The New Reset Talon Build from 1000LP Challenger EUW

16 мар 2021
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Outro Song:
Amaryllis - December

  • first now i get to plug my stream

    YamikazeYamikazeПре месец
    • @Finnley Jon damn! Took like 15 minutes but it actually worked!

      Alijah DannyAlijah DannyПре месец
    • I dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPwn. Just google for it if you wanna try it

      Finnley JonFinnley JonПре месец
    • This stream is lit. Two questions. 1) How did you manage to get cuts in your stream? 2) why is the stream ten minutes long?

      Corben KishCorben KishПре месец
    • Can i be first?

      DakuDakuПре месец
    • mans flexing he got to comment first on his own vids

      SmallCupboardSmallCupboardПре месец
  • Dude props to the editor, Syfer you’re a beast man (I gotta say all those tf2 sounds hit me right in the heart)

    Robin MathieuRobin MathieuПре 14 дана
  • great editor but this guy is a filthy talon main so i am out

    padelis tsavalospadelis tsavalosПре 17 дана
  • tf2 meme noice

    Bob包柏Bob包柏Пре 18 дана
  • if you ever feel useless just remember that anivia blocked yami with w when she tried to escape

    Andrija IvanovicAndrija IvanovicПре месец
  • Yami, go in one video Eclipse xD

    PatyczakPatyczakПре месец
  • you so cringe

    ChristopherChristopherПре месец
  • who does your OC drawing ?

    Crimson SandCrimson SandПре месец
  • i'm a simple man, i see yi i click.

    someone aksomeone akПре месец
  • Pls more highlights of this build. Last game I tried it and went 20 2 after going even in lane it’s insane

    maks klinecmaks klinecПре месец
  • 5:05 song name?

    Tomas CardosoTomas CardosoПре месец
  • “I fear no man, but that thing, scares me”

    ShenniceShenniceПре месец
  • I love watching Yami cause everytime I go "You're being so greedy dude" he either dies or quadra's within a few seconds.

    Brian TroyBrian TroyПре месец
  • idk if you know this but prowlers claw doesnt take talon out of ult or invis so you can ult prowlers and crit q ontop of them

    Justin VazquezJustin VazquezПре месец
  • Can someone explain to me how ghost works and what does a "reset" mean

    ShalchoShalchoПре месец
  • the tf2 music

    uglyherouglyheroПре месец
  • You’re editor is a fan of sonic and I love them for it

    Jacob SummerlinJacob SummerlinПре месец
  • Why the fuck is he moving his camera like that? The rapid cam lock/unlock irritates me a lot

    AndruAndruПре месец
  • 10:48

    M idM idПре месец
  • do a guide video and proper item

    Alika LesAlika LesПре месец
  • I didn't recognize the intro song at first and after a bit I just yelled MEDIC at the top of my lungs now my family think Im dumb

    Betty JacksonBetty JacksonПре месец
  • all the talon mains out there whats more cleaner skin to use enduring sword or withered rose pls answer amma na buy tom skin for talon

  • dopamine123

    SzauronSzauronПре месец
  • people are starting to realize how superior ghost is to flash

    Expired PancakesExpired PancakesПре месец

    Tear PainTear PainПре месец
  • its so clear that yami is ghosting

  • The editor only picks certified bangers for his videos. Tf2 gang

    Khanji RivenKhanji RivenПре месец
  • what're the runes lmao

    prizllprizllПре месец
  • Shouts out for syfer, he literally can make a edited gameplay and a shitpost video... in the same video.

    The Unfallen WarriorThe Unfallen WarriorПре месец
  • what is the song at 5:54

    GoopyGoopyПре месец
  • why dont u go transendense and reset ur cooldowns

    StrawApeX _StrawApeX _Пре месец
  • Talon is getting so many new builds its ridiculous lol

    Orest PellumbiOrest PellumbiПре месец
  • 6:04 da Purple Lamborghini huh B)

    Miki StaniakMiki StaniakПре месец
  • 9:55 yami happi

    Ethan LeeEthan LeeПре месец
  • Luv your xontent keep up the good work your talon tho your insane

    somone dumbersomone dumberПре месец
  • You are so TALONTED

    klmklmПре месец
  • Quality editor 4:47

    Robert I.R. MontesclarosRobert I.R. MontesclarosПре месец
  • liking vid for pika

    ARealFakeIdentityARealFakeIdentityПре месец
  • dark harvest talon? this build?

    Mac Anh KyMac Anh KyПре месец
  • Yami's editor is goated

    Jackson RollossonJackson RollossonПре месец
  • Sounds like a good build but only for high elo and smurfs

    The AbysswalkerThe AbysswalkerПре месец

    default pfp with a flydefault pfp with a flyПре месец
  • Yooooo that spongebob intro was fire XD!!

    Gilberto MartellGilberto MartellПре месец
  • Sponsored by daskblade?

    Θάνος ΠαντελόπουλοςΘάνος ΠαντελόπουλοςПре месец
  • Can we talk about the dancing herald.

    Said BarisSaid BarisПре месец
  • Yo he ghosting!!!!

    devandhrewdevandhrewПре месец
  • We know that Syfer just throw all the meme he see on the internet and put it to Yami video Is that "Random bullshit go?"

    Fl0wTFl0wTПре месец
  • In Russia adcs do not kite Talon IN RUSSIA TALON KITES ADCS

    Br0kenFangRealBr0kenFangRealПре месец
  • you didn't ghost towards the thresh but it was good for the first 2.

    blueicer101blueicer101Пре месец

    Lois LolLois LolПре месец
  • This was just stupid.... giving low elo players stupid ideas

    Lois LolLois LolПре месец
  • “OOOKAY!” Ugh

    Lois LolLois LolПре месец
  • dopamine123 xD

    DiaratiDiaratiПре месец
  • Teams Fortress’ 2 music made me so hyped

    NastyaNastyaПре месец
  • U did catch up great

    undead 64undead 64Пре месец
  • last time i was this early itachi was still a bad guy

    PigasusPigasusПре месец

    PigasusPigasusПре месец
  • Me:what did we learn son My son how's main ADC:we should ban talon in any game

    GG AlgérieGG AlgérieПре месец
  • Me: Damn, this Talon is so SPEED random guy in the comments ; Fast*

    roronoa zorororonoa zoroПре месец
  • so wtf is irelias problem, she calling your team idiots when she litterally inted and tried fighting a 3v1 under turret and got hooked by thresh no?

    abyssxeeabyssxeeПре месец
  • man this guy doesnt play talon he plays a whole different champ, its so satisfying

    Ραφαήλ ΣαλιάρηςΡαφαήλ ΣαλιάρηςПре месец
  • is it better than conq goredrinker?

    Dillion NguyenDillion NguyenПре месец
  • Is no one going to talk about the Gojo lip bite at 2:20? No? Ok.

    Meliora ShadeMeliora ShadeПре месец
  • Lol the edits This is the best build xD

    Tony Hunter 27Tony Hunter 27Пре месец
  • Makes fun of tear on talon cuz a silver player told him to build it. Also yami: builds tear but doesn't give him credit at all

    Chriallt ChiefChriallt ChiefПре месец
  • bruh I always built duskblade this season, then you told us in your stream that duskblade sucks, so I stopped building it, and now you're saying like this like cmon you confuse me 😭

    PyranyaPyranyaПре месец
  • u should keep in the edits of the announcer saying the multikill loud whenever he got a triple+, i always thought that was really cool

    TurdNuggetMETurdNuggetMEПре месец
  • Ok but the rift dancing at the end be cute though

    future boundfuture boundПре месец
  • the editing is gold

    Mello kingTVMello kingTVПре месец
  • Ahh the one trick talon is back

    Aleksa ZivkovicAleksa ZivkovicПре месец
  • yami, ure better than faker

    MephistophelesMephistophelesПре месец
  • is that a talongasm?

    Daniel PinheiroDaniel PinheiroПре месец
  • 1:42 he said it he said the thing

    Nguyen Trung Hieu TranNguyen Trung Hieu TranПре месец
  • when someone in d2 has a streamer in their game 6:13

    NebulaNebulaПре месец
  • Yami can't count as first js

    superokulasuperokulaПре месец
  • who gonna need flash if you just one-shot the whole enemy team

    JB DangJB DangПре месец
  • 1:41 i cant

    raptorraptorПре месец
  • 8:23 now now, don't be giving riot ideas

    SimeonSimeonПре месец
  • This channel is better than yamikazexz

    Stephano Castelan AnguloStephano Castelan AnguloПре месец
  • I'm actually starting to appriecate the editors time with the smalller meme audio clips. I laughed harder at the karma dying fart noise more than i should of.

    Nathan LisieckiNathan LisieckiПре месец
  • Mind if i ask on what rlly is the best build for talon this season? If possible a build that applies to all elo cuz im platinum and i’d like to try talon because i heard he’s decent this season. Respect comment 🙏🏻 Electrocute with dusk/prowlers? Conquerer with gore/eclipse?

    Hakaze葉風Hakaze葉風Пре месец
  • this dude's build on mobafire still says electrocute duskblade build sucks, just saying

  • I tried phase rush talon i thought i would lose but literally clapping my enemies because i proc phase rush with my combo im too fast to be caught

    Han JiHan JiПре месец
  • that thumbnail is fucked, Kat is Talons STEPBRO

    1mtoxicYT1mtoxicYTПре месец
  • when a guy on mid is not recalling at half of hp on mid against talon at lvl 3 and you have the ignite and the flash keyboard belike: "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit here we go again"

    Vili NagyVili NagyПре месец
  • You know the video is good when there is the medic theme

    kevin abrykevin abryПре месец
  • Couldn't instead of going mananue you can go essence reaver? Maybe full crit talon 🤔

    Clumsy PandaClumsy PandaПре месец
    • @Cursed Jaeger DANG, thanks for the info! :D

      Clumsy PandaClumsy PandaПре месец
    • Going crit is not recommended on talon since he mostly relies on his abilities and rarely gets more than 3 autos in during his combo. Manamune is preferred because when fully stacked causes your abilities to deal more damage against champs allowing talon to be better at team fights with his W & Ult. But if you really want to try crit talon use Infinity Edge rather than Essence Reaver, IE passive works on Q crits.

      Cursed JaegerCursed JaegerПре месец
  • When you hear "MEDIC!!!" in a highlight clip, you know it's gonna be great.

    Sad JhinSad JhinПре месец

    Leo ChoiLeo ChoiПре месец
  • I swear this editor has got to be cracked

    Seagull gamingSeagull gamingПре месец
  • glad to see a video from my favorite editor dopamine123

    strikermodelstrikermodelПре месец
  • 1:17 he didnt have ghoust while chasing tresh cuz it went if while anivia was eggnivia

    Mati PediMati PediПре месец
  • I don't even play talon but he's so refreshing to watch

    Jesus RamirezJesus RamirezПре месец
  • 2:20 Does anyone know the name of the music it is playing? I remember the original song, but can't remember from where it is/his name

    UmCaraQualquerUmCaraQualquerПре месец
    • @Satoxin Yep it is, thank you dude I was looking for this song for many years now

      UmCaraQualquerUmCaraQualquerПре месец
    • I think its Sonic Mania Chemical Plant Act 2

      SatoxinSatoxinПре месец
  • I dont even play talon or mid but i cant stop watching your vids man

    Frederique LingFrederique LingПре месец
  • I'd hate to ruin the thumbnail, but Talon and Katarina are practically siblings/family in lore. Edit: I know the thumbnail is like a figure of speech

    AlexGamingRandomsAlexGamingRandomsПре месец
  • dopamine123 time i guess

    Constantin -Constantin -Пре месец
  • I enjoy the intro tf2 song

    Alessandro KleinAlessandro KleinПре месец
  • one trick Talon , sometimes plays worse then gold ello... immagine if he was challanger" xD

    xCat PlayxCat PlayПре месец
  • The edits are unreal

    ByeByeПре месец