Games like this are why I'm the best Talon NA.

22 јун 2019
213 061 Приказа

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Portugese Subtitles: Cawabanga
Thumbnail art by: couldn't find thumbnail source but I'll credit if anyone in comments can find it...

  • title is clickbait, go check out and follow the real best talon na here: XD.

    YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • @FoxieFTW Simply because into Kat you want to bait her to jump on you and melee q her. Most Kat are hardwired to jump every dagger but you actually win the trade. Maxing Q gives you more damage because of that.

      Jacob MurrayJacob MurrayПре 11 месеци
    • Yamikaze I main talon bc of you, im wondering why are u Q max first this game?

      FoxieFTWFoxieFTWПре годину
    • @GaryNotEthan melhor talon? tem muito o que aprender ainda ausaua

      Lucas ScamilliaLucas ScamilliaПре годину
    • Serious ?

      low spec gamerlow spec gamerПре годину
    • But why did you ban "fwii" from Twitch chat?

      ManuelManuelПре годину
  • Whats the outro song OwO

    Frost YTFrost YTПре 3 месеца
  • waht the actual hell are u

    Leena JhunjhunwalaLeena JhunjhunwalaПре 5 месеци
  • i didnt know dyrus mains adc now

    yubiyubipekoaruyubiyubipekoaruПре 6 месеци
  • Rewatching taco yami videos cause I miss them duoing :(

    SomerOwOSomerOwOПре 8 месеци
  • Ahhhhmmm i think i got an add for a vibrator store WTF?

    aturs skromansaturs skromansПре 9 месеци
  • What about Flyerbek

    Silverfang MusicSilverfang MusicПре 10 месеци
  • imagine playing talon and being cocky

    ColeyGuacamoleyColeyGuacamoleyПре 10 месеци
  • When you say everyone else is toxic but you're actually toxic as fuck xD

    Mando PerezMando PerezПре 11 месеци
  • my talon

    abimael augustoabimael augustoПре 11 месеци
  • What is the name of melody in starting?

    Mert AltınözMert AltınözПре 11 месеци
  • yami do you speak portugese ?

    JorJihnJorJihnПре 11 месеци
  • Again I see you are in a great team. Nice ww, Non-troll jung, Nice thresh, feeder katarina...

    Investigator A1Investigator A1Пре 11 месеци
  • I mean seriously NA server is way much worser than China and Korean server...this clip looks like sliver elo in Korean server somehow it is master in NA SERVER..... can’t believe

  • what is this outro song?

    Gr8StumbinoGr8StumbinoПре годину
  • I’ve been watching you for like a month and every game I watch all I can think is damn I wish I was half as good as him.

    Justin EllisJustin EllisПре годину
  • Post moreeee on youtubeee mannn plzz i love u

    Ravenous RengarRavenous RengarПре годину
  • La voz de éste man, me hace pensar que siempre está sonriendo xD

    Ángel GarcíaÁngel GarcíaПре годину
    • es re satisfactoria la voz no se pq XD

      SonicRandom [GD]SonicRandom [GD]Пре месец
  • so they were wintrading after all Kappa

    Rumimaki MaiRumimaki MaiПре годину
  • Talon main using akali in the background? Hummmm

    Cláudio CostaCláudio CostaПре годину
  • Whats NA i didnt see them in worlds

    Mael ScottMael ScottПре годину
  • 6:09 S- across the board, hella satisfying there

    MojoPSDMojoPSDПре годину
  • holy shit you're annoying as hell

    Ni KNi KПре годину
  • "imagine losing lane to yamikaze" lmaooo

    HimisudaHimisudaПре годину
  • what's with ur minimap

    AdisorAdisorПре годину
  • Aka farming katarina for 6 minutes

    CPoverlordCPoverlordПре годину
  • why is your map fucked

    mikkel klintrupmikkel klintrupПре годину
  • 7:28 wtf ?

    gamerowskigamerowskiПре годину
  • how do you get 9 ms

    Jeremy ZotovJeremy ZotovПре годину
  • 80 de fps pra mim e um milagre

    cavalo imundocavalo imundoПре годину
  • I think this guy is wintrading

    havardmjhavardmjПре годину
  • How to defeat a Mage in Mid Lane? i always loser for lux, Annie, Morgana. I'M so Very noob

    Renzokuken XRenzokuken XПре годину
    • Dodge their skill

      Kinh ChauKinh ChauПре годину
  • Man u rlly like to flex 😂

    MrpiggyguyMrpiggyguyПре годину
  • Beat bobqin’s lb

    Thien TruongThien TruongПре годину
  • Love the mario music

    Murat Can EfeMurat Can EfeПре годину
  • Kata's worst matchup is talon.. I've got the same experience since I main both..

    Ajhay AndradaAjhay AndradaПре годину
    • well no, you forgot about cass/malz/hard cc? kat vs talon is hard for sure in lane but not that hard.

      WItherstalkWItherstalkПре годину
  • Why you max q

    AzazelAzazelПре годину
  • As the best EUW Talon i'd like to fight u, I am bronze I though so first get on my level

    That NoobThat NoobПре годину
  • cara yamikaze mando aquele portugues ao vivo no titulo cara e nice.

    só mais um lixosó mais um lixoПре годину
  • Dont really like this playthrough. You're very arrogant and not really informative. Its like listening to an old man rant and brag for 20 min

    siber wolfsiber wolfПре годину
    • siber wolf very true, and nice pfp

      LarklanLarklanПре годину
  • Who play talon its brain death champ lol

    Waffle SSWaffle SSПре годину
    • How old are u? 9?

      raider 876raider 876Пре годину
  • br?

    André Filipe Fonseca BorbaAndré Filipe Fonseca BorbaПре годину
  • Where did you find the thumbnail talon wallpaper?

    Miloš RakinMiloš RakinПре годину
  • 4:00 pyke should use E and then R. Is this challenger?

    Rias GremoryRias GremoryПре годину
    • Rias Gremory it's about surprise dude

      Nguyễn HenryNguyễn HenryПре годину
  • I... have no clue what "Win trading" is... and I've been a league player for a while... can someone enlighten me?

    ArkraithArkraithПре годину
    • Corbin Davis when you basically go into games against ppl you know who can gift you the win

      MaanavMaanavПре годину
  • I love it when u play with taco

    McCreepy KillerMcCreepy KillerПре годину
  • not just na WORLDWIDE BABY

    Proffesor MartainiaxProffesor MartainiaxПре годину
  • Best talon NA is an understatement

    Abror KosimovAbror KosimovПре годину
  • When you say you are trolling it means "they outplayed you" just say you are bad. ;)

    Alice ChanAlice ChanПре годину
  • Imagine having 9 ms

    TaddlTaddlПре годину
  • best talon na and also only talon na

    CrookedmanCrookedmanПре годину
  • Talon = Katarina counter

    Feitan PortorFeitan PortorПре годину
  • Am i the only one who like yami's voice??????bruh no homo but i like your voice

    Catayt56 CataCatayt56 CataПре годину
  • This dude sounds gay as fuck 😂😂nice gameplay tho

    Jackly TranJackly TranПре годину
  • How tf did he do 10:14

    James ChoiJames ChoiПре годину
  • Queria ter 1% da noção de jogo desse cara \o/

    《 Shirou 》《 Shirou 》Пре годину
  • yamikaze, what skin to talon is the best u think?

    JoszakJoszakПре годину
  • I tried your standing on the dagger trick and you're right. Especially in Gold-Plat elo, Kats can't help it. And I always kill them for it.

    Itachi KaiItachi KaiПре годину
  • This katarina is brainless, just it

    Dawid DawidDawid DawidПре годину
  • hubblet is actually the best kat

    0 00 0Пре годину
  • do you know hubblet

    0 00 0Пре годину
  • Why q first??

    jacob aguerojacob agueroПре годину
  • he think he is god,man u play talon easy champion for play u dont play azir or lee sin and ssay,its to many fucking good talno player and nbdy play talon bcs he is boring but he is stilll ez champ.Chiil out u are not a God.

    ВукВукПре годину
  • Try playing in philippine server. You will be playing like shit here.

    Order of ShadowOrder of ShadowПре годину
  • Hello yamikaze, i sure im pro player talon Ru serv, lets go 1v1, if you say "i wont play with this f***ING noob" you Will be noob in our comunity

    RenklsRenklsПре годину
  • Stil think zed is way stronger imo:/

    Simon BøttgerSimon BøttgerПре годину
    • @Noodles i think his weak in lane and only good at roaming to get his team ahead

      Simon BøttgerSimon BøttgerПре годину
    • Simon Bøttger zed has more carry potential but talon is a stronger laner

      NoodlesNoodlesПре годину
  • Ok, eu nem sei como achei o seu canal mas é tao gostosinho de assistir que eu to assistindo tudo. Hello from brazil yami

    F de Fael Fael fael FaelF de Fael Fael fael FaelПре годину
  • 0:51 coudn't u have flashed auto ignited for the kill?

    BoostedToD5BoostedToD5Пре годину
  • Awesome video bro you realy pro ;)

    Bundi ;-;Bundi ;-;Пре годину
  • when sombody get your kill you get mad?? but u keep kill stealing your team

    GrheyGrheyПре годину
  • frr comment tu parles c insupportable tg stp

    Samy TataraSamy TataraПре годину
  • More like most toxic talon na

    hello scrubshello scrubsПре годину
  • daaaaamm... ur ego is massive asFUUUCCKKK

    evan gifanoevan gifanoПре годину
    • @evan gifano at least hes not smurfing in a lower elo exclusively to just shit talk the enemy constantly and make himself feel better about not being able to climb in their own elo hate those kinds of smurfs

      Whimsical ChroniclesWhimsical ChroniclesПре годину
    • ​@Whimsical Chronicles yeah no shit, im not judging his skills xd wrong one buddy

      evan gifanoevan gifanoПре годину
    • you would probably be worse than him if you were a challenger one trick

      Whimsical ChroniclesWhimsical ChroniclesПре годину
  • Show your face

    Kristiene DiasKristiene DiasПре годину
  • Hey, disable auto translate please? Its kind of shitty the translation

    WoodsWoodsПре годину
  • Great edits!

    KespoKespoПре годину
  • Hey my friend DarkPaladinBoy thinks he's better than you!

    Josecarlos VioletaJosecarlos VioletaПре годину
  • You sound like Chad from Chad goes deep lol

    jurian bijmanjurian bijmanПре годину
  • humble boi

    Thomas MonteroThomas MonteroПре годину
  • Serious question.. is there any other good Talon players that I can watch? This guy has his ego so far up his ass.. I can't listen to him talk and it's boring watching the video only :,(

    Angie QuintanaAngie QuintanaПре годину
  • Hei yamikaze, I'm big fan, try this build: draktharr, youmuu, sterak/ black cleaver, hidra raivosa, infinity edge e mobility. Thanks. made in Brasil

    Matheus MouraMatheus MouraПре годину
  • Cawabanga um Deus na legenda

    Nicolas LariciNicolas LariciПре годину
    • RENE

      Nicolas LariciNicolas LariciПре годину
  • 10:20 This clap sound was so funny Imagine if talon didn’t have his arm-sword and his autos would always be just a clap😂

    mostafa Al-Hasanymostafa Al-HasanyПре годину
  • yikes

    Quintin KQuintin KПре годину
  • OMG these videos with subtitles in Portuguese, I already liked before the videos of yami but now can understand everything and much better

    Kelvin LutzKelvin LutzПре годину
  • Imagine being so serious about a guy's ego. *sarcasm has left the chat*

    warvesterwarvesterПре годину
    • WOW that's a lot of ego for commenting that smh 🙄

      VWLZVWLZПре годину
  • I legit feel bad for the kat because she so bad lol

  • Im a silver Talon main, i perform well in most of the games (good cs, kp and my roams are mostly good) my problem is, that im, no matter what i do, how many people i kill or objectives i get, i am not able to carry my games and just feel useless and like i have no impact and all my games just depent on how my teammates do, but when i loose lane (hard) my opponents are mostly able to carry.

    unplayednamer 01unplayednamer 01Пре годину
    • 5 month late but the thing about Talon is that he isn't a very hard carry, such as Zed and Kat. Talon can only kill one person, then he has to dip out.

      Antman RulesAntman RulesПре годину
  • gAmES LIkeS tHiS iS whY i Am tHe bESt TaLOn iN nA

    Jude MasalongaJude MasalongaПре годину
  • anyone else notice the 2nd kat took null orb?

    TheSupremeKoiTheSupremeKoiПре годину
  • O melhor que você ainda traduz pro português.

    Player GamePlayer GameПре годину
  • Joga mto mesmo kk eu era mono talon vale apena ainda?

    Player GamePlayer GameПре годину
  • Continua legendando br (y)

    NeuxDankNeuxDankПре годину
  • Essa partida mostra o porque sou o melhor talon**

    pedro lucaspedro lucasПре годину
  • Be humble or karma will soon hit you

    Hai Vu Pham PhanHai Vu Pham PhanПре годину
  • yami's voice radiates cursed " >:3 " energy

    Doctor BetaDoctor BetaПре годину
    • it's cute tbh

      Doctor BetaDoctor BetaПре годину
  • why no more 9 ping

    ReminiscenceReminiscenceПре годину
  • I got masters talon only, champ is braindead tbh

    JumprsJumprsПре годину
  • Portuguese subtitles are great.

    Israel Efraim OliveiraIsrael Efraim OliveiraПре годину
  • Hotline music :DD

    Uchiha AnimadoUchiha AnimadoПре годину