New Pantheon REWORK is a Hail of Blades Abusing MACHINE | Pantheon Mid Challenger PBE Gameplay

31 јул 2019
125 942 Приказа

As usual, I'm giving away another Emerald Arcade Kaisa code (gonna be doing these in every vid). Code gives champion + skin + chroma. Comment 1 for a chance to win and 2 for a chance to not win :D
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  • MAN I'm actually so hyped for the Panth rework. Don't forget to enter the Kaisa code giveaway by typing 1 :). Last 2 winners (no scam btw):

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • 1

      aLeXaLeXПре годину
    • 1

      ThuongThuongПре годину
    • 1

      Meraxes SolMeraxes SolПре годину
    • 1

      gio1084gio1084Пре годину
    • 1

      Haris JukovicHaris JukovicПре годину
  • Suddenly Pantheon's E became not immune to turret damage anymore

    Joshua AbalosJoshua AbalosПре 6 месеци
  • thantheon looks pretty dope

    StarCultiniserStarCultiniserПре 11 месеци
  • where are your hail of blades talon and zed videos? should be core on them and darius etc rengar had hob too NOICE

    dillon Brafford streaming pokemondillon Brafford streaming pokemonПре 11 месеци
  • 1=1+1/2

    Sam JonesSam JonesПре годину
  • glad they changed his ulti only being used as a way to flank a lane and made it actually matter where you put it.

    link Xavier Stonelink Xavier StoneПре годину
  • 8:01 Them low diamond minions always throwing me off by not dodging too

    Mira KiramekiMira KiramekiПре годину
  • u fuckin drunk with that spear

    Isaac NathanIsaac NathanПре годину
  • This is the new reworked champ to counter talon

    Shawn OsitShawn OsitПре годину
  • Panth now needs a pool party skin with a slip n slide ult.

    Young SpoopyYoung SpoopyПре годину
  • Pantheon mid is toooo gooood Also 1

    Reborn GFXReborn GFXПре годину
  • Most fabulous sounding talon main in the west

    CiserCiserПре годину
  • Nobody had ap and u still buy magic resist boots XD

    SpaceGhostSpaceGhostПре годину
    • Morde/Leo's also good against their cc

      Yves TruongYves TruongПре годину
  • When did riot collab with ubisoft?

    ThuongThuongПре годину
  • Are u gay??

    andrej belicandrej belicПре годину
  • Tapping q is better than holding

    Tilted WriterTilted WriterПре годину
  • 1

    UnknownGodUnknownGodПре годину
  • 1

    lapagarbossalapagarbossaПре годину
  • 7 minutes in stop throwing the damn spear

    Λίορ / LiorΛίορ / LiorПре годину
  • 1

    Catch ThisCatch ThisПре годину
  • 1

    Divine ArclightsDivine ArclightsПре годину
  • You should have just went back to tower after killing leona and wait out his passive cause thats what did the most to you while you were running hed have been dumb to follow under turret then your W was back up in like 2 seconds so youd have stunned him under tower

    Sterben Z.Sterben Z.Пре годину
  • 1

    Cat GazmCat GazmПре годину
  • 8:32 that ult bodied aatrox

    FriedIsFrankieFriedIsFrankieПре годину
  • 1

    Andrea GrecoAndrea GrecoПре годину
  • 1

    AdmAdmПре годину
  • I've seen a few people make this mistake, but if you dont need the full range then it's a lot better to just tap your Q like Pyke Q. That way everyone hit by it in that short range will take full damage, rather than reduced damage after the first target hit that the full throw does and half the cd is refunded. This makes wave clear a lot more efficient as well since after first back it will likely one-shot the caster minions from full health.

    Luke O'DriscollLuke O'DriscollПре годину
  • Nice video can he compete with other champs in the late too? 1

    ZeoroxZeoroxПре годину
  • You said you can 1v2 then said you didn't think you'd 1v2 after you actually went in? Lol

    KabKabПре годину
  • Check flash pings at chat at 9:32

    fx.cytrusfx.cytrusПре годину
  • 1

    Milk ManMilk ManПре годину
  • 1

    BeagleBagleBeagleBagleПре годину
  • Can we just take a Moment and think About how Udyr got another Visual Update you have to pay for?

    Nemanja Z.Nemanja Z.Пре годину
  • 1 my duude

    DkAtroceDkAtroceПре годину
  • What is that HuD? That champion hud, is it a mod? 🤔

    NoticeMe Sen-PieNoticeMe Sen-PieПре годину
  • dam I feel so special a vid just for us, not a stream game cut out

    πinguπinguПре годину
  • 1

    JayPeeJayPeeПре годину
  • I live that your dont have to throw your spear.

    equitine _equitine _Пре годину
  • You cant farm shit

    Goace FlorinGoace FlorinПре годину
  • wp

    Thái Lê VănThái Lê VănПре годину
  • Finally someone who recognizes what rito did to my boi aatrox. 1 like= 1 prayer for the old and the gold aatrox.

    mike pereymamike pereymaПре годину
  • 1

    Thomas AlexanderThomas AlexanderПре годину
  • Though this was Ross for a sec

    Sam KKSam KKПре годину
  • 4:09 first time youtube did the right subtitle for the word “ Aatrox”

    Khoa PhạmKhoa PhạmПре годину
  • Take a shot every time he nuts on Pantheon.

    CraftedGadgetMCCraftedGadgetMCПре годину
  • No one alive Yamikaze at 5:23 ps ps psss

    lv2 faceitlv2 faceitПре годину
  • the one on one 1

    ReniReniПре годину
  • what the fUck is that damage my gUY ?

    deploraveldeploravelПре годину
  • 1 Hey i want the skin cause im a Kai'sa main with 1Million points and have all skins but this one is the last chroma i need. i hope i get the chroma :D btw. you are my favorite youtuber and because of you i started to play talon :D

    Moritz HallmannMoritz HallmannПре годину
  • 1?

    Ben GomezBen GomezПре годину
  • 1

    Andrew LuiAndrew LuiПре годину
  • Terrible aim, he didnt even need to dodge

    ??Пре годину
  • 1

    Matthew GuanMatthew GuanПре годину
  • rng is trolling if i don't win this giveaway :) 1

    Jayden BarnettJayden BarnettПре годину
  • 1

    Robert PipernoRobert PipernoПре годину
  • 1

    apple23apple23Пре годину
  • why you sound so homosex

    Pile O SpaghettiPile O SpaghettiПре годину
  • You’re so bad

    LexxLexxПре годину
  • 1

    HolloawayHolloawayПре годину
  • I love this pantheon rework ! I'm so excited when it comes to live servers... 1

    Chavez Marvin PaulChavez Marvin PaulПре годину
  • Why not just go PTA over Hail of Blades? If the point is to take advantage of Empowered W's triple auto-effect.

    KyzaelKyzaelПре годину
  • you are using panth r more effectively than other youtubers, nice job man

    Vincent Doan NguyenVincent Doan NguyenПре годину
  • Oh no panth is going to have akali syndrome he blocks 2 tower shots when diving........

    DAG backhandDAG backhandПре годину
  • This champ is gonna be hell on top lane 1 btw

    SciveKaySciveKayПре годину
  • 1

    scurrscurrПре годину
  • i like the new panth too doood 1

    TokaTokaПре годину
  • You're so shit

    eskimoassasin6eskimoassasin6Пре годину
  • Great vid 1

    Dark EclipzeDark EclipzeПре годину
  • excited to ban this champ every game

    Ruchi WigweRuchi WigweПре годину
  • 1

    ClawraptorClawraptorПре годину
  • 1

    Haiyang XuHaiyang XuПре годину
  • no need for tiamat just tap Q

    RR VillaruzRR VillaruzПре годину
  • Omg dude your voice is so annoying when you laugh i unsubscribe you

    跌Sinaad跌SinaadПре годину
  • *goes Merc treads* against a udyr, aatrox, zed, mord k

    VelmatVelmatПре годину
    • I mean TBF;mord does buttloads of magic damage and despite the fact that he autos alot thats not exactly where youre hurting from,leona built ap,udyr does a nice chunk of magic damage,and add onto that the fact that panth E was what he was relying on to survive,considering all that,building mercs to deal with the buttload of stuns that leona and udyr bring to the table seems more valuable to me than a 10% dmg reduction from tabis,again,he has panth E to dodge ALOT of the incoming dmg anyway

      EscarionEscarionПре годину
  • Wow, I'm so impressed that a talon main can hit skillshots! O wait u can't.... Great video Yami, I watch your videos a lot!

    gxnahsgcgxnahsgcПре годину
  • I think press the attack is a bit steonger but who knows

    Tsubimekdeinman SubimekdeinmanTsubimekdeinman SubimekdeinmanПре годину
  • I really like this new Pantheon! I think it can be used in jungle too... Oh and keep it up yami! You are my favourite! 1

    Dávid VicziánDávid VicziánПре годину
  • Missing cause low elo doesn’t dodge skill shots feelsbadman. 1 and I’m on NA my name is jxkc

    jxkcjxkcПре годину
  • Does the chance of winning scale with quantities of ones? If so, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

    Ben Vidmar-McEwenBen Vidmar-McEwenПре годину
  • 1 Chroma time

    KiaKiaПре годину
  • Been playing this champ for so long just glad his rework is just a modernization 1

    mahmahmahlolmahmahmahlolПре годину
  • 1

    Mathews SilvaMathews SilvaПре годину
  • Finally, someone with no clickbait title crap and not yelling into the mic. Have a like! CS is still blegh though.

    HighLanderPonyHighLanderPonyПре годину
  • So...are you excited for it to go live???

    Sanchez BrownSanchez BrownПре годину
  • 1

    vMarciivMarciiПре годину
  • 1 wow the new pantheon looks dope

    RewriteRewriteПре годину
  • Yeah HoB is pretty nuts the synergy is just really favorable in his new kit almost makes his passive 100% up time i been playtesting him none stop and HoB is surprisingly really strong on him l

    Myster_InkMyster_InkПре годину
  • I wish I could play panth, but everytime I get fp someone dodges cause they didn't get it

    Fox SynFox SynПре годину
  • 1

    imyourjoyimyourjoyПре годину
  • 1

    FalloutmiscFalloutmiscПре годину
  • !giveaway Oh wait, this isn't Twitch

    EvanEvanПре годину
  • 1

    Wallace W. WallyWallace W. WallyПре годину
  • 1 I will definitely be abusing this champion if he's not banned :)

    ChaoticChaoticПре годину
  • 1

    Golf Wang SavageGolf Wang SavageПре годину
  • 1

    iRaichyiRaichyПре годину
  • I just need 1 more chroma on Kaisa and guess what, you will give it to me ! Just 1

    Ningenshi KurayiNingenshi KurayiПре годину
  • 1 :)

    Evan TangEvan TangПре годину
  • I wish udyr will be rework too 1

    Andrian GlodoAndrian GlodoПре годину
  • Reworks are retarded.. and broken in game.. nowada all champs have long stun or damage output then you have no nerf for 1 month and let it run free in ranked this game is death

    EsDiEsDiПре годину
  • 1

    Barack OsamaBarack OsamaПре годину