?! CLICKBAIT

      Hyoung Jin KimHyoung Jin KimПре годину
  • Yamikaze is so dislikable

    Stefan SanchezStefan SanchezПре 12 сати
  • Anyone notice thresh’s hook completely miss at 4:33

    cheezhamcheezhamПре 5 месеци
  • Wait this is high elo? I thought clown fiestas only happened in low elo

    StarcraftSwarmStarcraftSwarmПре 7 месеци

    Chotipat osotChotipat osotПре 8 месеци
  • Meu amigo o cara norte americano decidiu traduzir as legendas porra tu e o foda mesmo!!

    Pedro AkiraPedro AkiraПре 10 месеци
  • When i saw that thresh’s name i remember he showed up on nb3 vid like 2 yrs ago. Nb3 actually made the title of his name....”uncle jamal”

    Jason LiJason LiПре 10 месеци
  • deads dance

    NurS WasserNurS WasserПре 10 месеци
  • That jhin is so nub the way he thinks is nub

    Alice ChanAlice ChanПре годину
  • 4:17 m-m-m-most kills wins

    Popo PiratPopo PiratПре годину
  • Obrigado seus videos são ótimos ensinamentos para nós BR

    Gabriel LucasGabriel LucasПре годину
  • 9:40 20/18/twenty two? you know your numbers too yami haha

    Samuel GiardSamuel GiardПре годину
  • I just like tacos voice, hes high bro xddd

    Leo FrizenzoLeo FrizenzoПре годину
  • Outro song? Mm

    Jim PalJim PalПре годину

    Michael OrtegaMichael OrtegaПре годину
  • So , u Die 20 times .. in Diamond+ ... and ur not getting flamed , as a support main i Die 5 times at minute getting reported by everyone in my team ...and perma banned for ,, inting" Good job riot... good job..

    xCat PlayxCat PlayПре годину
  • 9:28 Snake? Snake? Snaaaaake

    Aleksander gomesAleksander gomesПре годину
  • I think I have a crush on Taco help

    Mariana PottMariana PottПре годину
  • I want talon skin ;-;

    Joshua ;-;Joshua ;-;Пре годину
  • my best kill match was 34/6/4

    ShazerothShazerothПре годину
  • Why talon on thumbnail looks like Baki The Grappler?

    XantheXantheПре годину
  • 20/18/22? You mean 12?! Lmaooo.

    Bubbly BubsBubbly BubsПре годину
  • Parabéns pela iniciativa de legendar os seu vídeos para o português.

    Matheus Nunes PaivaMatheus Nunes PaivaПре годину
  • wtf are these comments xD

    Valerij RöhValerij RöhПре годину
  • En - My dream was watch Yami's videos subtitled in portuguese. Thanks master!

    2 D2 DПре годину
  • Hello I'm fan boy U from Vietnam 🇻🇳

    KairyuKairyuПре годину
  • Why is every comment in a foreign language wtf?

    Alexander MooreAlexander MooreПре годину
  • brazil loves u

    renatøprenatøpПре годину
  • dont watch this trash. this is just for content. simple logic and boosted gameplay.

    red dotred dotПре годину
  • português aee,valeu yami!

    Raul GabrielRaul GabrielПре годину
  • >Copies katevolved's video title and changes 1 word..

    TechnoKrazeTechnoKrazeПре годину
  • What's with the katevolved titles? xD

    Paris MalaspinasParis MalaspinasПре годину
  • lol the contrast between yami and taco its so high taco is speaking so slowly and yami so fast

    データsyke.データsyke.Пре годину
    • LMAO so true

      Wendy ZhengWendy ZhengПре годину
    • love these two, both are so calm and positive.

      VWLZVWLZПре годину
    • Also taco was like "nah Imma gonna keep my position and play wisely" while yami was like "YOLOOOOOOO..."

      ow3N mahPow3N mahPПре годину
  • More videos with taco pls

    joamftgamerjoamftgamerПре годину
  • Com as legendas em português vai ser muito mais fácil absorve suas dicas, muito obrigado

    Ninja De NerfNinja De NerfПре годину
  • why man

    DonnyDonnyПре годину
  • Muito bom tu joga muito

    pedrão Gamerpedrão GamerПре годину
  • I bet you are chinese

    Deivi dDeivi dПре годину
  • coe, legenda em português

    TayanashiTayanashiПре годину
  • Yamikaze

    Incs SilvaIncs SilvaПре годину
  • Yamikaze your sound same the Nightblue3 LMAO

    pump kinpump kinПре годину
  • Thanks:)

    Angelus IohannesAngelus IohannesПре годину
  • Pt Br

    Yohan KeynYohan KeynПре годину

    peh RILIKIA ϟpeh RILIKIA ϟПре годину
  • Hmmmmmmmm Yamikaze

    B4 ODL Gabriel Ron CruzB4 ODL Gabriel Ron CruzПре годину
  • This look like a game in Viet Nam server

    Vinh Hoàng CôngVinh Hoàng CôngПре годину
  • Brazil?

    dooms daydooms dayПре годину
  • How do you get the custom hud?

    GolemBossGolemBossПре годину
  • yami ... please make a replay game channel : ((

    x Nhanx NhanПре годину
  • Quem legendou isso em português tá de parabéns, viu? Muito bem feita a legenda.

    Antonio RogerAntonio RogerПре годину
  • Hey man, I am a huge Talon main from China(a little over 3k and counting), and I enjoy your game plays a lot! May I request that if possible, could you do up a montage, but only specifically showing early game all ins. I feel like that is really what makes or breaks a Talon Player's game.

    Lin JingyuLin JingyuПре годину
  • WoooooooooOOOOOOoooWw

    Seba 063Seba 063Пре годину
  • Mano, legenda em português que foda

    mateusteiromateusteiroПре годину
  • Eoqqqqqqqqqq godddddd

    Fagão O Talon MiserávelFagão O Talon MiserávelПре годину
  • you are cuter on yt

    chumichumiПре годину
  • Good Yamikaze quero chegar ao mesmo nivel de deus do seu Talon.

    Alcides Alvarez HC7Alcides Alvarez HC7Пре годину
  • So this is challenger elo

    human sonichuman sonicПре годину
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm from Brazil and I love your videos, thanks for the caption

    Fabio RodriguesFabio RodriguesПре годину
  • 2:52 how did he get his bleed out on this nunu ?

    Furkan YücelFurkan YücelПре годину
    • Sunfire he landed his Full W and the Q damage, so nunu had 3 stacks on himself. After the stopwatch ran out, he auto attacked him.

      Raidboss KenshiroRaidboss KenshiroПре годину

    girthy joegirthy joeПре годину
  • What do you think qiyana's build is going to be? Duskblade triforce steraks? Electrocute, dark harvest, or conqueror?

    Fenrir UnshackledFenrir UnshackledПре годину
  • legenda em português ficou excelente!!! xdxd

    kah rolinekah rolineПре годину
  • Thanks for subtitle in portuguese.

    Rodrigo RodriguesRodrigo RodriguesПре годину
  • What elo is this lmfao

    Take OverTake OverПре годину
  • U two are so nice together🤣😂

    Renke LRenke LПре годину
  • I almost got into a match with you guys but someone dodged

    Iron SnowIron SnowПре годину
  • *133

    RynoPlastyLOLRynoPlastyLOLПре годину

    Pedro Vitor Cavalcante Alves vitorPedro Vitor Cavalcante Alves vitorПре годину
  • Thankssss for the captionnssss

    Pedro Vitor Cavalcante Alves vitorPedro Vitor Cavalcante Alves vitorПре годину
  • i like this one

    KatEvolvedKatEvolvedПре годину
    • LMFAO hi jack

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • Taco speaks likes he's stoned

    I Love RiceI Love RiceПре годину
  • I dont know why you call this peak Performance

    Payam DabidianPayam DabidianПре годину
  • Sensei, I cant load this video and only this video.....T_T

    Metodi MincheffMetodi MincheffПре годину
  • 69+64 =133

    LVXDLVXDПре годину
  • y los subtitulos en español? jajaja 133 kills wooww

    geovanny fuentesgeovanny fuentesПре годину
  • clickbait

    GodAsunaGodAsunaПре годину
  • its 133 kill game lol

    vulcanvulcanПре годину
  • Oh, that Thresh was uncle jamal

    Mizuki HoshiMizuki HoshiПре годину
  • Daily story at Vietnamese rank :3

    Tài TrầnTài TrầnПре годину
  • *Katevolved feels offended*

    GlaDyOfficialGlaDyOfficialПре годину
  • can i be *unbanned* ?

    Alex SummersAlex SummersПре годину
  • Hey yami i do like u as ur way of talk + u are amazing player But sorry that jhin u premade with is SO FREAKING TOXIC, flashes for ks, blaming for 600 gold for draven blaming brand, blaning every one then he simply ran and tells u that he uses brain, You know what fuk u and ur brain, when u Q up with yami u should have some respect!

    AdamAdamПре годину
    • Dude chill, they're friends they are just having some fun and joking around. Also if you think that is toxic then you can go fuck yourself.

      Mason MaMason MaПре годину
  • The heck was this game haha

    Yang LeeYang LeeПре годину
  • Look at the chat at 10:01... lol.

    Dustin McClungDustin McClungПре годину
  • Thanks yamikaze, for the subtiteles in brazilian, is more easy to understand the video S2

    ThalisonThalisonПре годину
  • please reveal your face ")

    Jam Cuenca 할 것이다Jam Cuenca 할 것이다Пре годину
  • Tem mais br do que americano aqui kkk

    Andro MitoAndro MitoПре годину
    • real kkkkkk

      Uchiha AnimadoUchiha AnimadoПре годину
  • WAIT that thresh is uncle jamal form that one nightblue video! Anyone remember? No? just me?

    Saketh P.Saketh P.Пре годину
    • I remember

      Darrei DeamosDarrei DeamosПре годину
  • Valeu yamikazeeeee

    ViniciusViniciusПре годину
  • After so long I have reached mastery 7 on Talon, your videos actually helped me with tid bits and cool tricks, thank youuu p.s. been watching since last year and I've loved playing Talon ever since

    Kenny TekKenny TekПре годину
  • You’re about as good as adding as taco

    Jasisnotok _Jasisnotok _Пре годину
  • Te amo yamikaze,finalmente assistir seus vídeos em português

    Yuri GabrielYuri GabrielПре годину
    • Eu tbm hkkkk

      Lucas MarcelinoLucas MarcelinoПре годину
  • Lengths of Brazil, you are the best talon of the world

    SilenTSilenTПре годину
  • Taco + Yami best duo

    AshxnAshxnПре годину
  • 4:30 anyone else see the pro thresh hook?

    AronicAronicПре годину
  • 6 minutes into video, I could finally see their midlaner

    Miko0XDMiko0XDПре годину
  • ricardo nunes

    Syndra SolteiraSyndra SolteiraПре годину
  • Love your videos bro, keep up the good work :)

    Millard-0-GamingMillard-0-GamingПре годину
  • Krl yamikaze eu te amo cara , eu aprendi inglês pra assistir seus vídeos e stream e agr ainda tem legenda , best world talon s2

    Gabriel GamaGabriel GamaПре годину
  • Ae poha agora tá legendado pro Brasil Nice yami ❤️

    Yuri GabrielYuri GabrielПре годину
    • Cara, tente aprender inglês, eu te garanto que vai mudar a sua vida.

      Gley SamaGley SamaПре годину