New champion Qiyana is actually broken... PBE Qiyana Gameplay

11 јун 2019
129 960 Приказа

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  • Imagine having 9 ping on PBE vs everyone else that has 100+ BTW I'm not saying he is a bad player. Just making sure no one thinks that

    Dr KikoDr KikoПре 5 месеци
  • Anyone noticed at 4:05, he was thinking he is using talon and tried to jump over the turret?

    Dont Mind MeDont Mind MeПре 5 месеци
  • who else knew he'd do something like this right when he got level 6 6:20

    Reese OchoaReese OchoaПре 8 месеци
  • play yas he is good

    VÎPER Gaming YTVÎPER Gaming YTПре годину
  • 10:27 wtf xd

    TomaszTomaszПре годину
  • old Talon E...too soon PepeHands

    KalinmirKalinmirПре годину
  • this champ is shit

    ShahmenShahmenПре годину
  • Your ult 😥

    Cobe Bryan GuevarraCobe Bryan GuevarraПре годину
  • Another ult that gets blocked by a yasuo w

    Oscar MayerOscar MayerПре годину
  • Are you my new fav RSworldr ? No screaming during plays no begging when killing some thing opinions and thoughts on every play u make giving advice AND no caps on titles Woah dude you’re amazing

    Anthony TranAnthony TranПре годину
  • Sad that this guy plays with friends only that let him win.

    Lunin SLunin SПре годину
  • This dudes voice is actually so disgusting

    KrayonKrayonПре годину

    coolbeans 6000coolbeans 6000Пре годину
  • A new champ is broken? Nah that never happened before :^ )

    EntireShadowEntireShadowПре годину
  • The second abilitie E rly? Q W is better I think

    unique Scoutunique ScoutПре годину
  • Is the audio sped up or does he just start all his sentences fast? Am I crazy???

    KissenKittenKissenKittenПре годину
  • she looks trash..waste of time champion

    John JordanJohn JordanПре годину
  • FAKE, yasuo let you killing him.probably someone friend you know or the weakest player i ever see. I understand that is for yt video but still... FAKE end disgusting for watching 👏

    YösipYösipПре годину
  • Man only used his stealth once really wanted to see what you could do with it

    MarquisMarquisПре годину
  • anyone who has PBE lmht does not lend me to try a new champion. Sincerely 😔😔

    Ngoc Quy DtddNgoc Quy DtddПре годину
  • Is she released for everyone?

    Tobias GrunarmelTobias GrunarmelПре годину
  • I think she could be better jungle (depending if she can do one clear) as she would be able to take all the elements without problem

    TW BoujiTW BoujiПре годину
  • where's yami's hud?

    LiniL SparesLiniL SparesПре годину
  • Qiyana is the better hard champion of the game

    TiSbracoTiSbracoПре годину
  • champ: *released* everyone: BROKEN

    CatCatПре годину
  • Actually, i guess it would be the same build as talon, with the same runes but 'hunter - healing' and second path is inspiration with cookie and potion buff because of her low cooldowns and her mana (like irelia). I think her cooldowns will be nerfed, especially blinks in early game, because as assasin she shouldn't poke THAT much.

    Данила ШведДанила ШведПре годину
  • How does he get that weird hotbar? y is it gray.

    ZenailonZenailonПре годину
  • Hey here's a hot fucking suggestion. Do basic research about the champ before you play her for an audience. That way you don't have to be saying "duuhhh I don't really know what this does" every two minutes and messing up her gameplay like an idiot. This was stupid to watch. Look up abilities, give people something to listen to, educate people.

    Kolton DiaconKolton DiaconПре годину
  • i mean a for example mordekaiser with 18/4 would be stronger than qiyana so dont call her broken!

    MR XMR XПре годину
  • why can't I find this champion?

    MagusMagusПре годину
  • How does he has an skin for his bar

    Kerem SonmezKerem SonmezПре годину
  • Goodbye talon hellloo Qiyana

    SusSusПре годину
  • Worst video ever. Just read what the champ is doing before trying it on. The whole video you used w only on ground. You miss ulti like you have nooo ideea what is doing. Watching this video was a waste of time and was unconfortable seeing this.

    Daniel IonDaniel IonПре годину
  • 17:15 "an an and" haha

    V KyliV KyliПре годину
  • 지형효과 안받은 궁은 데미지도 없는데 자꾸 콤보마다 끼워넣냐ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ궁의 90%를 못맞추거나 장풍 방생용으로 쓰는건 아무리 pbe라지만 너무하잖어. 근데 젤 끔찍한건 궁을 저따위로 써도 딜로 찍어눌러서 이긴다는거임

    첵스초코국물첵스초코국물Пре годину
  • damn, youre the first person who literally played her so bad like, the others did a lil better job at knowing her abilities

    Pascal Kali MPascal Kali MПре годину
  • 2:07 wtf ?

    BaiethasXDBaiethasXDПре годину
  • geez just use the other elements

    rafael angelo buhainrafael angelo buhainПре годину
  • New champs are always broken.....duh

    MageorbMageorbПре годину
  • i think deaths dance may be pretty strong on her, as a riven player i like to build literally every champ like riven soooo maybe just a me thing

    JonahJonahПре годину
  • i just dont understand why tons of youtubers go into games and dont like watch any trailer on her abilities or even read how they work till they get in game but whatever ig

    J GrootJ GrootПре годину
  • More interesting kit than yuumi ig

    Moody NoodleMoody NoodleПре годину
  • We even wait to post this gamdplay for the new champion. Thx for your work and keep doing that bro.

    Dark KeNNyDark KeNNyПре годину
  • you know you dont have to compare everything to another champion

    Tigers sinTigers sinПре годину
  • Her q has on hit damage, attack speed, and resets q, so it's probably best to hold onto q and an element before fighting or trading because you can q reset with w use on hit damage to get them low and execute with an earth q.

    Fenrir UnshackledFenrir UnshackledПре годину
  • Morde items at 2:08? Wtf

    cLoUxcLoUxПре годину
  • Gameplay criminosa kkkkkkkkk

    Jonathan LucasJonathan LucasПре годину
  • Who else saw the more build at 2:07

    Pantar 772Pantar 772Пре годину
  • if u use grass r u will become invisible if u use rock r on a wall u make a splash DMG on a little range from the wall and stun and water q u push them the stun

    M1rraiM1rraiПре годину
  • Dude, reading abilities is like 5 minutes tops. Do us a favour and next time at least read the abilities first. It is so infuriating. Sorry for the saltiness but I think this needs to be said

    Akhilesh PatelAkhilesh PatelПре годину
  • another stupid youtuber who didn't even bother to look up her hit before tried in PBE, CLASSIC

    Mi DuMi DuПре годину
  • Wut a boring champion tbh

    Bee OngBee OngПре годину
  • "I dont know what that did" Proceeds to NOT read the spells

    Nikolaj HansenNikolaj HansenПре годину
  • Her e is an exact replica of fizz e not yasuo

    Elijah WoodElijah WoodПре годину
  • _____ is actually broken

    Lloyd pearceLloyd pearceПре годину
  • think the e is more like old akali ult dash

    ThreshyThreshyПре годину
  • Dont like the new hero, look like akali/talon. Nothing special

    Facerol FacerolFacerol FacerolПре годину
  • Nerf

    SkrtManBabbelsSkrtManBabbelsПре годину
  • Why is it so hard to read your abilities before you play a champ? Sorry can't watch this, it is just frustrating.

    makutasamakutasaПре годину
    • literally nobody cares what you think

      Schyzox MusicSchyzox MusicПре годину
  • This wouldve been more interesting if you read ur abilities, early on you used ur ult in bad spots and d8dnt take any element but rock in mid lol

    Dhero77Dhero77Пре годину
  • Mord?

    pellepelleПре годину
  • This should be played with conqueror imho

    KozakowskiKozakowskiПре годину
  • 5.41 how mordekaiser got 3 protobelts lmao

    Mektros23Mektros23Пре годину
  • 2:08 morde has 4 protobelts Or is it Just me?

    DaddyThijsDaddyThijsПре годину
  • at 59 seconds... anyone else noticed that 4 protobelt build?????

    Angelo WaganAngelo WaganПре годину
    • @Kîềų Łě not really a bug, riot is just putting items on the shop and using the protobelt as a placeholder icon. The "protobelt" doesnt have any stats on it

      PhantasyPhantasyПре годину
    • yeah ít is some icon bug on the pbe.

      Kîềų ŁěKîềų ŁěПре годину
  • What my r do? Dunno? Let's just press it

    Kwinten HermansKwinten HermansПре годину
  • 2:08 morde with 4 proto at 2 min nice one rito

    church of the teachurch of the teaПре годину
  • Headlines: Yami so toxic he abandons Talon for Qiyana

    DeejayFDeejayFПре годину
    • @Yamikaze XD

      DeejayFDeejayFПре годину
    • LMFAO true

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • just got clickbaited you said gameplay but i just saw like you didn't really show us all of the skills? mostly the air and water element.... lame gameplay..

    Marc YsonMarc YsonПре годину
  • What Normal People See: *The new champion is actually broken...* What I see: *The new broken is actually champion*

    Saud Palti 사우드Saud Palti 사우드Пре годину
  • So sad that nobody is using the bush enchantment, I wanna see some cool stealth action! This shit boring

    FlαreFlαreПре годину
  • how did you change your hud?

    AndyAndyПре годину
  • Irelia sivir

    ZeirozhZeirozhПре годину
  • Depending on the AP scaling for her w you could build protobelt for even more dashes

    Patrick WPatrick WПре годину
    • @Schyzox Music Yeah dawg its a joke just maximizing dash potential

      Patrick WPatrick WПре годину
    • just get CDR or something

      Schyzox MusicSchyzox MusicПре годину
    • she's an AD assassin though

      Schyzox MusicSchyzox MusicПре годину
  • you know... you really blew that one

    Inou'rcing DiskInou'rcing DiskПре годину
  • 9 MS on PBE... The dream

    FocacciaFocacciaПре годину
  • I looked up qiyana for some gameplay and it took some scrolling to find a non caps title but at least there is one :)

    kattrackarnkattrackarnПре годину
  • the dmg is not that high. 7 1 with an assassin you really should oneshot people

    MarkusfenMarkusfenПре годину
    • @Kozakowski even without knowing. Q execute should do more dmg for a 7/0 and he should oneshot with it because it's her main source of dmg. E and w don't dmg

      MarkusfenMarkusfenПре годину
    • The damage is not that high because he had no clue about the main dmg combo :D

      KozakowskiKozakowskiПре годину
  • I think its gonna be one of the most mechanical complicated champions.

    DrexuThePunisherDrexuThePunisherПре годину
  • Morde haver 3 protobeles

    wilo XXLwilo XXLПре годину
  • So freaking hard to play champ lol too confusing

    Dark MatterDark MatterПре годину
    • Jan Pisek lol thats exactly why its hard cuz u have to remember elements

      Dark MatterDark MatterПре годину
    • are you like a Garen main or smth? lol she's quite simple to play really.. the hardest thing to always have on your mind is what each of her passive elements do... there are a lot of much more complex champs in League

      Jan PisekJan PisekПре годину
  • I guess he likes the champion

    PepperZPepperZПре годину
  • At least you didnt go for the: ACTUALLY SO BROKEN 1V9 MY MOM RAPED ME AFTER THIS1111

    SchlachsahneSchlachsahneПре годину
  • thought this was redmercy or proffessor akali

    Martin SjåvikMartin SjåvikПре годину
  • Not sure if Qiyana _is_ broken or it's because the enemy Yasuo is a complete trashuo

    Lord LampardLord LampardПре годину
    • Cause He have 9 MS and play vs silver/Gold high Ping players Who Just want to test Qiyana

      Rhuan De AngeliRhuan De AngeliПре годину
  • One thing u failed to mention was that qiyana W actually resets Q cd so u can q w auto q in about 2 seconds for a quick trading combo/electrocute proc

    Hasan ShaikhHasan ShaikhПре годину

    DeAundray TaylorDeAundray TaylorПре годину
  • Finnaly u are back

    Separate ProjectSeparate ProjectПре годину
  • Ofcourse every shitty channel says "broken" to get more clicks, sleazy content

    ReveraxReveraxПре годину
  • nice seeing you play with this champ! if you haven't noticed yet, i just noticed that her W resets her Q, so a good way to all-in after gap closing is to Q>W>Q and then R whenever possible

    Gabster RiveraGabster RiveraПре годину
    • But make sure the first Q i enchanted

      Practical CucumberPractical CucumberПре 11 месеци
  • 2:07 why morde have 4 fuckking items

    KecoGamerKecoGamerПре годину
  • Hey yami!Where are u from?

  • she has ap scaling... YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS

    Loaf of SwitchLoaf of SwitchПре годину
    • On hit full attack speed

      Jan DorowJan DorowПре годину
    • NB3 Click Bait 1000 ap Jungle

      Rengar LothbrokRengar LothbrokПре годину
  • Awful video. Cant wait for anyone else to upload a video playing her.

    Trent LindseyTrent LindseyПре годину
  • Why is Akali AP when this champ is AD? Feels like this champ would fit better with magic items than Akali

    NoamiasNoamiasПре годину
    • exactly...

      Jan PisekJan PisekПре годину
  • Yamikaze is that type of person to build tiamat on all AD assassins

    BloodMoonMordekaiserBloodMoonMordekaiserПре годину
    • But it’s really good for Quiyana cause she can wave clear easily in early game

      Anh Minh PhạmAnh Minh PhạmПре годину
  • The morderkaiser just have like 5 protobelt

    something maddsomething maddПре годину
  • Most pbe players are unranked-silver a challenger player could probably cream on them with lethality yuumi mid ffs.

    Hyper_5paceHyper_5paceПре годину
    • True

      SchlachsahneSchlachsahneПре годину
  • how the fuck do u have 9 ms on pbe

    Kienans SonKienans SonПре годину
  • Qiyana e is just longer range fizz q

    Richard KluinRichard KluinПре годину