Their mid wanted me to throw for his promos then rages after I beat him

8 јан 2020
763 088 Приказа

jokes on him I can play other champs :^)
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  • New Year New Yami

    SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре годину
    • Like 600, kiss me

      RivalyrRivalyrПре 10 месеци
    • Mark Anthony Antonio Summs timer

      jTjTПре годину
    • Why he is always chatting 720 mid?

      Mark Anthony AntonioMark Anthony AntonioПре годину
    • My small brain tried to read this as happy new year yami but couldn’t figure out why it didn’t look like that

      Doggy DogDoggy DogПре годину
    • The pmd monster house music brought back memories. Mainly PTSD, but also memories. Literally 30 mins ago they revealed the remake for the very first 2006 Pokemon mystery dungeon and are calling it Rescue Team DX. You're a great editor man, keep it up!

      Barb RozenblumBarb RozenblumПре годину
  • I don't understand this, why ask for a wintrade then try your hardest lmao. na high elo !🙅

    OrangeOrangeПре 20 дана
  • I’m not a fanboy so I’ll say it, if was not because of your jg supp, in a 1 v 1 against him, you was going to lose, I think

    Cold WeebCold WeebПре 21 дан

    Oxi O ZannosOxi O ZannosПре 22 дана
  • babyrage123 in the year of our hell 2021, keep up the good work.

    VonrielVonrielПре 25 дана

    David MoralesDavid MoralesПре 28 дана
  • you are so cool

    polar _882 No mas canal principalpolar _882 No mas canal principalПре месец
  • Pretty sure the title just changed

    aryen iyeraryen iyerПре месец
  • Diana might not carry her team, but did carry Yami's RSworld content

    WarmMafuraWarmMafuraПре 2 месеца
  • babyrage123

    Deomark PilapilDeomark PilapilПре 2 месеца
  • babyrage123

    Deomark PilapilDeomark PilapilПре 2 месеца
  • this mid is lowkey a boosted bronze

    JJПре 2 месеца
  • Holy fuck that title was exaggerated it wasn’t even “baby rage” he actually took it so well. Do you not know what banter is or what😐

    dex gendex genПре 2 месеца
  • me and my friends always make a joke about, "Oh he quit League of Legends, welp time to update matchmaking timer last time was 2 hours 10 min now + another 20 minutes XD" less player longer matchmake XD it is what it is

    Ariq MalyaAriq MalyaПре 2 месеца
  • satisfying

    Gu JeffreyGu JeffreyПре 2 месеца
  • BabyRage123

    FatefulFatefulПре 2 месеца
  • Why did you Type those Numbers in The Chat? I dont get that really

    OmegaXOmegaXПре 3 месеца
  • So that guy is now p1 and playing bot games to make himself feel good, so yeah... He fell down real quick

    Mecolay PostingMecolay PostingПре 3 месеца
  • Im just a bit confused as to how he manages type the flash timers so damn fast. can someone help me out here, or is it just superhuman fast typing?

    Mr. OctopieMr. OctopieПре 3 месеца
  • What's the name of the 'montage' song at 2:33 ? Thank you

    AlvieAlvieПре 3 месеца
    • Neeeevermind i actually found it King Dedede's Theme - Kirby Super Star Bully for me

      AlvieAlvieПре 3 месеца
  • what do the numbers he says mean? eg: "720 mid"

    Jayden SalveJayden SalveПре 3 месеца
    • Flash timers (if mid flashes at 3:00, then their flash will come back up at 8:00 so he types 800 mid)

      VenoVenoПре 3 месеца
  • Babyrage123 homie

    CouricCouricПре 3 месеца
  • My heart gows doki doki

    selim SISOselim SISOПре 3 месеца
  • Btw, what’s this random numbers he says? Like mid 940 or something like that?

    Cold WeebCold WeebПре 4 месеца
  • Man you are really good playing as talon and know how to farm your midlane. I not even good at any lane.

    TheMad DevilTheMad DevilПре 4 месеца
  • Why not max W first? As Diana?

    LinhMiuLinhMiuПре 5 месеци
  • Babyrage123

    Eric ChuEric ChuПре 5 месеци
  • 1:24 I literally yelled wee wee at this part as to pretend to speak French them yamikaze laughed tf

    RadHolmiesRadHolmiesПре 5 месеци
  • 3:12🤣🤣🤣

    1k Stacks1k StacksПре 5 месеци
  • Was there a pokemon mystery dungeon theme in this video???

    Destiny DestroyerDestiny DestroyerПре 6 месеци
  • What’s the song at 4:34

    Rachel FranquiRachel FranquiПре 6 месеци
  • Music at 2:35?

    Haydee ParinalHaydee ParinalПре 6 месеци
  • whats the music he always plays for that montage esc called its so good

    ar yanar yanПре 6 месеци
  • Yami's dislikers are just actually his enemy laners

    Kian MaristelaKian MaristelaПре 6 месеци
  • What does 940jg 820mid mean? Yami said it in chat at 2:25

    AggeremidAggeremidПре 6 месеци
  • Got a good laugh outa the "boom what up solo Renenkton here" lol

    Ryan RickabyRyan RickabyПре 6 месеци
  • sometimes I wonder why I want to play League again. :/ I would say, "at least I'm not gonna be doing ranked" but then I remember there are plenty of people like this in all game formats. :\

    DarkDjinni UmbrageDarkDjinni UmbrageПре 6 месеци
  • That dude was chill tho kinda liked him ngl

    SariusSariusПре 6 месеци
  • Honor Shen

    BRBRПре 6 месеци
  • 6:20 3 rings Is that the proper diana build xd

    ShyGuy SDShyGuy SDПре 6 месеци
  • wats 1450ad and other stuff

    kenny Caokenny CaoПре 7 месеци
  • 9:41 ardent **** diana :D

    Kalle NieminenKalle NieminenПре 7 месеци
  • babyrage123

    IcarusIcarusПре 7 месеци
  • I just dont understand how he can a absolutely melt people so easily

    ListlessListlessПре 7 месеци
  • When you hear Yami saying “Ok Im going to actually try to make him suffer”

    Michael ChristidisMichael ChristidisПре 7 месеци
  • If I actually played against Yami I would build full armor even if i played Diana just to troll him

    Omega04Omega04Пре 7 месеци
  • why does he say 940 jg 820 mid

    LSelfishLSelfishПре 7 месеци
  • Yami uses hack if you don't believe me see 4:07 how he E in the red area

    PIrate Hunter GamzPIrate Hunter GamzПре 7 месеци
  • Sorry for bein a nut but what are the numbers he keeps putting in chat like "1914 mid"?

    SwallowGamingSwallowGamingПре 7 месеци
  • What is "940jg 820mid" he keeps typing ?

    M MM MПре 7 месеци
  • Yami. What's with the like numbers and the role near them. Like for example. 940mid. 860 top?

    Avi_on1Avi_on1Пре 7 месеци
  • 4:35 oh hey it's quantum in the chat

    ZeveaiZeveaiПре 7 месеци
  • babyrage123

    Cameron ChangCameron ChangПре 7 месеци
  • well, that's the thing with league, sometimes the only way you can climb is playing the broken ones, maybe this dude does not acknowledge this, maybe that's why he was so upset.

    jackjack116jackjack116Пре 7 месеци
    • no because talon isnt busted hes only busted if you let him roam and get free kills lmao ive vsed plently of talons and even main him but sett destroys his ass cheeks

      DevinDevinПре месец
  • 8:27 Challenger ult.

    Kyle LiberoKyle LiberoПре 7 месеци
  • careful if you get used to Talon you might be spammin E on Diana and Expect her to Jump over an obstacle :P

    Michael ChristidisMichael ChristidisПре 7 месеци
  • The sad part is i know that most of the music in the vídeo are from kirby, but i can't remember the name

    Little pussyLittle pussyПре 7 месеци
  • What was that “update to a riot account”?

    Carlos NiñoCarlos NiñoПре 7 месеци
  • relying on sup and j g

    Sky WongSky WongПре 7 месеци
    • hate this guy laughing at others when win game when no one literally flame or talk trash to him

      Sky WongSky WongПре 7 месеци
  • babyrage123

    Jeer and Chirp with a cup of tea.Jeer and Chirp with a cup of tea.Пре 8 месеци
  • Maybe i'm the only one who noticed it, but the diana/irelia changed her club tag between the game , on the diana game it was :) and on the irelia game it was ?xd

    Dark StelaniumDark StelaniumПре 8 месеци
  • 4:00 "I'm A vIrGiN" xd

    FloDeVloFloDeVloПре 8 месеци
  • I dunno why I didn't hear about you before :D Damn dude your vids are awesome :D Keep doing great job m8!

    wickEdwickEdПре 8 месеци
  • i love all the subliminal messaging memes in your vids

    BurgerKing FootLettuceBurgerKing FootLettuceПре 8 месеци
  • whats the song in the first clip lol

    ekoekoПре 8 месеци
  • Babyrage123 btw

    DFX NeonDFX NeonПре 8 месеци
  • OMG This kid is begging for promos and his team to ban yamis champs OMG I can't believe it!XD

    DFX NeonDFX NeonПре 8 месеци
  • 3:57 how did he jump over the wall while its red??

    Jesse MiddeldorpJesse MiddeldorpПре 8 месеци
    • Jesse Middeldorp I think that wall is split into sections. You can see that the part he jumped over did not have a red border. The red lines cut off right at those trees

      Spiritsoul108Spiritsoul108Пре 8 месеци
  • I am ashamed of that Diana

    RinRinПре 8 месеци
  • This title is like a pornhub title

    Giannis NikolaouGiannis NikolaouПре 8 месеци
  • What means when you write 940 jngl or 820 mid and etc?

    Robertas savasRobertas savasПре 8 месеци
  • how do u do the timer on the enemy summ spells is it a app or something?

    olek jagiełaolek jagiełaПре 8 месеци
    • Step 1: Wait for enemy flash Step 2: Write flash cooldowns in Notepad Step 3: Ctrl+C Ctrl+V PROFIT for you and your team

      ShiroShiroПре 8 месеци
  • babyrage123

    SilDøvahSilDøvahПре 8 месеци
  • how much did you pay your boyfriend for this content? its not even funny its hella cringe

    Lysergic SigmaLysergic SigmaПре 8 месеци
  • That Shen seems to enjoy himself with this spectacle lol

    simsom4343simsom4343Пре 8 месеци
  • what means "940 jg 820 mid"

    DafDafПре 8 месеци
    • Timers when their summoners come back up after using them

      Not KuraNot KuraПре 8 месеци
  • Why does Yami keep typing things like "720 mid" or "1450 ad 1450 ap" What does that mean? Why?

    LucasCHGLucasCHGПре 8 месеци
    • Flash has 5 minutes of cooldown, he is typing in chat the enemy laner flash cooldown for when it comes up, for example if Irelia flashed at 5:30 her flash will be back up at 10:30 so he types in chat for example midf 1030 so that he will know when he engages on her again if she will have flash or not or if the jungler wants to gank so that the jungler will know that irelia won't have flash until 10:30

      Alexander RusuAlexander RusuПре 5 месеци
    • @Akashi L9 you literally just add 500 to the current time..?

      TechnoKrazeTechnoKrazeПре 8 месеци
    • @Akashi L9 copy paste. He just writes it once, and reminds it sometimes :)

      HugoHugoПре 8 месеци
    • I need to know how can i do it

      Akashi L9Akashi L9Пре 8 месеци
    • And how he type it so fast

      Akashi L9Akashi L9Пре 8 месеци
  • At 3:56, how does he E over this wall?

    Geck -Geck -Пре 8 месеци
  • OK I'm lost. When he puts something like "720 Mid", what does it mean? I'm still new to League

    Zaz RiberraZaz RiberraПре 8 месеци
    • It means mid will have flash at 7:20min

      matthew kaynematthew kayneПре 8 месеци
  • Tiamat --> CDR boots --> Ghostblade --> Edge of Night --> Duskblade --> Last Whisper is this what u did? ;o I AM USING IT! :)

    WateredWaterWateredWaterПре 8 месеци
  • babyrage 123 to be honest this video was kinda sad I feel bad for fidey

    Bizzy JackBizzy JackПре 8 месеци
  • The Pokémon mystery dungeon music tho

    Aryan RenjithAryan RenjithПре 8 месеци
  • I may ask a stupid qst can u jump on red walls 3:58

    kassim salujakassim salujaПре 8 месеци
  • what's the music syfer used at 2:33 I want it :)

    ElectriZackElectriZackПре 8 месеци
    • was looking for it too... King Dedede's theme... probably from something like Kirby super star or some remix of it

      B2O15O15M13B2O15O15M13Пре 6 месеци
  • what are the number things he always saying in chat

    SnvyySnvyyПре 8 месеци
  • Is there any other platform I can follow you on? I want to learn how to play akali better and I want to learn more about the runes you use, love your videos btw please teach me how to step out of bronze

    chris rodriguezchris rodriguezПре 8 месеци
  • Boom what up solorenekton here

    Paint The SkyPaint The SkyПре 8 месеци
  • 3:56 visual glitch that shows unvaultable wall but he vaults over it?

    MMПре 8 месеци
    • @bruh moment ye i see that now :D

      MMПре 8 месеци
    • A small section of the wall was vaultable

      bruh momentbruh momentПре 8 месеци
  • Ur a babyrage123

    pytopytoПре 8 месеци
  • What does the number mean what Yami always type in the chat (940 jg 240 mid) Like that

    Nguyen ThienNguyen ThienПре 8 месеци
  • 3:12 LOL

    slayer bainoslayer bainoПре 8 месеци
  • babyrage123

    Ryan TehRyan TehПре 8 месеци
  • Babyrage123

    Wasim HaddadWasim HaddadПре 8 месеци
  • Here, have a sub. You're freaking great, man.

    Blake NABlake NAПре 8 месеци
  • I rewatched this after 4 months because fuck you who cares. 8:50 ardent censor and you censored the censor. Well played Syfer I only noticed it after 4 months. Well played!

    OnnujOnnujПре 8 месеци
  • 3:13

    塞尔塞尔Пре 8 месеци
  • 7:08 literally looked like an anime showdown

    How Did I Get Here?How Did I Get Here?Пре 8 месеци
  • 1:43 did he really just say malaka??

    Assassingaming_ GRAssassingaming_ GRПре 8 месеци
  • What the hell is the song that starts at 2:34. I hear it every vid and now it's in my head

    stefheadstefheadПре 8 месеци
  • -Matches into yami- Me: alright bois, ff 15

    Erick XlaveitErick XlaveitПре 8 месеци