I created a Talon build so broken that it hit #1 on every stats site

3 дец 2020
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  • Remember to go download Opera GX @ mtchm.de/qbifw :D. Also I'm doing a kat only to gm challenge on stream LIVE rn come watch @ www.twitch.tv/yamikazexz after vid Goredrinker --> Black Cleaver --> Ravenous Hydra --> Serylda's Grudge / Deaths Dance / Edge of Night / Maw is standard build btw. Played it on stream for 2 weeks and its now #1 recommended build on opgg and u.gg lol. I'd run it into teams with 3+ melee/short range w/ standard conq runes.

    YamikazeYamikazeПре месец
    • Jokes on you, I already had this browser installed before youtubers started promoting it.

      Alpha VxVAlpha VxVПре месец
    • @Fuffy Baig Bruh you ruined the streak with your web browser knowledge

      Keno xdKeno xdПре месец
    • :x not to sound like that guy, but their VPN is not really a VPN, so calling it one is....false advertising on their part. There are detailed videos on that topic. But otherwise it’s a decent browser with great aesthetics :)

      Fuffy BaigFuffy BaigПре месец
    • Look at him go!

      potspotsПре месец
    • Look at him go!

      Keno xdKeno xdПре месец
  • why cdr boots?

    hamzaoui ahmedhamzaoui ahmedПре 7 дана
  • this is the best sponsor ad I have ever seen

    DancusovierDancusovierПре 12 дана
  • Opera GX so good, that I use Chrome 1:57 😂

    CreativeChaosCreativeChaosПре 14 дана
  • yoo i really like the music from the intro, name?

    monotudomonotudoПре 15 дана
  • Epic

    Qurt EhQurt EhПре 15 дана
  • Can they remove aoe revealing location of invisible champions, it's so stupid

    J DJ DПре 16 дана
  • I've litteraly became a talon main and I'm happy to say that the only times I have a hard time is into Gallo and LeBlanc

    Skorch74_36Skorch74_36Пре 18 дана
    • Zoe is one of my easiest fights

      Skorch74_36Skorch74_36Пре 18 дана
  • Yami:i wasted my goredrinker on the fucking draven

    Zharik SubaterloZharik SubaterloПре 19 дана
  • The build is so strong it fucking crashed my google for starting the video

    Legend Of RavenLegend Of RavenПре 19 дана
  • Does it work with electrocute?

    Gtzwickedest1Gtzwickedest1Пре 24 дана
    • Its ok but conqueror is the best with it

      redouane el uasghiriredouane el uasghiriПре 20 дана
  • 4:35 best. Support. Ever. That was so fucking good

    Reece HermanReece HermanПре 26 дана
  • I made a talon build so broken it got on the leader board for having the most feeders.

    Bad WiFiBad WiFiПре 27 дана
  • Still got the edits that only 12 year olds like. Sad.

    AeonAeonПре 27 дана
  • Congrats. You are the first NA player to actually invent something that is working

  • Opera GX 🥰

    XayLiesXayLiesПре месец
  • he really stretched that mia ping

    OssybornOssybornПре месец
  • What's the runes tho

    KotaKotaПре месец
  • just had a panth with 19 kills deal 26 dmg while clearing the jungle 2 times when we were 25 mins in pog

    clueless guyclueless guyПре месец
  • absolute trash build

    Ali SabaAli SabaПре месец
  • 3:59 the nostalgia 🙁

    Ne onNe onПре месец
  • Something about Pokémon music and league is so soothing

    KXiao2KXiao2Пре месец
  • I'm using opera gx

    Gấu Trúc BựGấu Trúc BựПре месец
  • Can you not talk as much your voice is so damn annoying

    BLaZExSnipinBLaZExSnipinПре месец
  • The subtitle said "jacob's" instead of"shaco"

    love vablelove vableПре месец
  • Talon gaming

    dual blasterdual blasterПре месец
  • u got my dislike cause ur the biggest clickbaiter ever :) ur not nr 1 talon. :) long way for you + pls dont use facecam

    Sandra SSandra SПре месец
  • nah i just need a pc not old laptop

    Tv MuffinTv MuffinПре месец
  • LoL, your heal is close to fiddle's

    Investigator A1Investigator A1Пре месец
  • look at him goo

    PreD BoOmMPreD BoOmMПре месец
  • this operagx is pretty neat ngl

    meymaimeymaiПре месец
  • ass an talon onetrick talon is the worst pick you can ever do atm is so shit even that build its shit imagine you make 17 18 19 20 deaths per game in a plat 2 acc with d4 mmr stop tryng to make riot look great bcs its not talon sucks atm very very very very hard!!!!!

    MotanulFermecatMotanulFermecatПре месец
  • can you make a guide for season 11? C:

    polar _882 No mas canal principalpolar _882 No mas canal principalПре месец
  • hey yami nice e flash into leona 7:01

    StrawberryStrawberryПре месец
  • So.. I was thinking of a few different builds for talon....and I personally like Stridebreaker the best...so I guess you prefer Goredrinker? It's the only other reasonable option for him imho, but idk, I think Stridebreaker is better for Talon in particular because it makes it easier to stick to targets/kill them.. It just suits his strengths better I think? The heal on Goredrinker is OP AF tho.. It will be getting nerfed into the ground eventually, it's just a matter of time...that said, I think Stridebreaker was designed for champions like Talon in mind. I also really like the collector on Talon lol. The collector like...in combination with Talon's passive eeee. You'd think crit would be bad on Talon, but it opens up ER + IE afterwards, which i think would be pretty effing nasty, no?

    aBanabisaBanabisПре месец
  • Hey yami u didnt play wild rift

    Meow MeowMeow MeowПре месец
  • Its remind me of the fizz video

    D_Jack's GamingD_Jack's GamingПре месец
  • You know its good when its UNDYNE MUSIC

    WilldroydWilldroydПре месец
  • Your production value really shot up, good work.

    Vilai FloresVilai FloresПре месец
  • Because of Yami I started playing duo Teemo Talon. Ty for desrtoying my game XD

    Marko MedvedMarko MedvedПре месец
  • What was the music after the opera gx ad

    bananabarrelbananabarrelПре месец
  • So if i go bruiser talon i wont fall off that hard in late game?

    Jack DaxterJack DaxterПре месец
  • Thanks yami I download my own opera gx now

    Kian Curt Andrei MendozaKian Curt Andrei MendozaПре месец
  • why not ravenous 2nd?

    ReuKReuKПре месец
  • Look at him go!

    PogU McPoggersPogU McPoggersПре месец
  • Ya know, I've bee watching this channel for a little bit, and I absolutely love the content, however, I do not know where I could find a playlist of the songs in the vid. They really are bangin.

    Justin LambJustin LambПре месец
  • Look at him go!

    Gaius AngGaius AngПре месец
  • This guy promoting a browser w adblock which would hurt him xd

    Lite CharcoalLite CharcoalПре месец
  • wait, sera had skin but it didn’t show up in the honor page?

    веноминкусвеноминкусПре месец
  • Look at my boy go with this new conq build

    Bernhard RoisBernhard RoisПре месец
  • I otp sett and build goredrinker first then bezerkers greaves and then deadmans or natural then ravoneus Hydra to then onto bork the so on

    CaroCaroПре месец
  • I am no talon main not even mid. But the edits are soo good ima sub

    Eren PayzanoğluEren PayzanoğluПре месец
  • Pokemon music good

    Ashitaka ElricAshitaka ElricПре месец
  • Ps Yami... Play talon jg.. You know you want.... It will be very chido... If you do it im gona give you a taco 🌮

    MilitaryindianaMilitaryindianaПре месец
  • Lmao you didn’t even create this build, the rank one talon NA (Eoba) did if you watch his streams at all

    Jack JusticeJack JusticeПре месец
  • Faker when you make him play talon

    Share YrShare YrПре месец
  • Yami: OMG this build! Literally just Goredrinker: ...

    Dusty SwordsDusty SwordsПре месец
  • Look at him go!

    Elek 151Elek 151Пре месец
  • Thx for the build Yami. I really enjoy to play bruiser Talon

    Shadow AMVsShadow AMVsПре месец
  • I know Syfer has excellent taste because he uses Gen 3 music XD

    theParmesantheParmesanПре месец
  • aghhh I love the background music. I can't remember which pokemon generation that music came from but surely Yami is fan of Pokemon

    Berks TanBerks TanПре месец
    • It's gen 3 smaragd sapphire and ruby the boss music from the teams

      Oliver GabelOliver GabelПре месец
  • become a vtuber

    yaboi achinyaboi achinПре месец
  • Godly editing

    Malik DanielMalik DanielПре месец
  • If editing had ranked, Syfer would be smurfing rank 1 holy shit

    Matt The GreatMatt The GreatПре месец
  • gj editor

    Benjamin GordonBenjamin GordonПре месец
  • the clips with the old chat 🤧😞

    Paul FurrerPaul FurrerПре месец
  • This is the first time I'm seeing Yami's face... Didn't really expect an asian behind that voice

    Sir TrollfaceSir TrollfaceПре месец
  • What? Dude that ist ilegal

    Julián MarínJulián MarínПре месец
  • Behold my adolescent human with XY chromosomes advance

    Goorilla GroddGoorilla GroddПре месец
  • the editor is my idol --- don't feel bad yami

    TizsuyakuTizsuyakuПре месец
  • just came to say youre the reason we have to deal with this bs rn still like the content tho

    skwarrior14skwarrior14Пре месец
  • Look at him go!

    xColdFir3xColdFir3Пре месец
  • Ok so its not just me that's destroying on Talon now or had an idea that a bruiser build might be more optimal on Talon at least this video gives me details on how it all pans out this also removes the edge off of Talons greatest suffering problem in the game that all of my recent Talon losses (despite still having a decent winrate and kills on him) Tanks stacking armor

    Lord Vapersmith DracomarLord Vapersmith DracomarПре месец
  • My god the monkey screech when leo flashed made me sub 5:06

    MajinVenixMajinVenixПре месец
  • I was wondering Yami, would you play lol wild rift after it's release? I'm looking forward to see Talon on it.

    محسن احمدی بریسمحسن احمدی بریسПре месец
  • 玩男刀XD

    Johnny KuangJohnny KuangПре месец
  • Great choice of ORAS music

    Lorenzo GomezLorenzo GomezПре месец
  • The build even works amazing in the jungle. Ignite redsmite and passive and the burn is real

    Shaco SenpaiShaco SenpaiПре месец
  • I thought we already knew that wtf yamikaze new 1000lp chinese talon hack 100% undetected in china?!?!?

    ISAK.MISAK.MПре месец
  • look at him go

    Hone No HitoHone No HitoПре месец
  • Look at him go

    ZachGaming-RobloxZachGaming-RobloxПре месец
  • whenever yami dies i press p to buy items...

    ressay nekoressay nekoПре месец
  • Look at him go

    The RevolutionaryThe RevolutionaryПре месец
  • Yami plays world of warcraft pogCHAMP

    BruhBruhПре месец
  • Yami getting S+ on 28/9 Me getting A+ on 29/4 (also i had 260 cs as a junlger) I got more champs from chests than skins Everytime when a match ends i have to wait minutes beacuse the client is dead Wait...i cant explain

    Szilard MiholcsaSzilard MiholcsaПре месец

    EJay TorresEJay TorresПре месец
  • Look at him go :)

    Adrán López AlbiolAdrán López AlbiolПре месец
  • Guys listen. I use opera Gn and it’s so helpful

    ThatGuyEnzoThatGuyEnzoПре месец
  • Not only that game, that skin was also insane

    Félix AuclairFélix AuclairПре месец
  • Ok Syfer just earned you a sub solely based on the ORAS music lol. That Maxie/Archer theme is my favorite and fit so well lol

    Jacob SummerlinJacob SummerlinПре месец
  • Look at him go!

    The LegendThe LegendПре месец
  • "Look at him go!"

    Frank Clarence SiyFrank Clarence SiyПре месец
  • no

    eom hyunkyungeom hyunkyungПре месец
  • Wait you play World of Warcraft... What a true gamer Respect

    Krepani mijau ◕‿◕Krepani mijau ◕‿◕Пре месец
  • Yami. I have been a watcher for a long time and i gotta warn u, operaGX is spyware

    XwolloXwolloПре месец
  • Yami!! Whatchu doin bro! We wanna see you more often. Also, idk if it's just me, but I'd love videos of you learning a new role on a new champ. Like Shen Top or Jungle Talon if that is easier. (Yeah I'm a Shen main and just wanna see ya play my boy lol). Hope all is well man. Keep it up.

    Dante HromecDante HromecПре месец
  • me realizing the 10th time watching this, I still hadn't liked the vid xDDDD

    Mekki PlayzMekki PlayzПре месец
  • feed editor

    HelloItzForestHelloItzForestПре месец
  • what kind of Asian are you Yamikaze

    phat travisphat travisПре месец
  • now this is CONTENT

    John JhiggerJohn JhiggerПре месец