Challenger Talon Plays Against 4 Tanks | Season 9 is SO FUN!

13 феб 2019
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Challenger Talon Plays Against 4 Tanks | Season 9 is SO FUN!

  • Watching this vidéo on 2k20 knowing how strong conq talon is xD

    YTE StylinterYTE StylinterПре месец
  • Conqueror Talon = easy win vs 4 tanks

    VladicemoVladicemoПре 7 месеци
  • I thought that when you got caught out top side krugs 14:02 you had no real vision, which was kind of funny when suddenly there was 4 champs all near krugs lol

    Adam The TurtleAdam The TurtleПре 11 месеци
  • League of cancer

    Elijah AnglacerElijah AnglacerПре годину
  • im not sure how talon q works, but have you ever q'ed someone that was tping and followed them?

    Dang DiggityDang DiggityПре годину
  • Try to play against top:chogath jg:zac mid:galio apc:swain supp:alistar and then right Tanks believe me I had no fun this game

    AxitheosAxitheosПре годину
  • I find you vids so helpfull to learn talon...i started playing him recently and im trying to make him lvl 6 or lvl 5 at least...So tnx for making good vids...its easier to learn when you watch a pro talon... 😁

    MKD_AlexMKD_AlexПре годину
  • Nid isn't a tank...

    MonstermushmushMonstermushmushПре годину
  • I love how even challenger players are like "fucking solo queue"... like i think at that point we all need to accept that its just "fucking league"

    Tyler FieldTyler FieldПре годину
  • what's "1 31"?

    Александр СлепнёвАлександр СлепнёвПре годину
  • I am a main Talon in sever VietNam ~~ can I use your screen stream overlay ~~ if you accept , pls give me link download screen thank tou very much

    ღPpt ChickensoupღღPpt ChickensoupღПре годину
  • I feel like Talon is getting harder to play thoses days. Any of you feeling this too?

    Harry MonoroHarry MonoroПре годину
  • Is your fav skin enduring?

    Ronnie PhamRonnie PhamПре годину
  • At first I used to watch you. But it's just easier too watch you feed in the skill capped videos 😂✌

    paul kleinpaul kleinПре годину
  • You never have mana because you always leave the base without fully regenerating mana. Plus u q all the time on minions when u shouldn't have too. It's so annoying to watch

    Jack GaribaldiJack GaribaldiПре годину
    • Jack Garibaldi you heal abit when u kill a minion with q it's somewhat good after trades and pokes.

      Am IrAm IrПре годину
  • you inspire me xD I am a sort of OTP Talon and I started LoL basically with talon :D

    Change CraftChange CraftПре годину
  • Bro this Soraka is actually really bad....

    CouleCouleПре годину
  • I think Quinn is even worse than Talon against full tank composition

    Monsieur PingasMonsieur PingasПре годину
    • @Oeshik The Quinn indeed had good reflexes to build that way, but with the "classic build" she would have struggle a lot

      Monsieur PingasMonsieur PingasПре годину
    • They won because they had Quinn. Jayce and talon only have lethality builds but Quinn can build crit as she's an ADC. She was doing good damage to those tanks.

      OeshikOeshikПре годину
  • Every time I see you playing with Talon , I want to play it.

    Jonatan DiazJonatan DiazПре годину
  • Yami you make me want to play Talon and i think i actually start doing it

    SAG 300SAG 300Пре годину
  • that was app.. ...that was appreciable lmao

    WiseWiseПре годину
  • when should you start corrupting pot as talon? see you start it sometime, but most time its long sword and refillable. when is c pot the correct or better start in matchups? thanks!

    Kane LindseyKane LindseyПре годину
    • When u get pressured and have no kill presure go for corrupt (barrier lissandra,lux,syndra etc),when u can kill enemy laner go for long sw (kassadin,zed,etc)

      Insane ZiggsInsane ZiggsПре годину
  • i got 21/4/16 and 146 cs and i carried but got and a i also warded like a lot how to get n s+??

    SweetmilkSweetmilkПре годину
    • Farm more you had 146 and the match how much lasted?

      Dark DistruzioneDark DistruzioneПре годину
  • Hashinshin was right, tank meta is upon us.

    BrutalisBrutalisПре годину
  • How to deal with garen mid vs talon? Been a talon main dince I’ve watched you👋🏻🤗

    Navia PoirotNavia PoirotПре годину
    • Aivan Laqui dont try to kill him. Just farm and run away when he tried to Q you. If he takes runes that arent in the resolve tree then you can try the lv2 cheese. Otherwise, just dont try to to kill him. You won’t be able past lv2

      King NazeefKing NazeefПре годину
  • They really need to increase talon's health and defenses if they're not going to give him reliable tools to juke focus fire like Zed/Katarina/Fizz/Ekko. It's pretty dumb you're the worst scaling assassin, can't 1v1 most assassins let alone long range poke mages in lane, and need to use ult to even engage on an adc on a teamfight only to basically die right after unless your target hugged a wall as it died...

    NecrostrikeNecrostrikeПре годину
    • Again u probably are low elo for saying such idiot stuff

      Daniel CamposDaniel CamposПре годину
    • lol wtf are you talking about. Zed jukes Talon rake every single time with shadows and ult, and Katarina shunpos out of return rake as well. Yamikaze has never won a 1v1 against LL Stylish or Laceration's Zed past lv10.@B

      NecrostrikeNecrostrikeПре годину
    • I guess you do not know that talon wins every single one of these matchups expect for fizz because of fizz e

      BBПре годину
    • ?? I guess u are low elo

      Daniel CamposDaniel CamposПре годину
  • I played vs this shit as Darius too. We stomped them and were going to end where they would just NOT die. Their 2/8 midlane Rammus with two items (those being thornmail and frozen heart and boots) wouldn’t die and our 18/3 Irelia couldn’t even 1v1 him. Eventually their shit Tristana could just win the game because all of us were permanently ccsed by their Ornn, Warwick, Rammus and Braum and couldn’t kill them. Tristana was pretty fed from our bad bot lane and our Twitch was really useless.

    NoamiasNoamiasПре годину
  • Fizz is better ^^

    Mohamed BargachMohamed BargachПре годину
  • Lmao that clip at the beginning was hilarious

    JonnythegiraffeJonnythegiraffeПре годину
  • I think that was a really bad build. What you needed there was stacking only MR and armor penetration, and in-combat MS for Jhin.

    ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠Пре годину
    • @Anthony Nguyen just because someone is challenger doesn't mean he makes no mistakes. You don't just ascend into a perfect being with spot on predictions and flawless builds. Just because he's challenger doesn't mean he can't accept advice.

      AboveN beyonDAboveN beyonDПре годину
    • I agree. Watch the skill capped video he's in vs mcbaze. He gets absolutely dismantled. Otps for you.

      paul kleinpaul kleinПре годину
    • @Anthony Nguyen Ok?

      ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠Пре годину
    • Challenger btw

      Anthony NguyenAnthony NguyenПре годину
  • why tanks can do that much dmgand be tanky at the same time that's not fair for assasins...

    nassnassПре годину
  • Hooly shit Orn mid lane GG Wp

    C4Terrorista GamesC4Terrorista GamesПре годину
  • Since when are jhin and nidalee tanks? Lol

    JiousenJiousenПре годину
    • JIousen Wu jhin was the only non tank. He said 4 tanks not 5. And the nidalee had grasp and built tanky

      Ryan BroderickRyan BroderickПре годину
  • I started one tricking talon. What strategy is the fastest way to climb?

    Hildo CalderonHildo CalderonПре годину
    • learn to play the game. macro. simple.

      iataseveriataseverПре годину
  • Tankmeta is broke, tanks shouldn't deal damage

    Stan SmallenburgStan SmallenburgПре годину

      ViresenViresenПре 2 месеца
    • @Viresen Thats literally what you typed lol

      Stan SmallenburgStan SmallenburgПре 2 месеца
    • r/ihadastroke

      ViresenViresenПре 2 месеца
    • @Viresen aint gone pretty well??

      Stan SmallenburgStan SmallenburgПре 2 месеца
    • @Stan Smallenburg hey I'm from the future, pre S11 and lemme just say, this ain't gone pretty well TANKS ARE BROKEN RIOT FIX THX

      ViresenViresenПре 2 месеца
  • Yamikaze I play talon.... not to good but learning. thanks for vids they helping me greatly.

    Mark PhillipsMark PhillipsПре годину
  • Yami, every time I try to Flash + Ranged Q , I get a 1 second buffer and I literally stand there like an idiot giving the enemy enough time to react. It's not as smooth and instant as your flash Q here 10:00. can you please explain why? should I change some settings? normal cast, quick cast... etc, I tried pressing Q first then flash but I couldn't pull it off. Please answer, Thank you!

    Lord LampardLord LampardПре годину
    • Have quick casts, and q on enemy when you are out of range then immedientially flash

      JAK TAKJAK TAKПре годину
    • You first press Q then flash if that makes sense

      JAK TAKJAK TAKПре годину
  • What do you think about not using tiamat with talon? I usually win the cs in mid without tiamat very easily

    Mateo BartraMateo BartraПре годину
    • Mateo Bartra Tiamat saves you time, W, Q the cannon, and Tiamat instant clears the wave. By the time your W comes back the wave is cleared.

      The Dark WolfThe Dark WolfПре годину
  • Aftershock Ornn mid... What a wonderful time to be alive

    big quackbig quackПре годину
  • Yo yami what happened? 2 weeks without good talon commentary and gameplay ;(

    Iskren RadulovIskren RadulovПре годину
  • “Oh please fcking die dude” ~Yami 2019

    Santiago CastellanosSantiago CastellanosПре годину
  • Quinn was popping off really hard too! That LL Justice has been Galio main or otp idk for a long time

    Juani GarciaJuani GarciaПре годину
  • You think its worth starting to main talon atm or is he going to be weak soon/hit by patch?

    MaddinMaddinПре годину
    • Start with him

      Veneno740Veneno740Пре годину
  • Lol... it was like Batman fight against a Team with Darksied, Doomsday, SteppenWolf and Ares. Or you could say... Batman VS 4-Superman

    Cl0ud YuNCl0ud YuNПре годину
  • I switched to Talon Main because of you xd

    PremevfxPremevfxПре годину
  • this ornn was the player who first starting building protobelt on galio

    NyctoNyctoПре годину
  • Wow. Gg man, I wish I had that kind of patience to play as assassin into 4 tanks

    Adam JusticeAdam JusticeПре годину
  • I learn a lot for talon whit your videos. You are the best talon main who i have seen.

    stefichastefichaПре годину
    • TaIonIonfarm is also a very nice EU Talon player ^^

      Just a TeddyJust a TeddyПре годину
    • He's an otp. Doesn't do well on anything else. You're better off watching a replay of someone higher up the latter. If you've seen him in the skill capped video. He has really poor laning mechanics and game knowledge so his skills only propagate so far.

      paul kleinpaul kleinПре годину
    • :B that's rather racist

      ZancainZancainПре годину
    • U should learn more about english rather than talon gameplay

      BQBQПре годину
  • U are my inspiration for playing talon :)

    Nithanth SivakumarNithanth SivakumarПре годину

    Fresh TrimFresh TrimПре годину
  • This meta is ok "gets oneshot by tank " :)

    George RoaGeorge RoaПре годину
  • Becuz of ur videos i got into gold in preseason

    Doinb KimodiDoinb KimodiПре годину
  • Hi Yamikaze because of your videos i start to main talon now... Thanks you ! i bought the new talon skin yesturday tho xd ( Sorry im not really good in english)

    ImNiiLImNiiLПре годину
  • Fuck, rito really needs to nerf the aftershock and armor in general, I personally think that is very strong.

    Gabriel SanchezGabriel SanchezПре годину
  • I find your voice oddly calming to listen to

    keuokeuoПре годину
    • keuo me 4

      Linda NguyenLinda NguyenПре годину
    • It's a nice mic setup he's got going on eh

      Shrieking YakShrieking YakПре годину
    • Me too

      ziveziveПре годину
    • same . wtf

      hakim benhakim benПре годину
    • me 2

      Aaron2gAaron2gПре годину
  • Best Talon NA you made me buy this Slayer 😘💪

    Youssef ALIYoussef ALIПре годину
    • NA*

      Gabriel SanchezGabriel SanchezПре годину