Not even Yassuo can stop my Talon.

1 сеп 2019
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Outro Song:
Klaus Veen - Ordinary Days (Lethal League OST)

  • Say goodnight moon 🔫

    SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре годину
    • Goodnight moon

      The_MoonwatcherThe_MoonwatcherПре 7 месеци
    • Good night Moon!

      Scott AdamsScott AdamsПре годину
    • This guy is the talon version of yassuo sucks with every single champ in the game except talon

      Kane CiticaniKane CiticaniПре годину
    • U did great editing

      Just a normal guy with green hairJust a normal guy with green hairПре годину
    • Good night moon sleep tight don't let bedbugs bite!

      Lazar lol1Lazar lol1Пре годину
  • 4:47 starts typing an essay

    U UU UПре 4 дана
  • goodnight moon

    JamesJamesПре 19 дана
  • goodnight moon

    TheGeoBestTheGeoBestПре месец
  • gn moon

    Felipe HerreraFelipe HerreraПре 2 месеца
  • 4:45 Yami:smashes keyboard The keyboard:*Yamite* (get it Yami-te)

    NeverThoughtof MyNameLolNeverThoughtof MyNameLolПре 2 месеца
  • Goodnight moon

    Alfredo SteelAlfredo SteelПре 3 месеца
  • Wrecking the keybard is one of talon's mechanics

    YEP YAKUYEP YAKUПре 4 месеца
  • I Always love that anime Talon

    Martin MüllerMartin MüllerПре 4 месеца
  • 4:46 qwrqwrqwrqwrqwrwqrwrwrqwrwqrqwrwrqrwrqwrqrwqrwrrqwqwrrqwrwqrqwrqwrwqrqwrqwrqrwqrqwrwrqwrqwrqwrqwre

    Brian ChuBrian ChuПре 5 месеци
  • im really happy you added giorno's theme yami , do you watch jjba?

    Rowan BalanaRowan BalanaПре 5 месеци
  • im pretty sure yassuo destroys you if he's using yasuo since he is otp yasuo dont you think?

    saint_dashedsaint_dashedПре 5 месеци

    SwifteraSwifteraПре 5 месеци
  • stfu noob

    Nikola VelimirovicNikola VelimirovicПре 5 месеци
  • "How did i get 10 kills" *roams top and bot* *kills gankplank, nocturne and xayah* Yeah i wonder how

    Théorghal BodinThéorghal BodinПре 5 месеци
  • Damn you need to give your editor a raise

    • Quackers •• Quackers •Пре 6 месеци
  • You are terrible talon player ! For me I expected more than stealing kills ! But I will advise you to use W after Q and then R If you have one ☝️

    Reck The brainReck The brainПре 6 месеци
  • The legend tells that anyone listens to Giorno's Theme becomes invincible

    By DanBy DanПре 6 месеци
  • 4:46

    ZelkoZelkoПре 6 месеци
  • Goodnight moon

    AaronAaronПре 6 месеци

    Pietròóu!Pietròóu!Пре 7 месеци
  • you gotta appreciate the jojo music :D

    Zed RedhatZed RedhatПре 7 месеци
  • 4:46 is your keyboard still working? lmao

    Drama.Drama.Пре 7 месеци
  • May I see ur runes build pls

    Lelouch BritanniaLelouch BritanniaПре 7 месеци
  • 3:30 Nice bug there lmao

    Cortes YesCortes YesПре 7 месеци
  • Yami: *is in a disadvantageous situation* Keyboard: *Chuckles* Im in danger

    Michael ChristidisMichael ChristidisПре 7 месеци
  • if yassuo was playing yasuo u would be fucked :D this video is someting like "Not even Faker can stop my 2000ap veigar as soraka support"

    Jakub HloušekJakub HloušekПре 7 месеци
  • The 260 dislikes are from Diana mains

    Tsundere Loli WaifuTsundere Loli WaifuПре 7 месеци
  • "UGANDA" bless ur editor

    horseliverhorseliverПре 8 месеци
  • Goodnight moon

    xTadexヅxTadexヅПре 8 месеци
  • You think Diana is a bad champ? Watch Xalt play her, he will change your mind

    Dima OliverDima OliverПре 9 месеци
  • I, Yamikaze have broken my keyboard.

    MusicGenuis VEVOMusicGenuis VEVOПре 9 месеци
  • gn moon

    carloscarlosПре 9 месеци
  • Lol talon bit yas relly easy

    kamyab kingkamyab kingПре 9 месеци
  • Anyone think yami is kinda like a crackhead

    J CizJ CizПре 9 месеци
  • what was that song at 1:40?

    Fabi UKnowMeFabi UKnowMeПре 9 месеци
  • 4:36 not gonna lie that yasuo wind wall those feathers was smart of him.

    Just wanting to make people smile.Just wanting to make people smile.Пре 9 месеци
  • 4:45 you're a finger God

    John TriddeJohn TriddeПре 9 месеци
  • If yassuo would play yasuo he’d beat u up

    Brian AhmedBrian AhmedПре 10 месеци
  • thank you Yami. You have inspired me to play talon not as good as you obviously but it's still a great champion. Thank you for inspiration

    Wojciech StańkoWojciech StańkoПре 10 месеци
  • I love how impressed everyone is with how you play when any talon main can do the things u do...

    ahmed Gamesahmed GamesПре 11 месеци
    • Why isn’t every talon main challenger than?

      Michiel SmalsMichiel SmalsПре 6 месеци
  • how did you make cusotm hud pleasee i need to know

    Amir BrulicAmir BrulicПре 11 месеци
  • Even my brother can beat Yassuo (he played aginst him mid)... he is a teemo main..

    andere chanandere chanПре 11 месеци
  • Yami's side so very chill. Then there's Moe XD Talon mechanics: *Just smash everything on the keyboard*

    Star DreamerStar DreamerПре 11 месеци
  • Bruh why everyone telling you trash even if u do 5 pentskills

    IWM YTIWM YTПре 11 месеци
  • Yami : Why do I hear boss music? Enemy team : *Why do I hear Giorno's theme*

    ColbintrationColbintrationПре годину
  • yamikazo : diana a bad champ . . . also 5:41 how to climb with diana

    mohamed Rhmohamed RhПре годину
  • I really hope this fucker pays his editor enought. He's literally 1v9ing these videos on his own

    llIlIlIllIllIIllIllIlIlIllIllIIllIПре годину
    • Yes

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре 11 месеци
  • well since there are plenty of better players in lol than u i wont say that in a title if i were u mate. also is a team game not a solo 1 to say such words.

    moshiko ssaassmoshiko ssaassПре годину
  • *Yami about to die* Also Yami: *Crazy button mashing*

    SynicatSynicatПре годину
  • se inscrevam no meu canal pls ,sei q to mendigando inscrito mas faço um conteúdo legal :)

    DerrikHiman3DerrikHiman3Пре годину
  • I haven't laughed at any youtube edit as hard as i just laughed at this in my years of watching man this is golden 6:37

    Cody CaldwellCody CaldwellПре годину
  • Oh shit.. That's jojo theme

    NguyênNguyênПре годину
  • Moe wasn't bad to be honest

  • The way how he smash the keyboard is amazing

    RachidRachidПре годину
  • Goodnight moon

    Tetriz BTWTetriz BTWПре годину
  • goodnight moon

    KimernKimernПре годину
  • Good Video Men.

    eNvyArg UrieleNvyArg UrielПре годину

    JoeJoeПре годину
  • Really wish I can also have the same teammates....T_T

    徐銓成徐銓成Пре годину
  • I love the Lethal League Blaze Music at the outtro

    Martijn MarijnissenMartijn MarijnissenПре годину
  • ur so fucking cocky do you think your faker?

    monki d. flipmonki d. flipПре годину
  • I'm talon main too

    Earn Shawn CervantedEarn Shawn CervantedПре годину
  • How about yassuo'd 1 trick vs your 1 trick. Seems more fair

    MrHefeMrHefeПре годину
  • Goodnight

    Lil SeoulLil SeoulПре годину
  • At 4:46. Thats me when I press R for Talon. Lol

    Axel AlucardAxel AlucardПре годину
  • can anyone tell me where is the UGANDA voice from at 2:09 cant seem to find it, thanks in advance!

    KushbringerKushbringerПре годину
  • im a simple man, I see yassuo getting outplayed, I watch

    Ian McwilliamsIan McwilliamsПре годину
  • Yamikaze can you fighting hashinshin using aatrox

    Mohd Nizam HamzahMohd Nizam HamzahПре годину
  • song 7:53 ??

    MerlinMerlinПре годину
  • it back

    Stefan PupaleskiStefan PupaleskiПре годину
  • More like Yassuo vs Tallon

    Awi SintaroAwi SintaroПре годину
  • Tot Moe is using Yasuo

    Awi SintaroAwi SintaroПре годину
  • Just 1v1 Faker . Would be so damn good video .

    Awi SintaroAwi SintaroПре годину
  • Where's the kled?

    ARiEs EmmaARiEs EmmaПре годину
  • 4:45 intense skills

    ShadowShadowПре годину
  • Yami: *Gets cc'ed* His keyboard: My time has come

    Antonio IbarraAntonio IbarraПре годину
    • Good one bro 🤣👌👌🤣🤣🤣🤣

      ShelbyShelbyПре 11 месеци
  • 4:46 that's how you play URF.

    Jakob Nicolae MousaJakob Nicolae MousaПре годину
  • 1:37 when jojos theme come i felt that

    MelodizMelodizПре годину
  • 4:30 editor messing with moes good manners

    Juan Felipe Rivera GuerreroJuan Felipe Rivera GuerreroПре годину
  • Normal people : Nice Video Jojo Fans : Isn't that Giorno's theme?

    Roxas FanboyRoxas FanboyПре годину
  • 4:46 wtf u spam so hard XD u can only press w q r and u are like fhxhndejdhshjsskdjjsh and u even spamed after u got away with e

    CalainsCalainsПре годину
  • I gave LoL an opportunity because of Ahri but I stayed for Talon

    RayogamiRayogamiПре годину
  • I see you are a Jojo fan as well❤ I heard Giorno's Theme❤

    DianaDianaПре годину
  • Stupid splash arts, good video

    Amon RaAmon RaПре годину
  • 2:07 is priceless

    Félix LerouxFélix LerouxПре годину
  • Music on 1:44 ?

    what the fuckwhat the fuckПре годину
    • JOJO's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind OST - il vento d'oro

      John CoffaJohn CoffaПре годину
  • Every Jojo's soundtrack is music to my ears Literally xD

    No Real ShadowNo Real ShadowПре годину
  • why are the jungles always hidden on those streams I'm confused

    sans dreamurrsans dreamurrПре годину
    • To keeps ghosting to a minimum

      kurohigekurohigeПре годину
  • Becuase he didnt pick his main you pick your main hero

    Crisan DecenaCrisan DecenaПре годину
  • 4:28 i can see yassuo's rage

    RaiRaiПре годину
  • I giorno giovanni have a dream

    Tom MayormitaTom MayormitaПре годину
  • 2:06 caught me off guard hahahaa nice 1.

    wrmaxiwrmaxiПре годину
  • Stealth kill

    Ameroddin MamangconiAmeroddin MamangconiПре годину
  • good night moon

    Dimiturs GremoryDimiturs GremoryПре годину
  • U guys remember that one time yassuo in twitch rivals sht on yam and 2 others guys lmao

    Khoa DangKhoa DangПре годину
  • 4:30 that table smack🤣

    Zaw TrillaZaw TrillaПре годину
  • Aww the spongebob theme got copyrighted sucks :((( it made that scene hilarious

    Lt. EnzxchiLt. EnzxchiПре годину
    • SyferSpartan Official oohhh thanks my guy!

      Lt. EnzxchiLt. EnzxchiПре годину
    • I have it on my channel

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре годину
  • Can we talk about how he juked tf out of the sylas so hard he had to use scanner

    Jaiden RuassayJaiden RuassayПре годину
  • Dude, just want to say, I really appreciate how positive you seem in these vids. You don't flame, you understand and admit when you messed up, and overall, just seem to be fun to play with. Keep it up man (Editor did a good job, especially with the Jinx death xD) 6:36

    EviantEviantПре годину