Challenger Talon Plays In Silver | 29 Kills in 23 Minutes! | Talon Iron to Challenger #2

24 мар 2019
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Another smurf game in Iron/Bronze/Silver. Finally got to play Mid Talon instead of jungle/support lol.

  • First comment in 4 months .. yeah your bids used to suck lol

    Manny LeeManny LeeПре 2 месеца
  • 0:32 Yami waiting for Pyke to see what he is gonna do had me dying

    Michael ChristidisMichael ChristidisПре 6 месеци
    • he was waiting for barrier

      Matt ShteynbergMatt ShteynbergПре 6 месеци
  • A platinum yi can destroy that Match with the triple xdd

    Franco Peña MendozaFranco Peña MendozaПре 6 месеци
  • man your name means talon in Chinese XD

    leonardoleonardoПре 7 месеци
  • i always Q first then W cause they could run off my second W if W first

    leonardoleonardoПре 7 месеци
  • 7:13 what is that Sona's build?

    Noah EvansNoah EvansПре 7 месеци
    • Korean never run oom build pog

      MerlinMerlinПре 17 дана
  • "maybe i'm over thinking it in this elo" hehe, we totally don't only base when we're low/have a ton of gold; we're definately smarter than that, 100%

    Leksa WendellLeksa WendellПре 8 месеци
  • I would love to see this return in 2020.

    equitine _equitine _Пре 11 месеци
  • wtf i didn’t realize you were speaking english for the first 20 seconds

    AudreyAudreyПре годину
  • Bro dont say the f word. I realy like watching your videos because you are one of the ytera that dont say f word to much

    Trbizon6155Trbizon6155Пре годину
  • u had a.. "normal" team but me.. when I play in silver all my teammates like 0/7 min 10 .. and it's fking impossible to carry

    robert aresrobert aresПре годину
    • @TurdNuggetME wrong

      Raidboss KenshiroRaidboss KenshiroПре 2 месеца
    • It's because Yamikaze is challenger and knows how to spread his lead on his lane to his team.

      TurdNuggetMETurdNuggetMEПре 9 месеци
  • "Its okay" - Yami literally every video

    ISAK.MISAK.MПре годину
  • 11:55

    KempEbassKempEbassПре годину
  • Gj u try harder against silvers. Bravo

    Melvin The GoatMelvin The GoatПре годину
    • stfu iron II pls

      Rayane EspoireRayane EspoireПре годину
  • Worst silvers I've ever seen like what was that pyke

    Az1zAz1zПре годину
  • any tips for playing jungle talon? been having a hard time lately

    Soviet-19Soviet-19Пре годину
    • do Q melee for much damage and take blue smite i think..

      Rayane EspoireRayane EspoireПре годину
  • nan dao?its chinese means talon

    Zhaxylyk EsenZhaxylyk EsenПре годину
  • U sound annoying

    ReelFrenzyReelFrenzyПре годину
  • why no sound?

    CiserCiserПре годину
  • Trynda top is imitating foggedftw

    Marlou Fat JesusMarlou Fat JesusПре годину
    • That's not a fogged build set, instead of nashor's tooth he would have build tri force, and in the mid to late game, not in the lane phase lol that trynd was mad af

      Pierre ChermontPierre ChermontПре 11 месеци
  • After last night when Pornstar Zilean got 63 kills in 33min game (ended with 103kills) this is just bullshit

    zokizokiПре годину
  • Why are you crying so much about pykes healing when he isn't even capable of hitting you himself, at least by the first 2 minutes? Yeah, he healed, but he also hasn't done shit and you're playing in silver. It's hard to watch a challenger level player complain every 10 seconds about the abilities of a champion. It would be one thing if you're getting constantly poked down and every trade you do gets healed back up, but you're not.

    Matthew FreemanMatthew FreemanПре годину
  • yi disney kkkkkkkkkkkk If he continued using the "W" he probably will be alive 9:40

    André Luís L. de MoraesAndré Luís L. de MoraesПре годину
  • well everytime some high elo player smurfs his team will be winning

    Hatim AyachHatim AyachПре годину
  • This rank 1 plays so bad

    Luchi MachadoLuchi MachadoПре годину
  • I dont play talon , but i love watching u bcuz you explain shit

    BaelfiiireBaelfiiireПре годину
  • Hey dude rly like ur video can i get a coach to get out of silver :D

    Silver PlayerSilver PlayerПре годину
  • 19:00 omg so clean

    Ryan LeungRyan LeungПре годину
  • Can we please have game sound?😂

    viganviganПре годину
  • OK I know it sounds stupid but tank Talon :p maybe u still have hopes for it

    λαμπρος Σακκοςλαμπρος ΣακκοςПре годину
  • Looks like iron 5

    Wladimir MWladimir MПре годину
  • Isnt lethality item better, than buying 2 longswords?

    Konrad OwczarekKonrad OwczarekПре годину
  • opop thumbnail :D Edit: move the damage bar to the right a bit so it is slightly off the screen to make it look like it could be a lot more :)

    Jay SeaJay SeaПре годину
    • all my favorite ladder climbers in one place!

      DregausDregausПре годину
    • LOL sup jay

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
    • Hey Jay funny seeing u here :D

      ThendiThendiПре годину
  • 老哥 你是中国人吗 上次看你直播听周杰伦的歌

    Howoo호우Howoo호우Пре годину
  • Did @ForgottenProject ''forget'' to comment on this video too?... oh wow well im still here like last time!

    Skrivni GospodSkrivni GospodПре годину
  • Does infinity edge crit dmg increase apply to talon q crit?

    Mercer WingMercer WingПре годину
    • yes

      sakujitsusakujitsuПре годину
  • Alguien que sea español que vea a este buen talon?

    SettingtrashSettingtrashПре годину
  • nice bm when he used barrier

    DeejayFDeejayFПре годину
  • I wish I can be as good talon as u are I been watching ur videos to try learn more

    MasmetwoMasmetwoПре годину
  • ok a challenger player is better than silvers whats new

    Anthony TrifilettiAnthony TrifilettiПре годину
  • This doesn’t look like my silver games.. I must be playing against smurfs like you oh great

    Michael SorianoMichael SorianoПре годину
  • Yamikaze!! why do not you use or play background music in your videos?? to make them more dynamic. Love you!! U´r the best Talon player!!

    Jeremías De La ViñaJeremías De La ViñaПре годину
    • @Yamikaze oh...sad..

      Jeremías De La ViñaJeremías De La ViñaПре годину
    • copyright :(

      YamikazeYamikazeПре годину
  • fuck you yami for making me a talon 1 trick.... this champ is dogshit AHHHHHHH I HATE THIS GAME a fuckin nasus 1v1d me while i was 10 in 1 on talon ( he was 1 in 2)

    Thomas HiromThomas HiromПре годину
  • Don’t mean to flex by I got 30 in 22 minutes with my midlane soraka

    AustinAustinПре годину
    • I prefer toplane yuumi

      that one cringe guythat one cringe guyПре 9 месеци
    • Is it against bots?

      Siluri FormesSiluri FormesПре годину
  • Give my channel a peek guys, i do talon highlights and montages

    Michael LatonMichael LatonПре годину
  • U playing in silver is easy to see when i play in gold i cry with queues

  • Do you use Instagram? If yes, can i have your Ig?

    NecromancerNecromancerПре годину
  • Dude no sound is soo irritating lmao

    Aman MankarAman MankarПре годину
    • I like it without sound

      Kai LöhnertKai LöhnertПре 10 месеци
    • it is really really annoying

      King EnzoKing EnzoПре 11 месеци
    • I like it with zero sound

      NikoNikoПре 11 месеци
  • when you decide to max q instead w?

    Fenix ClaymoreFenix ClaymoreПре годину
    • @Yassin, Abouelmir ok ty

      Fenix ClaymoreFenix ClaymoreПре годину
    • to do more damage to melee champ or when u invading the enemy team

      Yassin, AbouelmirYassin, AbouelmirПре годину
  • Yamikaze :D im main talon .. wanna 1 v 1 u :D EUNE !

    xMeDoVicxMeDoVicПре годину
    • He's from na

      Talon GodTalon GodПре годину
  • This Guy always playing in low elo and says "this pyke is bad" "this master is bad" Of course they are bad. This is fucking silver bro

    Leonardo CarvalhoLeonardo CarvalhoПре годину
  • vs lower tier players bcoz ur no match in pros. Your stupid pretending d best talon buy nah ... Eoba and fwii are the best talons not you dumbass

    Jie TajanlangitJie TajanlangitПре годину
  • Can you challenge Yassuo 1v1??

    ZexisZexisПре годину
    • It's kinda hard because windwall and it's Moe not just any cancer yasuo mains lol

      Marlou Fat JesusMarlou Fat JesusПре годину
    • @Zexis Yes

      G7FlY / جحفليG7FlY / جحفليПре годину
    • So Yami had a chance to win??

      ZexisZexisПре годину
    • No its doesn't mean so.. its just hard and I am pretty sure he faced alot of yasuo players in master or challenger tier so he must knows how to handle that I suppose

      G7FlY / جحفليG7FlY / جحفليПре годину
    • That means Yami going to lose??

      ZexisZexisПре годину
  • Talon can beat zed in early lane phase but late game can he beat zed or is zed just better late game.

    H.47H.47Пре годину
    • Hachi Reloaded but here’s the thing tho, what made zed different from other assassins is what happens if you’re fed. If you’re fed as talon, and the enemy team has a tank, it’s gg, there’s no way you can carry. In the other hand if you’re fed as zed, your will destroy that tank. The early game is always about outsmarting your opponent, if you’re better, you can beat them, simple as that. But in talon’s case, you can go 15/0 and all the enemy team had to build is 1 armour item and it’s GG you’re useless.

      The Dark WolfThe Dark WolfПре годину
    • @The Dark Wolf it was a very low gain, and most of the time it was useless because of zed being super weak early game

      Hachi ReloadedHachi ReloadedПре годину
    • Hachi Reloaded how. It used to scale everytime he kills someone with it. How is that bad.

      The Dark WolfThe Dark WolfПре годину
    • @The Dark Wolf zed ulti passive sucked ass lol hes better rn

      Hachi ReloadedHachi ReloadedПре годину
    • H.47 zed used to be better late game because of his ult scaling. They took that away last patch. Now he’s just a lowly assassin. He can still melt you full combo, but you can too, it’s all about who outplays the other.

      The Dark WolfThe Dark WolfПре годину
  • how dare you feed the the talon community as a adc main in gold, now ill have to worry about my mid laners feeding talon D:

    DeadlyAnemiaDeadlyAnemiaПре годину
  • Why did tryn build nashors lol

    Leo LuoLeo LuoПре годину
  • Talon’s default recommended build page is shit

    NoamiasNoamiasПре годину
  • Trynd reminds me of a really buff ballerina

    Samuel C.Samuel C.Пре годину
  • Nice plays Yamin My nick: Little Yamikaze (BR) Thank you =)

    C4Terrorista GamesC4Terrorista GamesПре годину
    • ué kkkk

      zezinhao uaozezinhao uaoПре годину
  • i feel really comfortable while playing talon. 700 hrs playing lol and i did my first penta on a champion i started playing 5 days before... why did i play top all this time?

    Apex23Apex23Пре годину
    • Played Talon for first time against players (I've never picked him against bots) and made pentakill. Now, because of him, I really want to play mid

      SwIfT LegativeSwIfT LegativeПре 11 месеци
    • Pentas can be decieving. I did 2 pentas in 1 game as Morde after playing him like 10 times in normals. I went in rank fully confident only to get counter picked by Vayne barrier. Doesnt help the fact that their jungler kind of camped me because Id get really low under tower in some cases. Nevertheless, I barely use Morde now.

      Base RevoltBase RevoltПре 11 месеци
    • I did 2 penta on talon but i play him before 2018 xD (without quadra hein .. xd)

      Rayane EspoireRayane EspoireПре годину
    • ehm I felt the same but did no penta still went 20 0 in some games

      tashukiitashukiiПре годину
    • When you’re playing something funny, you want to main this champ. Try to play singed, and look xD

      Les théoriciens de l’extrêmeLes théoriciens de l’extrêmeПре годину
  • Since you’re playing in low elo why don’t you do the 28s Ult build It’s all in the runes instead on ms out of combat get ultimate hunter, and inspiration 2nd, 5 cdr and the minion thingy and use 2 charges on ranged minions

    DbbabDbbabПре годину
    • What are these minion charges you’re talking about

      Alex LarsenAlex LarsenПре 11 месеци
    • Yeah and then you would skip Tiamat to get a Duskblade in 10 minutes. With 3 charges in the ranged minions, you would one-shot them with W at lvl 9

      Vinícius JoséVinícius JoséПре годину
  • And learn to do good edit

    Μανος ΔενδραλίδηςΜανος ΔενδραλίδηςПре годину
  • Pls dont saw us all the game only the best moments because is boring to see everything

    Μανος ΔενδραλίδηςΜανος ΔενδραλίδηςПре годину
  • Hii, i start play talon bcs of u. Thx :D (sry for bad english)

    m4tthewツm4tthewツПре годину
    • きちすこちきいG A R B A G E me too

      MlxtlxMlxtlxПре годину
  • Hello from Latvia

    Edvards ŠeptunovsEdvards ŠeptunovsПре годину
  • Why there is no game sound or just me not hearing it ?

    drfreddy8drfreddy8Пре годину
    • I hear the sound of my dad walking to the gas station and not coming back.

      TheTCrowTheTCrowПре годину
    • I wish he turned the game volume down a bit. It's too loud.

      VehnVehnПре годину
    • @S me too l hear it fluently

      Bijan 22Bijan 22Пре годину
    • same here

      TheTCrowTheTCrowПре годину
    • it's only you, work fine for me

      SSПре годину
  • how did you have boots at lvl 3?

    MeiaLuaPraFrenteSocoMeiaLuaPraFrenteSocoПре годину
    • He had boots because he bought boots

      Supper ManSupper ManПре годину
  • Hello yami

    r 7r 7Пре годину
  • Do u see me Yami🤩

    Phantom PlayerPhantom PlayerПре годину
  • nicü

    NukeWichNukeWichПре годину
  • I wish enemies in my silver were just as bad. In S1 some people are actualy pretty good at their champs.

    AlekThunder47AlekThunder47Пре годину
    • They are just as bad, but when you are in game you just don't notice their mistakes.

      AlecAlecПре годину
    • @NUTGVNG SNAZZZIE True. I see some huge differences between me and my friends playing together. They are like Silver and I'm Platinum but I teach them sometimes.

      Hacked AccountlolHacked AccountlolПре годину
    • ngl feel like silver players aren't so bad mechanically but their decision making is what's holding them back along with vision

    • All what u have to do is just being better then this players

      SzudiSzudiПре годину
  • You are the king man! I started playing talon for you, thanks for the videos!

    Ezequiel VillarroelEzequiel VillarroelПре годину
  • Game sounds?

    MoegaardMoegaardПре годину
  • yo yamiii !!

    Kasra ShiraziKasra ShiraziПре годину
  • Ill take solid 7th

    NoahJ 0612NoahJ 0612Пре годину
  • Nice vid

    benjamin libenjamin liПре годину
  • and in 4th place

    Terrill MoyoTerrill MoyoПре годину
  • Master Yami😄🙌

    Gabriel NobleGabriel NobleПре годину
  • Noti squad!!! YamiGod First btw

    MKD_AlexMKD_AlexПре годину
  • Yami love ya!

    Shehryar 7Shehryar 7Пре годину