How to Carry As Talon Mid in Season 9 - Challenger Talon Mid Gameplay

13 мар 2019
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How to Carry As Talon Mid in Season 9 - Challenger Talon Mid Gameplay

  • I wish i could have a teammates like your

    Railey AKA RLRailey AKA RLПре 8 месеци
  • 14:00 ebheleble edebe? Kebelbeedebledle. What the fuh... XDDDD

    GoldSnowmanGoldSnowmanПре 9 месеци
    • LMAO

      neontexneontexПре 5 месеци
  • Could you amke a video, how to install custom Hud

    Kobaisaki 797Kobaisaki 797Пре 11 месеци
    • @El Enfermo No its not bannable, it doesn't affect gameplay. He most likely used woxy.

      Lee YangLee YangПре 6 месеци
    • He doesn’t have one. I think it is banneable to have a Custom HUD, most likely he uses an overlay on OBS

      El EnfermoEl EnfermoПре 9 месеци
  • what is this hud?

    Kobaisaki 797Kobaisaki 797Пре 11 месеци
  • 21:11? brain lag? xD

    giorgi pavlenishviligiorgi pavlenishviliПре 11 месеци
  • Why dont you build tiamat into Ravenous hydra?

    FC Vitosha SofiaFC Vitosha SofiaПре годину
  • What skin is that

    RyanRyanПре годину
  • He burned flash for like... No reason.

    Kindred LebelKindred LebelПре годину
  • Yamikaze single handily carries mobafire

    Rasenpapi On igRasenpapi On igПре годину
  • What Runes?

    Adam JanekAdam JanekПре годину
    • Late reply but primary - electricute, sudden impact, ghost poro, relented hunter secondary - nimbus cloak, absolute focus

      sherry linsherry linПре 14 сати
  • how do you get that overlay on yur thing dude ? looks sick and i want that xd

    Sander MoenSander MoenПре годину
    • i mean the overlay where you have your skills and stuff

      Sander MoenSander MoenПре годину
  • Too much mumbling annoying to listen to

    selen221selen221Пре годину
  • Do you live on Facebook?

    Rose NucieloRose NucieloПре годину
  • do u take 1 attack speed rune or 2 AD rune ?

    Samy TataraSamy TataraПре годину
  • How many times did he say "like" in this video 😕

    Georgi LazovGeorgi LazovПре годину
    • Ok filipinoo

      Georgi LazovGeorgi LazovПре годину
    • Georgi Lazov no one cares

      Talon NoxusTalon NoxusПре годину
  • He's like AAAAA I'm so bad, I gave a 600 gold shutdown, man I suck. And I'm there on the side like 'I wish I had a shutdown to give'.

    Magician WizardMagician WizardПре годину
    • As talon?

      Kindred LebelKindred LebelПре годину
  • can someone please tell me how he changed the key box on the bottom that cool?

    Dabin BaeDabin BaeПре годину
    • it's a twitch overlay. It looks normal for him.

      Alex AAlex AПре годину
  • where you got that hud?

    PainPainПре годину
    • Stream overlay, quite sure he doesn't see it ingame himself

      Salim MussttaSalim MussttaПре годину
  • you didnt give any tips for s9 u know that?

  • This might be a dumb question but how does he get his UI to look like that?

    Aris AmmonsAris AmmonsПре годину
    • It's an overlay on OBS most likely.

      CraftedGadgetMCCraftedGadgetMCПре годину
  • how do you use custom hud in season 9

    Logan SheaferLogan SheaferПре годину
    • He's using obs Sadly only the viewers can see the hud

      JibbyGibsJibbyGibsПре годину
  • if the enemy bought armor do i go lethality insted of tiamat ?

    Con D. OrianoCon D. OrianoПре годину
    • 002 buy the armor penetration item

      Talon NoxusTalon NoxusПре годину
  • can yamikaze have a 1v1 against eoba?? to see who is the best talon

    SweetmilkSweetmilkПре годину
  • Hey ! Can someone explain me how Talin procs his passive at 8:36 ? He ask because so many times the resat of AA don't go when i dash in...

    9newblood9newbloodПре годину
    • He uses W(1st proc) and follows up with Q, when he gets close enough he Ults so the first R hits(2nd proc) and then his Q lands(3rd proc) and the AA after Q activates it

      YamizakeYamizakeПре годину
    • Tiamat

      Pascal WehnerPascal WehnerПре годину

    Twisted KingTwisted KingПре годину
  • this guy is unlikable

    armouredcat23armouredcat23Пре годину
    • +1

      selen221selen221Пре годину
  • If i should start main/ one trick. should it be kassadin or talon? @Yamikaze

    66Пре годину
    • Voulgrim871 I have tried both, and fizz and Vladimir... but don’t know who to choose... I have some good game and some really bad ones

      66Пре годину
    • well it depends who you like better. I recommend u play both for a bit and than one trick the champ you have better results with. Or you can just two trick both of them :P

      Petr CzechPetr CzechПре годину
  • 5:02 quick maffs

    ProPOVProPOVПре годину
  • Love your vids

    nikos vrnikos vrПре годину
  • your voice screams otaku but thanks for the gameplay LOL

    i agreei agreeПре годину
  • hey! yami can you try to build talon a critical items like rapid fire cannon, static shive, dusk blade ect?

    Ponko RobotPonko RobotПре годину
    • dusk blade is a core talon item. Static shiv is useless to talon and building a ranged AD item on talon like RFC come on guy b smarter than tht.

      Mike WolfMike WolfПре годину
  • I hate talon. His W Q auto combo 1 shits on lvl 2

    Matt The PotatoMatt The PotatoПре годину
    • Matt The Potato hi ahri

      Emmanuel QEmmanuel QПре годину
  • Talon is getting a buff! Yes

    ThongTran-VPThongTran-VPПре годину
  • I DESPISE Zoe’s W

    NoamiasNoamiasПре годину
  • How to carry as Diana mid in Season 9 pls!!!!!

    Sebastian RSebastian RПре годину
  • can we discuss phase rush talon?

    Cool XCool XПре годину
  • Nice Yamin =) GG wp +Like

    C4Terrorista GamesC4Terrorista GamesПре годину
  • how to carry LOL but your whole team is winning so wtf xd

    useruserПре годину
    • he still carried, carrying doesn't mean your teamates inted and you did all the hard work. it means you did the hard work period

      Henrique FernandesHenrique FernandesПре месец
  • 12:29 hungry?

    Tancel201Tancel201Пре годину
  • Nice...quem é Br da like ae

    Gray E.Gray E.Пре годину
  • So I happened to come here after watching a video on Korean players... This ain't diamond or challenger.. There's just so much skill difference

    N C AravindanN C AravindanПре годину
  • Dude thanks to your videos I became good Talon player. Now I am Talon main. Keep the good work😁😁

    Martin SlavovMartin SlavovПре годину
  • Why arent you using the build from your previous video...?

    Hyoung Jin KimHyoung Jin KimПре годину
    • its situational

      Petr CzechPetr CzechПре годину
  • ❤❤❤

    big quackbig quackПре годину
  • Holy shit that intro play was 1 million iq

    JonnythegiraffeJonnythegiraffeПре годину
  • I hate talon because he is braindead as fuck.. literally no outplay u do literally nothing and do so much dmg.. i keep getting S over 15 kills each game...I dropped it because it's braindead..i would rather struggle with irelia yasuo and be low elo rather than playing something I don't enjoy.. Ps. Also i take nullyfying orb when going against such ap champ like karthus kassadin zoe..

    GaleofDuskGaleofDuskПре годину
  • so many videos this week, it's like christmas!

    sinking shipsinking shipПре годину
  • You called zoe Neeko the whole game. Challenger btw

    Kent ZhengKent ZhengПре годину
    • to be fair it’s easy to confuse them

      slashedpotat97slashedpotat97Пре 10 месеци
    • They are creativly the same :)

      Nicklas DincerNicklas DincerПре годину
    • They’re both annoying splashy colorful mages

      NoamiasNoamiasПре годину
    • They are both annoying

      SunLongSunLongПре годину
    • Same, since Neeko got released i always change their names for some reason lol xd

      Just a TeddyJust a TeddyПре годину
  • Once more, a good video !

    SarrøwSarrøwПре годину
  • Who is a talon main too?

    Ευγενία ΚακαβαΕυγενία ΚακαβαПре годину
    • I like making the enemy adc rage quit becuse talon always 1 shots them

      Ευγενία ΚακαβαΕυγενία ΚακαβαПре годину
    • im a talon main :)

      Nithanth SivakumarNithanth SivakumarПре годину
    • Im a bard main, almost the same

      Oskar SverdrupOskar SverdrupПре годину
  • Tnx for the vids appreciate helped me with my talon skills

    MKD_AlexMKD_AlexПре годину
  • 21:53 thats me everyday

    HinoHinoПре годину
  • How you carry if your team carry?:))) lol show ppl how u can win if your team feed not how to win when all team is good and play nice.Try a video where idiots feed in your team and you must carry to win with talon...oh can't do that !

    Lextor GamingLextor GamingПре годину
  • I follow your ideas but still stay at silver 2 :(((. Guess i'm bad at Talon :(

    hong nhung hoanghong nhung hoangПре годину
    • Me neither lol

      NecromancerNecromancerПре годину
  • Its only me or the comment section i so salty with Yamikaze? What did he do?

    SokarSokarПре годину
  • Hey quick question, do you ever first pick Talon? or do you not take the risks of being counter picked?

    BananiaBananiaПре годину
    • @Linda Nguyen thats why tiamat is thing on talon.wave management and roam unless some aggro shyt like irelia comes ur lane

      SkyéSkyéПре годину
    • jackie Huang because of the turret plates I’m guessing

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
    • If u can’t win the lane, why don’t u go roam? --dopa

      jackie Huangjackie HuangПре годину
    • Mostly leblanc aatrox and lissandra(doesnt counter but talon gets a hard time in laning against her).other than that ekko is also same as liss. Roaming and jg tracking is the key

      SkyéSkyéПре годину
    • @Cooper Ahrend to be fair though man, with yas at least you can choose to max Q instead of W first. that works around his windwall shit somewhat. ori is much worse than yas because you can at least do SOMETHING vs yas

      Pippy MPippy MПре годину
  • Hey quick question, do you ever first pick Talon? or do you not take the risks of being counter picked?

    BananiaBananiaПре годину
    • @StaceMiIme I'm not saying he isn't good. But for most situations, there is better. If you want an Assassin: Talon is great. But not always, especially when people know what the fck they're doing and picking in high elo. But when it really comes down to it: There simply is better things to pick than an Assassin if you want to stay consistent, atleast in my opinion and experience. People can play what they want. If you're an Assassin genious and think that oneshot is all that matters: Go ahead. Play AD Assassins mid ONLY and tell me how far you climb. But most people aren't geniouses or aren't gifted in this way neither are most people Onetricks of a champ.

      HSBunny XHSBunny XПре годину
    • @HSBunny X ahahhahhhaa you actually said that talon isn't good. He is so broken and op rn especially compared to any other assasin in the game. What so ever he was the only champipn which was that broken that they almost removed him from the game. He has everything he needs: 1 shot potential, invisibility, amazing escape option (e), isn't squishy, amazing lvl 2 spike, and is amazing at roaming. How is he "not good" AHAHAHHAHAu

      StaceMiImeStaceMiImeПре годину
    • yeah but there are so many champions he's weak against

      a aa aПре годину
    • You shouldn't get countered so bad in the first place if you just ban the champ your weak against.

      Fitz ArcFitz ArcПре годину
    • no you don't and you don't take the risk especially as Talon. Talon sucks, Yamikaze said it himself. There is only a few situations were Talon is actually good as a pick in itself. That is if you're like 4th or 5th pick and they have 4-5 squishy it's ideal. Other than that any mage beats Talon in usefullness consistantly. You have to be really good and know his weaknesses and strenghts as an Assassin in order to offset the bads and risks to picking this champ Yamikaze primarily only plays this champ, so of course he will firstpick it but that doesn't mean it's ideal. I have 1.2m Mastery points EuW Talon otp and whenever I firstpick the champ, I know I'm gonna have a hell of a hard enemy teamcomp to fight against and probably take the loss. But because I'm good at the champ I can probably win the next games or more realistically: I'd be 2nd or 3rd pick and still lose the next games LOL So.. be 4th or 5th pick and look for squishys in the enemy team then you can think about picking him

      HSBunny XHSBunny XПре годину
  • yami has ascended he isnt adding "RANK 1 TALON DESTROYS MID AS TALON" anymore.

    PhantomloxPhantomloxПре годину
    • @Phantomlox i just dislike such titles

      RoboloperRoboloperПре годину
    • @Roboloper I mean hes the best talon player I know so to me hes rank 1 xd

      PhantomloxPhantomloxПре годину
    • I'm very happy about that change

      RoboloperRoboloperПре годину
    • He was watching too much porn lmao

      Gley SamaGley SamaПре годину
  • carry??!!!! u carried ur fed teammates lol gj noone can do that.... ur laugh is super annoying dude

    Phase DivePhase DiveПре годину
  • i am really not playing on any champion except talon , i don't imagine my self playing without the e move ):

    ionian talonionian talonПре годину
    • @Oskar Sverdrup i don't know but if they did i will remove the game from my device (_-_)

      ionian talonionian talonПре годину
    • 3dna2 are they removing talon e?

      Oskar SverdrupOskar SverdrupПре годину
    • @Bijan 22 good idea (:

      ionian talonionian talonПре годину
    • @Youssef B maybe you're right , but for me it's different ,because i am a kind of gamer who focuses on one champion all time :)

      ionian talonionian talonПре годину
    • Play kayn?

      Bijan 22Bijan 22Пре годину
  • You posting this when i have to hard carry afks or feeding yasuos as talon, illuminaty confirmed. New talon main btw so much fun feels like im playing assasins creed

  • first

    SuperlamezoidSuperlamezoidПре годину
  • Talon can’t carry ahaha

    ConfluxiConfluxiПре годину
  • -3-

    ᄋᄋᄋᄋПре годину
  • Pog. New vid.

    MeforPlaysMeforPlaysПре годину
  • Wow, a video showing me how to carry as Talon after showing you my loss streaks. Best youtuber ever. haha thanks

    TheyCallMeMisakiTheyCallMeMisakiПре годину
  • How da f i suppost to carry when i am in bronze 4 and people who are smurfing comes every game ???

    Ahmet ShakurAhmet ShakurПре годину
    • ^

      chickencrocschickencrocsПре годину
    • sure buddy

      KvmiKvmiПре годину
  • Nice video :D

    ÐragoşÐragoşПре годину
  • Best talon boy

    Assassin mikeAssassin mikeПре годину