New game-changing Q max Talon build in Challenger

9 јул 2019
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  • 2 points W to 2shot the back wave with W in lane, then max Q for more allin damage. Check out today's sponsor, Zack, using my link here: and their mobile app here: Oh, and credit to this Talon streamer, heard he started doing this first: U should go follow him on twitch!!

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • Yamikaze I just got to thinking but have you ever thought to build infinity edge against a melee team where you max q? If so how does it feel?

      CombofiedCombofiedПре годину
    • Yamikaze whats upp

      Lynx PogDestroyLynx PogDestroyПре годину
  • That Tahm play is why I just laugh when people say he sucks.

    KasterKreepKasterKreepПре 3 месеца

    Comedy is deadComedy is deadПре 8 месеци
  • CHRONO TRIGGER sountrack

    MrRagnarok45MrRagnarok45Пре 8 месеци
  • 4:46-4:51 what kind of music?

    Dekryt DekrytowuhDekryt DekrytowuhПре 8 месеци
  • End of video: Better bot wins Recommend: Not even my bot 2-17 can stop me for 1v9

    Johangel RodríguezJohangel RodríguezПре 9 месеци
  • Could you add something on the video to say it's not available in Europe? I've used your link to download it and it can't boot up brain.apk (lol) because of "unsupported version". I think it's only fair enough.

    Denis StepanDenis StepanПре годину
  • God your voice is so soothing!

    Lamine .RahhaliLamine .RahhaliПре годину
  • chrono trigger

    martin salinamartin salinaПре годину
  • Lol that siver was named hinabi (mobile legends hero)

    Xevra FallenXevra FallenПре годину
  • Just W Waves XDD

    Alucard NoLifeKingAlucard NoLifeKingПре годину
  • So what is the point of deliberately dying to tower?

    Aidan WedgburyAidan WedgburyПре годину
  • Franky theme 5:00

    Nexoner 5Nexoner 5Пре годину
    • @Comedy is dead how 😅

      Nexoner 5Nexoner 5Пре 8 месеци
    • 1:40 also one piece track

      Comedy is deadComedy is deadПре 8 месеци
  • Gachi sound effects killed me XD

    DarkestDarkestПре годину
  • The chrono trigger music

    exaalmightyexaalmightyПре годину
  • I see that Franky theme

    DreadDrakeIIIDreadDrakeIIIПре годину
  • the rto edit lmao

    justinjustinПре годину
  • 2:28, jhin ult???

    egrolol 66egrolol 66Пре годину

    KayVahnKayVahnПре годину
  • Why do I think that you are trash with talon but you are good

    Yoyo GamingYoyo GamingПре годину
  • wait wat sponsored by me?!?!

    Zac ZachZac ZachПре годину
  • 1:58 dude, i totally lost it there xDDD

    Obese yObese yПре годину
  • I have been building q max against most mid laners since I watched your video on the #1 talon player and I have been carrying my team every game since.

    JamesJamesПре годину
  • Can someone name the song at around 5:00 for the team fight? I want the epic team fight music.

    HCCraft2020HCCraft2020Пре годину
    • One Piece OST - Franky Theme

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре годину
  • nice video

    GAlexandrisGAlexandrisПре годину
  • best talon player on youtube, or as my fellow brazilian brothers says, joga pacaraio menó!

    CatiniCatiniПре годину
  • Cadê a legenda brazil?

    Yuri GabrielYuri GabrielПре годину
  • I love your Talon man =)) It's so cool I'm trying to master this champion =)

    Tom KanazakiTom KanazakiПре годину
  • Yo I'm new here N want to learn talon but against Zed cuz in my server both soloq/norm a lot of playas R playin zeds N YaSs Philippine server btw

    Tenjrou_PlaysTenjrou_PlaysПре годину
    • @decade TY

      Tenjrou_PlaysTenjrou_PlaysПре годину
    • Tenjrou Talon beats both heavily. Once you hit level 2 you just win every trade, if they get within Q range just W Q auto and two of those they’re dead.

      decadedecadeПре годину
  • how yami gets his map skin ????

  • Anyone have any general tips as talon to climb? I’m b1.. Playing talon isn’t a problem for me, iv just played normals with friends and went against a p2 zed mid I went 11/5 he went 3/10. Went against a p2 Ashe who went 1/10 and I had 10+ kills. I can stomp my lane, sometimes end up 17/4 and still lose games. Obviously I’m doing something wrong so what do I need to do to close these games out earlier?

    WezzlowWezzlowПре годину
    • Wezzlow Macro. You may not have problems playing Talon but you’re probably having troubles playing League, that’s why you’re not winning as much as you think you should be.

      Revê de FleursRevê de FleursПре годину
  • nice edit

    Douglas KoehlerDouglas KoehlerПре годину
  • the Chrono trigger song... old times

    andres felipe medina valenciaandres felipe medina valenciaПре годину
  • 哲学♂

    WU ThexhWU ThexhПре годину
  • can you do a video from your lol video settings pls

    L :3L :3Пре годину
  • RTO xD

    CheemSwarCheemSwarПре годину
  • Talon best champ, I'm main Talon and one day I want to play as you are super your fan 😍😎

    Kevin ZMKevin ZMПре годину
  • I am Vietnamese and I really admire Yami

    Kiên Phạm TrungKiên Phạm TrungПре годину
  • When will you make next video?

    Θανασης ΣταφυλιδηςΘανασης ΣταφυλιδηςПре годину
  • Heared u about a german Streamer on NA? "German Overload", I guess u played once against him :)

    SrSuders - MarioSrSuders - MarioПре годину
  • Cd os br main talon?

    Only LuckyOnly LuckyПре годину
  • Legend Português Pls 😭

    KyuwKyuwПре годину
  • U sound familier like someone ive heard before

    Ice cream and picklesIce cream and picklesПре годину
  • Please don't change your editor

    KUku cuCHu FUFUKUku cuCHu FUFUПре годину
    • Ty

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре годину
  • Pls subtitle in portuguese pls

    Gowther 1Gowther 1Пре годину
  • Blood moon talon is most cool skin of talon

    Dilyan KulinDilyan KulinПре годину
  • Does anyone know how did he show spell range without hovering with mouse on the ability icon?

    Matej TomášMatej TomášПре годину
    • @strouyayes I know, thats normal casting, but he had quickcast ON and then he used some kind of hotkey to use normal cast (on E)...

      Matej TomášMatej TomášПре годину
    • When in game go into settings then hotkeys and click the first button, will show you the range of an ability if you hold its button

      strouyastrouyaПре годину
  • been watching you for a while now bro and love your content, all i ask is please when you get bigger(which you will) please please please dont make clickbait youtube videos and become all cringe

    fuzrawry wardfuzrawry wardПре годину
  • I am Brazilian player, i Love you game plays S2

    mkm kmkmkm kmkПре годину
  • When do you max q on talon??

    Josh NathanJosh NathanПре годину
  • Hey Yami i was wondering how your build path goes

    Josh NathanJosh NathanПре годину
    • A reply will be appreciated Big fan❤

      Josh NathanJosh NathanПре годину
    • After ghostblade and duskblade do you go black cleaver or straight to lord dominiks or last whisper?

      Josh NathanJosh NathanПре годину
  • I would rather choose "yoummus" instead of "duskblade" cause it has the better performance on the game, specially the passive speed where you can apply on your combo with talon

    Coffee ColinsCoffee ColinsПре годину
  • Hud link plz

    Haise SasakiHaise SasakiПре годину
  • i think fwiizone started the Q max strat first, coz ive been using this strat for months now lol

    machuuu_machuuu_Пре годину
  • TFT hands

    DeejayFDeejayFПре годину
  • Im Talon main, and i always start with W but max my Q first, because it deal much damages, cost lower mana and quicker cooldown than W.. It helps me alot when roaming

    DeterxfoxDeterxfoxПре годину
  • i am almost a better version of yamikaze :D but in gold elo :(

    AlKoM 03AlKoM 03Пре годину
  • It really do be like that sometimes

    Jaycee VertigoJaycee VertigoПре годину
  • Ever since I watched your videos, I improved with talon a lot, I can delete a fed 8/0 adc before they can react.

    BloodMoonMordekaiserBloodMoonMordekaiserПре годину
  • Chrono trigger's theme, holy shit that's amazing

    Joshua RamonJoshua RamonПре годину
  • the new editor is amazing lol

    SurrealSurrealПре годину
  • I died at the RTO edits 😂😂

    Cory GrewohlCory GrewohlПре годину
  • 10:20 not ur bad, 7:1 Sivir wtfffff

    Rego VegiRego VegiПре годину
  • 2:01 LMAO

    Pedro BarthPedro BarthПре годину
  • E max first

    ZzZzПре годину
  • 4:28 Is this combo really come from "best Talon NA " ???????? @@

    4 Đỗ Đức Cường4 Đỗ Đức CườngПре годину
  • I loved the editing in this one yami 10/10

    FixxyFixxyПре годину
  • dude the music changing minecraft had me dead

    Aayush PabariAayush PabariПре годину
  • Hi dude just wanted to ask if u ever tried dark harvest on talon I did a'd it look better than electrocute cause u can proke it with ur passive and actually when u stacked enought u can deal alot of damage just by sneaky trap with ur q that deal a lot of damage and with dark harvest its litteraly os every time so in tf u just have to R Q (kill) wait 2 sec and then just Z poke or Q close range when half life target so u should try

    Guillaume RAYAPPAGuillaume RAYAPPAПре годину
  • Other champions: holy shit look at this outplay by ryze, the positioning, combos and all that Talon:Q max (all mechanics required) xd

    MATIOSMATIOSПре годину
    • @Aibax he just to be hard, now its just e+q

      max gucci pradamax gucci pradaПре годину
    • Yeah ryze is so much harder

      AibaxAibaxПре годину
  • Face reveal?

    SWIzZSWIzZПре годину
  • I miss the full gameplay videos but this one was edited really well

    NoamiasNoamiasПре годину
  • 7:28 This editor is killing me roflmfao

    Lord LampardLord LampardПре годину
  • 1:58 Dude I fucking love this editor lmfao

    Lord LampardLord LampardПре годину
  • These new sound effects tho lol

    Echo FoxEcho FoxПре годину
  • how can i make your hud bro i need that cna someone tell?

    Ceyhun KemancıCeyhun KemancıПре годину
    • just who is watching can see that, its just like the covered map

      Alexandre LimaAlexandre LimaПре годину
  • How long did it take you to find a sponsor you actually liked

    Aidan BrayfieldAidan BrayfieldПре годину
  • Man he is really credenza? The top 1 jayce of NA? WTF!!!

    Luis PazLuis PazПре годину
  • This is definitely winnable I can carry...pentakill..loss

    JimmyJimmyПре годину
  • YOOOO sick outro, sa2 was the cheese when I was a kid

    The ChillinThe ChillinПре годину
  • I am sorry, sensei, but some in your team from the second game were ( *insert insult* ) - they left you to die when they could have saved you almost without effort! Unacceptable! Aaaand, sensei, ..... why do you have so few subscribers? ( *roasted* ) You deserve more! xD

    Metodi MincheffMetodi MincheffПре годину
  • Credenda Jayce Pog

    NikjojoNikjojoПре годину
  • Please, you can try these runes in the jungle with Talon. Smite-ignite. Conqueror. Triumph. Legend: Alacrity. Coup Grace. Sudden impact. Ravenous Hunter. Adaptive Force x2. Armor. I've been using them in about 20 games and I'm doing great. Thanks. Great video.

    Antonio Reyes.Antonio Reyes.Пре годину
    • Just wondering what rank r u ?

      nam nguyennam nguyenПре годину
  • Ayy that’s the trick2g kill sound effect 3:35

    The Dark WolfThe Dark WolfПре годину
    • oh really didn't know got it from ed edd n eddy

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре годину
  • Ayy, that’s one piece OSTs. Noice

    The Dark WolfThe Dark WolfПре годину
  • The real question is why Talon is not nerf he is actually tier 1 with very big pick rate ans high win rate he is my main and i hate seeing too much people play him cause he is meta... so i want nerf on my main

    AkramAkramПре годину
  • lol at 4:46 you can hear franky's theme from one piece

    HishironHishironПре годину
  • How many points do you have on talon?

    AzevedoAzevedoПре годину
  • The editing at 4:45 is on point LMAO

    DmBachGamingDmBachGamingПре годину
  • "It's winnable" Biggest lie ever :v

    Yiz TJYiz TJПре годину
  • He does what did several months ago and start maxing Q cause you use the W as a setup for the stab and you get to stab more frequently in fights

    AvariceAvariceПре годину
  • Is there the music from Pokémon rescue Team or im missleading ?

    robin jasinskirobin jasinskiПре годину
    • timestamp and i can tell you but i didn't add any pokemon music

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре годину
  • the minecraft music got me man that was good. Well done editor i really enjoyed this

    Thad fennerThad fennerПре годину
  • 4:46 the fuking song of franki from one piece 7:30 song of koppa´s town from paper mario amazing

    C JC JПре годину
    • 13:34 song of a level in Sonic Adventures 2. Aquatic Mines.

      Alucard NoLifeKingAlucard NoLifeKingПре годину
  • The RTO edit fucking killed me

    FloppFloppПре годину
  • max e for best roaming

    Josef SeagronJosef SeagronПре годину
  • i wish i can be that good at talon i need to learn more and i need 3 s or s+ for m7 talon

    Ronnie PhamRonnie PhamПре годину
  • yay talon is so cute

    lulululuПре годину
  • I always have been in love with Chrono Trigger songs, you are a guy of amazing tastes!

    Katze CzolgKatze CzolgПре годину
  • How do I put this hud on lol?

    Thalles HenriqueThalles HenriqueПре годину