They didn't expect Talon Top to out-gank both junglers...

3 јул 2019
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Portugese Subtitles: Cawabanga
Thumbnail art by: Yosukii

  • this guys stream is cool go follow him:

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • Yami my dude you have inspired me to actually try hard this season i started iron 4 and now im at bronze 3 i hope to at least make it silver this season as talon is my main one thing too bro before i go can you list the songs used in your vids they are so nostalgic thanks again man have a good one.

      Talon AbuserTalon AbuserПре годину
    • He's so cool why doesn't he have a RSworld channel yet

      AatroxAatroxПре годину
  • I mean if I could hop over every wall I could gank pretty well

    xCayce CarrxCayce CarrПре 21 дан
  • 2:17 hit him from far away wtf

    alejandro jimenezalejandro jimenezПре месец
  • Song name at the start of the vid? It has a sick beat ngl.

    LICJJ0903LICJJ0903Пре 2 месеца
  • 8:26 Ashe: YALL BE SLEEPING ON ASHE SUPP Next clip Ashe: ded

    HerculesHerculesПре 9 месеци
  • Is it just me or there is something wrong with the map...

    Chris WayneChris WayneПре 10 месеци
  • bruh u never showd us how much lp u got off that

    aeylitexaeylitexПре 10 месеци
  • Fukin Rat

    Unetéro StardustUnetéro StardustПре 10 месеци
  • CEO of clickbait

    Dyuwu DarlinggDyuwu DarlinggПре 11 месеци
  • That akali had no chill at 8:50

    EtmarEtmarПре 11 месеци
  • Can anyone tell me what is the stream web on back in yamis video

    Nauman RafiqueNauman RafiqueПре годину
  • The lee sin might be an adc main but still can play lee

    Riley DeanRiley DeanПре годину
  • What do u think about Sanguine Blade on Talon?

    ToniSosa45ToniSosa45Пре годину
  • I learned hot to talon watching you hehe

    Mc Allwin Mondejar MondejarMc Allwin Mondejar MondejarПре годину
  • Thanks for the Portuguese subtitle, master. Today I'm monoTalon in my server cause ur videos. Thanks a lot.

    2 D2 DПре годину
  • How many LP did he get after 2nd game ? Should've showed it.

    NexhuANexhuAПре годину
  • I know W,Q,R combo is a thing but 2:17 is BS how did you pop passive lol

    Antimosity5.0Antimosity5.0Пре годину
    • I think it was the ignite that killed her

      David VictorDavid VictorПре годину
  • how does yami know that xin will start red buff?

    Wimpy MikeWimpy MikeПре годину
  • 11:44

    John Wick 4John Wick 4Пре годину
  • That last play was sexy af with perfect zhonya and pyke kill 👌🏼❤️ btw come here to eune best smurf server we from poland have good vibes haH 🇵🇱✌🏼

    Marow_skMarow_skПре годину
  • Subtitle your videos in portuguese pls

    Gowther 1Gowther 1Пре годину
  • Subtitle your videos in portuguese pls, i don't understand inglish good

    Gowther 1Gowther 1Пре годину
    • his videos do have portuguese subtitles, you just have to wait a little bit until it's done

      MiguelMiguelПре годину
  • Is Talon fun to play?

    ZekiZekiПре годину
  • Name of the last song plsss

    Đặng Thành LộcĐặng Thành LộcПре годину
    • one minute - noodles

      KevinKevinПре 7 месеци
    • Xin mà k ai cho

      John Wick 4John Wick 4Пре годину
  • settings

    Y0inksY0inksПре годину
  • Yamikaze could tell me how he modified lol hud? (I am brazilian)

    Eduardo BarbosaEduardo BarbosaПре годину
    • its a stream overlay

      ReformedAFKReformedAFKПре годину
  • To amanda os videos com legenda!!!! Por favor não para Yamikaze

    Laci FreitasLaci FreitasПре годину
  • You sound yummy :3 good player ^.^

    Lucas WhoLucas WhoПре годину
  • You can really tell this is NA 😜

    Danijel RakicDanijel RakicПре годину
  • Hey yami how can I get better at 1v1 in lane with talon cause most times I lose with the remaining with 10 hp

    Heart BrokenHeart BrokenПре годину
  • Challenger so close :))

    khanh truongkhanh truongПре годину
  • OMG 10:46 was such clean play!!!!!

    Wenli LiaoWenli LiaoПре годину
  • O.O Yami is a goddd

    Donald CruzDonald CruzПре годину
  • Why dont we see people one the fking map 😂😂 ?

    Ghaligued LtkmGhaligued LtkmПре годину
  • I want that akali icon so bad

    xdragon 01xdragon 01Пре годину
  • now im not gonna tilt after being 1/5 coz i teamfight can get you back to 5/5

    Kevin TuazonKevin TuazonПре годину
  • 0:00 this one tip may sound arrogant but it's so fcking true

    cheercheerПре годину
    • Hehe

      mimi jeetmimi jeetПре годину
  • donkey kong music , am I right ?

    Luk-SevenLuk-SevenПре годину
  • so many players know the W flash. the fastest and 100%-hit combo is WQ flash ignite R the best talon Zhiqiang create it

    Jason LJason LПре годину
    • @Jason L oh, I see, I thought you would flash to secure the return of you W and Melee you Q before using R.

      HarlequinHarlequinПре годину
    • @Harlequin not to melee Q ! we all know that the melee q would not give the auto attack to make the passive. it's WQ flash instead of w flash but in the same situation. theQ flash is similar to theW flash. just like the difference between flash w and w flash. the Q flash is much faster

      Jason LJason LПре годину
    • So flash to melee Q? If not, then it would just be a waste of a flash. It would just rely on speed and not overall burst.

      HarlequinHarlequinПре годину
  • 10:52 the fuck?!!

    DonovanDonovanПре годину
  • (Google Translation)hello yamikaze. i translated your talon's build guide into japanese. May I publish this translation on my blog? of course I write in the blog what I got permission.

    ほめしほめしПре годину
    • i got permission in twitch yesterday. thx yamikaze!

      ほめしほめしПре годину
  • What does that mean 5:18

    GlaDyOfficialGlaDyOfficialПре годину
  • Ele vai parar de legendar em ptbr? ;-;

    João zzJoão zzПре годину
  • Wtf so you consider diamond players bad!? Have you ever been in bronze/silver?

    StarmanDStarmanDПре годину
  • why akali is your wallpaper? good vid tho, but i always wondering when i see that.

    Vígh LeonárdVígh LeonárdПре годину
    • Talon's girlfriend? XD

      RaiRaiПре годину

    Metodi MincheffMetodi MincheffПре годину
  • I got a question, do you sometimes play Diana on Stream? I saw you just updated a guide on Mobafire for Diana

    Michael ReinprechtMichael ReinprechtПре годину
  • 10.49 proves u r the best talon of the world!!

    Kakashi SenseiKakashi SenseiПре годину
    • no he aint the best in the world only the best NA talon

      Phat WuksPhat WuksПре годину
  • your great at ks

    GrheyGrheyПре годину
  • 10:47-10:57 that's a Goddamn smurf play

    ArisufizuArisufizuПре годину
  • Hey Yami,you got a lot of brazilian viewers.The portuguese subtitles were a lot helpful for us to understand and watch your videos.

    Thomaz AragãoThomaz AragãoПре годину
  • Thumbnail art ?

    Damyan MihailovDamyan MihailovПре годину
  • I really love your vids but maybe you would be willing to change the format of them (or at least start series) where you do not cut it to the plays but show the full gameplay so us, silver scrubs, could pick up some macro play. thx bb :*

    TadasTadasПре годину
    • Cant Even darn. Don’t think he’s gonna go back man. Those videos don’t do too well

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
    • @Linda Nguyen hard pass on that one, friendo.

      TadasTadasПре годину
    • Cant Even you should watch his vods on twitch

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
  • Anybody know the song at 8:58?

    Mbyrd178Mbyrd178Пре годину
    • 90% sure that's the fountain of dreams music from melee

      DekeyserDekesDekeyserDekesПре годину
  • Legends in portuguese?

    Fagão O Talon MiserávelFagão O Talon MiserávelПре годину
  • ur sooo insane player yammi i cant blieve thats ur sooooo fking clean bro omg

    Ammar Al_NajjarAmmar Al_NajjarПре годину
  • Sem legenda :/

    Incs SilvaIncs SilvaПре годину

    YatoYatoПре годину
  • yami: Every diamond player will run down and everyhigh elo player will pop-off! *yami few minutes later* 1-5 against 4-1 renekton

    CharmGuysCharmGuysПре годину
    • Well renek is a monster champ in top if played decently.

      SummerSonataSummerSonataПре 6 месеци
    • Yeah, tbh, he should have just posted the first clip and just prolong it.

      HarlequinHarlequinПре годину
  • Do you build Tiamat first? My cousin said you build youmuu’s first

    Ronnie PhamRonnie PhamПре годину
    • he does most of the time. pretty sure his new build is tiamat first for farming

      TelkiTelkiПре годину
  • You inspire me :D Learnt a lot from your gameplays and guide 👍

    Minh Nhut NGUYENMinh Nhut NGUYENПре годину
  • Sem legenda em português 😭😭😭

    MaijoMaijoПре годину
    • @Kelvin Lutz agr esta mais no dia em q lançou nao tinha

      MaijoMaijoПре годину
    • Aqui ta legendado

      Kelvin LutzKelvin LutzПре годину
    • Sim mano, vou chorar

      João zzJoão zzПре годину
  • Love ur videos yami keep it up! TALON MAINS FTW BABY LEGGO 💪🏼

    Arnoldo LopezArnoldo LopezПре годину
    • , 😂

      MAOU SAMAMAOU SAMAПре годину
  • gg wp man

    THE LAST OnETHE LAST OnEПре годину
  • Clean Talon

    LeroyLeroyПре годину
  • Song name @0:45

    Anthony LopezAnthony LopezПре годину
    • i need it too ):

      William DabbWilliam DabbПре 7 месеци
  • Yami my man, i main talon since i watched dis. 🙃 problem: my cs is fucked every game, any tips?

    Gilles UiterwijkGilles UiterwijkПре годину
    • just rush tiamat,its passive will help you clear fast and the active will guarantee last hits.

      H.47H.47Пре годину
    • Do you buy tiamat?

      schyzaXDschyzaXDПре годину
  • so the real question here is how much lp did u gain for the last match?

    Alae karouAlae karouПре годину
  • Legenda em pt br?! do not leave Brazil, yami. We love you!

    Pablo LucasPablo LucasПре годину
  • Bro that flash E over the wall then you one shot pyke was sooooo clean

    Daniel GrosdidierDaniel GrosdidierПре годину
    • My jaw literally dropped

      Immanuel WilsonImmanuel WilsonПре 7 месеци
  • sick content as per usual :D

    BavBavПре годину
  • 11:20 nice 1 shot

    Louis HiminezLouis HiminezПре годину
  • Аре къде сте България 5:43

    ivchoeee tswivchoeee tswПре годину
  • Best Talon Việt Nam =)))))

    Quái Dương LêQuái Dương LêПре годину
    • Cay thật xin k ai cho @@

      John Wick 4John Wick 4Пре годину
    • Nguyen Nam Không biết =))))))

      Quái Dương LêQuái Dương LêПре годину
    • Nhạc cuối video.là gì thế bạn

      John Wick 4John Wick 4Пре годину
  • Why sometimes your ult return to the enemy?

    SaúlSaúlПре годину
    • @Thomas Bui yeah that's right

      Gaming MusicGaming MusicПре годину
    • @Gaming Music aa or q... doesnt matter

      Thomas BuiThomas BuiПре годину
    • U auto attack him then the ult goes to the enemy dealing additional damage

      Gaming MusicGaming MusicПре годину
    • I think it's when u use ur abilities on the enemy after ulting

      AatroxAatroxПре годину
  • algún español?

    Josias el crack XDJosias el crack XDПре годину
  • Soo siick

    Ahmet ŞergiAhmet ŞergiПре годину
  • Sem legendas em português, dia triste rapaziada :(

    Neto MartinsNeto MartinsПре годину
    • Só aprender inglês

      Ya boi ManoYa boi ManoПре годину
  • Yami: Im so good im so smart better top wins... Also Yami: Stupid talon mains ni damage hehe xD ?

    Lazar lol1Lazar lol1Пре годину
  • notification squad!!

    Petr CzechPetr CzechПре годину
  • Nice Yami!!

    YamiYamiПре годину
  • Do you think conqueror talon is good?

    Bryce GamesBryce GamesПре годину
    • Am Ir ok thanks I saw someone do it in my ranked game and was wondering if it was good

      Bryce GamesBryce GamesПре годину
    • Bryce Games it's not talon is not meant for long battles so burst dmg is the best for him.

      Am IrAm IrПре годину
  • I'm sick of watching at 360p

    Luka ZelicLuka ZelicПре годину
  • meeee na legenda

    SlaSlaПре годину
  • Is talon in a good spot rn?

    Alec YuAlec YuПре годину
    • ya hes good

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • notification squad boyy

    EaZee 21EaZee 21Пре годину
  • first?

    PeDaVidaPeDaVidaПре годину
    • Br e fodakk

      speed boyspeed boyПре годину