i tilt scrubnoob by winning mid then killing him in his jungle

24 мај 2019
195 469 Приказа

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Songs used (In Order):
Lakey Inspired - Better Days
Ayiko - Don't Hide Yourself
Lakey Inspired - Chill Day
Kabaneri OSTS (Titles on top left corners when song starts smh)
Haikyuu OSTS (Same thing ^ )
Tierro - See You

  • 8:26. Music? Can't find it from the list in the description.

    ZamairiacZamairiacПре 7 месеци
    • It’s mostly from kabaneri of the iron fortress if you’re still wondering great anime

      RaithdoomRaithdoomПре 3 месеца
  • What happened to Syfer Halo? what are these music boosts?

    SeedSeedПре 8 месеци
  • So.. no one is gonna mention how Yami laughs like an absolute Monkey? No? Just me? ...K

    M.C - MusicM.C - MusicПре 9 месеци
  • I love how you use the best anime music

    Ekin SakaryaliEkin SakaryaliПре 9 месеци
    • Weeb

      Axel AmvAxel AmvПре 7 месеци
  • Yesterday I did a penta with talon and a quadra after that, I went 31/8 watching ur videos makes me learn that champion, keep up with the good work yami!

    Duarte RoqueDuarte RoqueПре 9 месеци
  • 9:10 So, Vladi, How's your day going? See you rocking it over there

    José Alejandro Suárez OrdóñezJosé Alejandro Suárez OrdóñezПре 9 месеци
  • if i hear that fucking music one more time im never watching another video, that shit is unnecessary and just annoying.

    Nick JohnsonNick JohnsonПре 9 месеци
  • Aimer but in english ver v'

    LengLay KhapLengLay KhapПре 9 месеци
  • Is q max normal now ?

    ツLyroXツLyroXПре 10 месеци
  • Using duskblade as a warning against invisible champs is genius. I never would have thought of that. Learn something new everyday!

    ToolforOfficeToolforOfficeПре 10 месеци
  • how can you call somebody on master tier noob? funny joke, maybe for you hes noob, for the majority hes not, noobs are people in bronze silver, and even in silvers u have people who are not noobs, they decent, people have life mate, they dont have 24-7 of their lives to invest only in league when there are so many better games out there :)

    moshiko ssaassmoshiko ssaassПре 11 месеци
  • The kabaneri of the iron fortress battle ost pog

    SpikeTheBearSpikeTheBearПре 11 месеци
  • music is really bad in this

    billy bobbilly bobПре годину
  • I started playing talon and I love it

    real nibbareal nibbaПре годину
  • *bans rengar* i bullied best rengar NA! XD

    nikolay dobrevnikolay dobrevПре годину
  • 7:25 why the fuck would that kat take that dagger

    OurLast HopeOurLast HopeПре годину
  • I appreciate the music when you have a play being made, a major fan of Hiroyuki Sawano!

    ☆Team Dream Shooters☆☆Team Dream Shooters☆Пре годину
  • 7:20 what? no kat in the right mind would take that fucking dagger the fuck?

    JackedHuged ManJackedHuged ManПре годину
  • Ive seen better talon,,

    Diamon UmankoDiamon UmankoПре годину
  • "vlad mid" meanwhile, there's a T-posing vlad bot lane

    strikermodelstrikermodelПре годину
  • "I tilt scrubnoob" This is an accomplishment, how?

    RoninRoninПре годину
    • h yami lucky,scrubnoob didnt use his rengar this game

      Aidil dudeAidil dudeПре годину
  • Yeahh... Kat isn't throwing daggers there because of you.. nothing to do with sej and vlad right next to you

    SebastianSebastianПре годину
  • Rofl you will see one day he will get rengar and you will type don't camp me please

    nikolay dobrevnikolay dobrevПре годину
  • Scrubnoob not playing rengar btw

    Tom'KaTom'KaПре годину
  • The amount of smacking in this video omll

    AliyahAliyahПре годину
  • Put rock instead of weeb music

    Skippy DinglechalkSkippy DinglechalkПре годину
  • u need a new editor

    Lord VenoLord VenoПре годину
  • Can sombody tell me where to find his outro picture?

    Tri Le Minh Ho (Tony)Tri Le Minh Ho (Tony)Пре годину
  • anyone else rooting for katarina? Just me? ok...

    bari baroorybari barooryПре годину
  • I like this dude's gameplay but the music on kills and the fact he never shuts up ruins the vid.

    matthew Monkmatthew MonkПре годину
  • How on earth do you have 9 ms every single game?

    KenzoPG BogdanKenzoPG BogdanПре годину
  • I love the music, keep it up

    starsupermileystarsupermileyПре годину
  • he is not playing rengar 🙄😕

    رينجار العرب Arabian Rengarرينجار العرب Arabian RengarПре годину
  • Kapparina😬

    John LJohn LПре годину
  • Yami fights Poppy that is pushing top, Vlad and Naut just a short distance away chase Evelyn......... (facepalm)

    Metodi MincheffMetodi MincheffПре годину
  • 9:15 why tf is Vlad there?

    JJ roselJJ roselПре годину
  • No one notice the ult visive bug?

    Fire FoxFire FoxПре годину
  • When your playing sick anime music in a teamfight but you die first

    TriggerTriggerПре годину
  • Hey ur name is spelled wrong its Kamikaze u died to often to poppy

    Philipp WPhilipp WПре годину

    Report TalonReport TalonПре годину
  • He deserves to get bullied.

    BloodMoonMordekaiserBloodMoonMordekaiserПре годину
  • gods work

    Eric YangEric YangПре годину
  • Plss bring the old memries brooo

    Tireless SoulTireless SoulПре годину
  • I'm a Silver kat main and I know that Kat is bad rofl

    SadrowsSadrowsПре годину
  • this talon is pretty bad...

    SneakerjuiceSneakerjuiceПре годину
  • This guy play talon against Kat and feels wow I am good because Kat damage ducks she needs buffs

    ChupaChups2 0ChupaChups2 0Пре годину
  • so toxic title..

    Ano NymAno NymПре годину
  • Man I struggled in the talon vs kat matchup but yamikaze just laughs and sit on the dagger?

    A Draven MainA Draven MainПре годину
  • 9:11 what was that vlad? Xd

    Kawai NightKawai NightПре годину
  • remember that scrub destroy you in mid lane?

    Kaneki 悲劇Kaneki 悲劇Пре годину
  • why is everyone tilting scrubnoob now?

    le frostele frosteПре годину
  • Yamikaze, why you buought tiamat on this game?

    TobbydTobbydПре годину
  • He wasn't even playing rengar. That's how you can only beat him "TRUE"

    Tsiginakis SenpaiTsiginakis SenpaiПре годину
  • I literally .. literally LITERALLY cringed every time i heard the ninjamusic

    Pascal Kali MPascal Kali MПре годину
  • u sound so much like saber at some points its freaking my out

    EylaEylaПре годину
  • Editor really likes Hiroyuki Sawano huh?

    ArisufizuArisufizuПре годину

    Samet EkizSamet EkizПре годину
  • You are using anime music i like it.

    Samet EkizSamet EkizПре годину

    SpermSpermПре годину
  • Kat's bar is like 800 Hehe Lol

    Juke GodJuke GodПре годину
  • garbage

    Michellinno VuFienMichellinno VuFienПре годину
  • Outro music? Wp yami!!

    Tommaso PatanèTommaso PatanèПре годину
  • Such gay music

    Deathcrush8Deathcrush8Пре годину
  • I dont want to hate but if scrub played rengar u know what happened to you and nb3 the last game u were vs him

    Led TredLed TredПре годину
  • What's the song at 4:16? Doesn't seem to be in the description.

    Micheal BrownMicheal BrownПре годину
  • Hey Yami I don’t have nothing against this new editor but can you bring 👑 King back he was the perfect editor to ur channel seriously

    Gabriel PantojaGabriel PantojaПре годину
  • Love the kabaneri music

    WesterlingWesterlingПре годину
  • Fucking weeb

    ______Пре годину
  • whats with the vlad memes

    lelcetzlelcetzПре годину
  • 5:35, 6:15 song?

    PszemoPszemoПре годину
  • If you don’t start click baiting you’re not gonna blow up. This video should be called , “STOMPING MY LANE AND MAKING SCRUBNOOB AFK!!” or something

    cam wilsoncam wilsonПре годину
    • no. It needs a little bit clickbait no that over the top shit.

      Petr CzechPetr CzechПре годину
  • 9:00 Vladimir just chilling don’t mind him

    Richard GilmanRichard GilmanПре годину
  • 5:30 you guys really think you can 2v1 when the anime theme kicked in ???

    FycheFycheПре годину
  • Heh what a talon :)

    Sherez965Sherez965Пре годину
  • 12:30 he did his entite combo on scuttle

    Lill FillLill FillПре годину
  • holy i was maxing W xD

  • I'm enjoying your videos so much because you're always playing solid or good and you're giving small informations while playing! Thanks for those cool videos Yami and his editior!

    TestqmentTestqmentПре годину
  • Keep the videos coming

    Scott LagScott LagПре годину
  • this montage is trash tbh

    Marceli PMarceli PПре годину
  • Please don't add music in every kill

    CyrusBlackCyrusBlackПре годину
  • You played very well but the 1st play was more kat mistake get punished.

    Quân MaiQuân MaiПре годину
  • the music makes me cringe

    卄刀ᴍɪᴋᴀsᴀ卄刀ᴍɪᴋᴀsᴀПре годину
  • Ty for politically correct title

    DagreshaDagreshaПре годину
  • Cringe ass music

    Not Headhunterx1 ShibaNot Headhunterx1 ShibaПре годину
  • 13:20 draktharr icon 300 IQ plays

    Andrea BalzanoAndrea BalzanoПре годину
  • what a title

    CASHERCASHERПре годину
  • I love your voice, the video isnt bad

    joamftgamerjoamftgamerПре годину
  • He is unlucky cause he doesn't have Rengar this game.

    Velcho ShalamanovVelcho ShalamanovПре годину
  • !newvid

    DakkaDakkaПре годину
  • that music thing your editors doing kinda messes with me tbh... literally know your gonna make a play before you do it.

    Thomas HiromThomas HiromПре годину
    • @Noamias well thank god sypher edits for him now

      KiikomaKiikomaПре 4 месеца
    • its not syfer halo so its weird

      SeedSeedПре 8 месеци
    • @makei not as petty as u think, I get a notification when someone replies to me

      Thomas HiromThomas HiromПре 9 месеци
    • Thomas Hirom how petty is it to return to something from 10 months ago

      makeimakeiПре 9 месеци
    • @ToolforOffice yeah the music thing sucked, that's why he got a new editor. Try again

      Thomas HiromThomas HiromПре 9 месеци
  • good gameplay but just dont add music on every single kills... I cringed a bit.

    Tuana5Tuana5Пре годину
    • He just needs add music for the whole video

      OriginScourge SOriginScourge SПре 10 месеци
    • @innerbloom Hah. Not a talon main, but sure. Listening to metal makes you edgy. The truth though, I just can't stand music with very little going on, so metal naturally appealed. Lately I've been listening to jazz more, because those guys shred as well. It just depends, but I can't stand radio rock or pop, as they're very basic and formulaic in nature. Classical, metal, prog rock, jazz, blues. That's my shit.

      Matthew FreemanMatthew FreemanПре годину
    • @Matthew Freeman should've known talon mains would be edgelords :)

      innerbloominnerbloomПре годину
    • @innerbloom I used to be like you. It wasn't one of my proudest phases.

      Matthew FreemanMatthew FreemanПре годину
    • Tuana5 "epic metal music" YIKES

      innerbloominnerbloomПре годину
  • Q: when kata ults do you burst her or get away from her r range?

    mostafa Al-Hasanymostafa Al-HasanyПре годину
    • Depends on ur hp nd ur positioning

      yasuo is my stepsister vonyasuo is my stepsister vonПре годину
  • that type of music is a bit over the top imo

    YeagerashiYeagerashiПре годину
  • I kinda like drift King’s edits better. It’s just the weird timing and usage of the music

    AustinAustinПре годину
    • titles too, kinda cringe

      Austin HuynhAustin HuynhПре годину
  • NGL this editing is really weird... the music gets louder at the weirdest times and because the music is constantly running the times in song that is being turned up isn't really good...

    Josh YongJosh YongПре годину
    • Working on it bro :') Was trying new stuff and got mixed up. Def will be better next time

      YiraineYiraineПре годину
  • Why do you have to bully scrubnoob? What has he ever done to you? You meanie!

    JOhn DoeJOhn DoeПре годину
  • Titled stream today pepehands

    TheSpyfreakTheSpyfreakПре годину
  • Did Scrubnoob beg you to change the title?

    Sai Teja VangariSai Teja VangariПре годину
  • 9:07 wdf is that vlad

    Dana Fokin WhiteDana Fokin WhiteПре годину
    • yeah he didn't even say anything about it

      Keaton DernbachKeaton DernbachПре годину
  • 4:10 he could of Q over the wall

    Dương NguyễnDương NguyễnПре годину
    • Yh yami said that himself

      Leo LuoLeo LuoПре годину