How we made $2200 in a Challenger Soloq Game

27 мар 2021
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Kawai Sprite - South

  • I NEED to know the song at 7:28

    SockSockПре дан
  • This video is just Collector irl

  • why no one comments "we do a little trolling"?

    Art028Art028Пре 13 дана
  • oh ok.

    TimofaiTimofaiПре 17 дана
  • karasmai abuse with his own champ 😭 LMAOAO

    quequeПре 19 дана
  • I respect the splatoon 2 music, just please never use rocket league

    Azumane MillerAzumane MillerПре 20 дана
  • :57 why blame the team when u go in 1v2 while qiana is defending turret from rift if it was that serious maybe spam ping

    Ahmed SakibAhmed SakibПре 22 дана
  • Lmaooo this editor !!

    clevdizzleclevdizzleПре 27 дана
  • Karasmai talking about how qiyana is late but it took 24 and a half minutes before i saw their vlad for the first time

    MlxMlxПре 29 дана
  • rip karasmai

    In2StroIn2StroПре месец
  • what is the name of the song who began at 7:35

    Ralis TounkaraRalis TounkaraПре месец
  • finally some awesome high elo video

    The MBCThe MBCПре месец
  • Szochs is also there with his qiyana

    Hafiz MuntasirHafiz MuntasirПре месец
  • Just realized Szochs is the Qiyana lmfao

    TatsugoyoTatsugoyoПре месец
  • what is that voice sound effect at 9:35 called??

    Frozed8Frozed8Пре месец
  • When do you max q and when you choose to max w?

    Rafael Cipriano CatarinoRafael Cipriano CatarinoПре месец
    • U max q for melee matchups, w for those who like to stay back and poke you

      SockSockПре дан
  • He fiening for subs

    Youn JouyoungYoun JouyoungПре месец

    KsinciaoKsinciaoПре месец
  • When that splatoon music kicked in, you know I felt nostalgia from the old days

    Nerezza SplatoonNerezza SplatoonПре месец
  • Good to see Karascringe actually get dumpstered for once

    JustinJustinПре месец
  • we do little trolling

    XoroXoroПре месец
    • we do a little trolling

      TimofaiTimofaiПре 17 дана
  • I didn't even realize the top laners till 23 min in the game 💀💀

    DannyDannyПре месец
  • the moment you face revealed, it's an insta unsub

    flah boolflah boolПре месец
  • 3:50 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    DoXy DoXyDoXy DoXyПре месец
  • we do a little trolling xd

    Darth_Tiger TigeriumDarth_Tiger TigeriumПре месец
  • you so cringe

    ChristopherChristopherПре месец
  • Trashasmai crying way too much😂

    Vaggelis KeisoglouVaggelis KeisoglouПре месец
  • what song is 1:40?

    Kira the wooperKira the wooperПре месец

    Meliora ShadeMeliora ShadeПре месец

      Meliora ShadeMeliora ShadeПре месец
  • Lmao that outro tho

    Kayshawn MayborKayshawn MayborПре месец
  • Hey who does your drawing for the youtube um vid pic thing

    Crimson SandCrimson SandПре месец
  • Me: *entertained* Me after outro: *opens pc* THAT'S IT I'M PLAYING SOUTH ONCE AGAIN

    ItZbLueZ MoirasItZbLueZ MoirasПре месец
  • nice outro

  • The brown laura pharmacologically describe because man cephalometrically help failing a entertaining badge. animated, daffy decision

    Gamer xdGamer xdПре месец
  • we do a little trolling

    NetoPlayzNetoPlayzПре месец
  • we do a little trolling

    SipanSipanПре месец
  • Hahahaha the giratina one 🤣🤣🤣 7:35 That one got me

    Itz_TuX :DItz_TuX :DПре месец
  • 'Welcome to Uganda'

    Fr33z3YTFr33z3YTПре месец
  • we do a little trolling

    Stanislaw KowalewskiStanislaw KowalewskiПре месец
  • Taking farm, pinging Quiana every single time - surprised nobody even cares for his pings xd Like I thought this kind of behavior belong to silver league xd

    Majka718Majka718Пре месец
  • waching my man karasmai makes me sad

    Szymon WilczyńskiSzymon WilczyńskiПре месец
  • Damn Talon is too "Balanced"

    Ame are ShrimpAme are ShrimpПре месец
  • 3:00 lmao this edits

    KikoKikoПре месец
  • We Do a little trolling

    RobinRobinПре месец
  • we do a little trolling

    Michaul WinzeyMichaul WinzeyПре месец
  • anyone knows the song on 7:30 ?

    AlexAlexПре месец
  • 3:50 ???????????????????????????

    ParkrrParkrrПре месец
  • its sad no one notices szochs qiyana mid give him some credit

    conLconLПре месец
    • but he did bad that game

      conLconLПре месец
  • Love the Friday night funkin outro song!

    Ademir PadzicAdemir PadzicПре месец
  • NA wr is almost here, hoping for a talon for yami

    JudelJudelПре месец
  • What anime is the sound at 9:34 from I'm dying to know

    Spirit FireSpirit FireПре месец
  • That outro tho

    ToastySNXZToastySNXZПре месец
  • Graves team: "we do a little trolling"

    BleydennBleydennПре месец
  • this editor lmaooo. Ngl you should let him out of the basement sometimes yami

    Fabio IsFagioFabio IsFagioПре месец
  • I swear editors are fucking carrying videos so well

    Red voidRed voidПре месец
  • i dont really get twitch, so how are 21 kills 2200$? ^^'

    Simon SchweingruberSimon SchweingruberПре месец

    Uncle FUncle FПре месец
  • Bruh I love the enemy qiyana their name is szochs

    sCaLpeDsCaLpeDПре месец
  • The god tier edit. Always appreciate the vid quality.

  • I once watched karasmai because I was a kayn main but somehow I kinda hate his personality so this feels awfully good to watch

    Ary aneAry aneПре месец
  • 7:28 song?

    cookiezi's childcookiezi's childПре месец
  • 5:08 We Love you too Yami 😂

    Mike HatMike HatПре месец
  • RIP Karasmai

    Stephen SerranoStephen SerranoПре месец
  • We do a little trolling

    El DorlanEl DorlanПре месец
  • Yamikaze ur soo hungry for kills dude thats why ur not goona reach challenger cuz ur trsh

    Diar HadergjonajDiar HadergjonajПре месец
    • @Yamii Hahahah stfu

      Diar HadergjonajDiar HadergjonajПре месец
    • Your silver and call people trash....

      YamiiYamiiПре месец
  • "Pay attention to me" i'm dead x) @3:03

    rotox42rotox42Пре месец
  • Damn the best kayn NA against Vakin

    Youtube AccountYoutube AccountПре месец
  • I think this editor has a folder full of random shit to put in yami’s videos

    xuandi huxuandi huПре месец
    • i do

      SyferSpartanSyferSpartanПре месец
  • szoch yami and karasmai in one lobby sheeeeeeesh

    ashiibaashiibaПре месец
  • now we need midbeast's vid commentary of ''2000 lp chinese qiyana vs yamikaze!! yami shits him out"

    MephistophelesMephistophelesПре месец
  • Damn, kooriboh is still going out giving big donos.

    Fadhlilah ZainolFadhlilah ZainolПре месец
  • Karasmai is a trash boi playing manamune on a fking ability only champ so cringe

    Cloudy2GCloudy2GПре месец
  • 2:13 he hit that note on that no no nOOo~ ✨ ngl

    L U U C H AL U U C H AПре месец
  • Syfer went crazy for this edit lmao

    EraeaEraeaПре месец
  • why u bully him? :)

    # LUPU_C# LUPU_CПре месец
  • im going to copyright yamikaze cause used my sounds

    Dio BrandoDio BrandoПре месец
  • we do a lil trolling

    Goose on fireGoose on fireПре месец
  • We do a little trollijg

    gijs888dragongijs888dragonПре месец
  • Yami!!!!

    LichtLichtПре месец
  • Vakin : how i made 2200$ in a game Yami : how WE made 2200$ in a game~~

    Thierry Guo GuoThierry Guo GuoПре месец
  • Ayyyyyy the fnf outro let's GOOOOO

    Thirsty SoulThirsty SoulПре месец
  • I'm watching in South Korea

    Ro SaRo SaПре месец
  • The splatoon 2 soundtrack xd

    ChickyyyChickyyyПре месец

    Unforgotten BladeUnforgotten BladeПре месец
  • Yami’s content is at the point that I like the video before watching it

    Dah_JsusDah_JsusПре месец

    Yamimato SakazukiYamimato SakazukiПре месец
  • What is the song playing in the beginning, like 2:20 and on

    Zaz RiberraZaz RiberraПре месец
  • did they reupload this?

    Tony StankTony StankПре месец
  • didn't know Syfer was a FNF fan kekw

    Ahannir The GamerAhannir The GamerПре месец
  • 5:24 cyka mafiaXD

    YazedlsinYazedlsinПре месец
  • got 420 subs lol

    Glen UpchurchGlen UpchurchПре месец
  • 3:50 why editor, why?

    RoobikzRoobikzПре месец
  • cHalLeNgEr...

    BenBenПре месец

    Calvin ZhouCalvin ZhouПре месец
  • The fnf outro tho lol

    lanceulanceuПре месец
  • That palkia and dialga lmao

    hoangq danghoangq dangПре месец
  • Dude is getting $100 a kill in a video game and has the audacity to argue over $5 when you say you gave him a kill.... tf lol

    Uwotm9Uwotm9Пре месец
  • we do a little trolling

    ZeRo -JxanZeRo -JxanПре месец
  • Half this video is yami begging for subs... but other then that it was really good. Props to the editor

    Interittus4Interittus4Пре месец
  • Fnf South best song 2021

    ToocheeyToocheeyПре месец