BEST WAY TO CLIMB IN RANKED | How to Improve in League of Legends

23 авг 2018
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I climbed from Bronze 5 to Challenger in 6 seasons and I hope these tips will help you climb as well.

  • Dam I wish I had this man as a coach but I'm an Ahri one trick who can't get out of iron XD

    - Star Form -- Star Form -Пре 2 месеца
  • People can also ask friends to rewatch their video with them. Someone that is Diamond and your Silver well man trust me he can tell you ass ton of things you fucked up thats how it is. I know how it went for me at the start I didnt play ranked but spamed normals playin my best champion which was Yasuo at the time and I ended up playing vs high diamond/low master tier player. This was back in a day where there was no GM. So I soaked up exp. and met some people higher elo that didnt belive I was B1 at the time and they thought I am on smurf acc. Thing is I spammed normals for 3 straight years then on 4th I decided to make a new acc beacuse I had anexiety of ranked and failure on my so called main acc and well I ended up in P1 first year then got to D3 next and last year I was a 1 win out of Master tier promos tho I droped down. So yea and people aka my friends did rewatch my replays with me and said aka pointed out some mistakes I did and I did do my best to fix them. I am far from perfect player but I am much better then what I was.

    RTW IceorbRTW IceorbПре 4 месеца
  • Ok ok i got grand master off 2 seasons is it good ? I started mid season 8 i ended g2 s9 d1 S10 grand masters

    S H A R D SS H A R D SПре 5 месеци
    • Good job!

      AzenAzenПре 4 месеца
  • Really, distinguished video from the usual thing we get, wish you could make more of this

    GinlokiGinlokiПре 6 месеци
  • You are saying the truth but i can't understand how league of legends can stop giving me shitty yasuo mains.... The mainly reason why am I losing my games is just my team is feeding and this is the reason why my mmr is so low.

    InfocussInfocussПре 8 месеци
  • Funny when gold players wine bcs "they should be Challenger" lmao

    Nicko RLNicko RLПре 9 месеци
    • Noob Plays League ok

      sherry linsherry linПре 6 месеци
    • @sherry lin No its just he's being an idiot and its nice that no one acknowledged him

      Noob Plays LeagueNoob Plays LeagueПре 6 месеци
    • Noob Plays League is relying a flex I didn’t know about?

      sherry linsherry linПре 6 месеци
    • Funny when no one replies to you in 2 months Imao

      Noob Plays LeagueNoob Plays LeagueПре 6 месеци
  • iv seen a skillcapped video, where u were playing against McBaze, you played so horrible i had to unsubscribe xd

    simon sivaksimon sivakПре 10 месеци
  • Wow, an actually informative modern-day video that isn't some 10:12 min filler trash. Thank you so much for this, it was very helpful.

    Peter PehlivanPeter PehlivanПре 11 месеци
  • tips to all!!! just make sure u play this game 3-5 years and u will be good, or 1-2 years if u play all day ;D

    luka blablablaluka blablablaПре годину
  • broo thank you so mutch this video is the true of the true, tank you

  • one of my friends started playing league and not long after he picked talon as his main, for 6 months he hti high master and could've hit challenger if he didnt stop playing :/

    Bogomil BlagoikovBogomil BlagoikovПре годину
    • @Ch1ckenBroth ye

      Bogomil BlagoikovBogomil BlagoikovПре годину
    • He got master in 6 months?

      Ch1ckenBrothCh1ckenBrothПре годину
  • you amazing i think this too i play abiout 3 monuth i am silver iv i watch streamers and sometimes replaysand tink what my mistake and its work

    סהר אברמוביץסהר אברמוביץПре годину
  • Mid/high challenger NA = low Challenger in Korea HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAH dude what are you smokin man NA Challenger is hardly low Dia in EUW. In Korea it would be on Plat or gold level period. Fact. NA is fucking Trash. You said you watch your Plat friend who pushes the lane without warding for enemy jungler. Dude that shit is pathetic 70% in euw silver don't do that mistake . You're fucking delusional lol

    KingdomArtz ☑KingdomArtz ☑Пре годину
  • Im Silver 1 and im a Talon Main. I really win every laning phase and i never lost 1 laning phase this season. But i really dont know how to carry a 1v9 game. Im getting Teammates who feed like hell and i need help how i can win the game with a Team who is way behind. I watched replays and learned of a few mistakes but its still not enough to win hard games against super fed enemys. Hope you or someone else can help me. (From EUW)

    Tony SopranoTony SopranoПре годину
    • Plays champs that can actually 1v9

      Musa Al YaqubiMusa Al YaqubiПре годину
  • Actually i am gold and i can never climb higher cause my team fuck me up. I know it is generic thing to blame your team but i win my lane and they fuck up theirs so i wanna know what i can do to use my lead to win

    Marko JovanovicMarko JovanovicПре годину
  • How to avoid making mistake "you just dont make those mistakes 3head"

    QuickSnackQuickSnackПре годину
  • In low ELO there's no mistakes. It's all about luck. Either your team sucks, or the enemy team sucks. Either someone in your team is AFK or someone in their team AFK. Doesn't matter if you're a good carry, if your team feeds then it's just GG that's how it worked. To be honest, many of those that in Bronze or even Iron are not that bad. They just have terribly luck in life. They kept being paired with super noob that just int and feed without knowing how to play. And EVEN if you're a really good player, you still could lose by like... they have better jungler, and your jungler is dysfunctional that they just win a lane because they got a better support. Or you're a good support but your ADC like idk wut cannot even. It's just worked that way. All about luck. And my luck is really bad. Each time I got promoted, I'll immediately go down again because my team just.... ugh....

    Crimson ScytheCrimson ScytheПре годину
    • No, Im only Gold so im not even high elo but when I smurf in bronze I literally win every game due to 1v9

      iiSeyFX / IseyFzShooTiiSeyFX / IseyFzShooTПре годину
  • Oh no ☹️☹️☹️ why do u have 33thousand subs u deserve millions ☹️☹️☹️

    Kasai288Kasai288Пре годину
  • Super solid advice about the mistakes, thanks man!

    FigitstormFigitstormПре годину
  • To add an important thing to this video For all those people who came here looking for ways to improve at the game, you have my big respect. I havent watched this video because i already know how to improve myselfe so i cannot tell if the video maker said it already, but since im confinced that hell tell you some dumb shit like place wards look at the map and help your team get objectives, i will tell you my "secret" on how to improve. Lets go #Rule 1: do not watch NA solo q players contents if you want to improve at the game #Rule 2: search for a player that carrys, not plays, but carrys (theres a big difference) in challenger elo on Eu West China and Korea, while excluding people that carry in this elo playing the most obnoxious broken shit in the meta. #Rule 3: try to find a way for yourselfe to copy or mabey even better add those mechanics/decisions fittingly into your playstyle #Rule 4: Play every role atleast 50 games so you start to understand how the games work #Rule 5: fuck any statistics and especially fuck all the winrates on websites that cash in big money from ads because youre the one who belives they deliver valuable information. (I have an avarage in vision score on the level of a gold elo player btw, still im playing in d1-master 150 and i main a champion that has a negative winrate aswell) #Rule 6: the most important one Allow yourselfe to fail! If your idiotic team flames you for feeding because they blow big dick at carrying just because you try out smart and new things, then think about this: You will carry these players the next game and leave them behind + theyll suck you off and want to add you ad a friend. #Rule 7: respect your team Use pings to deliver important information to your team by pinging them on their lane if your laner has left, or if you play jungle then fking ping your team emediatelly if you see the jungler on the map. Dont be the idiot spamming question marks on their lane pls do not be this fking idiot. And dont be that idiot that plays jungle without permanently looking at the map. All you have to do is rightclick and use spells on the npc monsters, there is no way youre not able to permanently look at the map #rule 8: if you jungle/get filled to jungle/give another play your position and play his because you see on his opgg, that hes only played one role because hes a dumb fking idiot, please for the love of god. Do not follow jungle paths play dynamicly, try to predict with the vision you have. And never forget If you watch hashinshin your iq gets lower dramaticly Even Dom (fking chris) understood that

    Marco MaroniMarco MaroniПре годину
    • Ps i watched the video now My apologies for calling you, the video maker out for being a god damn normie

      Marco MaroniMarco MaroniПре годину
  • 1 trick when my team die my adc have 0 and 25 and mid 5 and 15 my 1 and 3 xd 😂😂😂😂

    sinca danielsinca danielПре годину
  • Watch the persons stream of who you like to be like" Yami's twitch: 1. Play like me 2. Feed like me 3. Tilt like me

    Enoch DuEnoch DuПре годину
  • i have 67% winrate with talon, but its impossible to carry jungle, top and bot when the are all feeding xd even with roames. what then?

    ledozledozПре годину
  • thinking about a mistake gets you no where buddy. just be a meta slave that's all buddy

    Shadow Battalion WorkshopShadow Battalion WorkshopПре годину
  • So this is my first year of this game i started february 2018 and i ended gold 3 is that good? Can i maybe reach diamond next season i really want to prove friends wrong and amaze them

    DarkCasterDarkCasterПре годину
  • Yeah but they take me 20+ on a lost and give me 15 Max on a win

    G. MariusG. MariusПре годину
  • Fiddlesticks main :/

    OlskyaOlskyaПре годину
  • You can't climb without the solid teammates. It's not everything on you. You may have diamond skill level, but if you're in low elo, you're not there because you're bad but because your team put you there.

    TheBlu31TheBlu31Пре годину
    • Then explain how diamond elo players easily destroy bronze/silver/gold players consistently with 80%+ winrates

      Muslim ManMuslim ManПре годину
  • how comes there are no recordings on any player when i look for it on OP.GG?

    M. SoldinhoM. SoldinhoПре годину
  • Really helpful bro, keep it up please :D

    0Bish Please00Bish Please0Пре годину
  • I mean i got plat IV in 8months is id guud?

    Aki HyrkäsAki HyrkäsПре годину
  • I have been playing the game for more than a year now and I improve from bronze 3 gameplay to low gold gameplay just by watching youtube vids like this one. I learned a lot and improved my macro/micro from it and it really gets u climbing!

    Damien FerrazzanoDamien FerrazzanoПре годину
  • this is why dopa is the best solo queue player in the world. He makes 10 mistakes a game.

    ScytheScytheПре годину
  • "Watch replays from People that are better than u and u want to be like". Well, I'm playing Talon now, and really want to improve my skills. So here I'm watching your videos :D.

    Fabricio DanielFabricio DanielПре годину
  • Buy good internet

    420th Legioner420th LegionerПре годину
  • So true about climbing.. Was hard stuck silver two years ago.. Fixed a couple mistakes a game and now I'm a mid diamond player with increasing mmr every season.. One mistake at a time. Started a new account won every promo game and was placed in low plat.

    oO5 Dead ClockzoO5 Dead ClockzПре годину
  • This is the kind of video that I like. Straight to the point, telling it how it is. I found out another little tip. Some champions don't have much replays available, but if you copy and paste the player's name into youtube or google, you can find their channels where they stream and upload games.

    No raSoraNo raSoraПре годину
  • i have some tips for you on how to climb youtube.. lets start with the 9:45... imma have to tell you something...

    Paul RaducuPaul RaducuПре 2 године
    • lol 10:00 is the way

      Jack yueJack yueПре 2 месеца
  • im kinda hardstuck silver 4 and yeaLAMO123OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo

    The Joy of creationThe Joy of creationПре 2 године
    • I can get you to gold if you have another account we can duo on XD

      cory vucory vuПре 2 године
  • “Pure talont”

    Be You LWPBe You LWPПре 2 године
  • I feel lucky I naturally get really good at every competitive game because I can see my mistakes and I watch tons of guides to learn the game as fast as possible

    Creative CookieCreative CookieПре 2 године
  • Great tips, I went from Silver to Challenger in two days!

    IceIceПре 2 године
  • yikes that's me with 20 fps and lots of lag spikes were i reach 0 fps but im a talon one trick

    JJ you AssholeJJ you AssholeПре 2 године
  • I think most of us know the point. But the problem is playing the game like this is too tired.

    seph rothseph rothПре 2 године
  • this vid is about improving you mindset to climb... not the other video talks about skillset need to achieve... i like this vid its about SLOWLY BUT SURELY

    Ian MacarioIan MacarioПре 2 године
  • I've literally gone from many talon mistakes despite still being decent to pretty high survivability and really good KDA because of watching your videos. Please keep making content like this, keep making more streams, keep doing what you do man!

    Talonted97Talonted97Пре 2 године
  • Just disable the chat

    Jesus RequenaJesus RequenaПре 2 године
  • i m silver 5 and silver 1 flex play with 100ms and 20fps 5fps tf LOL we have the same starting xdd

    Taha BenTaha BenПре 2 године
  • Great video

    peri periperi periПре 2 године
  • Shadowing someone else will get u only so far. You have to figure out what your own play style is and what works for you. I like most of whats in the vid tho.

    tony_spark!223tony_spark!223Пре 2 године
  • is there any talon top mains that i can watch?

    Post HorizonPost HorizonПре 2 године
    • @Dark Distruzione thx bro

      Post HorizonPost HorizonПре годину
    • I think you can watch fwii

      Dark DistruzioneDark DistruzioneПре годину
  • I know that huya zhiqiang

    Yu JiajunYu JiajunПре 2 године

    Cymon EspejoCymon EspejoПре 2 године
  • Midchallenger na -> hardstucked mid master kr

    TZTZПре 2 године
  • Is this the guy that invented the combo you talked about? Btw i can't wait to apply your tips and get better. Great job, keep going!

    Cyber RedCyber RedПре 2 године
  • I went from plat to diamond by straight up watching better players and I think these are really good tips that I realized myself

    Sj WonSj WonПре 2 године
  • Yamikazeeee are you japanese?

    Otsuku CherryOtsuku CherryПре 2 године
  • I 100% agree with you. Whenever I watch popular league youtubers like: ProfessorAkali, Yasuoo, Pokimane I play like Dog Shit But whenever I watch informative youtubers like you since I used to be a talon main I play better, also whenever I watch another informative youtubers like the glacierr and play garen I play better Whenever I watch Tyler1 and play Adc I play like shit But one thing that worked for me was when I was boosting my account to level 30, I played nothing but Jinx until I got level 30 and I played her in ranked and I was doing good. But now whenever I play jinx again I can’t carry I’m Gold 5 btw, I just got out of silver like a month ago and I’ve been playing league since January 2017. Started off as Bronze 5.

    NeleoNeleoПре 2 године
  • Being a one trick is the best way to climb fast

    Hung TranHung TranПре 2 године
  • Thans yami

    Matthew HitchcockMatthew HitchcockПре 2 године
  • Just a disclaimer if you decide you want to be like Yami, you’ll learn to int like him too. Just a warning cause sometimes the int is stronger then the average soloq player can handle

    vvikativvvvikativvПре 2 године
    • True. His playstyle made me Int even tho I climb from mid Gold to Low Diamond lmao

      NatNatПре 2 године
  • So I searched Talon enthusiasts and "Yamikaze" was mate

    Tri-Hard GamingTri-Hard GamingПре 2 године
  • this is such a good video and so true my talon improved a lot since i started watching you. at first it was like hmm lets see what actually good talon players look like might actually make me not hard int lol who knows and then it turned out you're really helpful, funny, cute and i rlly enjoy your videos and streams!! keep up the good work !!

    Duck666Duck666Пре 2 године
  • Been improving myself. Just got to gold V this season, last season i was a filthy silver V ;) thanks for the tips!

    StevenStevenПре 2 године
  • Fck my English teacher, i cant understand everything what u say...

    ZulonZulonПре 2 године
  • Honestly my biggest problem is that i get bored if i play bunch of games on 1 champion so i have to play new champs

    Bumble BrutusBumble BrutusПре 2 године
    • That's not an issue, you don't have to otp one champ. The best way is to have at least a 3 champ championpool that you really play well. In EUW, Alderiate used to main Jax (top-jgl), Tryndamere (top) and Olaf (jgl) and was Master-chall (then he kept Jax, Trynd and exchanged Olaf for Braum and Alistar, when he realized he wasn't that great in jgl). You can play many champs, as long as you play them well, it's ok :D

      WiseWiseПре 2 године
  • offtopic, but at 4:30 somehow leblanc has 3 passive indicators on her even tho you only hit q and first w ????

    neonboy ahleksneonboy ahleksПре 2 године
    • There's only 2 stacks. Besides, the passive indicator would appear red if it was 3 stacks.

      NatNatПре 2 године
    • @neonboy ahleks If it was 3, the stacks would be appearing red.

      ClintClintПре 2 године
    • @Clint look closely, its 3 in the clip

      neonboy ahleksneonboy ahleksПре 2 године
    • Only 2 stacks. One from Q and one from first W

      ClintClintПре 2 године
  • Bro u really deserve more viewers, you're so much more informative than most who "try" to "help" and you don't put on act as well, u just stay yourself I treasure u as a youtuber and person.

    A DlaregA DlaregПре 2 године
  • Your channel is so good! Keep going mate, if u need designer u can contact me on twitter @itachi_fx ! :)

    Itachi EffectsItachi EffectsПре 2 године
  • Good job yamiiii

    Lucas Do PradoLucas Do PradoПре 2 године
  • quality stuff Yami, real improvement on the channel lately :-)

    FalsicanFalsicanПре 2 године
  • what is this "aoe burst suicide talon" you are talking about?

    1RiceBowl1x1RiceBowl1xПре 2 године
  • Finally a video on how to [REALLY] improve that doesn't say the cliche advice. THX

    sementepoopersementepooperПре 2 године
  • Very good vid :)

    JonnythegiraffeJonnythegiraffeПре 2 године
  • Great video again. These r great tips and tbh i watched all your videos n it helped me climb from b5 to g5. i think im improving alot since i just started playing league 8 months ago. But rn im stuck in g5. Guess i got to keep watching ur videos or others but i just wanted to lyk that r helping alot of ppl out.

    TJKIDD30TJKIDD30Пре 2 године
  • Holy shit dude thats some geat tips some i never heard of like the notebook,thx

    med choufanimed choufaniПре 2 године
  • This was such a great and informative video! I used to do these things before I had to take a month off league and I climbed from low plat to low diamond. This reminded me how important it is to watch vods of people better than me, thanks!

    Its ViiralsIts ViiralsПре 2 године
  • Yo Yami i'm liking this new type of videos you're doing. keep up the good work

    Lord LampardLord LampardПре 2 године
  • Thank you for the tips man. Unfortunately I have around 1.5 mil mastery points on Talon but I am only Plat V. I think I am realy good mechanicaly on Talon but bad at the game in general. :(

    ChojiChojiПре 2 године
    • Damn that sucks... I've played 100-150ish games with talon this season and ive climbed since gold 5 to plat 2 which im currently at. EUW: Vormanax Talon is op as fuck, but this patch i'm having a lot of trouble to 1v9, try always having off roles and different mains. Sometimes i'm tilted just at the midlane so i switch to jungle and can carry properly, Try picking up Hecarim and pantheon, both easy mechanically and really strong.

      Mikel BengoaMikel BengoaПре 2 године
    • Choji when I was watching streamers, they always told me “oh we can’t trade at all until we see the jungler” or like a Leblanc won’t use a w if the wave is far up with no vision. So just be prone to jungle then I think you will climb! (Unless u already are :P)

      Sj WonSj WonПре 2 године
  • Thanks Yami

    Abdulrahman MusaabAbdulrahman MusaabПре 2 године
  • PLEASE CONTINUE MAKING THESE VIDEOS I LOVE THEM, its not like other informative videos who just say get good in 15 minutes, this is real useful information keep it up

    Tri FlomasteraTri FlomasteraПре 2 године
  • can someone tell me how often he said mistake in this video ? btw sup yami its me sharpish Kappa /

    SharpishSharpishПре 2 године
    • This game is all about mistakes... especially at lower elos... Should have mistake tattooed on your for shin so youre reminded of it every night before going to sleep.

      Nathan LodgeNathan LodgeПре годину
  • i love u yamikaze

    Angry VillainAngry VillainПре 2 године
  • Thanks for the content

    Martin du PlooyMartin du PlooyПре 2 године
  • This and the last video have been very informative and concise. Keep this up :)

    QreativityQreativityПре 2 године
  • if u die to a zoe ur mistake is playing the game

    next Hitlernext HitlerПре 2 године
    • lol

      The Fanciful GunThe Fanciful GunПре годину
    • If you die to a Zoe, it's not your mistake. It's riot's mistake

      SylentNoiseSylentNoiseПре 2 године
  • Notice me senpai!

    Zabata SdZabata SdПре 2 године
  • Once again great video Yami! Keep going :3

    UksuUksuПре 2 године
  • This is actually a really well made video. Gj man

    Jacob KulayJacob KulayПре 2 године
  • back at it with the quality content

    Dead VortexDead VortexПре 2 године
  • Love your educational videos

    Efe Erkan-sanEfe Erkan-sanПре 2 године
  • First comment yay

    Tadeo Senju TMTadeo Senju TMПре 2 године