their jungler won't forget flash vs talon after this game...

27 мај 2019
65 737 Приказа

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  • What’s the champion that yami killed at 2:03?

    SmolRee1124SmolRee1124Пре 6 месеци
  • And I was wonderin where I had heard that music from then I read the comments

    Michael ChristidisMichael ChristidisПре 7 месеци
  • Who's the champ playing bot with the jhin on the enemy team never seen him

    michael czerwinskimichael czerwinskiПре 7 месеци
  • Aatrox: ban my fucking darius again Aatrox: i dare you

    CampioneDi17CampioneDi17Пре 7 месеци
  • 9:25 Ah yes, Final Fantasy Sonic X Battle Song

    Johangel RodríguezJohangel RodríguezПре 8 месеци
  • All of this guys videos are firee and his music collection alsoooooooo fireeeeeee

    stilltippin85stilltippin85Пре 9 месеци
  • "Ban myfkindarius again i dare u" lol

    dillon Brafford streaming pokemondillon Brafford streaming pokemonПре 9 месеци
  • Aatrox : ban my fucking Darius again I dare you

    axel blazeaxel blazeПре 9 месеци
  • This is the first time im seeing yamikaze playing like shit lol

    Jon LeongJon LeongПре 10 месеци
  • yamikase eres mi idolo :c

    daniel reyesdaniel reyesПре 10 месеци
  • AC Odyssey theme song is nice nostalgia !

    pat briseboispat briseboisПре годину
  • pants are inting

    eXistanCialeXistanCialПре годину
  • Pants are Pants

    AndraxAndraxПре годину
  • Music?

    G SG SПре годину
  • Rip taco

    Doggy DogDoggy DogПре годину
  • Damn, Yami, Pants and Taco in the same game

    t a m a n e g it a m a n e g iПре годину
  • Facecam pls :))

    Ngô Quang LiêmNgô Quang LiêmПре годину
  • What's the name of the OST?

    Patrick HoPatrick HoПре годину
  • song at 0:51 ?

    Arouf_56 GROPEKArouf_56 GROPEKПре годину
  • that zelda music really gets me

    j3nkij3nkiПре годину
  • You make challenger games look like bronze games x)

    Louis RobitailleLouis RobitailleПре годину
  • Im a silver/gold player and talon is one of the champs im most succesful with, but im having it hard to carry with him in the mid/late game i just get demolished in teamfights and i dont really find an answer for it

    comingfallcomingfallПре годину
  • Yamikaze, what are your thoughts on the ''ms after ulti'' rune? Usually I roam a lot with my talon and whenever I pop my ulti over the wall the botlane sees the blades and starts running, panicking, flashing, healing,....:D eventually I get my botlane ahead or myself but is there a way to proc Ulti somewhere, where they wont see it if unwarded and Ill be there just in time before my ulti is over so I can use the burst? Please, Sensei! .....aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we need more of your content, I truly use it to study your combos and playstyle!

    Metodi MincheffMetodi MincheffПре годину
  • Go next film Play skin blodmoon talon please

    Krzysztof MaciończykKrzysztof MaciończykПре годину
  • you inspire me to play talon hahaha xd:D keep guiding me :P

    7.1mk7.1mkПре годину
  • Noob,fisrt w then q and then ultra

    Leontios TaveLeontios TaveПре годину
  • What song is at 1:46

    PoopDoopianPoopDoopianПре годину
    • Main theme from Assasins Creed Odyssey

      Vinícius JoséVinícius JoséПре годину
  • Why does he change editors so often

    Dragon ball z | The legendDragon ball z | The legendПре годину
  • Hey why zelda songs

    Crismon ZCrismon ZПре годину
  • why you put circus music on your plays?? O_O

    Lucian SousaLucian SousaПре годину
  • Yamikaze when you do long sword and potions and when the other start? i want to understand that logic mate :/

    AnthonyAnthonyПре годину
    • play long sword and refillable in matchups you win probably dshield or dblade in matchups you lose or cull if u just greedy

      Whimsical ChroniclesWhimsical ChroniclesПре годину
  • Yami you are becoming even a better player

    Borna MarinovBorna MarinovПре годину
  • Lovveee the editorr-

    Eman PallosEman PallosПре годину
  • nice vid mate

    RoboloperRoboloperПре годину
  • Talon is ez

    Kevin CataláKevin CataláПре годину
  • song at 1:50?

    gabriel lingabriel linПре годину
    • Main theme from Assasins Creed Odyssey

      Vinícius JoséVinícius JoséПре годину
  • why'd he take taste of blood not sudden impact?

    Ben GrenfellBen GrenfellПре годину
  • Did I hear some Skyrim music?

    I Love RiceI Love RiceПре годину
  • 8:55 We're in the End Game now.

    Thien AnThien AnПре годину
  • Wait is that dragoon the dar main ?? Owo?? Love your talon plays btw. Helped me rank up alot ^-^

    Ryze KaninRyze KaninПре годину
  • I remember the last song from Final Fantasy Sonic, good times... The nostalgia is true

    Vinícius JoséVinícius JoséПре годину
    • @YoshiCookiesZDX Same ;-;

      Vinícius JoséVinícius JoséПре годину
    • That's where I knew it from! Holy shit, I used to play that all the time when I was in elementary after school got out.

      YoshiCookiesZDXYoshiCookiesZDXПре годину
  • good music this video

    ShakurShakurПре годину
  • Can you upload a game where you don't get hard carried

    KebsCSKebsCSПре годину
  • I really love zelda, but it doesn't fit your content at all.

    Josh2PlayJosh2PlayПре годину
  • beautiful purple talon

    LeroyLeroyПре годину
  • Random comment xD

    Ahmed AmrAhmed AmrПре годину
  • Nice dude

    Isaac YouIsaac YouПре годину
  • So that's the reason pants never show losing games XD

    Madalin jugravuMadalin jugravuПре годину
  • WOW! Almost as good as redmercy!

    Fork GoatFork GoatПре годину
    • He is better than red

      Veneno740Veneno740Пре годину
  • Commenting because Yami said to on Discord. Asking your community to help you at youtube OmegaLUL

    BrutalisBrutalisПре годину
  • Hey RSworld take a look at all the engaging content here

    Sadge BusinessSadge BusinessПре годину
  • Wow Yami awesome video algorithm please help

    MisanthropyMisanthropyПре годину
  • I came here for taco

    Bryan RosalesBryan RosalesПре годину
  • Now that pants lost LP he about to start win trading again

    nking999nking999Пре годину
  • I came from Discord. Here's your random comment you filthy begger. Abusing Talon AND RSworld algorithms SMH :^)

    Tempo13xTempo13xПре годину

    Bruno SalomãoBruno SalomãoПре годину
  • random comment to help Yami get reccomends

    Simone NoliSimone NoliПре годину
  • Upload videos.more often :(

    Transient LifeTransient LifeПре годину
  • *Editor puts Zelda OST* What a man of culture

    YuniheimYuniheimПре годину
  • Good job Flays! ;)

    AlvimacAlvimacПре годину
  • amazing vid bro

    cycoismynamocycoismynamoПре годину
  • The early game music lmao

    Mathias RasmussenMathias RasmussenПре годину
  • The one trick Strikes again

    Juke GodJuke GodПре годину
  • Anyone knows the guitar song that plays at 1:48 ?

    John StefanakisJohn StefanakisПре годину
    • ixe thanks

      John StefanakisJohn StefanakisПре годину
    • assassins creed odyssey main theme

      Timas BazysTimas BazysПре годину
  • amazing gameplay as always ps: nice music choice editor

    ShadaTF2ShadaTF2Пре годину
  • FF10 music Batle❤❤

    Gabriel FreitasGabriel FreitasПре годину
  • does yami still reply to comments? Hmm...

    • @Yamikaze Haha lol just lurking around in the comment section

    • hi just lurking

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • Ah the nostalgia! nice zelda music right there editor

    Abdelfettah MeddriAbdelfettah MeddriПре годину
    • and final fantasy 10 battle theme. i actually play that song on loop for arams

      Joel EbanksJoel EbanksПре годину
  • This Video should be called "The legend of zelda Full OST" wtf xdd

    Manu Muñoz - PolancoManu Muñoz - PolancoПре годину
    • And some ac odyssey

      AngelHunter GTAngelHunter GTПре годину
    • @Yamikaze nothing wrong with it tho

      Manu Muñoz - PolancoManu Muñoz - PolancoПре годину
    • truee

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • What is the song from the beginning?

    Mateus FerreiraMateus FerreiraПре годину
    • @HxCEdits thanks! S2

      Mateus FerreiraMateus FerreiraПре годину
    • Kokiri Forest - ocarina of time

      HxCEditsHxCEditsПре годину
    • brain power

      Jn SbJn SbПре годину
    • Mateus Ferreira darude sandstorm

      XpRsgaming1XpRsgaming1Пре годину
  • The whimsy music in the beginning is a bit weird but nice honestly

    Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
  • 10th

    Flavian PorqzovFlavian PorqzovПре годину
  • Hi yami ❤️

    JonnythegiraffeJonnythegiraffeПре годину
  • ❤️

    SoulHunter TalonSoulHunter TalonПре годину
    • Michał Balawejder u 1st!!!

      Bober 345Bober 345Пре годину