22 авг 2018
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One easy tip for every melee mid assassin matchup. This is my first edited youtube video (hah..) so thanks for watching. Literally took me 10+ hours to edit this...
Special thanks to Shimatora and Hoppermh for helping me record the footage.
And some of you may notice this is pretty similar to KarQ's Overwatch content. I recently started watching his videos and I really liked them so I figured I'd give it a shot myself. Check him out if you're interested in... that game...
Stream: www.twitch.tv/yamikazexz
Discord: discord.gg/6JuemDx
Guide: www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/-512203

  • What about against Ziggs

    FleyFleyПре 8 дана
  • Me:Zed is talon counter so i ban him Yamikaze:No,you’re not.

    AssasinulAssasinulПре 2 месеца
  • U literally got ur name from SAO.

    gat. chrstngat. chrstnПре 2 месеца
  • 👀 and, finally, i understand how to lane with Talon

    Judal HakaiJudal HakaiПре 2 месеца
  • I definitely enjoy this kind of video. It gives very practical information on how to play Talon in different scenarios.

    A MaskA MaskПре 2 месеца
  • Countered123

    Dimitris TsounisDimitris TsounisПре 3 месеца
  • Omg this just got recommended to me, and I'm cringing cuz he feels so awkward here

    Mr. MagixMr. MagixПре 3 месеца
  • Zoe is a ranged assassin ;D

    OverKillFTWOverKillFTWПре 4 месеца
  • Great vid but where is leblanc?

    Robin MathieuRobin MathieuПре 4 месеца
  • F pyke

    ToraToraПре 4 месеца
  • What about the pyke mid tip?

    Khoa NguyenKhoa NguyenПре 4 месеца
  • Spanish plis? xD

    GRD BladeGRD BladeПре 4 месеца
  • Yami, make a guide on talon vs mage match ups please. xD Still watching every vid u post bro you're actually a monster with talon.

    xArrowxArrowПре 5 месеци
  • Diana and Akali are so hard. Akali just throws her w when I ult or when I do the W Q A (Passive) combo. and she just keeps hitting u inside her smoke bomb LOL so annoying. And yasuo and Talon are the strongest champions in mid lane but today I was playing Solo and went up against a diana and went for the kill in level 2 and I killed her she killed me as well. It is just that talon's e is completely useless in a fight. I wish riot brings back the old talon even though I haven't played the old talon I think he would be better

    LustralsLustralsПре 5 месеци
  • thats what I like about ur tips important and short ❤️

    Adham TitoAdham TitoПре 6 месеци
  • this kind of content really help me alot. thank you yamikaze!

    Saint LuciusSaint LuciusПре 6 месеци
  • can you do another video like this but for this season

    IHATE REDIHATE REDПре 7 месеци
  • ekko tip is genius

    IzadjanIzadjanПре 7 месеци
  • I laughed a lot at yasuo part

  • How do you beat Syndra and Xerath (good ones)....I want to see Yami face Zwags Xerath

    Jacob WebsterJacob WebsterПре 7 месеци
  • Qiyana?

    Vanitas LuciferVanitas LuciferПре 7 месеци
  • Very nice content!

    OTH WingDropsOTH WingDropsПре 7 месеци
  • literally whenever i play ekko against talon i hard int, not even bcuz of skill diff or matchup, i just int

    Bilal ShaikhBilal ShaikhПре 8 месеци
  • The tip against diana doesnt work anymore

    KitNip OGKitNip OGПре 8 месеци
  • Can we get an updated guide?

    Nick PNick PПре 8 месеци
  • for the part w ekko u are true man i main,ekko and this is what i do against talon and now u gave me a tip how to kill him, in lane. And by ekko main i mean i have 100k pts ( bcs i can say i am ekko main when i have like 12k pts or smth like that, Good video btw keep it up :)

    PuhbtwPuhbtwПре 8 месеци
  • I know garen is not usally in the mid lane. But what if he is and your talon. His Q does more damage than your, I think. I could be wrong. And he has a shield, and he has his E. So if you jump on him, he will Q, silence you, press W for shield, and then just spin on your ass.

    Ivan StaynerIvan StaynerПре 8 месеци
  • Too bad diana tip doesn’t work

    KitNip OGKitNip OGПре 9 месеци
  • No entiendo nada :c

    IgnacioTorresIgnacioTorresПре 9 месеци
  • I can bet that All subscribers are Main talon

    Pop AmosPop AmosПре 9 месеци
    • Nope, akali main

      Thekingofrock3 PS4Thekingofrock3 PS4Пре 9 месеци
  • cutest one trick Thaanks!

    Lord CommanderLord CommanderПре 11 месеци
  • Kassadin is pretty easy to beat. If he trades with you he loses and if you aren't being a moron, you should be able to go in for a kill before he does it to you. Also, his burst is kinda meh, especially early on, so the winning the laning phase should be easy enough. Outroaming him and getting kills in other lanes is what you need to do.

    VirgilTheMobVirgilTheMobПре 11 месеци
  • Most of my Kassadin players just always play back

    Talon VerseTalon VerseПре 11 месеци
  • Help! how do i win a matchup to Garen?

    CBIR.SpiritCBIR.SpiritПре 11 месеци
  • Gracias ahora conozco mejor machs

    T HT HПре 11 месеци
  • need more

    Arthur FowlerArthur FowlerПре 11 месеци
  • Outdated

    Oliver NilssonOliver NilssonПре годину
  • I've been playin from mostly 3-4 months and now I'm Grand Master, soon challenger , I think, only cuz I try to outsmart my enemies and let the jg without farm and help mine, Im also talon main, Learnt a lot from ya Yamikaze

    *ᴄʀɪᴛɪᴄᴀʟ ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴋ**ᴄʀɪᴛɪᴄᴀʟ ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴋ*Пре годину
  • the zed tip works for LB too but its a bit harder

    Aidan ChouAidan ChouПре годину
  • Maaaaaake mooooore

    JHIN CHJHIN CHПре годину
  • this is probably the best content a one trick streamer should have

    Kiel PandongonKiel PandongonПре годину
  • More videos like these please! Liked it.

    Night FuryNight FuryПре годину
  • What about vs ahri

    Calvin YipCalvin YipПре годину
  • This was a very nice video love ur tips and guides and all ur content keep up the great work.

    Felix MarcusFelix MarcusПре годину
  • The way you talk in quick bursts with inappropriate pauses is really hard to listen to. I can’t tell if you talk like that or you have a hard time talking while recording and edit it together? It sounds unnatural. It makes me want to scoop out my eyes and ear balls.

    Skinny PeteSkinny PeteПре годину
  • this was nice

    piscespiscesПре годину
  • Is it bad that I max Q? I win lane phase almost always and get first blood. I just aim to harass them in lane with Q poke from afar or if they get close then Q too

    Mateja ZivkovicMateja ZivkovicПре годину
  • alguien me podría explicar más o menos? medio que entendí pero no sé ah

    Matias OzMatias OzПре годину

    SeungHyunSeungHyunПре годину
  • Yamikaze: Kassadin is a counterpick to Talon Also Yamikaze: Why Kassadin is Talon's easiest match up If Kassadin wins lane vs Talon, that Talon is bad. Q shield and passive doesn't help vs Talon, he can get out-traded pretty easily.

    kidathletekidathleteПре годину
    • @Min-Sung Ko what a 7 head

      OnickyzO GamingOnickyzO GamingПре 2 месеца
    • The video was before Kassadin's armor nerf

      Min-Sung KoMin-Sung KoПре годину
  • Now we also need Sylas and Qiyana xD

    José Antonio Marrón MartínezJosé Antonio Marrón MartínezПре годину
  • Do mages next!

    Alexei LuyAlexei LuyПре годину
  • Nice video thanks mate👍

    xenquake70xenquake70Пре годину
  • believe it or not? not.

    UndismayedUndismayedПре годину
  • i want to know how to counter lissandra I anivia I sylas I irelia I lux I veigar I

    Luis LamsinLuis LamsinПре годину
  • Lmao... honestly... Kassadin is a joke against Talon.

    CraftedGadgetMCCraftedGadgetMCПре годину
  • I need to know how to play talon against jayce

    Jakub KJakub KПре годину
    • play offensive and dodge his Q.

      Investigator A1Investigator A1Пре 9 месеци
  • love your vids man! and yes please more content like this :)

    EFFISSEFFISSПре годину
  • Pls can u do a video for toplane too

    spartan95612 spartan95612spartan95612 spartan95612Пре годину
  • Also with zed. Ult when he ults

    RobbieRobbieПре годину
  • I love his vids but everything he says sound like a question

    Angry CuckAngry CuckПре годину
  • zhiqiang talon is best talon my friend

    Nachitho vNachitho vПре годину
  • ... i havent vs a good akali for a long time in high elo... shows footage of him dying to akali..

    LittleBoyOfHopeLittleBoyOfHopeПре годину
  • u should try talon ghost + flash + celerity + nimbus clow + relentless hunter its pretty fun ^^

    Fine MoucheFine MoucheПре годину
  • Paused this video halfway, played talon against ekko used the trading tip score was 21-11....it works yeahh

    Usama KhanUsama KhanПре годину
  • Thank you for the tips

    Hayet MahmudHayet MahmudПре годину
  • Thanks bro

    Neebs Hi am NeebsNeebs Hi am NeebsПре годину
  • What about Irelia?

    Lukas MLukas MПре годину
  • ive been having problems with lux and ahri

    SpencerSpencerПре годину
  • Another Talon vs Zed tip is you can sometimes save your ult for when he uses his. He won't be able to hit you to maximize his damage while you are invisible and you still can get your combos and damage off. Your ult is lower CD than his I think but be more careful if your ult on CD and his is up.

    gsimon123gsimon123Пре годину
  • irelia?

    Pix PlaysPix PlaysПре годину
  • what's that hard to press w and q and take the kill :))) talon tips yikes :)))

    BodiBodiПре годину
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Fedrick OsvaldFedrick OsvaldПре годину
  • nice vid

    main yasuomain yasuoПре годину
  • Why you be sounding like box box?

    Andy FaullAndy FaullПре годину
  • What about Galio? Yup, I already count him as an assassin.

    NecroPhiliaNecroPhiliaПре годину
  • Nice tips good job but lets be real... a good zed cant lose to a talon :))

    Billy TsiliBilly TsiliПре годину
  • Man, I like your content very much thanks for doing this. Only thing is that I have to concentrate a lot because you explain too fast. Imagine your viewers don't have as much familiarity with talon's kit and combos as you do =)

    Sinuhe ShinSinuhe ShinПре годину
  • My Talon becomes clearer and clearer with every video! ❤️

    Damyan MihailovDamyan MihailovПре годину
  • helpful video bro

    Confirmed SociopathConfirmed SociopathПре годину
  • Nice

    LittleChinoLittleChinoПре годину
  • Basically just dont play assassins in the tank meta

    aerovicaerovicПре годину
  • What about aatrox or irelia?

    moccarockamoccarockaПре годину
  • Midlane is not about the 1v1 anymore I think, its about pushing the wave and roaming, which is really good on Talon, the only problem is hes carrying not through getting his items but through preventing the nemy from getting theirs, so be very carefull 1-2 shutdowns and all your lead goes down the drain, if its not 1v1, just forget about the quick burst combo W-R-Q or R-W-Q, this combo is an aspect of the rework I dislike couse it leads new players to alot of suiciding, just do the W-Q-R (like in the old days) so you can escape the skirmish, even if you dont get a kill, you still inflicted good damage and most importantly youre NOT DEAD. Lategame is real fun with talon if all goes well couse the nemy vision is poor, you scout for single targets who splitpush or just go ham and engage the fight instead of the tank and then your team can finish. But always focus on not dying before killing.

    SellMe YourSoulSellMe YourSoulПре годину
  • Akali tip: ban her.

    DiGuaDiGuaПре годину
  • Make more I need A tip for defeating Irelia Thanks.

    B r u hB r u hПре годину
    • And moon =minion

      Enrique QuinonesEnrique QuinonesПре годину
    • After lvl 6, make sure her ult is down*

      Enrique QuinonesEnrique QuinonesПре годину
    • Legit go cleanse and you destroy her pre 6. At lvl 6, roam or kill the jg. If you fight Irelia outside of lane after lvl 6, make sure her got is down, otherwise she'll fuck you up before you get a chance to. In lane she will q to your low health minions as that resets her q. So you can throw your w over her original location and the moon she'll dash to and you get 2 procs of w.

      Enrique QuinonesEnrique QuinonesПре годину
  • Im in ranked game now, enemy want to pick Akali but take Fizz :D Thx for tip

    Laico ¿Laico ¿Пре годину
  • Si sabes hablar español sube una guía porfabor

    Moisés GamboaMoisés GamboaПре годину
  • These tips are so good I am a talon main hard stuck in gold hope next year would be a plat year for me with all ur tips

    AhBao阿宝AhBao阿宝Пре годину
  • Lul I want tips against mages not melees

    Aaroh GokhaleAaroh GokhaleПре годину
    • Most mages get destroyed in lane pre 6 vs Talon. Especially if you consistently land the w twice. If the mage has tons of cc, I'd go cleanse. If the mage does lots of dmg then I go hexdrinker first back.

      Enrique QuinonesEnrique QuinonesПре годину
  • Thank you 💙

    Spectacular Spider-manSpectacular Spider-manПре годину
  • Really. Good. Video. I. Like. It

  • What about Leblanc --I struggle so hard against her insta-burst. I usually give up and roam

    Michael BarnesMichael BarnesПре 2 године
    • Michael Barnes I've actually switched mains from Talon to Leblanc (though I have 950k points on Talon compared to 350k points on Leb). For most of the game she is very squishy. Also if you land your w on her twice once or twice, you can destroy her when you hit lvl 2. I'd agree with Yami to watch her original location as she can w back to that location from her dash. The LeBlanc combo at lvl 2 is AA>Q>W. If she's running Electrocute as most so that's a third of your hp. At lvl 3, she can go toe to toe with Talon with her chain. Her chain, as you probably know has a root at the end of it so long as you stay in the "about to root you circle" for a lack of a better term. Ideally she'll root with e>q>w and that's a lot of dmg. Basically in lane, you want to land your w twice two times pre lvl 2. Also know that at lvl 6, the matchup gets a lot tougher (especially if you didn't get a kill or two pre 6) as she can do lots of dmg, have lots of mobility, or extra CC with her ult. Note that she can only choose one thing when she has her ult up. When in doubt, go Null orb and hexdrinker. Sry for the choppy explanation.

      Enrique QuinonesEnrique QuinonesПре годину
  • Talon being counter on kassadin originated in late season 2/early 3 when kass was buffed or something. He (kass) was ravager on ranked soloq and permabanned, but when someone picked him (if suddenly free), talon was only one counter possible due to his silence from old E which outranged kassadin silencing Q. Kass immersive gameplay was just spam silencing Q (now it doesnt silence from what i know (?) ), poke down R jump and enjoy your kills. Ehh old times, when hexdrinker, last whisper and tiamat were standalone items. Now everything suddenly have damage from nowhere. Back there when u played old shen tank u were the tank, wanna mres? hexdrinker has to be enough buddy. Trading damage for resists or hp, like it should be. Now everything is overdamaged and not rewarding at all, everything suddenly builds to better item like malmortious or sterak which ultimately proceeds to chaotic lategame when everyone can oneshot anyone. Old league will never go back sadly. Damn was it good.

    ReykuuReykuuПре 2 године
    • And we have worst type of champs in game (juggernauts). Season 2 was awesome. I remember full black cleaver build on talon. That was so funny

      JesterJesterПре 2 године
  • "diana doesn't build cdr in lane" ok buddy

    CafeTerreurCafeTerreurПре 2 године
  • Love u man!

    Slashing SwordSlashing SwordПре 2 године
  • What about heimerdinger??

  • Actually, on Talon vs Zed, Talon wins the game. It's because on early game, Talon's kit beats Zed, because Zed can only do is throw shurikens or do W+E+Q for farming and harassment. When both hit level 6, Zed could really have a good battle but he has no chance of winning in skirmishes with Talon because when Zed does his combo (R+W+E+Q) and Talon uses his R, then after Zed casts his ultimate, he can't hit the other skills to Talon where after Zed uses his ultimate, in the most situations Talon uses his ultimate and after that, Zed combo doesn't really burst Talon on skirmishes and the follow up damage of Zed's Ult will not deal a lot of damage that could terrify Talon on laning phase. Sorry for my english.

    Joshua VidadJoshua VidadПре 2 године
  • Now that’s some quality content

    Nathan X.Nathan X.Пре 2 године
  • Good stuff.