Samira: Riot's New Melee ADC with AOE Wind Wall and Moving Kat ult.

1 сеп 2020
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  • hi im back lol. btw I made 2 new channels, go sub @ and :D.

    YamikazeYamikazeПре месец
    • So what do you think Yami? Will she be viable in Mid on live?

      SamthePlayerSamthePlayerПре месец
    • subbed

      Clemver PomtatoClemver PomtatoПре месец
    • Watching this video makes me realize u just need to click everything with samira and everyone dies

      velvet Handsvelvet HandsПре месец
    • You face

      Sad BoySad BoyПре месец
    • How you setting your mouse speed and camera speed in lol? Can I know it?

      Mugetsu No GamerMugetsu No GamerПре месец
  • bruh, 8:17 had me almost dying, idk even know why.

    Leon NorwoodLeon NorwoodПре 15 дана
  • After i reading the other news and the fact it was so much better I hon just wanted you know what you think of Legends it was so fun and the top top of my head was a good thing I was thinking I was just thinking I hon just got a little more time I was going and then I’m thinking I was going and then I’m Thinking was a hot hot tub and I had to get a little sleep I was going and I am so hot and

    Renomix.-Renomix.-Пре 20 дана
  • Thresh: *BONK* you are to horny, go to jail

    Felipe QueirozFelipe QueirozПре 26 дана
  • Riot games is spitting on the community with this champ

    Dario GaiswinklerDario GaiswinklerПре 26 дана

  • the fart sound effect made me laugh too much...questioning my maturity now.

    Brovus MarillianBrovus MarillianПре 26 дана
  • yes

    Passive Aggresive SquirrelPassive Aggresive SquirrelПре 27 дана
  • The old me would have complained about this champ, now ill just main it.

    0ldPlayer0ldPlayerПре 28 дана
  • All I got from this vid is that Samira is really bad into Akali. With 7/1 vs a 1/6 Akali you still almost lose the 1v1. Need jungle help 24/7

    AeonAeonПре 28 дана
  • *Why she has mana thou? She could be the first ADC mana free*

    Dante Von CrowlleyDante Von CrowlleyПре месец
  • *U mean the new mid laner, that will get nerfed until is only viable at bot or stop showing in pro plays, since everyone cares about pro plays, cheering before having fun in the game right?*

    Dante Von CrowlleyDante Von CrowlleyПре месец
  • who is the guy in the video?

    Parascythe PlaysParascythe PlaysПре месец
  • Play samira = play osu

    ennyennyПре месец

    Tomato1224Tomato1224Пре месец

    LyriLyriПре месец
  • This is my type of champion man, i love mini games in games. Just like Draven. and LOL ezreal said sorry got lost ended up in dota XD

    LyriLyriПре месец
  • how did i know yamikaze would look like a little bitch . i remember that time he called out that kid on discord and was talking hella fast n shaky

    katazkatazПре месец
  • 6:32 that guy. "Am i watching league or naruto?" Holy shit yeah i feel that

    LadyReign606LadyReign606Пре месец
  • Samira balancing next patch: Q damage decreased by 5 at all levels.

    Sinsi TosbağaSinsi TosbağaПре месец
  • yamikaze did u loose a lot of subscribers

    JosephJosephПре месец
  • Yami my g i loce your content but maybe you can back to play without no cam

    Juan KyzaJuan KyzaПре месец
  • Considering that PO PO PO BA

    PorpoisefulPorpoisefulПре месец
  • I wonder how many years of experience they put into Samira

    AbsolutelyAbsurdAbsolutelyAbsurdПре месец
  • Yamikaze is a mechanical .. not god.. but up there

    Mervis MaddenMervis MaddenПре месец
  • when the akali says ''nice champ'' like huh??? akali ""AKALI""

    Tank top bicep!Tank top bicep!Пре месец
  • why riot

    Elias BaldwinElias BaldwinПре месец
  • RIP katarina

    Karl NillasKarl NillasПре месец
  • This champion looks like Claude from ML. ML>LoL

    Aije AlcalaAije AlcalaПре месец
  • Anyone else notice the Kayn’s name?

    Terry CaoTerry CaoПре месец
    • No

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре месец
  • 2000 years

    Sung Jin-WooSung Jin-WooПре месец
  • That champ is op as fuck hello is this claud lol

    carl sta anacarl sta anaПре месец
  • Bro nightblue dont lie. You are insane. You are the best

    Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • 2:10 song pls

    Roberto GutierrezRoberto GutierrezПре месец
  • Imagine not playing such a noob champ and get a new face, dumbasss

    Nicolas Castellanos FNicolas Castellanos FПре месец
  • Ok it sounds fun!

    FrezyFrezyПре месец
  • Yanni be like: Ok Katarina you biscch, stop whoring around

    Elvin GuluzadaElvin GuluzadaПре месец
  • 4:43 ward make me uncomfy

    Nakano LemonNakano LemonПре месец
  • Can this champ build Tiamat and other "only adc" items in the same build?

    XyrohXyrohПре месец

    Dr.PlagueDr.PlagueПре месец
  • Nice champ rito KEKW

    Wittawat TaweesukWittawat TaweesukПре месец
  • hmm. maybe this is not a balanced champion

    ZachZachПре месец
  • Where tf is udyr, singed and zilean rework?

    RagnarosRagnarosПре месец
  • gg!

    Alexis IbrahimAlexis IbrahimПре месец
  • Seems to me like a child of katarina and yasuo lol

    J.R .PJ.R .PПре месец
  • everyone is building samira worng she should go manamune gauntlet death dance draktar edge of the knight so she imortall and one shot everyone

    David The Deadly Tiger Ghost LealDavid The Deadly Tiger Ghost LealПре месец
  • Hey yami, talon's getting nerfed again in 10.19 whatcha gonna do now?? 😂😂 I legit am scared myself as I have become brainless whilst playing talon and can't play any other champion

    Akshay SumanAkshay SumanПре месец
  • Imagine fed samira and yummi, 1v20

    345ezze345ezzeПре месец
  • League of no balance op legends

    mobile legendmobile legendПре месец
  • Talon's getting a nerf on 10.19

    Mark FernandezMark FernandezПре месец
  • PBE Or not, the champion is busted. Literally Katarina, but does ADC jobs, no dagger for predictability, can move during ult. Being ranged by default makes her laning super safe too. Riot needs to calm down

    Kovács ZsoltKovács ZsoltПре месец
  • katarina vs samira ult

    redredПре месец
    • samira ult vs sylas ult

      redredПре месец
  • Another broken ass champ

    FC Vitosha SofiaFC Vitosha SofiaПре месец
  • Ah yes, 200 years

    The Amazing DenisThe Amazing DenisПре месец
  • Why is his voice so different all of a sudden

    Juan Luiz RamosJuan Luiz RamosПре месец
  • Honestly in my opinion, give the ult a cool down, gut the healing from it or straight up remove it, and remove the dashing to immobilized targets part of her passive. She doesn't seem that bad. Oh and increase Q cooldown and all her mana costs.

    Geo LiGeo LiПре месец
  • your editor has the best music taste

    Locke SecLocke SecПре месец
  • Me watching this again after seeing it on stream

    Sky WalkerSky WalkerПре месец
  • Looks cool the new mobile legend champion

    LλmbdaLλmbdaПре месец
  • I wonder how many years of experience the champion Design team has

    Carlos VeigaCarlos VeigaПре месец
  • how do you get the border around your abilities and map?

    eqrfeqrfПре месец
  • maybe manamune and you have no probs with mana? (at least not that much)

    Bfex officialBfex officialПре месец
  • My guy Yami stealing girl with his webcam

    Allen ChenAllen ChenПре месец
  • that likes 200 years aphelios 2

    FakeLifeFakeLifeПре месец
  • Yep Title says it all

    NoName WormNoName WormПре месец
  • Removing the fucking shield and a lower life steal and were ok rito.

    Victoria HillVictoria HillПре месец
  • no way kat adc is so good

    BOT AcidicBOT AcidicПре месец
  • YamiCutie

    HvypwnageHvypwnageПре месец
  • Seems pretty balanced to me -Riot Games Balance Team

    Nicolas ArroyoNicolas ArroyoПре месец
  • Samira broken????? You have a Yuumi, Shen and Ivern so idk what yall talking about...

    Just LambJust LambПре месец
  • another 200 year old champ from rito thanks

    Jenő KrivánszkiJenő KrivánszkiПре месец
  • On your next samira game you BETTER have Devil Trigger playing in the background (not on yt of course because demon-itization and all)

    PpalladdinnPpalladdinnПре месец
  • Y make 2 channels and what happened to e girl part 3?

    Jeremy James EnajeJeremy James EnajeПре месец
    • video didn't get 100k likes yet

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре месец
  • Fun fact: Talon is a mid lane champion

    Petr UrbanPetr UrbanПре месец
  • Why am i not suprised that yami is asian? but in the good way

    Jan Pille Mann OtzeJan Pille Mann OtzeПре месец
  • 8:05 that fart sound effect had me laughing so hard lmao

    QudackQudackПре месец
  • "Am I watching League of Legends or Naruto" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    marvens charlesmarvens charlesПре месец
  • Aw c'mon Samira's passive is easy She could knock up any cc'ed enemy. Everytime she change her fighting style (melee/range/auto/skill cast) her rank will go from E to S which makes her damage higher and makes her speedier thus bullshit you can go E to S with her fcking skill set for literally just 2 seconds :'> Q - super low cd skill that goes off depending on enemy's distance, (sword if near samira, gun if distanced) W - she puts a circular wind wall like shield right off the first slash and after the initial cast she'll slash one more time. E - she dash... It scales with ap :> and oh, it resets everytime samira kills an enemy. Ult - activateable only if Samira's passive is rank S, she fires 10 shots and IT DOESN'T SPLIT THE DAMAGE TO MULTIPLE ENEMIES MEANING THEY WILL TAKE THE PURE, RAW DAMAGE FROM SAMIRA'S FCKING ULT... And yeah this doesn't have CD :>

    Jhay Em MarmitaJhay Em MarmitaПре месец
  • RIOT, STOP MAKING HEAVY AD CRIT CHAMPS We still have Annie with a stun lmao

    CoolboneCoolboneПре месец
  • How can poor mechanical champions kills that bithc?

    Mihai ZmeuMihai ZmeuПре месец
  • Never thought ud look like this yami lmaooo

    LillebroeLillebroeПре месец
  • She's literally female Dante who took an extra shot of steroids

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a MustacheПре месец
    • @Ragnaros ok fan boi xD haha calm down

      sim hanssenssim hanssensПре месец
    • @little big boye one less? Dude Dante can literally slow down time, make clone of himself and swing his sword more then 100 000 times per sec... She is just Dante wanna be

      RagnarosRagnarosПре месец
    • I would say one less shot than Dante

      little big boyelittle big boyeПре месец
    • Came here to say this

      Michael WatermanMichael WatermanПре месец
    • Hewwo

      Queen ElizabethQueen ElizabethПре месец
  • The Lifesteal on the ult looks kinda ridiculous, but maybe they could make it harder to get an S so you’re getting a very powerful reward for your effort

    Vicente De VidtsVicente De VidtsПре месец
  • Thank riot, I hate it

    pablo Eliapablo EliaПре месец
  • not that broken only her ult need to nerfed

    محمد اشرف احمد سلامة ١٨١٠١٣٠٣محمد اشرف احمد سلامة ١٨١٠١٣٠٣Пре месец
  • I was just listening to the intro song finished it and clicked on this video and heared the same song

    Maxel53Maxel53Пре месец
  • ульта катарины не бьет через инвиз а эта херь бьет, баланс...

    Fiston KreuFiston KreuПре месец
  • I completely forgot about his facecam and thought who Tf is this Asian

    SuicidalSuicidalПре месец
  • This looks so fun xD

    YoschicksYoschicksПре месец
  • Oh look, Dante.

    Jorge PerezJorge PerezПре месец
  • so basically her q just like talon q

    Nguyên Minh Hải ĐinhNguyên Minh Hải ĐinhПре месец
  • Everyone is saying that this champ is op but I'm just thinking about how pro Sylas players are gonna use it

    ESTESTПре месец

    I Zpademilio II Zpademilio IПре месец
  • A real akali counter? Amazing

    Jun'yaJun'yaПре месец
  • No no no no I didnt want to see his face ffs

    I Zpademilio II Zpademilio IПре месец
  • honestly its weird with the face cam on youtube but nice vid

    Sparky13177Sparky13177Пре месец
  • People think her ultimate is kat ultimate but its definitly Reaper ultimate in overwatch

    Skyli ProphecySkyli ProphecyПре месец
  • Why does she get 3 god damn passives?

    Skyler CaillouetSkyler CaillouetПре месец
  • Jackpot

    SanimonzSanimonzПре месец
  • yumi attached to anything = stonks

    Buddhi WickramasingheBuddhi WickramasingheПре месец