Not even TF Blade can stop my talon...

18 јун 2019
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Portugese Subtitles: Frodo
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  • ive heard the intro song before and i really like it can anyone tell me what its callled 0:29

    Sam HafnerSam HafnerПре 3 месеца
  • this didn’t age well, Akali*

    Brxndon9Brxndon9Пре 5 месеци
  • 7:50 music?

    Niika YTNiika YTПре 5 месеци
  • Next video, "Not even Yamikaze can beat my talon"

    AkeidbekAkeidbekПре 6 месеци
  • I watch ur videos just for fun i dont usually play talon, guess what i pick with out thinking everytime they ban zed haha

    jordy Vargas Cortesjordy Vargas CortesПре 7 месеци
  • 4:29 you can hear Yami furiously tapping that q

    Michael ChristidisMichael ChristidisПре 7 месеци
  • Can somebody explain that ryze ulti

    Definitely Not EnedDefinitely Not EnedПре 7 месеци
  • Talon from behind after on shotting the adc in a teamfight: "My Time Has Come"

    Cameron SmalleyCameron SmalleyПре 9 месеци
  • All the assassins are basically Adc begone-inator’s

    Biamond 69Biamond 69Пре 9 месеци
  • How is he able to go over the wall at @2:48? Isn't it red?

    TheKnight27TheKnight27Пре 9 месеци
  • He wasn’t playing Jax...

    Agus ArancibiaAgus ArancibiaПре 9 месеци
    • He was?????

      Rishi JoshiRishi JoshiПре 8 месеци
  • How do u get the little dashboard that has q w e and r customized

    Vision Gaming243Vision Gaming243Пре 10 месеци
  • Tf is a pussy

  • why the cleaver?

    KyorzKyorzПре годину
  • 9:00 its illaoi i wouldnt walk close if i were you. 2 seconds go past, he walks close to her. "his warning" : Am i a joke to you ?

    kitarikikitarikiПре годину
  • 0:35 music?

    Comedy is deadComedy is deadПре годину
  • muito obrigado por traduzirem o vídeo, agora posso entender melhor o mestre Yamikaze s2

    RaidenRaidenПре годину
    • afinal são pessoas q fazem a legenda mesmo ou o yami?

      Droc -Droc -Пре 10 месеци
  • Link this hud?

    Nescau_rjNescau_rjПре годину
  • I literally blinked at 7:54 and did not see malphite getting killed

    Forsaken TangarlfForsaken TangarlfПре годину
  • Yami. Who do you choose when talon is banned?

    Trbizon6155Trbizon6155Пре годину
  • Next video : not even MYSELF can stop my talon...

    Kapetanios LoleriosKapetanios LoleriosПре годину
  • im impressed that you can keep your cool with that malphite

    James Andrew BalanlayJames Andrew BalanlayПре годину
  • 0:27 hm, i should go future market.. ... 10 seconds later 0:37 nah i didn't saved thats fun :D

    ProudyyProudyyПре годину
  • Avoids Tf Blade for 25 mins until he gets 8k gold worth of items. "EVEN TFBLADE CAN'T STOP ME" lol. I love it🤣🤟

    Aristides 47Aristides 47Пре годину
  • Is this Cuphead Music?

    Martin PedersenMartin PedersenПре годину
  • NOT even myself can stop MY TALON OMG !!!!!

    FabubFabubПре годину
  • When I saw the title in Portuguese I thought my browser was like translating automatically... I didn't know about the Brazilian fan

    Estevam Carnecine SilvaEstevam Carnecine SilvaПре годину
  • You good at talon my dude, it's just that sometimes you sound like a bimbo broad when you drag out your words like that, damn dude.

    J.J.Пре годину
  • I love seeing talon mow people down when those people do not include myself. At least TF Blade knows his place now.

    Zachary MyersZachary MyersПре годину
    • Zachary Myers “knows his place” wtf does that even mean, lmfao

      Rishi JoshiRishi JoshiПре 11 месеци
  • And Wins for tf Blade ?

    The Mono IreliaThe Mono IreliaПре годину
  • what are yuh dewing

    innerbloominnerbloomПре годину
  • Hard Champ right there

    trelaatrelaaПре годину
  • Vietnam yeahhh i love you :)) boy one cham talon

    Ta LonTa LonПре годину
  • nah TF blade is a much better player

    paul varuspaul varusПре годину
  • TF Blade was 1v9 and you got way too far ahead.Slow down with these titles don’t get so stuck-up.

    LeMasterYiLeMasterYiПре годину
    • Ya know this is just clickbait titling right? Like every other youtuber has to do. I'm sure Yami and blade both know the game was favored to blue side cause of the teams...

      Zach HarveyZach HarveyПре годину
    • LeMasterYi agreed

      YuuNCO SAMAYuuNCO SAMAПре годину
  • You karasmai and i keep it taco are the most full of themselves people that exist.

    JmacJmacПре годину
  • anyone noticed the abuse os crash bandicoot soundtracks? love it tbh

    Francisco ÉvoraFrancisco ÉvoraПре годину
  • Ryze can only teleport if he is able to move within his ult, which means cc can cancel his ulty

    Death ReaperDeath ReaperПре годину
  • How to play Talon - press Q.

    Hurlock alpha the Anti-GlobalistHurlock alpha the Anti-GlobalistПре годину
  • Not even my mother could stop me from leaving

    SallypsSallypsПре годину
  • Yami,KatEvo,Faker,Caps,Boxbox in one team I wonder what’ll happen

    zero39zero39Пре годину
  • Tf blade was watching his team get fucked, then a 7/2 talon comes flying in when ur 1/1 it seems like a GG

    D B 1 DeepD B 1 DeepПре годину
  • i love your plays so much !!!

    KanjiKanjiПре годину
  • Temiz

    İbrahim Olcayİbrahim OlcayПре годину
  • Wtf is that map

    Cyrus PogiCyrus PogiПре годину
  • nice play yami, and fuk that champ too :

    hoangngyen1hoangngyen1Пре годину
  • 1:47 I liked how you positioned yourself to hit your blades on KhaZix. Good shit.

    Lord LampardLord LampardПре годину
  • when a 10 year old flames thats exactly how you sound lul

    Aiton YoungAiton YoungПре годину
  • Sad :3

    Λίορ / LiorΛίορ / LiorПре годину
  • what kind of nb3 is this?

    Franco FariasFranco FariasПре годину
  • 3:26 LO THAT LUX

    trapblessertrapblesserПре годину
  • may be quite the stupid Question but the Change of the Hud is that just for RSworld so edited in later or really in game if so could somebody explain me how it works i thought These custom Skins hud etc. are not working anymore

    Satomi RentaroSatomi RentaroПре годину
  • 2:49 did i just see him jump on a marked terrain?

    Rayvher Sky ManahanRayvher Sky ManahanПре годину
    • @Lucien H oh thanks

      Rayvher Sky ManahanRayvher Sky ManahanПре годину
    • He used q on a minion

      Lucien HLucien HПре годину
  • That's not even TF blade.... Just another click bait

    ezh hudtohanezh hudtohanПре годину
  • I fucking hate talon players, nothing against you man but they’re just cancer

    Moe •••Moe •••Пре годину
  • pq o cara fala em ingles mas o titulo é em portugues???

    GuilhermeGuilhermeПре годину
  • not even 200.000 people care about your gameplay

    Dominik JungDominik JungПре годину
  • Feel so good man xDDDDDDD

    Tom KanazakiTom KanazakiПре годину
  • And here I thought Imaqtpie was the most washed up player in all of League. turns out it's actually TF blade.

    The ButlerThe ButlerПре годину
    • The Butler ?

      Rishi JoshiRishi JoshiПре 11 месеци
  • why ur map looks like that?

    Rosen GeorgievRosen GeorgievПре годину
  • 2v1 mid lane

    Berkay ErenBerkay ErenПре годину
  • Cuz tf blade is dogshit

    Kali HGKali HGПре годину
  • But LL stylish can dont worry 👑

    Hayabusa MainHayabusa MainПре годину
  • 1:17 Wait hold on wtf just happend?

    Shawn OsitShawn OsitПре годину
  • Niiiiceee slap tfblade in the title

    Ian OnrustIan OnrustПре годину
  • TSM Broken Brain

    Nexi :DNexi :DПре годину
  • "i wouldnt walk towards that if i were you" *Walks towards that and dies instantly* Who would have guessed huh?

    tomas esquiveltomas esquivelПре годину
  • Why do you block the map?

    Hdhsh KfkdkdHdhsh KfkdkdПре годину
  • Tradução Br aí sim

    FlamerWalkerFlamerWalkerПре годину
  • Mano, você é um Deus de Talon

    YanPowerYanPowerПре годину
  • Lol.. You got fed on Khazix..

    Denzel PagaduanDenzel PagaduanПре годину
  • Play against LL Stylish

    Kyrie Trash Choking LirvingKyrie Trash Choking LirvingПре годину
  • like ksk salvee brr

    zPijUzzPijUzПре годину
  • U got a subscriber because of crash's song, u have my respect

    thamis medinathamis medinaПре годину
  • Thank you for translate the video for portuguese :3

    Mitokkan gameplaysMitokkan gameplaysПре годину
  • O stylish pode :))

    Pingulol 12321Pingulol 12321Пре годину
  • Portuguese meeen

    MoadectoMoadectoПре годину
    • X1 Lixo?

      FlamerWalkerFlamerWalkerПре годину
    • X1 seu merda

      Gabriela LimaGabriela LimaПре годину
    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      Thales TonifranceThales TonifranceПре годину
    • lixo

      Dhyego LuzDhyego LuzПре годину
  • 2:47

    paulo souza fontanelapaulo souza fontanelaПре годину
  • Vei de onde vc tirou esse nome?

    dfadaf faafdafdfdfadaf faafdafdfПре годину
  • Mano os br q traduziram isso tao de parabens

    el bigodito majandroel bigodito majandroПре годину
    • Ate as piadas dele o(s) cara(s) traduziram bem

      el bigodito majandroel bigodito majandroПре годину
  • BR BR BR BR,we brasilians loves you

    Thalis OliveiraThalis OliveiraПре годину
  • that DK music aaaaa

    YakziYakziПре годину
  • 2.42 there was a ward u didnt see

    Mr strangerMr strangerПре годину
  • I like you ❤❤❤

    Đăng TrầnĐăng TrầnПре годину
  • Trolling viewers with the runes lol

    SneadleSneadleПре годину
  • I heard crash bandicoot sounds *like*

    AstmaAstmaПре годину
  • Wtf video apareceu com traduçao em pt br vim correndo 🔥❤

    †ғεт¡cнu†ғεт¡cнuПре годину
  • Yamikaze eh brasileiro ?

    Higor SantosHigor SantosПре годину
  • Br aqui

    Poderoso Castiga Em Summoner `s RiftPoderoso Castiga Em Summoner `s RiftПре годину
  • I played talon and 31/9/3

    Reda RassamReda RassamПре годину
  • I Love your videos

  • brazil

    lorran hpydlorran hpydПре годину
  • @Yamikaze AM i the only one actually noticing that he showed some runes he pick in champ select and then ingame he playes totally different like he wants to directly scamm it ???????? Since he played cloak and sorch afterall ... however i love yami but this is just bothers me :/

    Easy BoyEasy BoyПре годину
  • tanks a lot by the subtitles in portuguese!!! Many brazilians and portugueses love your channel!!! thankfull

    Daniel OliveiraDaniel OliveiraПре годину
  • thanks for translate s2

    ShioiShioiПре годину
  • subtitles in portuguese

    Mr LhipeMr LhipeПре годину

    peh RILIKIA ϟpeh RILIKIA ϟПре годину
  • Haha, good gameplay but you got classic weeb/gay voice. More annunciation and less white girl.

    Peter ChasePeter ChaseПре годину
    • @Dunes I didn't? You gotta quit the online Japanese courses and go back to Engrish weeb boy.

      Peter ChasePeter ChaseПре годину
    • How do you misspell after editing your comment?

      DunesDunesПре годину
  • but talon is ez asf wtf

    TomasTomasПре годину
  • qual a musica do 1:36?

    PabloPabloПре годину