Infinite Heal Talon. The assassin that can't be killed.

25 јун 2019
145 790 Приказа

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Portugese Subtitles: Cawabanga
Thumbnail art by: couldn't find artist :(

  • Title says "the assassin that cant be killed" but yami dies in the vid LOL. Wanna see a real talon that never dies? Hear this guy is literally un-kill-able on talon. You should follow him!

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • @El Zedon yeah

      Gabriel Lucas Sabadin PiccoliGabriel Lucas Sabadin PiccoliПре годину
    • @El Zedon yeaah

      Guilherme RibeiroGuilherme RibeiroПре годину
    • Men are u brazillian?

      El ZedonEl ZedonПре годину
    • More one sub BR haha mono Zed

      Guilherme RibeiroGuilherme RibeiroПре годину
    • What do you mean "braziliam streamers aran´t that bad" im offended ;-;... Joking, nice vídeo dude

      Gabriel Lucas Sabadin PiccoliGabriel Lucas Sabadin PiccoliПре годину
  • jesus, this video just gave me a headache

    Duc NguyenDuc NguyenПре 7 дана
  • This is always my talon build i cant stand edge of the night

    MeathMeathПре 2 месеца
  • "the assassin that cant be killed" ..... *me looking at the thumbnail* 14/4 mhhh

    DenschkyDenschkyПре 5 месеци
  • that mgs 2 alert music at 5:24 xD nice video

    Ludwig GolzLudwig GolzПре 5 месеци
  • Ok so the champion zilean which didnt get a change for more than 3 years is now broken...

    KingSpoderManKingSpoderManПре 7 месеци
  • Title: _"The Assassin that can't be killed"_ Also the thumbnail: *4 Deaths*

    ColorXColorXПре 7 месеци
  • Yami: *Dies* Also Yami: We win this - oh no we dont

    BlizzArtBlizzArtПре 7 месеци
  • I like how Conq Talon used to be so trolling and now it is the meta

    JinjerDagJinjerDagПре 8 месеци
  • 9 months later and conq becomes meta for talon

    Kevin NguyenKevin NguyenПре 8 месеци
  • 2:39 where did the healing came from ? is it talon passive ? can any one explain to me ?

    bm MASKbm MASKПре 9 месеци
    • bm MASK its from the conqueror taste of blood rav hunter and double dorans blade

      fakedurpfakedurpПре 7 месеци

    Raphael Adrian RecondoRaphael Adrian RecondoПре 9 месеци
  • Little did he know about S10

    edytzaleredytzalerПре 10 месеци
  • is it Just me or is the Thumbnail Looks like Mikasa 😂🤣

    Hi Im ShataMuiHi Im ShataMuiПре 10 месеци
  • Brazilian server its like inferno, but with too many toxic people, i know that because a play there. Tasukete ;-;

    PharmakPharmakПре 10 месеци
  • Why does your voice sound like you're sick or have to sneeze?

    MiniMiniПре 10 месеци
  • title: "The assassin that can't be killed." yamikaze: *dies 12 times*

    mäxboxmäxboxПре 11 месеци
  • I love the people who get so eager to end off an ace like you have 2-3 lane towers up in each lane and you ace them and they're like NO NOT MAP OBJECTIVES WE CAN END!

    Chunky CoffeeChunky CoffeeПре 11 месеци
  • why is healing not good on talon anyway?

    normal timesnormal timesПре 11 месеци
  • why is talon in the thumbnail girl?

    Efe’s StuffEfe’s StuffПре годину
  • Lmao thats my standard AD build

    HuskyDoesYIFFHuskyDoesYIFFПре годину
  • Im a Br and even I never saw this before

    VinIssuesVinIssuesПре годину
  • Best Yasua 1/9 ,is VietNames me too

    xDOM xxDOM xПре годину

    marcos martinsmarcos martinsПре годину
  • Obrigado pelas legendas em português, querido Yamikaze. Acompanho eu trabalho e estudo o jogo inspirado em ti, obrigado por sempre trazer um conteúdo de qualidade. Abraço!!!

    Drago EstevãoDrago EstevãoПре годину
  • Br na área XD

    Marcos NyakMarcos NyakПре годину
  • Title: The assassin that can't be killed. Yami the first game: Dying all the time Yami second game: Like no deaths only kills Me: That guy is trolling mannn

    Super NoobSuper NoobПре годину
  • talon licked the blades and thats how he was healing omegalul

    1KDa1KDaПре годину
  • Wait is that a Mikasa's picture before the video started.

    HazHazПре годину
  • Ty for legend this Brazillian

    Guilherme '-'Guilherme '-'Пре годину
  • An unkillable assassin? Isn't that called a bruiser

    • no its called being good at the game

      Whimsical ChroniclesWhimsical ChroniclesПре годину
  • Yamikaze's commentary makes me interested watching more of his content


    IkitoIkitoПре годину
  • I thought Talon was Mikasa in thumbnail

    Sheep Is for the weakSheep Is for the weakПре годину
  • 5:00 ignite up

    Joost BoltenJoost BoltenПре годину
  • Yami sounds like he is gay not judging its even beter

    lidija stankoviclidija stankovicПре годину
  • his voice triggers me so much

    Andrija 4gAndrija 4gПре годину
  • This is almost as silly as full health regen garen

    Aidan WedgburyAidan WedgburyПре годину
  • - Nice

    Neil LuckyNeil LuckyПре годину
  • manda um salve pro brasil

    paulo Baleeiropaulo BaleeiroПре годину
  • 2:21 "I'm a genius."

    BloodMoonMordekaiserBloodMoonMordekaiserПре годину
  • Fico feliz por citar os Brasileiros em seu vídeo Yami, Mono Talon aqui U.u

    LucasPLucasPПре годину
    • LucasP ainda falo q não somos tão ruins kkk

      Higor SantosHigor SantosПре 9 месеци
  • I'm from Brazil and I'm very much your fan, I dream of having a good TALON like yours

    Guilherme HenriqueGuilherme HenriqueПре годину
  • Respeita os br

    Tico TecoTico TecoПре годину
  • Please show me your face 🤣🤣

    Sarah JohanssonSarah JohanssonПре годину
  • Imma need that thumbnail sauce daddy yami

    AshxnAshxnПре годину
  • That talon looked like mikasa in the thumbnail

    bedo sabrybedo sabryПре годину
  • Brazilian build 😄,adorei o video sou inscrito seu do brasil acompanho lives e etc(dentre outras coisas)

    Breno Costa CunhaBreno Costa CunhaПре годину
  • Fico honrado do yamikaze ter usado uma build brasileira e ter dado certo

    Flame KunFlame KunПре годину
  • You Can Try jng Talon Plz.

    Omri Bar-MaorOmri Bar-MaorПре годину
  • Counter: Grevious Wounds.

    Jakob Nicolae MousaJakob Nicolae MousaПре годину
  • Pleases try hail of blades on talon . Just auto Q . Its does more dmg than electric cute . Talon is early game and late game champion.. taking lethality items and trinty force for Q buff and attack speed. Using hail of blades while proc the passive is what riot want to nerf and say we didn't know that talon is dangerous at early

    Peaceful WorldPeaceful WorldПре годину
  • Your voice sounds like nightblue3😂

    jared chungjared chungПре годину
  • Subtitulos español por favor!!!!!!

    Exequiel DiazExequiel DiazПре годину
  • Vai Brasilian

    LeroyLeroyПре годину
  • Clickbaited cause I thought there was a talon user like me

    Cadis Estrima De RaizelCadis Estrima De RaizelПре годину
  • So cocky its annoying lol

    Aziz N.Aziz N.Пре годину
  • Aqui no Brasil a galera tem talento pra fazer merda

    BruninBruninПре годину
  • You actually bought dorans blade on talon r/talonmains will curse you for this

    AnatoriniAnatoriniПре годину
  • you dont have to take my boosted gold advice but i find that building a lethality item into trinity, then shojin, is an amazing build which allows you more time in conquer. you get tanky and have 40% cdr so while you have no life steal items you gain a lot of hp.

    Samuel LoadingSamuel LoadingПре годину
  • CAWABANGA mito da tradução!

    Felipe XDFelipe XDПре годину
  • Yasuo feeding as always

    Đạt TrầnĐạt TrầnПре годину
  • Brazil ♥️

    Matheus SchulzMatheus SchulzПре годину
  • Olhe no opgg toih na minha opinião é o melhor talon Br

    RedGamesRedGamesПре годину
  • Fckin rat looser why u clip these shits the third video I see and yamikaz loose all of them what the hec

    Amir MoosaviAmir MoosaviПре годину
  • Yamikaze : HEALING TALON OP Yamikaze on mobafire guide : don’t buy deaths dance because healing isn’t that good on talon

    SF BSSF BSПре годину
    • @Viktor Luis nowadays its worth since death dance gives you tanky stats tho

      EinHaufen KekseEinHaufen KekseПре 7 месеци
    • Yamikaze 2k20: PogQueror Talon btw

      Viktor LuisViktor LuisПре 10 месеци
    • Lmao

      YerolieYerolieПре годину

    Thomaz AragãoThomaz AragãoПре годину

    Vinícius JoséVinícius JoséПре годину
  • Wait talon is not a girl cmon fix ur thumbnails

    Crismon ZCrismon ZПре годину
  • Bem criativa

    Yohan KeynYohan KeynПре годину

    DeejayFDeejayFПре годину
  • That thumbnail, female talon look like mikasa right

    YO_ PrnzYO_ PrnzПре годину
  • i swear this is the only one that doesnt use caps for clickbait titles aha

    Awesome1001ableAwesome1001ableПре годину
  • Title shouldve been "Sustain Talon Top| Yami sucking his own dick for 10:51 mins POG :O" xDDDD

    JiDragonJiDragonПре годину
  • joga mt cria

    Guilherme RodriguesGuilherme RodriguesПре годину
  • Build usseles

    Martin DueñasMartin DueñasПре годину
  • 9:40 did u just miss that pink

    wickwickПре годину
  • Muito bom ver que seu conteúdo é bem acessível. Parabéns e continue. Mono talon m7 300k, melhorando a dia ksksks procura lá, Siarom Leirbag

    Gabriel MoraisGabriel MoraisПре годину
  • can you climb playing talon top?

    dick goodmandick goodmanПре годину
  • On a more serious note. I feel like this rune setup will work better with a bruiser build. Black cleaver into deaths dance maybe? With transcendence, that’ll give you 40% cdr at lvl 10, if my elementary math and poor memory didn’t fail me.

    IanIanПре годину

    BannableWordBannableWordПре годину
  • You are so greedy behind kills same meta of bronze and iron

    mohammed zenmohammed zenПре годину
  • I went conq bruiser Talon once and healed 3k with conq and did 40k damage in a 30 minute game

    NoamiasNoamiasПре годину
  • Brazil's the worst region for League tho.

    CraftedGadgetMCCraftedGadgetMCПре годину
  • So how many times are you gonna get killed? - Yes

    火星移民局火星移民局Пре годину
  • Mito demais, vlw por fazer uma build Brasileira meu querido !!

    Viole GraceViole GraceПре годину
  • Nerddd get a life u think u r the god or something while u spend the whole day in front of yr pc fucking nerd

    JimmyJimmyПре годину
  • "The talon that can't be killed" But in the thumbnail it's 14/4/6 xd

    Kenneth RadaKenneth RadaПре годину
  • Me before the video starts: this is going to be awful

    Tim HensonTim HensonПре годину
  • Source of wallpaper

    Black InkBlack InkПре годину

    AdventClobeAdventClobeПре годину
  • Hei yamikaze, I'm big fan, try this build: draktharr, youmuu, sterak/ black cleaver, hidra raivosa, infinity edge e mobility. Thanks. made in Brasil

    Matheus MouraMatheus MouraПре годину
  • Brazil

    SinSinПре годину
  • Pt Br magnífico

    Manderz KawusManderz KawusПре годину
  • Alguém conhece o Talon em que ele se inspirou nesse jogo?

    Luís DawaLuís DawaПре годину
  • This build is legit good i tried it in 2 games lethality is ass

    Dragan UrosevicDragan UrosevicПре годину
  • Is that mikasa in the thumbnail?

    kyuza plays rivenkyuza plays rivenПре годину
  • Yo this video is super good no cap

    Justin AdamJustin AdamПре годину
    • Justin Adam editor is carrying the channel pog

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину

    Pedro CortezPedro CortezПре годину
  • "tactical int" funniest shit all day :))))

    Andrei IonutzAndrei IonutzПре годину