I Play Support Talon in Bronze! | Challenger Talon Carry in Iron/Bronze| Iron To Challenger #1

23 мар 2019
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First video in my Iron to Challenger series :D. Got autofilled in silver and nobody would give me their role so I pulled out the Talon support :).
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Discord: discord.gg/Yamikaze
Twitter: twitter.com/Yamikazexz

  • I live how brand plays mid and talon plays support lmfao

    Nemanja MujiNemanja MujiПре месец
  • At 14:10 talking about nasus stacks being 150 when they actually were 306 is hilarious to me for some weird reason. Btw nerf nasus q.

    Sake RiftSake RiftПре 6 месеци
  • ‘i lost my mental after that penta ahhhh lo? ahh not secure ? you kno?’ lmao

    deazdeazПре 6 месеци
  • imagine this game with conq of season 10 :oooooo

    Mouheb MeriiMouheb MeriiПре 8 месеци
  • Challenger playing their mains on lower elos are one of the reasons why LoL ranked is cancer

    EloyacooEloyacooПре 8 месеци
  • I don't think turrets are meant to agro you in mid air, might be a bug

    JinjerDagJinjerDagПре 9 месеци
  • that Brand was so cringe " working great as a team".. haha.

    JDNoMoToJDNoMoToПре 11 месеци
  • talon "support" lol

    Eddie RamirezEddie RamirezПре 11 месеци
  • Outplayed by iron players poor kayasaki Nunca supe cómo se escribía

    trimagostrimagosПре годину
  • When you didnt have a support item i died a little inside

    RoninRoninПре годину
  • If im ryze 100% after I deny penta I'm typing better mid wins back at you. Lol revenge

    afaf afafaafaf afafaПре годину
  • excellent skill as a team team has 1-2 kills and he has 14 :omegalul:

    Teen WizarthTeen WizarthПре годину
  • River Talon

    Hikari EuwjsuwnbwrHikari EuwjsuwnbwrПре годину
  • at the end when you went bot, i knew they would send so much after you and forget that they had supers pushing mid with baron. thats the typical bronze call right there, send the whole team after a split push and tunnel on them forgetting about the rest of the map for the time being. i should know, i would be bronze if i still played.

    Jason S.Jason S.Пре годину
  • I played a lot of roaming support in DotA. So I'm pretty happy something like this can exist at least in lower ELO where I currently sit. Just anything that breaks out of the cookie cutter roles and is consistent is fine by me. inb4 rito forces support to buy a support item.

    Lucky LoochLucky LoochПре годину
  • Talon support, then leaves his adc and gets mad when he doesnt kill cannon minions lol

    Harvey GotosHarvey GotosПре годину
  • Not support more like kill lane

    David AceroDavid AceroПре годину
  • So annoying to admit but Assassin > healer. Maybe speaks could stop him or Ali could peel him sway

    David AceroDavid AceroПре годину
  • You should try advising your team, not flaming them...like a pretentious douche. League would be a better place with leaders instead of attention seekers.:)

    Chandler BarnettChandler BarnettПре годину
    • Yeah..

      Toby ChowToby ChowПре годину
  • Do u know that your acc name means talon in chinese

    DaDaПре годину
  • I have no respect for people smurfing...

    Daniel KleebergerDaniel KleebergerПре годину
  • Damn this guy cant shut his mouth

    MrPawnoMrPawnoПре годину
  • U wouldnt get your fucking penta even if u ignited, rek sai would respawn before u killed him

    Lill FillLill FillПре годину
  • Its like a fake u got a at least 1 permade here and thats not fare

    Jack ArtherJack ArtherПре годину
  • Why they looks like u have permades here ..

    Jack ArtherJack ArtherПре годину
  • New Drinking Game - every time Yamikaze goes "heh heh" you have to take a shot

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty ShacklefordПре годину
  • Didn't even use gostblade

    H BH BПре годину
  • That ryze smurfed on your ass xD

    Gd GhostfaceGd GhostfaceПре годину
  • Outplayed by bronze

    Jim LocJim LocПре годину
  • You ganked more than the junglers combined rofl

    Lupane RomaineLupane RomaineПре годину
  • turns out the kaisa is also doing a "Challenger Kaisa in bronze" video

    Wen RickyWen RickyПре годину
    • @Adam Xue its a joke lol

      Wen RickyWen RickyПре годину
    • Really? Wheres that video XD

      Adam XueAdam XueПре годину
  • The real best talon build is Tiamat 1 duskblade and everything else ie

    Alexander TranAlexander TranПре годину
  • Quality

    Leon AlvaroLeon AlvaroПре годину
  • not funny troll pick

    Ignacio VelaIgnacio VelaПре годину
  • Hahahah that double d blade tho

    Carl Jason AguilarCarl Jason AguilarПре годину
  • Lol u almost went double duskblade

    Ryan LeungRyan LeungПре годину
  • Talon support? That s an instant report lololol

    Maidao MahatiMaidao MahatiПре годину
  • Talon Support In Iron 4 no balls

    gg-alexgg-alexПре годину
  • "That's a long ass snare." Do you play osrs?

    DuneScapeTubeDuneScapeTubeПре годину
    • sure theres like 20 second freezes but you can also heal over half ur health in 0.6 seconds

      Skinny JimSkinny JimПре 5 месеци
  • Hello Nightblue3

    Elmakhfi HamzaElmakhfi HamzaПре годину
  • Remember those times I have more kills than my adc

    Wago22 22WagoWago22 22WagoПре годину
  • jajaj F for penta :v

    xBlack HeartxxBlack HeartxПре годину

    GaryNotEthanGaryNotEthanПре годину
  • "I can gank my own Lane"- Yamikaze, 800 IQ plays.

    11001001 101001110111001001 1010011101Пре годину
    • @Tobias k

      lil Llil LПре годину
    • que pasaría si un humano usa el 100% de su cerebro

      TobiasTobiasПре годину
  • Yamin sup? Hooly no penta =(

    C4Terrorista GamesC4Terrorista GamesПре годину
  • 17:56 error combo YAMIKAZE-Q/R/AA/W Janaína Modelo Cosplay-W/Q/R/AA= Kill xD xD

    Gabriel FreitasGabriel FreitasПре годину
  • One job m8 😂

    Fatal BerserkerFatal BerserkerПре годину
  • Press F for respect

    Mad HatterMad HatterПре годину
  • support btw

    DerfGDerfGПре годину
  • silver=bronze

    ImmortalCassImmortalCassПре годину
  • R u chinese?

    Yu Tong Jason HuangYu Tong Jason HuangПре годину
  • Just tried it.. seems busted. Im in silver.. But this strat seems strong. So would you be willing to queue as a support and rank up a bronze to diamond? can it work?

    Oliver QOliver QПре годину
  • Is it me or is Yami cursing a lot more now?

    MikeloMikeloПре годину
  • Talon adc please ;)

    Talon GodTalon GodПре годину
  • I’ve never seen Yami this tiled before lol

    quynh quynhquynh quynhПре годину
  • Best penta denied

    Rui LimaRui LimaПре годину
  • dude, i love youre content, but i gotta turn the sound off because otherwise i can help but think how stuck up and pretentious you are.

    Chris PowellChris PowellПре годину
    • @Chris Powell He spent most of this video staying facts. Which is something that comes with game knowledge. Half of your argument has no follow up nor proof. You just spouted off shit like it was fact. You're just an outspoken windbag

      AcecunAcecunПре годину
    • @Yamikaze lol typical stuck up response. I'll still watch your videos, just gonna mute you.

      Chris PowellChris PowellПре годину
    • @Chris Powell ah kk so u think I should pretend to be bronze gotcha. Well can't make everyone happy I guess :P

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • @Yamikaze just how you talk and flame others. Even you saying "high elo player" is proving my point.

      Chris PowellChris PowellПре годину
    • I'm curious, what makes you say that? Feel like what I say is pretty normal for a high elo player.

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • na bronze is better than tr diamond FeelsBadMan

    ılgarılgarПре годину
  • My boy Yami over here smurfing on bronze.

    The Immortal God-Emperor of MankindThe Immortal God-Emperor of MankindПре годину
  • your team in bronze is better than mine in diamond

    Wave LOLWave LOLПре годину
  • The silence when you didn't ignite and couldn't penta

    Ahmet ŞergiAhmet ŞergiПре годину
    • Thought I accidentally paused xD

      alex nielsenalex nielsenПре годину
  • You should play river talon

    Aaroh GokhaleAaroh GokhaleПре годину
    • Cedr no yeah, it works for a champ with a lot of shields and cc. But not on a squishy assassin.

      The Dark WolfThe Dark WolfПре годину
    • @Cedr no Thanks!

      DerekDerekПре годину
    • I dont know why he said river talon

      Cedr noCedr noПре годину
    • Neeko search up River Shen on youtube

      Cedr noCedr noПре годину
    • Explain this concept to me pls :)

      DerekDerekПре годину
  • 8:35 "I can win anything if I am playing talon in bronze" rsworld.info/face/video/gXGnY9mAu3KLf7Y.html

    Ian WuIan WuПре годину
  • why is your name nan dao yami?

    • @AESON NG HCI Its probably a nickname. Like nuu dao is probably kat.

      Siluri FormesSiluri FormesПре годину
    • I thought i will be 难道 literally what if

    • But that literally means male knife wtf

    • nan dao (男刀) is talon's nickname in chinese so I think that's what yamikaze means

      Henry DengHenry DengПре годину
  • Feels bad man.. I've never got a penta 😭

    Aman MankarAman MankarПре годину
  • i was like "NO, NO!!!!!!!" when u got 2 duskblade lol

    NowHere ToHIdeNowHere ToHIdeПре годину
  • By 10 minutes, he has 90% kill participation, 60% of the adc's cs. Wtf...? Just goes to show bad people are farming in iron/bronze.

    MarcusMarcusПре годину
  • Pls play Talon jungle

    ilija mijatovicilija mijatovicПре годину
    • He already has m8

      YataYataПре годину
  • FeelsBadMan

    AlbiのAlbiのПре годину
  • Talon jungle next ?

    Yin GzyYin GzyПре годину
  • Yami I shall prove you wrong, best talon build is 3 duskblade and 2 ghost blade with an attack speed shoe

    SilenceSilenceПре годину
    • just buy another ghostblade, it's basically a lethality shoe

      MitruMitruПре годину
  • Now everyone in that game is gonna start playing Talon support and just go 0/20 blaming team :P

    Youssef SalahYoussef SalahПре годину
    • tried it today in silver.. same result. instakills like clockwork every few seconds. This strat seems broken. Its almost a 'fake' jungler talon. Picks up kills, devastates all lanes. Seems easy.

      Oliver QOliver QПре годину
  • The most positive league player i've ever met 😉

    ソラソラПре годину
  • Boosted

    William MiddletonWilliam MiddletonПре годину
  • dude i swear to god theres nothing better than you reactions

    FarragFarragПре годину
  • Press F for the Penta

    Bromigo LukasBromigo LukasПре годину
  • Playing dota's roaming supports in league

    Supper ManSupper ManПре годину
  • That ain't a true Talon supp in bronze m8, with that disgracious long sword :/, this is prntscr.com/n1sunn

    Rareș DinuRareș DinuПре годину
  • I love watching your games, but I do think there's something about smurfs that I don't like - it's just not fair really haha

    FalsicanFalsicanПре годину
  • looking for a youtube who does these kind of videos on fizz. Anyone sugestions for me?

    Andi SkogmanAndi SkogmanПре годину
    • Shark zone and Aatrixx (a little bit)

      Supper ManSupper ManПре годину
  • LOL that's how I play main Zac support. Ancient Coin and Magical Boots for +20 MS & CDr rush for spam jump then roam all the time.

    ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠Пре годину
  • Why was this allowed on RSworld and not needed to be on a porn site

    ColeColeПре годину
    • Cole o h

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
  • your personality is funny af

    JustA OtakuJustA OtakuПре годину
  • Talon support has the best CC in the game.... Its called death

    Samuel C.Samuel C.Пре годину
    • xDD

      ShurimaShurimaПре 8 месеци
    • Lmfao

      exilfexilfПре годину
  • Attack speed talon woth IE pls broken af

    SWIzZSWIzZПре годину
  • you playing Talon support in Bronze - You are 25 6 9 me playing Talon mid in silver, tryharding as much as i can - im 3 13 4 i like how you beat the shit out of them. I wish here will be more "Bronze" videos cause it's funny to watch. Im pretty sure im not the only one who likes that stuff

    Alexander WiczAlexander WiczПре годину
    • I tried it as a silver... and went 17-5-8.. Its actually quite easy if you have any macro awareness.

      Oliver QOliver QПре годину
    • LOL dude tryharding and feeding in SILVER xD im d e a d

      iataseveriataseverПре годину
  • Facecam!!

    Kyle ReyesKyle ReyesПре годину
    • @Yamikaze for reallll

      ソラソラПре годину
    • ok.. soon...

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • +1

      S`S`Пре годину
  • Can you make full game vids about how to hard carry with talon at bronze/silver

    StaceMiImeStaceMiImeПре годину
    • Sooo where is it??

      Rjhay PlayzRjhay PlayzПре годину
    • ya sure im doing an unranked to chall rn anyways

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • you should make some videos about master yi or twitch jungle

    armouredcat23armouredcat23Пре годину
  • For playing that the penelty is Castration (the act of chopping of your pee pee so that you may never breed again)

    LigmaLigmaПре годину
  • im going back on lol because of watching your videos lezgooo

    Jdrl 12treeeJdrl 12treeeПре годину
    • plz dont LOL

      hakim benhakim benПре годину
    • No you just got saved

      Bijan 22Bijan 22Пре годину
  • I love yamikaze

    S`S`Пре годину
    • i love me too

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • 1st

    Shehryar 7Shehryar 7Пре годину